TRYING to Rebuild an Air-Cooled Engine in 16 HOURS

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Our buddies @Chinatown Market are decking out out a 1969 VW Westfalia bus to travel with their new, sick Grateful Dead Collection and we wanted to help! We THOUGHT we could rebuild the air cooled engine in 16 hours...
Follow @chinatownmarket on instagram and YT for their video drop on Sept. 18th
Big thanks to for getting us the engine rebuild kit in time! We struggled 'cause we're not VW wizards like Rocky over at General Parts in Albuquerque, NM. If you need a hero you can find one there!
And major thanks and much love to Dan Brockett--you're going to want to follow him @officer_dan on IG and on YT!
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Y4 Hace 9 horas
It almost feels like it's shot in fast motion, props if it is and you used the masks to hide the lip sync. Otherwise great video
Propaganda Hace 14 horas
I’m sure Rocky is an awesome dude but I can’t help but thinking he looks like a nazi soldier
Andrew P.
Andrew P. Hace 2 días
Mr2 in the background 🥵
marshallcarr Hace 2 días
Ok so...with my many years and many aircooled engines. Chrome DOES NOT GET YOU HOME. Chrome holds heat wayyy to much and heat + aircooled engine = badddddd news
John Vlahos
John Vlahos Hace 3 días
is it me or does his nose appear misaligned?
Weaver D2nd
Weaver D2nd Hace 7 días
Watching this channel grow from 65k to millions of viewers is incredible, All these videos are inspiring and so knowledgeable. You guys put all your blood, sweat, and emotions into this and it’s paying off. You guys give me confidence on working on my own car everyday. Thank you for being you!!
Ralph Menta
Ralph Menta Hace 8 días
Short block has no heads but is complete bottom end. Long block includes heads and timing, just no peripherals
S.T.R. Hace 10 días
its long block, short block is when its without heads
PotatoMoose Hace 14 días
Here's General Part's site for anyone interested:
elitewolverine Hace 14 días
Love when you come to my home town Albuquerque. Gonna have to catch you guys when you come to the racetrack again.
Koba City
Koba City Hace 17 días
BRO, they filmed this like 5 min away a from my work that’s crazy damn I really missed the chance to meet zack 😭
SimSim Yabim
SimSim Yabim Hace 19 días
This video perfectly represents how car projects go in the real world
Hypernova MK VI
Hypernova MK VI Hace 21 un día
every time they go to Albuquerque i instantly just say hey i live there
Anthony Ottinger
Anthony Ottinger Hace 21 un día
13:50 "turned around the connecting rods" push rods you mean? If you some how flipped every con rod backwards and still assembled the engine I would be astonished.
velsonline Hace 22 días
Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Some dudes at 11:39 at the background nears the Toyota mr2: Hey man what is that thing with lines inside the grill? *That's the radiator dude*
fkylw Hace 22 días
Don't think I didn't hear that Gundam SFX at 3:24 ;D ilu too, editor.
At Zero
At Zero Hace 23 días
Really miss the era of Orange County VW scene.. only one shop left I think in HB Pier side.. it's down the street from Me... but man, Shops in Westminster CA, Silva's for Engine work, Westminster Trans across the street, and Santini Paint.. You would see them, then a month or so.. on the Cover of Hot VW magazine.. and where did all the Fastbacks, SquareBacks go.. only Bus guys now.. nervous driving what they think is 100k worth of Rattle Box.. Haha Yes I like them No I've never owned one.. I drive Old Mopar ..
At Zero
At Zero Hace 23 días VW bus 911 turbo swap at the Ring.. couldn't stop Laughing!! This is Hot Rodding 101.. do what you want and scare people.. Awesome
At Zero
At Zero Hace 23 días
Ever seen those Books, yeah I said Books, look them up, anyway series called blah blah title or subject.. For Dummies?? This idea started with Idiots Guide to Volkswagen.. making them run, is like dropping a hammer, yeah it's gonna fall no worries, making Power? That's Wizard Stuff.. Grew up Orange County California, the Home of Hot Rods, Kustoms, Muscle Cars and Trucks, even low riders.. and Hell Yeah VWs.. Nothing Iike seeing a Bug pull the wheels off the ground Launching ... 90s era Street Racing the VW guys from Long Beach, Taking Heads off Fake Show car looking tuner lames.. Yellow Del Sol comes to mind.. we ran a CRX all Motor.. and never raced VW guys hahaha
Daniel Gonzalez
Daniel Gonzalez Hace 23 días
Big shout out to Rocky!!
Shawn Afshar
Shawn Afshar Hace 26 días
Wait does that say 33 hrsprs??
Lev Lysyj
Lev Lysyj Hace 27 días
Why does he say "needs rebuilt" isn't that improper grammar?
Good thing
Good thing Hace 28 días
Zack Jobe is beautiful
Fugiwaratofu860 Hace un mes
and this is why there are no more air cooled engines lol
Carnage88 Hace un mes
Rocky FTW!
ollieoxy1028 Hace un mes
I like how he keeps saying “I think” about everything but he has to call in an an expert mechanic, worthless
miguel padilla
miguel padilla Hace un mes
Bro i just got the shirt for this bus
Chaz LaMasa
Chaz LaMasa Hace un mes
I don’t know what’s cooler, the bus or the crocs
Kurt Koleszar
Kurt Koleszar Hace un mes
Is that another donut project for that Toyota
Riyaaz Veenendaal
Riyaaz Veenendaal Hace un mes
Rocky is definitely a mechanic with that language😂
Dries Cornelius
Dries Cornelius Hace un mes
Well done guysss
Colton m
Colton m Hace un mes
take ur mask off for the whole video🙄
Todd Smith
Todd Smith Hace un mes
You know you can buy the "jugs" (pistons already in the cylinders) that bolt onto the block, right? VW engine rebuild should only take a few hours.
Isaac Ostrow
Isaac Ostrow Hace un mes
Need crocs to match my shirt!
Geoff Hace un mes
So I can't see the wrap vid up yet on the China clothing thing site! I feel duped.
Britney Hintz
Britney Hintz Hace un mes
zach and money pit are my favorite Donut content!
BitesWhenBitten Elder
BitesWhenBitten Elder Hace un mes
Zach has the anger management capabilities of a God. I would hate to be his therapist.
Brock Hendi
Brock Hendi Hace un mes
Huge Grateful Dead fan here. Cool videooo
Dri Anno
Dri Anno Hace un mes
And I'm not even American. Well, it's been good for english learning, tho. Cheers from Brazil. 🇧🇷
TheAwsomeSawse Hace un mes
Did I just watch an entire video about a van I didn’t even get to see?
Luis Ibarra
Luis Ibarra Hace un mes
We need more air cooled content!!
ChainZ Hace un mes
He says 12 hours title says 16 thumbnail says 37 ... I feel lied to xD btw the rebuild kit costs normally 3099$ and is reduced to 2634$. Idk why yt ppl are shy about their spendings. We know every human earns cash and buys stuff, so what's the deal. If you want to pay 3099$ for an engine rebuild its your thing and no one has to care about that. I just hate blurring prices because if someone is interested in the product they have to find out them selves instead of just a short tap on pause And btw that other guy which owns the bus made the video really nice by showing for example the dual port and single port with his hands
Donald Minogue
Donald Minogue Hace un mes
When you own & drive 2 early 00’s legacy and Imprezas at around 330 000 kms😅
Jerry Johnson
Jerry Johnson Hace un mes
00:18 and much like a stepgrandfather, 00:19 I've never worked on one.
Xero Delacroix
Xero Delacroix Hace un mes
How in the fuck do you not notice the new heads are dual ports?
Myzteryman818 Hace un mes
Everytime I’ve built an engine I’ve always felt so stupid cause of all the steps I miss or the shit I have to redo, but this show just made me realize everyone does it haha
Cameron Sours
Cameron Sours Hace un mes
Murphy is alive and well. This is why Design for Assembly is a thing (as well as Design for Maintainability).
adelkheir Hace un mes
This is some Roadkill Garage jank right here ... Minus the subscription fee.
A. Azazagoth
A. Azazagoth Hace un mes
Rocky needs his own show!
MR_CHE3SE Hace un mes
Why does zach randomely have a mask on, then next cut he has the mask off.
Ruan Maritz
Ruan Maritz Hace un mes
Man, enjoyed this video! Brought back memories, mid 90's and an air cooled engine's parts all over the garage floor - "how bad can it be to do this myself??". I feel your pain, it was pretty bad... :P
Jeff Kopher
Jeff Kopher Hace un mes
Did my type IV in about 4 hours (post cleaning/disassembly). Installed and running fine.
1stCavArmyVet Flight Time
1stCavArmyVet Flight Time Hace un mes
I had to do that with my 60 Bug. I know that pain ALL too well. And back then, there was no internet and few books. Was a matter of trial and error and picking the brains of experienced VW mechanics. But man, those air cooled easy to maintain.
Ben R
Ben R Hace un mes
Would loooooove if those tie die shirts came back to the store!
Martin Notland
Martin Notland Hace un mes
I thought Zach worked for ECS tuning?
Graham Mooney
Graham Mooney Hace un mes
God I love this series
Tommy Lightfoot
Tommy Lightfoot Hace un mes
Zach seriously has the most hauntingly friggin' blue eyes I've ever seen (and I have pretty bright blue eyes myself lol) I'm kinda jelly.
Winnie Dela Tonga
Winnie Dela Tonga Hace un mes
I hate to see short lived victory
originalkhawk Hace un mes
Pro's: Pretty cool piece of automotive history. Con's: there is a good reason air cooled engines are a thing of the past
Joao Pedro Fernandes de Souza
Joao Pedro Fernandes de Souza Hace un mes
I relate to this quite a bit as a mechanic of an air cooled shop
Gotta go
Gotta go Hace un mes
a bus leaking oil? nah mah, it is just marking its territory.
Styng 68
Styng 68 Hace un mes
What kind of legos are those
Mr. Meeseeks
Mr. Meeseeks Hace un mes
Is this like PCs now? What’s next liquid cooled?
Jakob Cardenas
Jakob Cardenas Hace un mes
What is the car in the background on the lift?
Reptarx Ac
Reptarx Ac Hace un mes
My two favorite worlds collide😌, love China town market and this bus!
Kenny Fowler
Kenny Fowler Hace un mes
Yamabond 5......fantastic stuff!
NuclearHeadshot Hace un mes
No one: Zach's mask: *G R A V I T Y*
Curtis Lovrak
Curtis Lovrak Hace un mes
This was embarrassing, coming from a t2a owner.
KareemAbawi Hace un mes
Just work on the Freaking Miata 😤
Donavin Nezar
Donavin Nezar Hace un mes
my dad rebuilt one of these earlyer this year upped the displacement from 1600cc to 1800c still remembers how to do these engines but hes getting old and cant do it nearly as fast as he used to (used to do it roadside in around 8 hours alone currently takes 3 days in a workshop) these vw engines are prone to pissing oil after a few thousand kilometers especially in warmer climates
J I Hace un mes
Being from Albuquerque and being a good friend of Mr Brockett I love this
O962 aaa opem068
O962 aaa opem068 Hace un mes
love the type 2 bus
gavin Hh
gavin Hh Hace un mes
Valve cover blew my mind
travieso0193 Hace un mes
Hell yeah Albuquerque
⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ 818
⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ 818 Hace un mes
Thots ? Yes ............
FuNkYFaCtOrY Hace un mes
Donut Media has been in my home town multiple times now and I'm always late to the videos!!
Keith Scott
Keith Scott Hace un mes
Hell yea ROCKY!!!🚌
ronn1995 Hace un mes
Rocky would be an awesome big brother
Loco por la Velocidad
Loco por la Velocidad Hace un mes
That will happen to me for thinking that car mechanic simulator teach me all :p 😂
Willie Stephenson
Willie Stephenson Hace un mes
That MR-S on the lift in the back tho 👀
Josue Salinas
Josue Salinas Hace un mes
Yo Zack, pretty sure I saw you cruising pch by Huntington yesterday
turbskibrz Hace un mes
Short block is engine with no heads. Long block is engine with heads on so he had a long block;)
S De Ruyter
S De Ruyter Hace un mes
Rocky Should be in the FB group Air Cooled Vanagons! ;)
ShirtlessBlack69 Hace un mes
If you didn’t already fight tickets, no offense but you’re kinda dumb
Anthony Mayhew
Anthony Mayhew Hace un mes
My guy look like he started smoking the ganj since he got to cali
esc8engn Hace un mes
did the hippie bears go on a diet?
Joaoo Flavio
Joaoo Flavio Hace un mes
in Brazil tye're called vw KOMBI and it's an amazing name ! hahahahahaha
André Lindgård
André Lindgård Hace un mes
One pro for the air-cooled engines is that you preserve technology from back in the day and show how far things have come. And also how simple the essence of a internal combustion engine really is. Yes, newer engines have more power and torque and such, but these old engines show a step on the journey to the awesome engines we have today in my opinion.
Andy W
Andy W Hace un mes
Chinatown Market x Donut media????
04vkrivor i
04vkrivor i Hace un mes
and now: hypebeast donuts...
Sabah Dashcam Owner
Sabah Dashcam Owner Hace un mes
Corrected me if im wrong. Arent this video already being uploaded 1 week ago? Or is it a Re up?
racenuke Hace un mes
11:16 me during the pandemic.
motorv8N Hace un mes
Really appreciate the warts-n-all build video. Like in the real world! BTW - always though short block meant no heads vs long block which includes them?
Jackson Elliott
Jackson Elliott Hace un mes
Take the mask off bro
Raycolorido Hace un mes
Yep to much "experts" you just need one regular mexican mechanic they realy know everything about this vw engines
Brutus Hace un mes
37 hours, 16 hours 12 hour
midwayjumper Hace un mes
Similar to an aircraft reciprocating engine.
Luciano Cardoso
Luciano Cardoso Hace un mes
Using crocks should be a crime.
Chad McC
Chad McC Hace un mes
I'm watching thise while sewing the couch my kids destroyed!
Seth Cain
Seth Cain Hace un mes
Damn yall had to call in all these experts and yall still didn't even put any silicone paste on your o rings so they can slide in there easier instead of splitting in half. Have you never watched chrisfix? 😂
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