Why The New Bronco Works And The New Blazer Doesn't

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Bronco hype is in full swing after Ford revealed the long-awaited sequel to the OG SUV back in July. But the Bronco isn't alone! Ford's longtime rival Chevrolet had their own SUV rehash in the Blazer over a year ago! But why didn't the Blazer create as big a splash? And why might that not matter? We're gonna find out.
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neemguy81 Hace 31 un minuto
The S-10 Blazer was my first vehicle (1993). I went mudding/off-road in it and it was a blast. This new Blazer won't see a dirt road. It sucks mah balls.
Kyle Norton
Kyle Norton Hace 4 horas
Sorry bro, gotta redo this vid...two words, Hum Er. Anyone see that beast? Or am I a victim of adverts?
Breezy Mods
Breezy Mods Hace 7 horas
Where were you when jeep replaced the hummerish Cherokees with dodge Durango’s then with Range Roverish cherokees
Doug Dunleavy
Doug Dunleavy Hace 8 horas
Ford is absolutely killing it. I used to hate them, now I hate gm and think Ford is crazy good.
Connor Pellegrini
Connor Pellegrini Hace 12 horas
I have never been this excited about a car. I need this car😂
ESAnderson Hace 14 horas
That Chevy is fugly...
e b
e b Hace 19 horas
I really like your history portion of the video! It show how the more things change...the more things stay the same...
Orange Surfer
Orange Surfer Hace 20 horas
No one going to buy this car .. remember my comment
Ewan Miner
Ewan Miner Hace 20 horas
What about the GM Jimmy
Lowest in the room
Lowest in the room Hace un día
Blazer = Soccer mom, Girl dad. Bronco: Compensating men, OJ Simpson.
Copyright Claim
Copyright Claim Hace un día
Well hey, GM (if they don't mess it up) still has the GMC Jimmy.
Tom Kemper
Tom Kemper Hace un día
1000,000>100,000. Nice editing
scarhart53 Hace un día
Or, "Why an Apple Doesn't Taste Like an Orange".
dezinetech1000 Hace un día
That’s easy. Cuz the bronco looks like a proper off roading vehicle while the blazer looks like a friggin lifted Camaro. If you’re going to make a truck/SUV then make it rugged looking. Ford killed it!
Nat Calverley
Nat Calverley Hace un día
If it comes with stock lockers I am going order one.
Dayton Wintle
Dayton Wintle Hace un día
3:35 1000,000 👀👀. Get yo shit togethah editors
Border 92
Border 92 Hace un día
Typing this at 6:15pm on 10/20/2020 mountain time. GM created the Blazer like that so as to make the ABSOLUTE BITCH slapping that the Hummer EV just gave to the Bronco that much sweeter. Suck it Ford!
Vipps Millennial
Vipps Millennial Hace un día
Here's one question I hope everyone wishes to know; what vehicle, did they use to film the Bronco ad. The funny thing is, it could be a Toyota!
Delbert Layman
Delbert Layman Hace un día
Total chevy dude but yes ford nailed it chevy did the cookie cutter rt
brianbirc Hace un día
The Bronco 2 problem was like the full size Bronco changed to was independent front suspension using the Twin Traction Beams. The Bronco being less wide made it able to roll. The Twin Traction Beam TTB is amazing IMO. It is famous in off road and off road racing for 4wd and the equal length design on 2wd. There is a crowd of more hardcore off road guys that call it weak and do Solid Axle Swaps making it like the 78 and 79 full size bronco for strength. While the TTB off the lot with lift big tires etc... was more prone to break there is advantage to smoother ride. The solution from off road racing is the hardcore winner. The TTB instead of dropping it lower for lift with a bracket is cut and turned near the wheel for lift angle keeping the higher stock mounting location. It is stronger and has more ground clearance. Plating and gusseting the beams for strength makes it much stronger. Changing the radius arms to stronger much longer with large heim joint mounts to the frame and removing the stock anti sway bars gives it way more wheel travel . Making shock towers for much taller shocks and using modern position sensitive bi pass reservoir shocks taller springs or coil overs with 2 springs of different rate make it amazing. Many lengthen the TTB making the wheel width wider. Adding s frame rail to rail taller rear shock tower with upgraded leaf springs or a 4 link rear with coil over shocks to a roll cage and strong rear axle make the Bronco the SUV to rule the desert and other off road ! The mud pit trucks built for mud do better for deep mud though. The Ford Raptor is the best off road off the lot new truck is great but not cheap. Its new model on good shocks has 13" front and 13.9 " rear wheel travel up and down to soak up bumps at high speed. My late 80's Bronco now has 17" and 18" on King Shocks the #1 rated in off road racing. Both with the same tech and high quality. Fiberglass fenders and bedsides often required for tire clearance and much more work and parts done to make it new and perform. A built engine , Transmission pro built ! Transfer case build and improved, Steering upgrades, drive shafts, brakes, gears with lockers, limit straps, high amp alternator all new bearings, seals and U joints and more tricks of the trade from desert race teams. A lot of work or a lot of $$$ to have it done but less than a Raptor by a lot if you can do a lot of the work. A mind blowing performance off road over rough trails fast not spilling your drink and not breaking when the surprises on the trail come up. A good sound system is a great plus IMO too. I have a permagrin just thinking about it and had other improved common lift kit 4x4 trucks after my first 2wd truck. Still get amazed at what it does in 2wd ! With 4wd when activated. Can the new one keep up for 100k ? with this old model build espost.info/download/v-deo/f3-ShX2pi8PcgXY
Yonatan Terline
Yonatan Terline Hace 2 días
3:32 a thousand thousand
Sixbears Hace 2 días
Picked up a 2004 Blazer in good shape for $2500 because I needed something to pull my 19 foot sailboat. Did the job for thousands of miles. Was surprised to see all the electronics and AC still worked on it. Was just looking for a tow vehicle. New vehicles capable for doing that sort of towing are silly expensive.
Steve Harvey
Steve Harvey Hace 2 días
You misspelt 100,000
Scott Y
Scott Y Hace 2 días
Trailblazer: going as fast as you can down the highway to reach the Fall Macy's sale on Couch purses while driving over some very technical speed bumps.....don't forget your Mask!! Bronco: break out the AR15 & Glock 9.....grab your tent and cooler of drinks and food....load your Dog in the back.....head to the Mountains/Woods/Desert/Beach Coast..... Oh, and 'F' THE MASK...
Sovereign Agent
Sovereign Agent Hace 2 días
New Blazer is a joke.
Grizz Axxemann
Grizz Axxemann Hace 2 días
I've owned 3 S-series SUVs over the years. An 83 Jimmy, an 88 Blazer, and an 05 Jimmy. All 4x4s, the last two were 4.3 V6 powered. I had the 05 from brand new. This new Blazer makes me sick. I'd kill for a modern K-5 Blazer.
YEET Hace 2 días
3:34 yeah they built hundred thousand 1000,000 😂
YoYohansoloYT Hace 2 días
A Stanton1966
A Stanton1966 Hace 2 días
How can the new Bronco not miss? You can get one with the Sasquatch Package and Area 51 paint!
Ezra Apple
Ezra Apple Hace 2 días
12:54 Is that T-Pain?
B laCk
B laCk Hace 2 días
Blazer=ECO MOM crossover aka a damn compact looking Equinox Bronco=off road balls to the wall true to its name plate
Friedrich Wilhelm
Friedrich Wilhelm Hace 2 días
i want them to make an excursion styled after the new bronco and fitted with the new 7.3 godzilla and a 10 speed
MrMrtommy Hace 2 días
Now lets all wait on Toyota to reboot the FJ Cruiser. It was promising but sadly it was released at an awful time.
Ryan Travis
Ryan Travis Hace 2 días
2:20 I'm sorry, that's not off-roading, that's a fuckin' crash
Mike Keeler
Mike Keeler Hace 2 días
Chevy destroyed the Blazer name the same way the did in the 80s to the Nova by rebadging Carolla/Geo Metro.
Scott Brennan
Scott Brennan Hace 2 días
Robbin Banks
Robbin Banks Hace 2 días
I'll be honest here. Have you noticed the only off-road vehicle left is a Wrangler? And yet is owned by an Italian car company now. I cannot blame Jeep but I can blame Chrysler for selling 100% ownership to Fiat. The FJ Cruiser failed, 4Runner failed, the Bronco May Fail. All full size trucks have gone IFS. All full size SUVs are now four wheel independent suspension. The market now are Crossovers and SUVs used for luxury and transporting people and their goods. The off-road rugged SUV and trucks of yesteryears are no longer here today. What we see is what consumers want. And consumers wanted the Blazer and a Trailblazer and that's what they got. I disagree with the name but that's what Chevy did and that's what it's going to be. The current Blazer is a fastest selling crossover right now and Chevy cannot keep up with the supply and demand.
Javi Rofre
Javi Rofre Hace 2 días
The last time we saw a Blazer it wasnt a Off-Roader, it was a regular SUV sold from I think 90s to the mid 2000s, it sure isnt the one we remember, but from an evolution point of view, a "boring" SUV is just right, the Blazer was long gone from its off-road roots before this new version was released.
LowTriggerWeight Jay
LowTriggerWeight Jay Hace 2 días
Let a woman run your automobile company thats what you will get. A dainty, feminine vision of vehicles.
derek flint
derek flint Hace 2 días
The unions are a special interest group that puts union interests ahead of consumer interests. The UAW and it’s members own the majority of GM and this the union essentially runs the company. This has not gone well for GM. If the company doesn’t do well then the union can only blame itself. GM quality seems much lower than in the past.
MrJimmyTheWimmy Hace 2 días
Do not buy raycon, it's overprice and they sound like crap. It's a sponsorship and they we're forced to say this, can't blame them for the sponsorship but they are absolutely crap for the price, you can get much better earbuds for less than half the cost on amazon.
Stacey Bates
Stacey Bates Hace 2 días
hillary clinton
hillary clinton Hace 3 días
Function vs style.. give me a ww2 jeep
stable genius
stable genius Hace 3 días
Meanwhile GM has been selling blazers, six months from now Ford will let you buy a bronco...
raymond wandell
raymond wandell Hace 3 días
Blazer is half the price. Google it.
Rick Storm
Rick Storm Hace 3 días
Jesus christ 5:20 lmao ......
TKS Overdrive
TKS Overdrive Hace 3 días
3:34 who noticed
i_sniff_blue Hace 3 días
Now let's see if Toyota hops on the bandwagon and revives the FJ
KB Hace 3 días
The new blazer is actually a great vehicle, as for a cross over, way more fun to drive then any other cross over, the only problem is the name, chevy should of given it a different name.
Bulvine Scatologist
Bulvine Scatologist Hace 3 días
This is Flat Out "Bull Shit". American auto manufacturers are making poorly designed parts that need to be replaced at a very highly parts that makes the vehicles unreliable as well high costly to maintained & operate . In short they are killing there own customers. I predict that American auto manufacturers will have to only make military's vehicles to keep going or change there way of thinking. If not They will die off . I saw this coming down the pike in 1976 & they have only gotten worse . It will only get worse as too greatly for the $$$$$.
Jason T
Jason T Hace 3 días
Totally left out the ramcharger
kitty stalker
kitty stalker Hace 3 días
gotta admit I so love the raycon bluetooth earbuds!!! also love that they sponsor youtubers because that is how I heard of them!!
Kerry Long
Kerry Long Hace 3 días
Nobody is going off road with these 40000 dollar vehicles. U buy a beater truck for that, dent it up !!!
Nick Pfeuti
Nick Pfeuti Hace 3 días
My dad had a 2000 S10 Blazer and that thing was a beast, but it was a lemon.
Nick Pfeuti
Nick Pfeuti Hace 3 días
My dad has ‘75 Blazer and he is seriously thinking about selling it to get the new Bronco. It’s amazing what a hit and miss the new Blazer was with the car community.
Blaine Kenndy
Blaine Kenndy Hace 3 días
I can tell you where the new blazer doesn't work it's a Blazer red it's a car not a truck no matter what they say it's a car all the luxuries of a car or no off-road no nothing just a car
MR G - GHX Hace 3 días
Range Rover Evoque convertible anyone?
Jacob Leonard
Jacob Leonard Hace 4 días
Just remember we are not out of hope for the blazer chevy only released the s versions of the blazers and wait until we get the k versions
JJ Bookman
JJ Bookman Hace 4 días
The new Blazer is just another cookie-cutter SUV, I saw one the other day and hardly paid it a second look, it looks like a Kia or Hyundai or everything else in the class. When I DO see a new Bronco, I can guarantee I'll look more than once to see it.
Henry Wells
Henry Wells Hace 4 días
The new bronco... is a single guy or gals car... the blazer are for married dads that still want some kick.... " hey hon, I bought you a new car!!😜😜
Justin D
Justin D Hace 4 días
Growing up with these and owning a Blazer at one point I feel the nostalgia but I drive a Land Rover now and it kind of kills the hype for both of them. I love seeing the history for SUVs though, pretty neat.
Tony Perri
Tony Perri Hace 4 días
11:07 "Waligi" My brain cells are committing suicide
QuestionMan Hace 4 días
No prognostication on first year sales of the new Bronco? Ahhahahaaaa
TheUltLT Hace 4 días
They made onethousand-thousand
Jeff Bruce
Jeff Bruce Hace 4 días
Why do people want tiny wireless earbuds? Dont people lose them? Kind of dumb.
Bob Jeep
Bob Jeep Hace 4 días
This is what you get (Blazer) when a woman is running you car company.
ChirpywaraTofu86 Hace 4 días
The new Blazer looks like an obese Camaro
keloha3 Hace 4 días
*laughs in suzuki samurai*
zm7_official Hace 4 días
Correct me if I’m wrong I haven’t really checked out the bronco, but is that a manual version at 14:00
Gregory Martin
Gregory Martin Hace 5 días
Oh, wait I thought the first two commercials you had before your show where your sponsors. No? OIC there's actually a third commercial. And that's your sponsor? For you have a lot of sponsors. So after 2 minutes of listening to this s*** do you think we could get on with the show?
Steve Fowler
Steve Fowler Hace 5 días
I had a buddy in H.S. in the early 70's who had a '67 Bronco with a modestly hopped up 289 V8 and bigger off road tires...the thing was a beast in the woods of central Fl.
Calvin Lippert
Calvin Lippert Hace 5 días
lol Patagonia's are for rich people who take a hike once a year and call themselves outdoorsy. If you actually go up to the mountains and hit the trails. Everyone is wearing columbia, carhartt, and northface. patagonias fall apart instantly in the outdoors.
Johnny Veng
Johnny Veng Hace 5 días
Ignoring the fact that every single 2-door SUV has been a sales failure.
Johnny Veng
Johnny Veng Hace 5 días
Including the original Bronco and Blazer.
James M
James M Hace 5 días
And Jeep keeps rolling along.
splewy Hace 5 días
Crossovers are just fat cars.
Caldera Hace 5 días
i would never drive either of these cars, they both look like shit i want the old broncos back plain and simple
Fantasy Engineered.
Fantasy Engineered. Hace 5 días
contains adult content & nudity! oh god! he just said ''Inny-Mini'' hmm..well then..looky dat bronko go boi !
Bill Olsen
Bill Olsen Hace 5 días
Looks? New Blazer looks like a Toyota/Honda/Hyundai/Compass
John Silverman
John Silverman Hace 5 días
This guys voice is OBVIOUSLY made deeper via editing. WTF?
Barry McIntyre
Barry McIntyre Hace 2 días
Lol +1 I was wondering exactly what their budget was for dubbing in this mismatched voice that is consistently out of sync with the image.
Beau Abbott
Beau Abbott Hace 5 días
the new bronco is so extremely ugly it’s ridiculous
chelsea7xhf Hace 5 días
That's the problem with American, why there is so many people buying Japanese vehicles, doesn't even making sense. I am a Chinese immigration, I have 2 Ford in my garage, I feel I am more American than most of my neighbors......Once the Bronco is out, I am gonna check it out, hope to get one soon.
G8M8N8 Hace 5 días
My father has a original 2001 Trailblazer, just replaced his first ever engine part
Border 92
Border 92 Hace 5 días
The new bronco is competing with the Jeep Wrangler. An off road vehicle, a weekend warrior. The new blazer is competing with vehicles like the Toyota Highlander, the Honda pilot, the ford escape, jeep compass, the basic mid-size crossover/suv family style vehicles. Is it the blazer we wanted? Ha! That's pretty obvious. But GM wasn't going for an off roader. They went for that sporty crossover market. And I feel they did very well at that. To say it's a miss is like telling mcdonald's they missed at making tacos. It was a completely different goal and design in mind.
Emanuele Ferrero
Emanuele Ferrero Hace 5 días
did he just say -WALIGI-?!?!?!
FlyBaby Hace 6 días
Chevy should have tried the 4Runner model. A base model Luxury models and a more off road model on the same frame. Then again does the Blazer have a frame? That works for the Bronco. I guess Chevy does not want a repeat of the Blazer lawsuits. Only fair to say that I recently bought a 4runnner. The Bronco is the only thing that might have gotten my attention but as a rule I don't ever buy first year cars. Besides for that the 4 runner already has a great reputation for longevity and dependability. I do hope the Bronco can match that record. America needs a winner.
Colby Butler
Colby Butler Hace 6 días
How the older Jeep models pre JK versions are still the best off-roaders for serious roaders without teams
George S
George S Hace 6 días
The blazer is going to be re-badged a million times. This is GM's competitor for police cars after the ford explorer basically took over as the standard police vehicle.
28 and OUT We Are Doomed
28 and OUT We Are Doomed Hace 6 días
I went to my Chevy dealer and took a new Blazer for a test ride. Now, I am a GM guy......but.....I ended up buying a new Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited for the same money. I really believe that the Jeep was alot better deal. The salesman told me that Chevy was coming back with the Trail Blazer. Problem is.....only 3 cylinder engine.
Capn Geech
Capn Geech Hace 6 días
2020 and Ford did the same thing for this Bronco, surveyed Jeep owners LOL
ActualPerson Hace 6 días
Yo dawg I heard you like ads so I put an ad in your ad
A V Hace 6 días
Why are we comparing apples and oranges? Bronco and the wrangler are alone on the off road category, the blazer is ol just a city suv just like the other ones not even the 4Runner can be in the same category as the Bronco and Wrangler so I think this video is way off!! Blazer, highlander, pilot, pathfinder etc are in the same category as city suv with limited off road capabilities!!
Dame Fame510
Dame Fame510 Hace 6 días
Funny how people READ about cars, but don’t know sht about anything car related 😂!!
Random Guy
Random Guy Hace 6 días
In short: the Blazer is a regular, soccer mom SUV, and the Bronco is a badass offroader.
Robb Robzz
Robb Robzz Hace 6 días
Mernerner Hace 6 días
just waiting for 3.6 Jks get cheaper.
Mack McD
Mack McD Hace 6 días
if the new Blazer is such a miss why is it selling so well?
Glizzy The Kid
Glizzy The Kid Hace 6 días
The blazer looks like the camaro version of mach-e😭
Zyprus2012 Hace 6 días
0:18 I thought he said O.J. and damn near spit out my beer lol!!!
Acero Woodberry
Acero Woodberry Hace 6 días
The Bronco works cause Ford knows that value of the nameplate and made sure it brought something to the table, especially for such a niche segment. Chevy basically warmed up the Equinox, threw in the Camaros interior (cost cutting as usual) and tried to market the Blazer as a sporty Edge competitor.
William White
William White Hace 6 días
A review without discussing the drive train?????
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