WE TEST: Was $9500 Worth of Car Mods Worth It?

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It’s time for our first track day in the Money Pit Miata! We’re taking it to Willow Springs for a track day hosted by our friends at EAD Exotics. We’ll see if all the money we’ve dumped in the pit has been worth it or just wasted!
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hack 1985
hack 1985 Hace 6 horas
What's with the welding gloves??
Pascal Hace 21 un hora
I feel like that 10k could have gone in a better place 😂 engine wise
villads Hace un día
6:00Dude you didn't even strap your helmet in!
Josh verrier
Josh verrier Hace un día
Great Top Gear reference!
Tyler Bauer
Tyler Bauer Hace un día
I have a question, how do you get a car on a track also are there requirements
master power
master power Hace un día
almost 10 grand and still no turbo. damn, what a waste. must be new to the car scene. number 1 rule of thumb and first and only mod for all motor is force induction. always.
Wipeoutbeats Hace 2 días
Hold up, is that Willow Springs Speedway? As in THE WILLOW SPRINGS THAT WAS FORD VS FERRARI?
M Yes
M Yes Hace 3 días
Bypass heater core for max cooling.
Mobile Games
Mobile Games Hace 4 días
This guy needs to make an Onlyfans ASAP.
Voxxx Hace 6 días
What’s his hat say
Rene Gomez
Rene Gomez Hace 7 días
Didn't he add a radiator? And also, the convertible doesn't add to performance
Teo M
Teo M Hace 7 días
God this just makes me think miatas are terrible
Jeffrey D
Jeffrey D Hace 7 días
Hey guys, your right up there with Honda & Toyota Hybrid lap records..... I think the Rx 7 record is 1:51 and change, there some faster Mazda’s but they are pure race cars... keep up the great work, the vids are great.
Brian Rascon
Brian Rascon Hace 8 días
Cooling system should have been one of the first upgrades lmao
Brian Rascon
Brian Rascon Hace un día
@M Yes interesting I bought 99 miata in the process of fixing a leaking issue
M Yes
M Yes Hace 3 días
Mx5 has design flaw in its cooling system. Solution is to by pass the heater core. Pop up the headlights..it says would increase cooling by 40%
Brian Rascon
Brian Rascon Hace 8 días
Cooling system should have been one of the first upgrades lmao
Maru Allik
Maru Allik Hace 8 días
i like estonia sticker on laptop :)
R In-ul
R In-ul Hace 8 días
Man... I will love ti have a Miata...
Danny Reyes
Danny Reyes Hace 9 días
Wait what happened to the power steering???
Matthew McMurry
Matthew McMurry Hace 10 días
I was so happy to see him wearing a HANS device, but then so disappointed when he didn’t tie his helmet chin strap or have the belts tight enough to stay on the HANS!!!
Dan W.
Dan W. Hace 11 días
no.. it wasnt
Fede Godoy
Fede Godoy Hace 11 días
OMG it was worth 2500? Last time I checked on my country the cheapest ones are worth 15K
SamuraiRaicing Hace 14 días
Xsidon Hace 15 días
did you really just put on a neck brace collar to drive a 115 ps miata? XD
Mockingdream Hace 15 días
27warewhare Hace 16 días
Where did you guys buy all those parts from tho
Angus Macfarlane
Angus Macfarlane Hace 18 días
Can anyone tell me why they blur the logo on the orange hat
Nicolas Eisinger
Nicolas Eisinger Hace 19 días
I recently went on ESpost with any device available and subscribed to Donut , just to get them the support they deserved! Keep going Donut
Martin Monteith
Martin Monteith Hace 19 días
Just buy a stock gt mustang used instead.
Martin Monteith
Martin Monteith Hace 19 días
That being said,i have a 2001 con mustang 3.8l ive done cai,throttle body,cobra magflow,hpipe ,currently in shop getting bbk short headers and subframe installed,17 low profile,, have a ford hurst shifter,sway bars in the spring. 3.73 in rear with tlock. Never dinod it but i can feel all my mods.I have bama tuner also.
Ryan Voll
Ryan Voll Hace 21 un día
39°C 🙀 Holy Crap that’s hot.
Jack Chalmers
Jack Chalmers Hace 21 un día
Exhaust and intake mods - was there a tune along with them? Otherwise they may not have been much use... Brake should definitely have also been on the list! I really hope this project gets brought back to life
resean Hace 21 un día
ahh they wont respond on the music i wana kunow
Blotted Hace 21 un día
I think you forgot to add a turbo in the build because the sotck engine is a straight turd but everything else was a good move. but Willow Springs isnt a very technical track and doesnt really push suspension to its limits. Most of its just flowing sweeping corners that wont benefit as much from the mods you have the ca as much as horsepower mods would have done with your tires. So I highly highly doubt youll shave 15-16 seconds off.
Marquis M
Marquis M Hace 21 un día
Bro that fart sound effect has me dying every time.
Froge Hace 22 días
Just put a packet of ice on your rad before while you drive round, sorted
Declan Kilpatrick
Declan Kilpatrick Hace 24 días
Next episode, is engine swap worth it (;
Titonik On Blitz
Titonik On Blitz Hace 26 días
Bruh, you could've gotten better cooling instead of those fancy seats, also you could've picked a cooler day. Video is half arsed. If you put a little more brain into it, it could've been a great video
Jeremy Ávila Collazo
Jeremy Ávila Collazo Hace 27 días
Yo anyone know where I can buy some of those og enkei wheels
Big W Design
Big W Design Hace 29 días
Thing is 🔥 def worth the bucks!
mike7357 Hace un mes
I'm going to miss the misleading titles, and do everything half assed and fail to give any useful information pit. Hurry back!
SSmoker Hace un mes
You knew you had a cooling issue when you first took it to the track and you didn't install a cooling reroute kit unbelievable.
NuuR Hace un mes
If you want to do track days get a motorcycle. Track cars is a good way to bankrupt yourself.
It'sDarensbourg Hace un mes
this is supposed to be mid car but its less than low car, lol
ClericChris Hace un mes
How to build a car. 1. Add power 2. Check to see if adding power made something fail. Yes? Upgrade that part No? Add more power 3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 until your 0-60 time is faster than your 60-0 time. Add brake system.
ClericChris Hace un mes
You spent 10k and it doesn't have a turbo in it? I don't think you have your priorities straight. 6k turbo/injectors/fuel pump/tune, 2k suspension/tires, 1k in brakes 500 in cooling. Over time you can get better versions of these parts. I don't think your upgrades are going to get you more than 2-3 seconds faster.
Devive Hace un mes
I'm about to buy a Miata this week. Can you guys do an episode on what the first maintenance of your new project car should look like? I'm looking for a list of all things I should replace on day 1 of the project.
Mr. Destruction
Mr. Destruction Hace un mes
Waste of Money
Arvid Rolf
Arvid Rolf Hace un mes
It took eleven sec to break the other
lizoyd18 Hace un mes
What size is those tires r888r are like 500 bucks
Civil Rant
Civil Rant Hace un mes
James "does mo money = mo better?"
Denny van der Meulen
Denny van der Meulen Hace un mes
just turn the heater on and point the jets/ blow thingies up, its a convertible...the heater matrix is an extra radiator that your not using. of course you might pass out and it might not do much in 39c....just saying.
Marvel is better Than DC
Marvel is better Than DC Hace un mes
Crap box
Dustin Malcome
Dustin Malcome Hace un mes
why are some of the videos private?
Tommy Estridge
Tommy Estridge Hace un mes
You should have done a reference lap with the car when you bought it to see how much it improved. Using the fastest lap of some other driver, who may have a lot more experience on the track and have his car dialed in to the track doesn't really give you a meanignful target time.
Deiyn Shepard
Deiyn Shepard Hace un mes
I love the weird random issues my Miata has hahah
Justin crawford
Justin crawford Hace un mes
Hell yeah! Hopefully next time you run it, she'll perform 👍
Clarence Chung
Clarence Chung Hace un mes
what i would do: get vented hoods and lighter body. it doesnt even have to be a race kit, just a much lighter body
clx YT
clx YT Hace un mes
This thing is going to HAUL ASS when its boosted
Dominic Larose
Dominic Larose Hace un mes
I feel if it weren't for Mr. Jobe the channel would have not as many fans
paul c
paul c Hace un mes
WE TEST: Was $9500 Worth of Car Mods Worth It? not if a wire still shorts
mitchell cook
mitchell cook Hace un mes
He couldve just sent it and hit his time. Cleetus is out here blowing head gaskets at the test and tune like cmon man😂
Robert Oliver
Robert Oliver Hace un mes
why does he have a sticker whit the Estonian flag on his laptop?
CTtheGamerr 2.0
CTtheGamerr 2.0 Hace un mes
CJ Hace un mes
You convinced me & I just bought a Miata the other day.. 1996 NA!! You guys should sell a yellow/black DONUT key tag I would rock them on my keys no doubt. Thank you Zach 🤘🏼
Hush on 60 Fps
Hush on 60 Fps Hace un mes
Idea: put a bunch of mods on cars in such games like need for speed or forza horzion and then make the car in real life
Shin8bi Hace un mes
Razz outro song
Olle-Kristjan Vita
Olle-Kristjan Vita Hace un mes
Hold up, was that an Estonian flag on that there laptop? My national pride just got a little bit harder...
Brandon Mayfield
Brandon Mayfield Hace un mes
Gotta turbo the miata
Das Bambus Schneidebrett
Das Bambus Schneidebrett Hace un mes
Why is the fuse dieing?
M. B.
M. B. Hace un mes
The real question is what's on his hat that had to be blurred out?
Rafa Stunter
Rafa Stunter Hace un mes
its easy to get a car like that if you spend someones money
Andrew G
Andrew G Hace un mes
Buys Miata. Does not upgrade brakes or cooling system on Miata, upgrades just about everything else. Takes Miata to track. Doing this backwards are we?
Gerard Bialek
Gerard Bialek Hace un mes
big chingo
big chingo Hace un mes
Could have got flyin miatas full turbo kit crate engine for less than 7k and done the rest of the other mods still under 9500 and making about 100hp more
von Coconut
von Coconut Hace un mes
Brent Foster
Brent Foster Hace un mes
Need to lower that seat if you want the rollbar to do anything for ya
Alexey Hace un mes
Damn, I would die at 39 celcius
Nature Droners
Nature Droners Hace un mes
2:26 Rick, is that you?
budsterPlayz Hace un mes
Ur airbag light was on
Jeremy Rosenberger
Jeremy Rosenberger Hace un mes
Coming back after the finale of HiLo I’m wondering what you guys do that makes all your cars overheat
Cris Salazar
Cris Salazar Hace un mes
Y’all should do civics next they’re a cheap base to start on
Fratter Knox
Fratter Knox Hace un mes
Genuinely one of the best shows on YT, I love Donut as a whole but Money Pit really kills it every episode, shit even the driveway one was fun.
Slappy Facepalm
Slappy Facepalm Hace un mes
Seriously, thanks for also giving us Europe guys the temperature in Celsius!
Mike Hurt
Mike Hurt Hace un mes
Fuck I don't have $9,500 to buy a car much less for parts lol
Mike Hurt
Mike Hurt Hace un mes
Fuck I don't have $9,500 to buy a car much less for parts lol
Ryan Senensky
Ryan Senensky Hace un mes
Zack Jobe looks like Paul Rudd with a beard.
pear_enjoyer Hace un mes
without seeing the video: yes
Blotted Hace un mes
Im gonna guess the mods that car has for this track wont make the big of difference. Willow Springs is all low radius turns where its more about speed except except the small section of a tight uphill cambered Left than Right S corner and with that stock motor making less than 200hp, it will hardly need those parts to make a big difference
Mitch TheBeast
Mitch TheBeast Hace un mes
Dude, I think you got this. Even if you went on a cooler day you might have been able to finish a lap.
Blufire ._.
Blufire ._. Hace un mes
Petition for Zach's miata to vs Phil (Alexs miata from carthrottle, Wait everyone knows that)
Joseph Sager
Joseph Sager Hace un mes
Finally! Some good footage of the radio in the sun, and you can't read the screen. That's something I've been wondering since you did the radio upgrade video. When I upgraded my radio I ruled out LCD screens because seeing the radio in a convertible means direct sunlight, which I didn't think would be readable. And now I know I was probably right.
stooie Hace un mes
you know what? this but civic '07 for less easy to modify cars maybe?
DaForeignut Hace un mes
Mans got a Riga sticker on his laptop. Your not Latvian are you?
baker 1
baker 1 Hace un mes
You should definitely have just kept on it when the gauges dropped out
James B
James B Hace un mes
If the cooling is the only issue, why not just remove the front bumper to get some some complete laps. Put the roof up for better aero and be able to listen to the engine. I mean race drivers used to hear the engines to figure out when to change gears. You could have even adjust the tire pressure to hone in the lap times.
James B
James B Hace un mes
Thanks for being genuine about this rather than sticking to a narrative and lie to the audience.
Scypheroth Hace un mes
jesus christ for that price you could have bought a MUCH MUCH better car
cem sicles
cem sicles Hace un mes
Spends hundreds on cage-- helmet is good few inches above the bar. race...car!!!!!!
Charles Hosea
Charles Hosea Hace un mes
So $10g's just flushed down the toilet LOL
TheCrossyRoader Hace un mes
The next mod needs to be a new fuse system.
Cameron Sereno
Cameron Sereno Hace un mes
"...and on that bombshell..." I see Zach is a man of culture.
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