We got sent a super weird clutch and installed it anyway

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Zach was given a clutch and flywheel that look pretty aggressive, but only holds how much torque? This week we’ll install a new clutch and flywheel while we talk about how clutches work, what makes for a more aggressive clutch, and why we want a lightweight flywheel, and then we’ll see if the new clutch is as aggressive as it looks.
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Donut Media
Donut Media Hace 4 meses
Just so everyone doesn't get too worried about me - the jackstands I have aren't one of the recalled part numbers!
Can't recall my thick beam of wood ha!
Kevinb1821 Hace 2 meses
I drive a 2005 mustang gt and the clutch window has always been super tight ever since I got it. You have to do the engagement perfectly to avoid any jerking. My brother had a 2012 mustang gt and that clutch was completely different. The engagement felt like a mile long.
Don’tMeanTo YankYourBallsBut
Don’tMeanTo YankYourBallsBut Hace 3 meses
“My time has come”
Matthew Miller
Matthew Miller Hace 3 meses
How about now -- with the new recall?
Noah Mullins
Noah Mullins Hace 3 meses
Mine were recalled :/
D4Real Hace 19 horas
this was the manliest shit ive seen all month
Michael Hurwitz
Michael Hurwitz Hace un día
I love the camera with the seat belt on.
grobballer Hace un día
its not so bad because its a sprung 3 puck clutch. a solid 3 puck clutch would have the instant on/off feel. also because it is sprung the power rating will be down compared to an equivalent
Clifton Sargent
Clifton Sargent Hace un día
Videos dope man but I just don’t have the balls to take my ride apart like that 😬😬😬😬
Jacob Campbell
Jacob Campbell Hace 2 días
that cv axle boot is shoot my hawkeye did that on both sides
Ben Ische
Ben Ische Hace 2 días
Did you go out of your way to hide what kind of oil you put in the trans?
TheExtraleague Hace 3 días
Man install rollbar cage on your miata...
Chad Banner
Chad Banner Hace 3 días
I replaced the clutch in my truck, it being lifted made it so much easier, except the part where is was heavy asf with the transfer case still attached, put a heavier flywheel on it, don't even need to touch the gas pedal when I put it first or into a higher gear, the centrifugal force of the heavier flywheel makes driving a standard truck so much better.
Michael Price
Michael Price Hace 6 días
Bench pressing the trans. Try it with an automatic!
mooman6000 Hace 6 días
16:23 i think i see a MIATA in the background
Emanuel Sanchez Gutierrez
Emanuel Sanchez Gutierrez Hace 6 días
Can you tell me if it's bad to install a clutch that can stand a bunch of torque but the engine isn't even making enough torque for the new clutch?
Jordan Cottone
Jordan Cottone Hace 7 días
nah that's just the proximity alarm from siege.
Nate Verge
Nate Verge Hace 8 días
This makes me feel better about all my car projects running way too late into the night.😆
Hobbes120 Hace 9 días
10:47 such a mood
DORIFTO Hace 10 días
Are bigger wheels worth it? Like a 20" one?
Richard Collins
Richard Collins Hace 11 días
chill beat 3:58
TheSupatrader Hace 13 días
i like my engagement to be as short as possible and as close as possible to the top of the pedal travel
Rahul Ullas
Rahul Ullas Hace 14 días
Mahn U Installed the clutch alone.....At the service center Where Im working two technicians do the same Job😄
Isaak Vedalt
Isaak Vedalt Hace 14 días
Anyone else worried around the 12 minute mark when they didn't talk about replacing the wires on top?
GarbageMadeLocally Hace 14 días
How much would you sell the Miata for
Studio Vulcan
Studio Vulcan Hace 14 días
14:47 yo um... Your left rear wheel wasn't spinning :s
Adam Spitfire
Adam Spitfire Hace 14 días
I think it's an open diff
Nathan West
Nathan West Hace 15 días
you forgot one crucial step deburr the spline on the friction disc I always hit it with a small triangle file and break the edge, makes it that much easier to slide the transmission back on with that extra step you could have done it with one try.
handsome vault boy
handsome vault boy Hace 15 días
Wheres the used cardboard on the shop????
Brady Prince
Brady Prince Hace 16 días
When I thought that car channel clickbait didn't exist, this popped up, and I clicked it. Touche.
lapieces Hace 17 días
i dailied an extreme pressure plate, and then a twin disc.. just takes getting used to. btw, act clutches are garbage
Jameson Hardcastle
Jameson Hardcastle Hace 17 días
Pro tip for seals: sink a small screw into the seal, then grab the head of the screw with some pliers and pull. Super easy.
bread Hace 18 días
Thank you for metric units 😍😍😍
Phil B
Phil B Hace 20 días
Finally a show that shows what the rest of us have to go through...we all don’t have huge lifts lol ...also those grunts are real
Zach M
Zach M Hace 21 un día
From one Zach to another, your series rocks!
Ruben Hillaby
Ruben Hillaby Hace 21 un día
What you didn't mention is that you're also comparing a broke in clutch to a new one. The new clutch will always bite harder until it sets in. Do an update in a thousand miles or so to do a better comparison.
Nicholas Alaia
Nicholas Alaia Hace 22 días
When you were putting that trans back all I heard was Patches O’ Houlihan “YOU GOTTA HUMP IT INTO SUBMISSION”
Aleks Hace 22 días
Honestly I bought my miata a couple of weeks ago and Zack makes me feel so welcome in the car community:)
Dakota Jones
Dakota Jones Hace 24 días
You know someone is crazy enough to buy one of those pieces of card board lmfao
Ty Nguyen
Ty Nguyen Hace 25 días
I thought this weird clutch is ClutchMax but it the Expensive Exedy. Still weird
Joshua Worrall
Joshua Worrall Hace 28 días
this might be a stupid question but why was only one rear wheel spinning when u let the clutch out??
GarrettAR24 Hace 28 días
What’s the point of watching this video when there’s Chris Fix
Chris Haynes
Chris Haynes Hace 29 días
Do u skate goofy???
Neal Archer
Neal Archer Hace un mes
Y’all made this look so much less frustrating that it actually is lol
Drew Tranchitella
Drew Tranchitella Hace un mes
When he had to bench press the trans back in... I felt that. I had to help my brother replace his clutch and fly wheel and I had to bench it down and back up. Hard as hell
Stuart Ray Droge
Stuart Ray Droge Hace un mes
My biggest concern in the first 2 minutes is how much you lean on the clutch between gears. I bet you replace the clutch often
The Slash Man
The Slash Man Hace un mes
Who is in your window buddy at 0:05 ? I know it is a cutout, still is funny.
I envy you didn't fight your Transmission for 3 days cans of penetration fluid and ropes kicks and pry bars involved. Damn those seized dowels on a Chevy Silverado.
Jason McCall
Jason McCall Hace un mes
16:23 In the background. :) Miata!
K R Hace un mes
Y’all amazing yo🙌🙌
fkylw Hace un mes
Get this man a shop for fucks sake.
505197 Hace un mes
Those clutches wear the hell out of pressure plates and flywheels. I wouldn't use one if I was paid to. The next time you need a clutch you're going to need a new flywheel and pressure plate also. It's hard to beat stock parts for functionality and long life. Oh I know, everyone will say you need a new pressure plate at least with a new clutch. And having the flywheel resurfaced is a MUST. But most places that resurface flywheels don't grind the step (if it has one) so the pressure of the pressure plate is reduced. Then some resurface the pressure plate, again reducing clamping forces. Add it up and you end up with a weak clutch that ain't gonna bark the tires in ANY gear. What we need are clutch plates that are a tad thicker than stock, that would solve a bunch of problems.
Silver Legend
Silver Legend Hace un mes
0:32 AAAARRRGGGHHH! Torque is measured as distance multiplied by force, e.g ft-lbs or N-m for Euro weirdos, NOT distance divided by force, ft/lbs; that company should employ someone with at least a basic grasp of mechanical engineering
Emmanuel Rangel
Emmanuel Rangel Hace un mes
Fucking love you dude. Needed this
Hayk Oganesyan
Hayk Oganesyan Hace un mes
Can you guys please make a video with that r129 SL
B Alexander
B Alexander Hace un mes
Will there be a video on that gorgeous R6?
Brandon Forrest
Brandon Forrest Hace un mes
I ran that same clutch on my Turbo SR20 pushing around 300 HP. It was a great clutch I thought for driveability, street, drag, road racing. Finally burned the clutch out doing 2nd gear clutch kicks with 285's on the rear. I have now switched to the ACT Stage 2, 6 puck style and think I liked the Exedy one more
D Hawthorne
D Hawthorne Hace un mes
I ran a stage 2 in my '06 Mazda 3 from about 210k miles to 240k miles. It was a bit aggressive for winter driving, but I grew to love how it felt and the quick grip was very helpful on these ridiculously short on ramps we have in southern PA. Unfortunately, I was driving home from work and got cut off by a guy using traffic like a slalom course and accidentally dropped into 2nd instead of 4th when he braked in front of me. The garage that replaced it ordered a stock kit instead of the stage 2 and wanted to charge me for a whole other job to fix it even though I told them I wanted the exact same clutch as the last time. So, until this one wears I'm back to stepping on a bag of potato salad every time I want to start my car or change gears.
Spoonervlogs Hace un mes
I replaced a transmission in a 199somthing Ford Expedition and seeing that little transmission pissed me off because my experience was moving a 300 pound transmission and then seeing the Miata I was like dang I could bench that thing easy mode
Hayden Posnansky
Hayden Posnansky Hace un mes
Isn't that a brass button clutch? Exactly what's said at the start "like an on off switch"
Mitchell Currie
Mitchell Currie Hace un mes
I know this is an older video but I have been watching a lot of car videos lately because im sort of new to learning more about cars. I must say when trying to learn stuff donut media, more specifically money pit has helped me so much when it has come to trying to learn more. Also you guys at donut make it so much more entertaining with your little gags
Boneman 1
Boneman 1 Hace un mes
Ah, this gave me flashbacks!!! To install a transmission without a jack, run a piece of timber from window frame to window frame, then drop a piece of rope from it, through the floor where the shifter sits. Tie it around the gearbox, and you can lift and support without being underneath. You will still needs to get down there at some point, but you'll find it's a lot easier. (I learnt this about the fifth time.......)
A V Srikanth
A V Srikanth Hace un mes
This was the video that for me hooked on donut media
Krusty D Klown
Krusty D Klown Hace un mes
The springs on the clutch disk help cushion the engagement. Clutches disks without springs are usually found in race cars...
ASMR James
ASMR James Hace un mes
Having dropped and rebuilt and reinstall a 95 camaro 4l60e by myself and a mazdaspeed 6 clutch install myself i feel this guys pain
ASMR James
ASMR James Hace un mes
did you locktite the flywheel bolts?
Michael Garcia
Michael Garcia Hace un mes
How did the clutch feel after being broken in? Before break-in it can feel less aggressive since the flywheel isn't coated in friction material yet
Ian Lewis
Ian Lewis Hace un mes
Your wheels went round with the parking break on!
Pip0nat3r Hace un mes
I know nothing about cars at all why did I watch all 19 minutes of this on a snapchat story
Chad McC
Chad McC Hace un mes
Those pucks clutches are great for performance, but a lot of that torque goes straight through the transmission and prematurely wears it out. Don't care myself as long as i get the performance i want. Got 2 transmission for a quick swap when needed. Well, I got a 1.6 Suzuki samurai, so i need torque when rock crawling and that 1.6 sounds like a weed wacker when it gets going.
Conor Murray
Conor Murray Hace un mes
This will definitely driver worse... continues to install it
TH3 VEGETA Hace un mes
Money Pit has turned into my favorite series lol man y'all are Soo good at what y'all do 👏🏼👏🏼
Randy Robinson
Randy Robinson Hace un mes
Been there, done that on my 280z ... good video 👍
German Rios Orozco
German Rios Orozco Hace un mes
Por fovor suptitulos en español, queremos aprender mas, gracias
Bobby Lover
Bobby Lover Hace un mes
Rowdy Flyer1903
Rowdy Flyer1903 Hace un mes
Hug and stab it! That is exactly the way I would do with my 66 nova back in the day. You brought back memories.
Rowdy Flyer1903
Rowdy Flyer1903 Hace un mes
Nice tips.
nowr2run Hace un mes
eN eM
eN eM Hace un mes
MOOOM! Zach is humping the transmission again!
CrimsonSlayer7 Hace un mes
I need to learn to be confident like this gentleman. Speaking confidently on things he may be confused about
Antonio Kristoffersen
Antonio Kristoffersen Hace un mes
7:41 do you hear the cops
#Browniedeluxe Hace un mes
he only tells the positive points of switching to a lighter flywheel but doesn´t mention that the job of it is to smoothen the rotation of the crankshaft. Therefore the engine might not run as smooth as with the heavy flywheel.
Conner • 5 years ago
Conner • 5 years ago Hace un mes
Day 4 of asking for donut media to make a up to speed video on the Ram Power Wagon.
Jacob Forshee
Jacob Forshee Hace un mes
swapp308 Hace un mes
I love the pop up about how if your filming for the internet dont help your friend lol 😆
Jeff Swanson
Jeff Swanson Hace un mes
I run a similar clutch in my car (thick pad 3 puck for an sr20), and I push about 100 ft-lbs more torque than it is "rated" for and run it really hard with zero issues. Exedy rates their clutches to the kind of torque the clutch can continuously handle while absolutely beating the crap out of it. Where as other companies rate their clutches at their max single pull capacity. It's kind of like if Exedy sold cars they'd rate their hp by wheel hp while everyone else rates by crank horsepower. It doesn't sound near as impressive, but its the more realistic number.
DePyro Hace un mes
Hey! Order Batts!
Nouri Hamidani
Nouri Hamidani Hace un mes
Electromagnetic Clutches is it worth it ?
Ryan Sahl
Ryan Sahl Hace un mes
Your clutch that you installed is still a “sprung” clutch, and that’s why it still feels similar to how it did stock. If you had gotten an unsprung clutch with the same puck pattern it literally would be a light switch as you described.
Romi Arkan
Romi Arkan Hace un mes
I too wish the tuning gods would drop a free part for my build. Lucky you!
Nihal Tahir
Nihal Tahir Hace un mes
Anyone else see the r35 at 16:30
Gustavo D
Gustavo D Hace un mes
what' about flywhell ?
Kalan Morneau
Kalan Morneau Hace 2 meses
Did he spray water in his transmission?
Ultimate Xlr-8
Ultimate Xlr-8 Hace 2 meses
Female Human: Doing makeup for eight hours. Female Transmission: She's out and it only took eight minutes.
D H Hace 2 meses
If Mr Beast started a mechanic channel
S8n Rxn
S8n Rxn Hace 2 meses
Captain514 Hace 2 meses
This is a great video. Love this series
Byron Arachnicus
Byron Arachnicus Hace 2 meses
I think it's extremely important to point out that you should NOT try to remove your transmission unless you at least have someone with you that's a ASE certified mechanic.
Toyota Pripra
Toyota Pripra Hace 2 meses
I’m literally sweating just watching him trying to install the transmission by himself with no jack
SSaikoKanđy [GlitchStreak]
SSaikoKanđy [GlitchStreak] Hace un mes
Your profile picture scares me
Gavin Zhang
Gavin Zhang Hace 2 meses
Thank you Zach for your hard work in donut media. You guys give such great content and I really appreciate your work and commitment. You guys are great. Zach thank you so much.
Teimo16 Hace 2 meses
can someone explain the dumbass inside of me why is the rear left not spinning? 14:47
Bartosz Jastrzebski
Bartosz Jastrzebski Hace 2 meses
0:05 look in the window
Sumit Chand
Sumit Chand Hace 2 meses
Jai Shree Ram 🙏🙏
Romeo Romero
Romeo Romero Hace 2 meses
One thing, the camera crew could have helped with the transmission, dude literally has it on his stomach to install it. What happened to team work.
brad peterson
brad peterson Hace 2 meses
Dude why didn’t you just turn the crank a bit to line up the splines? Probably tired af and not thinking straight lol
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