Why Can’t Anyone Take Down Tesla?

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Tesla is the undisputed king of electric vehicles. The Model S, Model 3, and Model X were groundbreaking cars in their own right, and there seems to be no end in sight for the California automaker. But one question remains: Why are established brands having such a hard time keeping up? Mercedes, Chevy, and others have all released their own EVs - but none of them have touched Tesla. What’s up? We’re gonna find out
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Gramps Hace 2 horas
Cause Tesla has The MEMELORD {capturing public's eye and then attention}
Mr. Nemo
Mr. Nemo Hace 4 horas
The only thing that will take them down is when people actually look at their balance sheet.
Alex Quinones
Alex Quinones Hace 6 horas
Because nobody really wants to bruh duh
AdamMA97 Hace 11 horas
What is the music at 10:23?
Timothy Keith
Timothy Keith Hace 16 horas
Except for the Nissan Leaf, no automaker keeps producing an EV enough to make a 2nd generation. Not that the Leaf is very good in 2020, but if Nissan can get a lower cost source for improved batteries the Leaf could become a better Tesla competitor. Its all in the batteries, and the price.
Marcus W
Marcus W Hace 20 horas
Hello donut from the uk. I have an idea for a feature you could do, and cover Tickford and their production of hot fast fords. I owned a Ford Racing puma, a commercial disaster for Ford failing to hit the 1000 cars to be made (500 uk only models made). It was over priced not that quick, made no sense..... other than the fact it was a hoot to drive and pumped up styling. It was the forefather of the MK 1 focus RS which his was also finished by Tickford, (I have also owned). Tickford made hot Capris (British mustang from 60’s/70’s).
luminazkidd21 Hace 23 horas
I hate that I'm watching this cause Nolan is Hot. Not because i care about Tesla
Michael Lowe
Michael Lowe Hace 2 días
Tesla took a simple concept, made it look simple, but made it hopelessly complicated underneath. They reinvented every stupid detail until the unreliability of the rest if the vehicle made up for the inherent simplicity of the drivetrain. I was hoping that other manufacturers would make cars with the standard quality and reliability of regular cars without pointless features like multi articulated doors and door handles that rely on perfectly functional electronic systems. Tesla cant even glue in the Windows correctly and they decided to overcomplicate the simple stuff. I was really hoping that when Ford got in, they would make a comparable car with better proven ancillary hardware. Here they come with over the air updates and a copy of the same IPad hot glued to the dash interior. Maybe the F150 will be a regular truck with gas-version interchangeable parts that just has an electric drivetrain. If they do that they beat Tesla eventually. If they copy Tesla's stupidity and faults and are still behind on batteries and drivetrain, then they will be a distant 2nd or 3rd at best. Don't fix what isnt broken.
M PB Hace 2 días
The Porsche electric looks pretty good
Anthony White
Anthony White Hace 3 días
This video was absolute perfection thank you 👍
sess Hace 3 días
why aren't they making EV's more available through competitive marketing strategies? because they don't want to lose their oil sales money. no other reason. the power oil money gives them trumps their humanity 🤔🤷🏼‍♂️
mrpmj00 Hace 5 días
TESLA: There's only a 5 year world supply for lithium batteries (and Tesla is using up too much of that for the few , compared to how little a smartphone uses for everyone). Current electrical infrastructure can't supply the electricity to all homes. Powerlines contribute to forest fires. Lithium batteries are mined by African children. Lithium batteries create toxic disposal wastes. There needs to be a law that prioritizes lithium for smartphones over electric cars because cars have petroleum and hydrogen alternatives. Providing more lithium batteries for EV cars is just opening a can of worms because the electrical grid cannot support every house. Not everyone can or wants to incur the cost of solar panels (which from my friend's experience only lasted 7-10 years) I have 4 cars, 2 cars (kids' cars) are parked outside. A battery manufacturer should sell to the highest payer. Ford, GM, and VW have deep pockets and they can pay more for the batteries and put Tesla out of business. An electric truck makes no sense because tests have shown that the battery drains faster when it has to pull. Hydrogen vehicles make more sense in trucks than EV. Hydrogen vehicles fuel up in 5 minutes like gas cars and they have a 1000mpg range; EV you have to wait 45+ minutes (and you have to wait for the guy in front of you to finish his charging) THere isn't a plugin at every corner like a a gas station and the charge is 50 minutes+ (assuming you aren't waiting for the guy before you to finish his charging) Gas stations pay tax to maintain roads, EVs don't That would cause a lot of unemployment.
mrpmj00 Hace 5 días
10/2/2020: Tesla sales crashes in Europe: www.latimes.com/business/story/2020-10-02/tesla-reports-q3-deliveries- record?Feed%3A+latimes%2Fbusiness+%28L.A.+Times+-+Business%29 ---------------------------------- 10/2/2020: Norway used to be Tesla's biggest market....not anymore! Volkswagen Sold Nearly Twice As Many ID.3s In Norway In September As Tesla Sold Model 3s www.forbes.com/sites/jimcollins/2020/10/01/volkswagen-sold-nearly-twice-as-many-id3s-in-norway-in-september-as- tesla-sold-model-3s/#5d4f2458a745 ------------------------------------- 10/2/2020 Tesla Faces China Wipeout By 2030, Morgan Stanley Analyst Says finance.yahoo.com/news/tesla-faces-china-wipeout-2030-090559425.html ------------------------------- 10/8/2020: In 2021, VW sells 90% of EV cars in Tesla's main market of Norway finance.yahoo.com/news/volkswagen-expects-90-electric-car-153750916.html --------------------------------- 10/9/2020: Tesla drives off the road espost.info/download/v-deo/hICSd3-hm8moi3o
ThaitopYT Hace 5 días
What do you mean Tesla has no rivals? The Tesla rivals is ICE cars.
neeneko Hace 6 días
One big unknown though... the conclusion of the video is that other manufacturers will have to adopt Tesla's model, but Tesla is operating under the same economic pressures that produced the current paradigm.... meaning it might be the other way around, that eventually Tesla will have to adopt their model in order to compete long term. People tend to forget that models do not come out of nowhere, they are the result of decades of economic pressures that reward companies that adopt them and punish ones that do not, and if you look at the history of the auto industry it is littered with companies that tried to operate differently and survived for a decade or two but eventually collapsed.
Ted Wasserman
Ted Wasserman Hace 6 días
Tesla doesn’t make a profit. I think a long as gas is cheap most people won’t care about electric.
LR Blue SlowBro
LR Blue SlowBro Hace 7 días
Main reason. Automakers are playing it safe and are not able to create a hype
Nick Parker
Nick Parker Hace 7 días
Dude forgot one other big secret to Tesla's success: Subsidies
James Sutherland
James Sutherland Hace 7 días
Maybe Tesla got ahead of everyone using their billions in taxpayer subsidies.
Umberto Fournier
Umberto Fournier Hace 8 días
great explanation
laserspark123 Hace 8 días
Bmw with rtx on
Elijah Burgos
Elijah Burgos Hace 8 días
did that model 3 just make engine noises??
Ben Hace 8 días
13:00 ish: I thought the original idea behind Teslas electric cars is that they're going to be open source and allow competitors to use their technology for their own cars, with the end goal being, getting electric cars out into the world. I guess now they gotta keep the shareholders happy?
Ben Hace 8 días
Donut media just released another video about Tesla's ex chief engineer or something making his own brand electric car with increased efficiency :p
Ben Hace 8 días
GM had an electric car back in like 1990s or something, and they killed it and destoryed all of them, if they would have built on that tech they would have been HUGE by now with more advanced tech. But nope, the oil industry was like, lets hold off on this stuff....
Thunder Thunder
Thunder Thunder Hace 8 días
T Esla. Is the pioneer....its a legend ...kudos to them
Andrew barahona
Andrew barahona Hace 8 días
So is no one gonna talk about how they added engine sounds to the b-roll shots of the Tesla’s driving by
Viktor Reznov
Viktor Reznov Hace 9 días
Because it doesn't make sense to buy an electric car about 99% of the time when you are shopping for a new car. And the other 1% is just big enough for tesla and too small for any other car company. İ sincerely don't think future is electric.
"fanboys" that's the reason
James Hoffman
James Hoffman Hace 9 días
This analysis was spot-on pre-#BatteryDay. Now, it’s even worse for fossils.
James Hoffman
James Hoffman Hace 9 días
“Tesla hasn’t turned an annual profit” Calendar year profit - Brace 2020 going to be huge.
Trayge Hace 10 días
I love the fact that these blokes regularly use references from Dragon Ball Z. As well as being petrol heads, while being proper MOPAR fans. My ULTIMATE Dream car is a 1970 440 SixPack Plymouth Hemi Cuda. If i can't ever get one of those, i would be very happy with the 1970 340 SixPack Hemi Cuda AAR. I really should have put this comment in the Up to Speed episode on the Hemi engine.
steven lora
steven lora Hace 10 días
Does this mean a Tesla could potentially get hacked into?🤨
Luke Williams
Luke Williams Hace 10 días
Elon musk is from the future
slizerdk Hace 11 días
Nope not picturing a Tesla, but then again as a non American I know there is more in the world than US and China
Chris Dunn
Chris Dunn Hace 11 días
how many ev's did China sell last year
Francis Kingu
Francis Kingu Hace 11 días
if only you made this video a day later... the list would be far too long and youd be talking like Munroe... you probably have a seizure like every engineer on the planet ... TESLA is basically if MIT was given an unlimited budget to create the ultimate car ... all options on the table . hell they probably considered a nuclear powered car , obviusly they looked at hydrogen and thought it was a stupid idea .. the guys at NASA would agree and they use hydrogen all the time , just imagine a trusting your 90 year old granddad at the hydrogen filling station , or even worse him driving it around , as if petrol wasnt already a bomb on wheels
Nils Hace 11 días
Tesla knows to innovate and has the most efficient drivetrain yet. But a huge part of the car is not designed inhouse. Most parts of the Model S are German. For example the Suspension, the steering, the seats (in newer models), the audio system. Also parts of the self driving systems are from Bosch. Not to mention the german Robots Bildung all Tesla and Painting them. So of course Tesla is a huge success, but the did not build a car from scratch. They used a lot of established suppliers.
SL twentyeight
SL twentyeight Hace 11 días
yep wife won't even consider another ev. only buy tesla.
Damir Handoyo
Damir Handoyo Hace 11 días
17:05 Tesla motors has never reported a profit, this statement is false even at September 2020...
GLR Hace 12 días
15:46 that's so untrue..... do some research mate.... 90% of a Model3 is from another suppliers..
GLR Hace 12 días
12:37 everyone is getting close..... including all the Chinese tech startups, Nvidia+Daimler, Russian yandex, etc etc...
GLR Hace 12 días
6:37 aesthetics to the Mercedes? that's so cheap, lacking even basic design knowledge.... don't embarrass yourself mate.
GLR Hace 12 días
5:16 that list in incorrect.... EPA is lying... reality is much different.
GLR Hace 12 días
3:20 there is and it's called VW ID3, ID4
Semitex Hace 12 días
RTX ON Mercedes S Class
Argue Kayes
Argue Kayes Hace 12 días
For me, i think looks have alot to do with Teslas success too. Alot of people always thought EV’s were small and ugly like the Prius, that car got so much hate. And that is one reason Tesla was successful, they redesigned the look of Ev’s making them look good and fast
Luis Alcaraz
Luis Alcaraz Hace 12 días
anyone else felt disappointed by Tesla's interiors?
Arnaldo Rentes
Arnaldo Rentes Hace 12 días
I'm not a big fan of electric cars. As long as there are few, the power grid will support the demand. When they are the majority in the world fleet ... it is not at all clear. Bulk electricity is simply impossible to stock and there will be spikes in demand, anyway. Recently, Elon Musk admitted his influence in the coup d'état in Bolivia, which replaced President Evo Morales with an ultra-right evangelical pastor, a very ignorant lady. As is known, Bolivia has almost all the lithium in the world. With scorn, Musk even said he would "sponsor scams around the world, against whoever is needed." For these reasons, I predict that the Tesla brand will always be absent from my life. I WILL NEVER BUY A TESLA, BITCH !!!
ImOd3ss3y _
ImOd3ss3y _ Hace 13 días
I actually thought about a rimac c2
drit84 Hace 13 días
Great analysis and great Video man!
Thetiger213 Hace 13 días
model s model 3 model x model y = s3xy
Ferdinand Martino
Ferdinand Martino Hace 13 días
Then lucid comes
Hayden Carlson
Hayden Carlson Hace 13 días
Did anybody notice the engine sounds overlaid on Tesla’s driving
Charlton Moore
Charlton Moore Hace 13 días
Porsche Taycan, Polestar 2..
Tom Hubbard
Tom Hubbard Hace 13 días
The Tesla is the ONLY electric car I would buy for one reason: they don't look like faux-futuristic crap.
bing flosby
bing flosby Hace 14 días
Their trying and failing because Elon built the production first every one else is just trying to catch up
John Nickel
John Nickel Hace 14 días
I feel like the first thing companies need to agree on is figuring out one charge plug shape. Whether that is adopting Tesla's, which I think they should do, or using another is up to them, but there needs to be one plug type.
Chickens Float
Chickens Float Hace 14 días
With a ev you cant steal gas but you can be a jerk and unplug there car like its your buddys phone
Niels Tamsma
Niels Tamsma Hace 14 días
Why do you call it "failing" though? It's not like the other manufacturers were blindsided with the emergence of EV's. The volkwagen group has rescued Tesla multiple times when they were almost going bankrupt to encourage the technological advancements the company was making. Meanwhile, petrol cars are still very much wanted by the public. Could it not be that they are focusing on serving the customers to the needs they already have instead of trying to steal customers from an industry that is still comparably small?
Sutsuj k
Sutsuj k Hace 14 días
Hold up...tesla made profits in the last 3 Quarters or so....
M.A. M.R.
M.A. M.R. Hace 12 días
Overall though.
Vegas RoManiac
Vegas RoManiac Hace 14 días
tesla will fall, when electric cars will get cheaper tesla will not be worth building them .. we gonna buy Chinese metal cans that go 1000 miles and cost 10k
xXPROGAMER Xx Hace 14 días
Bonjour, to es très bien a Français.
xXPROGAMER Xx Hace 14 días
There is another company that plans to take on Tesla. It’s called Lucid. It was founded in 2008, and Tesla’s old head engineer is the CEO of the company.
Amazon doesn't report profits either always at a loss if they did someone over there fucked up.
Eddie Gonzalez
Eddie Gonzalez Hace 15 días
Theres actually a very comparable option if you don't want a Tesla. Hyundai has the Kona EV that has more range than the standard range plus model 3 and comes in under that with the full 7500 tax credit.
RH22 Hace 15 días
I was thinking taycan
A. Shiga
A. Shiga Hace 15 días
Knee-kay, not nick-eye 😂
Dragutin Rozankovic
Dragutin Rozankovic Hace 15 días
still u cant charge eletric car like u can refuel combustion car ... and for long trips eletric car is not good
Sticks and Stones with Mike.
Sticks and Stones with Mike. Hace 15 días
The answer is the others still own and service over 99% of the world auto market. Remember that is everything from bikes to excavators to water craft. They're huge and it takes time to pivot such production. They have customer care etc chains too- Tesla has pretty much none of that. The coming competition will smash Tesla.
Addicted2Youtue Hace 15 días
Donut Media now sponsered by Tesla
Ian Clegg
Ian Clegg Hace 15 días
not convinced about eloooooon either.
Ian Clegg
Ian Clegg Hace 15 días
still not convinced about evs saving the planet. maybe when all the fossil fuel is gone? because burning it to make the wheels go round in something the size of a car is always going to be more efficient than burning it to make electricity to make the wheels go round in a car due to the relevant efficiencies of their operating/generation cycles.
ejune98 Hace 15 días
Same as apple. Not the hardware, the software is making what tesla strong
ejune98 Hace 15 días
Apple of Steve Jobs, Tesla of Elon Musk
The Great Cambino
The Great Cambino Hace 15 días
Dude, I've had a collectable of you since I was a baby, except they called you chewy for some reason
TJ Studios
TJ Studios Hace 15 días
Ford could probably do electric cars but they just won’t do it, but they make a 1400hp electric car.
JulioAbel90 Hace 15 días
But the i3 is actually built "to save" the world...
Omkar Joshi
Omkar Joshi Hace 15 días
The e-class 3090ti
308328928 Hace 15 días
Still failing to mention the aftermarket service and money from other car makers.
Mark Rausch
Mark Rausch Hace 16 días
5:09 did they use sound effects from a ps4 ejecting a disk??
Randy Pullman
Randy Pullman Hace 16 días
Lol your such a dough boy on this. 1st their car doesn't pay road taxes. I know I know but fair is tesla pays their taxes to use my road. Second the build quality problem is they burst in to fireballs because of the batteries. The motors need replaced at 75,000 miles and its not cheap at all. Finally the parts are absurdly expensive and impossible to obtain. Third battery cars hate cold weather and hot weather. 45° to 64° temperature car. Never mind the hours at the gas station to charge it. Btw a trillion calculations is a terraflop eg the ps 5 does 10 terraflops per cycle.
Randy Pullman
Randy Pullman Hace 16 días
Car companies don't follow tesla because it's not what people want in a car. We want cheap, reliable, fashionable, and great resale value. Tesla is none of those.
Connor Blaschko
Connor Blaschko Hace 16 días
Wait, hasn’t Tesla had like 3 or 4 profitable quarters so far?
Hondafanboy Hace 4 días
You should try doing some research on federal tax credits lol
Carl Johan Tihkan
Carl Johan Tihkan Hace 6 días
My thought exactly, S&P recons why does not our favorite chanel? QQ
ShyKnee Side Up
ShyKnee Side Up Hace 16 días
I will already assume there are many comments of people like me who were shouting PORSCHE TAYCAN TURBO at the screen!? Like WTF? Anyone just see the piece that Chris Harris on latest Top Gear Series? Inexcusable to not mention the Porsche in this vid. NEGLIGENCE.
Thom Paulson
Thom Paulson Hace 16 días
Just look at the 1920's there were a bunch of electric cars are u buying the tech or Elon transportation works on price not tech ,people buy hype in a bubble, price price price u want a Tesla but u got Camry money
Jose Mourinho
Jose Mourinho Hace 16 días
00:03 i was picturing a chevy bolt
Paul McDonald
Paul McDonald Hace 16 días
Good job.
EyesOfByes Hace 17 días
Legacy cars are like x86, Tesla is like ARM architecture
EyesOfByes Hace 17 días
8:25 Two words: *Meme. Review* 👏🏼👏🏼
EyesOfByes Hace 17 días
8:20 Oh *deer* , what a car *pool*
Red Line
Red Line Hace 17 días
All the hopeless brands only have a chance thanks to Nvidia.
Michael Puentes
Michael Puentes Hace 17 días
The 745 people who disliked these videos are gay
Kausik Gupta
Kausik Gupta Hace 17 días
Chamblizi The All Mighty!
Chamblizi The All Mighty! Hace 18 días
Look out tesla toyota is creating the 2025 prius...
Chris Braid
Chris Braid Hace 18 días
It’s possible for anyone to beat Tesla, step one : become a Billionaire, step two : read a lot of the right material step Three find a promising electric car maker, buy into the company partnership , step four : hire a lot of very good and inventive technical and electronic innovators and good fabrication workers and designers, Step 5 : buy and develop the best storage technologies..... easy to list , obviously a lot harder to do ....
Mikey Mo
Mikey Mo Hace 18 días
Press 7
Neon Noir
Neon Noir Hace 18 días
Tesla models: S3XY Cybertruck ATV Roadster Semi = SEXY CARS
Neon Noir
Neon Noir Hace 18 días
Other companies can't catch up because they don't have the talent. Elon is good at a lot of things, but he's great at head hunting and knows how to recognize and develop raw talent regardless of professional qualifications. VW failed on software because they didn't have the needed talent on the team.
Salva Cano
Salva Cano Hace 19 días
There's only one reason: Aliens!! 😂
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