Why Tech Companies Keep Trying (and FAILING) To Build Cars

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In the past 20 years, many tech companies have stepped up to the plate and built their own car. Problem is, none of them have caught on. Why? Today we’re gonna find out. From the first “tech company” car by Westinghouse, to Samsung, Dyson, Sony, Apple and even Amazon. Also, why does Tesla call themselves a tech company? They make cars, what gives?
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Ya boi halo marster 105
Ya boi halo marster 105 Hace un día
Samsung gtr lol 😂
Isaac Wilkinson
Isaac Wilkinson Hace 2 días
me hoping that cars never go atonumous
Minty Hace 2 días
Some cars at the tata brand the offset of it is bad
Sean Springer
Sean Springer Hace 3 días
If apple makes a car it might look sleek and sexy and amazing on the inside with good materials but it would be hella over priced
Redocious Hace 4 días
180 Billion is almost nothing for Tech Giants like Apple Google and Anazon
Kaushik Sarkar
Kaushik Sarkar Hace 4 días
Tata Nano have been discontinued a long time ago but Tata is better than MS in terms of safety
mrpmj00 Hace 4 días
Yep. SURPRISE. I DON'T want a self-driving car. Some of us actually enjoy driving, hearing the exhaust note, feeling the rumble, hearing the engine, moving 4 limbs in a manual transmission.
mrpmj00 Hace 4 días
10/2/2020: Tesla sales crashes in Europe: www.latimes.com/business/story/2020-10-02/tesla-reports-q3-deliveries- record?Feed%3A+latimes%2Fbusiness+%28L.A.+Times+-+Business%29 ---------------------------------- 10/2/2020: Norway used to be Tesla's biggest market....not anymore! Volkswagen Sold Nearly Twice As Many ID.3s In Norway In September As Tesla Sold Model 3s www.forbes.com/sites/jimcollins/2020/10/01/volkswagen-sold-nearly-twice-as-many-id3s-in-norway-in-september-as- tesla-sold-model-3s/#5d4f2458a745 ------------------------------------- 10/2/2020 Tesla Faces China Wipeout By 2030, Morgan Stanley Analyst Says finance.yahoo.com/news/tesla-faces-china-wipeout-2030-090559425.html ------------------------------- 10/8/2020: In 2021, VW sells 90% of EV cars in Tesla's main market of Norway finance.yahoo.com/news/volkswagen-expects-90-electric-car-153750916.html --------------------------------- 10/9/2020: Tesla drives off the road espost.info/download/v-deo/hICSd3-hm8moi3o
mrpmj00 Hace 4 días
TESLA: There's only a 5 year world supply for lithium batteries (and Tesla is using up too much of that for the few , compared to how little a smartphone uses for everyone). Current electrical infrastructure can't supply the electricity to all homes. Powerlines contribute to forest fires. Lithium batteries are mined by African children. Lithium batteries create toxic disposal wastes. There needs to be a law that prioritizes lithium for smartphones over electric cars because cars have petroleum and hydrogen alternatives. Providing more lithium batteries for EV cars is just opening a can of worms because the electrical grid cannot support every house. Not everyone can or wants to incur the cost of solar panels (which from my friend's experience only lasted 7-10 years) I have 4 cars, 2 cars (kids' cars) are parked outside. A battery manufacturer should sell to the highest payer. Ford, GM, and VW have deep pockets and they can pay more for the batteries and put Tesla out of business. An electric truck makes no sense because tests have shown that the battery drains faster when it has to pull. Hydrogen vehicles make more sense in trucks than EV. Hydrogen vehicles fuel up in 5 minutes like gas cars and they have a 1000mpg range; EV you have to wait 45+ minutes (and you have to wait for the guy in front of you to finish his charging) THere isn't a plugin at every corner like a a gas station and the charge is 50 minutes+ (assuming you aren't waiting for the guy before you to finish his charging) Gas stations pay tax to maintain roads, EVs don't That would cause a lot of unemployment.
Keaton Glomb
Keaton Glomb Hace 5 días
Little patience for self righteous moral hypocrites
Little patience for self righteous moral hypocrites Hace 5 días
The SONY Vision S is easily the best one 👍👍. I hope they do make and sell it.
D K D Hace 8 días
There is one tech company its called TESLA
weissachpassion Hace 9 días
Apple also got one of the Chief Engineers of the Porsche 919, who is Now working at Audi
Timothy White
Timothy White Hace 9 días
Keep that firefly away from me
The Blue Acidic Ninja
The Blue Acidic Ninja Hace 9 días
I got a dyson add after he talked about their failed car
The Blue Acidic Ninja
The Blue Acidic Ninja Hace 9 días
My Thought
My Thought Hace 10 días
Samson Car😭🤮😵🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Dashawn Redden
Dashawn Redden Hace 11 días
I rather have AirPods
Serhatyelizemir 7
Serhatyelizemir 7 Hace 12 días
0:30 Barley throwing a bottle in brawl stars sound
Leon Grundy
Leon Grundy Hace 16 días
I love oldcar stuff!
Mr.BreadStick Hace 17 días
You still use the ps3 ha i have a first jen Xbox Loussssseeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Schmik129 Hace 18 días
4 ads, 2 from google 2 from u. Must be getting more expensive to make these videos.
takumi fujiwara
takumi fujiwara Hace 22 días
The car key photo of the vid it was from a nissan rouge but in europe the nissan rouge is nissan x-trail
Super milsim dude
Super milsim dude Hace 23 días
My coworker used to work at a mazda/volvo dealership when he was younger. He somehow found out about and wanted to buy a tahtah (or how ever you spell it) car. he tried to import one but they arent aloud and the same still to this day due to safety stamdards.
Dwayne Smith
Dwayne Smith Hace 24 días
So it sounds like Amazon is trying to help their employees by replacing them with robots and self driving vehicles??? Gotcha👌🏽
Edwin Perez
Edwin Perez Hace 29 días
Tbh These tech companies need to get Donut Media on their team if they want to build a car.
RX IceVale
RX IceVale Hace un mes
Think of a self driving supra mk4 😂
Stephanie Salvio
Stephanie Salvio Hace un mes
I live in Philippines
When Apple creates cars: *iCar 12 max pro big XL*
samsung 21126
samsung 21126 Hace un mes
I prefer on ear headphones there better by the way
TBNRZIMY Maclean Hace un mes
Why doesn't Mazda try to build a new 6 rotor rotary engine
Churzy Hace un mes
Imagine how much an iCar will cost,??!
Frust Frusto
Frust Frusto Hace un mes
Wait a minute if you created shirts or hats and you went to your own website and bought they you would just get them for free cuz the money will go back to you because they are your own..
ThePatUltra Hace un mes
"Cars that drive themselves were invented ages ago. They're called taxis." -James May
Ethan Carberry-Holt
Ethan Carberry-Holt Hace un mes
But Samsung is working with a car manufacturer, so they gave themselves an advantage
Nawa11 Hace un mes
I Can’t wait for ESpost channels to post videos like “Drowning my Icar pro in coke” Or “ICAR vs Dry I’ve gone wrong gone sexual “
ponies_with_scarves Hace un mes
random fact: westinghouse also made AAR type B locomotive trucks for Lima's diesel locomotives
Clever Kitsune
Clever Kitsune Hace un mes
Until they find a way to stop making ugly cars i wont ever show interest in electrics, even teslas look like boring sedans and suvs the one interesting car they made (the roadster) they no longer produce and replaced it woth another ugly car
castortoutnu Hace un mes
Also remember that Samsung and Sony have been manufacturing battery cells for a long time now.
A C Hace un mes
Long story short they’re too broke to build the cars
christian p
christian p Hace un mes
Mathias Roberts
Mathias Roberts Hace un mes
"Sony made somthing more expensive than the ps5. I didn't think it was possible" Yo u should check out the earphones on the Sony website, cost as much as hi car
Pacer Yeung
Pacer Yeung Hace un mes
The Westinghouse electric car was only 5 miles faster than my e scooter
Jeff Lee
Jeff Lee Hace un mes
600 mile range i would def buy the dyson. but it is english and we know english and electricity dont mix very well
GoPro Gabe
GoPro Gabe Hace un mes
Apple car: Battery not included.
The Communist Penguin
The Communist Penguin Hace un mes
Guys an Apple car would have the keys sold separately
Sum Ting Wong
Sum Ting Wong Hace un mes
Thankyou so much for the yellow bar
Dillon Dana
Dillon Dana Hace un mes
tech companies: *suck at making cars* elon musk: im gonna do whats called a pro gamer move
Dr. Etzor
Dr. Etzor Hace un mes
"Yes, Sony designed something more expensive than the PS5" Oh boi, he doesn't know.
Abdul Hannan
Abdul Hannan Hace un mes
so you guys know about TATA ....
Edible Gaming
Edible Gaming Hace un mes
Why do your eyes look fake through your glasses
Channon The dutchie
Channon The dutchie Hace un mes
That sponsor disappoints me... bought them a week ago. I have 30 dollar headphones that are better
pezevenk cowboy
pezevenk cowboy Hace un mes
Because its tech companies not a car companies
Pupy 471
Pupy 471 Hace un mes
When I just read the title, I instantly thought of the console gaming market and the Google stadia. Remember how much that sucked?
Matej Medved
Matej Medved Hace un mes
Samsung still makes cars they seller in Europe under renault
Battleland Brothers
Battleland Brothers Hace un mes
Do not tell me that that was a Nissan key on the thumbnail
MrDogeYT Hace un mes
Because they think that a car can run on a Nokia battery.
eli seavey
eli seavey Hace un mes
apple cars lol.
themanzl Hace un mes
The Google part sounds like the start of sky net.
Salman paracha
Salman paracha Hace un mes
how can u forget mistubushi?
uNgam3r Hace un mes
Did he really just say High-un-die it's hun-dai *SORRY ITS JUST HOW I THINK IT IS SAID*
Zhi Han Lee
Zhi Han Lee Hace 19 días
Think it might be pronounced as "he-yarn-day" instead (fun fact: in Chinese (which uses the same script as Korean's Hanja script I think), Hyundai literally translates as 'modern' (现代 "see-yen dye"))
ThePatUltra Hace un mes
1000 sub no video
1000 sub no video Hace un mes
Razer car
nick 2187
nick 2187 Hace un mes
If apple made a car it would break down evry second
bilal brzm
bilal brzm Hace un mes
way mo powa babeh
HEAVYWALL 70 Hace un mes
One good thing about being old is I’ll probably not live long enough to the point I’m forced to buy an EV Teslas don’t interest me because I have no use for a car. Tesla’s truck won’t last a weekend on a job site. And I really What happened to alternative fuels for ICE motors? Hydrogen, biofuel or whatnot?
JoseYT Ok
JoseYT Ok Hace un mes
halycon404 Hace 2 meses
Tech companies are the only companies allowed to toss that type of R&D budget at things. Ford tosses 2 billion at a failed R&D project and Wall Street loses its mind. Google tosses 10 billion at it and people just kinda shrug. Google has spent that much on a bet before, more even. It paid off, buy noone understood it at the time. They're allowed to spend lavishly in ways regular car manufacturers are punished for. Wall Street expects them to take big risks.
Butterbrod Aviation And Gaming
Butterbrod Aviation And Gaming Hace 2 meses
no one: autonomous cars: hello me: espost.info/download/v-deo/YqFpiJ-jmKOro4I
Butterbrod Aviation And Gaming
Butterbrod Aviation And Gaming Hace 2 meses
DYSON please just sell the newest prototype.. you might be able to compete with tesla... PLEASE
AbU bAkr
AbU bAkr Hace 2 meses
Please don’t kiss again
Trackgraphic Hace 2 meses
what is an offical license?
Richard Miller
Richard Miller Hace 2 meses
your graphic guy got the DOB of Apple wrong. Its 4/1/76
Francois Franceschini
Francois Franceschini Hace 2 meses
Fun fact: Ford and GM were making mechanical ventilators when the Covid-19 pandemic first hit.
Micah Burgin
Micah Burgin Hace 2 meses
That raycon ad can shove it. Shove it. Shove it. AAAAAAAAaaAAAAAHHHH
Furqaan Umer
Furqaan Umer Hace 2 meses
im nolans brother and james' friend's dad's cousins' pets previous owner's friend
Furqaan Umer
Furqaan Umer Hace 2 meses
10:04 is cape town
Kumar Satyam
Kumar Satyam Hace 2 meses
Tata built everything from steel to software.
thisisntme Hace 2 meses
Google: look at my ads or we are going to put the car in the ditch.
Dominik Szal
Dominik Szal Hace 2 meses
What about daewoo?
Tristan Nigro
Tristan Nigro Hace 2 meses
It's just me, the Deftones and my Mustang to enjoy "My Own Summer" haaaa good one!
Elhadi Hace 2 meses
If you want a self-driving car, just take an Uber, it's a whole lot cheaper
James Parks 27
James Parks 27 Hace 2 meses
I’d like to see ikea make a car
Typical ford
trip Hace 2 meses
samsung was nothing like westinghouse samsung has a weapons division
Mic Krout
Mic Krout Hace 2 meses
"1 million lives could be saved a year from driverless cars" Statistics like that can never quantify the number of people who didn't crash because they were driving. Aircraft for example, more commercial aircraft have been saved by humans during an instrument failure than humans have caused commercial aircraft to crash in pilot error. AI will never be able to fix it's own eyes and ears when they malfunction that's why a human pilot will always have a place inside any safe system.
ThePatUltra Hace un mes
@A The problem with Ai is that it is PART OF A SYSTEM. The human controlling the aircraft is OUTSIDE OF THAT SYSTEM. HUGE DIFFERENCE. Qantas QF72 nearly went down because of a WIRING HARNESS FAILURE; Ai WOULD HAVE NEVER BEEN ABLE TO CATCH IT. As soon as you get rid of the human element, that plane GOES DOWN 100% of the time eventually. Ai needs to be relegated to being a driver/pilot aid and nothing more. This idea that we can replace ourselves with a computer is the most asinine assumption we humans have ever devised. Ai is a computer. A computer is a tool. A human that thinks we can replace a human with nothing but a computer is also a tool and deserves to be called one.
ThePatUltra Hace un mes
@Mic Krout I think you and I are on the same page here. I'm talking about Ai being there merely as a pilot aid/driver aid instead of it being the ONLY thing piloting the vehicle in question; whatever it is. That's why I mentioned Qantas QF72; that plane was doomed from the day it left the factory with severe design faults; and it's something Ai could have never spotted.
Mic Krout
Mic Krout Hace un mes
Car crashes are the same way. The NTSB rules many crashes as a failure of the vehicle but insurance agents and lawyers make recalls scarce. So if it only kills a few people alright, kills a thousand in a year that's an issue.
Mic Krout
Mic Krout Hace un mes
@ThePatUltra the forgotten idea of human self preservation is what I'm getting at. But not about correcting human error. Humans are proven to have saved more planes from the same systems an AI relies on to operate failing. Than humans have caused commercial aircraft to crash. We focus on the 2 or 3 commerical crashes in a year out of millions of flights and do not focus on the many thousands of "doomed" aircraft without pilots to address a mechanical or ATC logistical issue.
A Hace un mes
I mean they could optimize the AI by having one run a flight sim and using a Neural Network to learn and update the other AI on the planes
NonStopGaming NL
NonStopGaming NL Hace 2 meses
Why are all raycon sponsors the same words
Heika Hace 2 meses
Samsung may be viewed as a tech company in the west, but in Korea they do EVERYTHING
The Science Sphere
The Science Sphere Hace 2 meses
3:06 "How'd you even get in here?" * iFood ad pops up * I guess he food
배강민 Hace 2 meses
I am owner of Samsung XM3 2020. Shown at 06:00. The car was developed in Korea, not a re-badged Renault. The car is actually really good. Would like to see more competition in Korea. :)
Mater585 Hace 2 meses
How'd you even get in here?
Paul Cosentino
Paul Cosentino Hace 2 meses
Anyone else feel like Google is one day gonna lead to the realization of our worlds Skynet? They already remove and control whats available to see on youtube and Google searches. Google having control over more things is really fucked
mrkazman Hace 2 meses
I listened to this vid on my Rayvon buds ;)
adigraj3.0 Hace 2 meses
How about, car companies make tech?
Ramon Mazur
Ramon Mazur Hace 2 meses
4:24 Fun fact: i am watching this in a samsung laptop and i have a samsung phone
Dreamscape Hace 2 meses
Nice. I won't need to get my driving license to drive then. *I'm not the one driving.*
Kim Esdicul
Kim Esdicul Hace 2 meses
I have been to the Manila auto show its insane there
diegogtz Hace 2 meses
iFailed my math test
krome betha
krome betha Hace 2 meses
in the next 30-50 years, they will never able to sell cars without a steering wheel, and I would never trust a computer to drive me down the road, and in any moment can get something wrong with electronics
Bobby M
Bobby M Hace 2 meses
Pretty much it's "We want to be like Tesla" but not "Let's start small like Tesla". Then they're surprised when they're crushed by expenses they can't handle.
Sunil Mohite
Sunil Mohite Hace 2 meses
Thanks... At least once you mentioned an Indian Car company. I mean you have mentioned it in Land Rover video but you should have done a combo of Jaguar and Land Rover. You have made video on chinese Geely, then why not world's 4th largest Vehicle manufacturer?
Vortex Hace 2 meses
lol, i got a Westinghouse TV right beside me
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