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The Toyota Prius might be one of the most hated cars, but it was the first mass-produced hybrid in automotive history! It kicked off a revolution with the Prius concept and quickly turned into an entire Toyota hybrid family, including the Prius Plug-In, Prius C and Prius V. From 1899 to 2020, join James as he explores the Toyota Prius and tries to find LOVE for one of the most hated cars.
Wheelhouse: Are Electric Cars REALLY Better for the Environment?
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Chris Lavery
Chris Lavery Hace 4 meses
I for one am excited for oil crisis merch.
Matthieu Louise
Matthieu Louise Hace un mes
That post Malone shit is so well integrated, still laughing. Nice vid!!!
Mr Pandasian
Mr Pandasian Hace 4 meses
Oil crisis part 2
seasoakedperversion Hace 4 meses
I; for one- am excited for _oil crisis merchandise_ .
Cyber Punk
Cyber Punk Hace 4 meses
If it does, itllvome educational also i mean gotta tell kids about the Oil crisis that changed how cars are made 😤
itsyaboi wan
itsyaboi wan Hace 4 meses
Apollo Fujiwara
Apollo Fujiwara Hace 3 días
Prius is pretty good. Change my mind.
Sounza Hace 5 días
Please do Honda CR-Z!!!!
jake beckley
jake beckley Hace 6 días
I can't hate on the 4th gen Prius as someone who has to drive it daily for work it's an amazing runaround car that gets over double the gas mileage of my personal car
Math Weijzen
Math Weijzen Hace 7 días
What´s the point of this stupid vid...? What are u trying to prove..?
daniel sprehe
daniel sprehe Hace 8 días
FYI, I still have a gen 1 (it’s my go to beater car, 271k and just won’t die) and it does have a CD player. It’s hidden behind a piece of plastic below the climate control knobs.
Kaden Coleman
Kaden Coleman Hace 8 días
John Rickard
John Rickard Hace 11 días
Funny you should mention the Corolla hybrid - a car which has been eating the Prius's lunch ever since it was revealed!
Clifton Sargent
Clifton Sargent Hace 12 días
The Star Trek bit was f****** funny, thank you for the laugh guys
Stagea Hace 17 días
The Prius should not be hated, it’s reliable, affordable, and efficient, sure it’s hella ugly and boring, but hey, boomers still love the pt cruiser #donthatethepruis
yammie simp
yammie simp Hace 19 días
999k views currently
jamrocksinx Hace 20 días
999k view :)
Joey Hurewitz
Joey Hurewitz Hace 20 días
A Prius drifting. Now I've seen everything.
Joey Hurewitz
Joey Hurewitz Hace 20 días
Rhubarb Pie
Rhubarb Pie Hace 21 un día
Ooh don't forget that HKS made a supercharger for the first gen prius :D
PRIUS POWER Hace 21 un día
This is my kind of video
Keeping It Furry
Keeping It Furry Hace 21 un día
Why would i need info about a prius? Do i look like a vegetarian to you?! 😡😡😡😡
Robot Munkee
Robot Munkee Hace 22 días
@DonutMedia you kinda chopped the ending of this video... what are the other better 'replacements' for the prius? What other Hybrid hatchbacks are worth buying? You end the video saying there's tons of them... name some. I'm looking to buy a car right now, I want a GTI Estate but thats not a thing here in the US. I Have an Integra and really want a decent roomy hatch with pep. I'm finding nothing but civic hatch that's worth a look
elvisg7 Hace 22 días
I'm a little disappointed that the sexy Prius GT300 race car wasn't mentioned. One of the many many gems of the Super GT series.
cameron Hace 22 días
long live prius
Marc Berllioz
Marc Berllioz Hace 22 días
...Still, that car is ugly as $&#$
Andrew Douglas
Andrew Douglas Hace 22 días
Toyota are still wedded to the hybrid. Their resistance to BEVs will leave them behind. The motoring world will suffer as a result, Toyota should be leading the charge, not dragging their heels.
Andrew Douglas
Andrew Douglas Hace 22 días
Toyota are still wedded to the hybrid. Their resistance to BEVs will leave them behind. And the world will suffer as a result, Toyota should be leading the charge, not dragging their heels.
Satan Hace 23 días
Brandon Dewoody
Brandon Dewoody Hace 23 días
“My suburban sh*t one of these last night” anyone know?
Andrei Fasola
Andrei Fasola Hace 24 días
You're a beautiful unicorn - stay sharp (or round: don't read too much into it, we still love you).
Andrei Fasola
Andrei Fasola Hace 24 días
Is the bandaged guy (11:30) Elon Musk?
Andrei Fasola
Andrei Fasola Hace 24 días
2:43 - EXCEPT the H2O car which they snuffed - because that would diminish slavery. There was this water car in Japan in 2008 and I looked on its website 1 year later and it read something like "because of insufficient funding the business had to close down". Really? NOBODY invested in a car which runs on tea, water, and even your PISS?? NOBODY? Covert slavery continues unobstructed - enjoy your "freedoms".
Thomas Passarelli
Thomas Passarelli Hace 25 días
I am the original owner of a 2012 Toyota Prius C two. 124,000 miles.
Rice Burner
Rice Burner Hace 26 días
Thank u! VERY informative!! I learned alot!! Im old enough that I wrkd in a gas station during the oil crisis.. I currently own a gen 4. I keep thinkn we're headed for some sort of energy crisis & that's WHY I currently own one/plus more economical, period. I've never heard the history of the prius, jst knew 97 & up. Thanks again!
Mitchell Rosa
Mitchell Rosa Hace 26 días
I love my Prius V low key feel like a bad bitch in it
J C Hace un mes
My dads 2nd gen has 300,000 miles- but he did replace some of the battery cells about a year ago.
Bob Walsh
Bob Walsh Hace un mes
For my fellow Americans watching, 500 meters is about .31 miles.
north Hace un mes
2003 honda insight came out a month or less before the prius
Simon Vanzella
Simon Vanzella Hace un mes
The best car in history
fummy comix inc.
fummy comix inc. Hace un mes
And in the 1990's there was a thing called the ps1.
Tayla Mae Payne
Tayla Mae Payne Hace un mes
that Prius said KABOOM
Charlie Hace un mes
Me watching this with my birkens on 👁💧👄💧👁
Warriors Tickets
Warriors Tickets Hace un mes
Santhush Solomon
Santhush Solomon Hace un mes
Why is James making kissing jokes in this video?
Santhush Solomon
Santhush Solomon Hace un mes
9:17 Really evil, but cool Try putting playback speed in 2.0 and watch. It is cool!
Santhush Solomon
Santhush Solomon Hace un mes
8:28 This is really funny
Santhush Solomon
Santhush Solomon Hace un mes
6:36 See his right elbow is not there?
TheCookie Crumbles
TheCookie Crumbles Hace un mes
Its sad to know that the Prius is faster then the fastest car in gta
זה סודי
זה סודי Hace un mes
Why didn't you mention the Prius GT300 race car? (And the PriuSRT8)
MoAcK Hace un mes
Something we needed but never asked for
Spectacular Spaghetti
Spectacular Spaghetti Hace un mes
Not even a hardcore optimist would be able to take the amounts of hate this car got...
Ryne Agheilim
Ryne Agheilim Hace un mes
Please do an Up to Speed video on Mazda3. We got your Accord, we got Civic, Corolla, Jettas, John Freakin Deere and some other non-sports car. What about Mazda3? Lol xD
Colson Xu
Colson Xu Hace un mes
We need another oil crisis.
Sym Kain
Sym Kain Hace un mes
11:54 Think I got a cream for those two bad boys. P.S. Good job, guys! Diversity is university. Go Green! :))
Shurchil Hace un mes
Watching this from Germany where they stopped selling the Prius in 2020. :(
Karen Hace un mes
The new Prius is cool, especially in that blue color
Mathew Zachariah
Mathew Zachariah Hace un mes
I love prius
Nicholas Hace un mes
What about the Prius Prime?
Samsung Plansete
Samsung Plansete Hace un mes
this is a bad dream
Alex Cyr
Alex Cyr Hace un mes
Me: sees yellow loading bar Also me: skips 120 seconds
Joey Jackson
Joey Jackson Hace un mes
Can we agree that this is the most ugliest car ever!
藍戰士Kit Kit Chan Isaac
藍戰士Kit Kit Chan Isaac Hace un mes
day 1973 asking Donut make an Up To Speed on 1973 Gas crisis
Rezwan Hace un mes
Why is everyone hating on such a good car?
Colton Truley
Colton Truley Hace un mes
up to speed on the pontiac firebird
秘 The Laughter 秘
秘 The Laughter 秘 Hace un mes
Roast me - 2010 prius looks cool
Mike Gorbachev
Mike Gorbachev Hace un mes
You've lost weight bruh 👀
Dante Witter
Dante Witter Hace un mes
your hat is incredibly rare
Garrett Johnsen
Garrett Johnsen Hace 2 meses
60 City... Yeah right..
Holly Shrum
Holly Shrum Hace 2 meses
2:47 ?
Zacky Mohmand
Zacky Mohmand Hace 2 meses
James would be a dope grandfather with great stories.
MrPrajitura Hace 2 meses
Day 365 of asking James to do an UTS on Opel.
Drive4fun Hace 2 meses
Still the best hybrid in the world, if you want different hybrid just buy another Toyota hybrid 👍
arian villagran
arian villagran Hace 2 meses
I think the mic ruined up to speed
H G Hace 2 meses
optima hybrid is better. more torque. good mpgs. smoked a wrx the other day
Sam K
Sam K Hace 2 meses
James: "Your computer and your eyes and ears are not broken." Me watching on my phone: (Visible Confusion)
michael gagnon
michael gagnon Hace 2 meses
Do yo to speed drunk like drunk history
Mazwan Sams
Mazwan Sams Hace 2 meses
Glad to see tou healing nicely.. 😂
Nick Amarit
Nick Amarit Hace 2 meses
Prius doesn't have independent rear suspension, correct?
YEETtastic RC
YEETtastic RC Hace 2 meses
i'm a car person but i also care about the environment and if they made a prius with a stick shift and sporty suspension i might consider it but it's too boring the way it is right now
Jillian L.
Jillian L. Hace 2 meses
I love my Prius C. IDGAF!!! Haterz gonna hate!!
ARegularCarGuy LucasThePlaya10
ARegularCarGuy LucasThePlaya10 Hace 2 meses
I’d rather have a Honda cr z with a 6 speed
2AAmerica Hace 2 meses
Honda has been kicking Toyota’s ass, the new civics drive a 1000 times better than current Toyota carolla and even the Camry. The only thing Honda needs to make is a 4wd to whip the 4runners outdated ass. And that’s saying a lot I’m a die hard 4Runner fan. But 40 grand with no driver assist or updated interrior. Nope
George Rivera
George Rivera Hace 2 meses
Hell of a job on this video it was very entertaining and informative did not think I would like watching and video about a hybrid!
A Username
A Username Hace 2 meses
This was uploaded the day my grandpa died
Tactical Boolean
Tactical Boolean Hace 2 meses
I had an 04 and 2012 prius. 04 was ok, got up to 101mph. 2012 got up to 112mph. That 2012 one I would drive on the highway at 80 to 85mph. Solid cars, 04 had 400000 miles before being sold and 2012 had 293000 miles before the engine threw a rod.
Max Machac
Max Machac Hace 2 meses
There is not much speed to get up to..
Tomas Samko
Tomas Samko Hace 2 meses
I hate the Toyota Prius it's so ugly I want to die. it should be called Toyota preugly and stpide and I hate electric cars. why Toyota. make the stupid ugly crap just why. Toyota why.
drivinivankatz Hace 2 meses
Drivin' Ivan answers the question "Is the Prius the Best Car in the World?"
Joel Martinez
Joel Martinez Hace 2 meses
But I doubt those other hybrids will last 300,000 miles like a Prius would huh? I’m debating between a 2020 Prius or 2020 Chevy bolt. I know the in thing is EV now but, I need something reliable and the range anxiety is still an issue with EV cars. My state still hasn’t really installed the level 3 fast chargers all over the place. How long will that take?? Hybrid is the way to go for now I think.
FlytheW Hace 2 meses
My mom had one to save on gas. It does its job, but if you have a hippie as a coworker you should expect them to bother the shit out of you.
Conzenn Hace 2 meses
Bro I've never seen a prius at a gas station
Ethan Riske
Ethan Riske Hace 2 meses
Crazy how much healthier he looks than in the older videos. Glad he got better.
Victor` Marx
Victor` Marx Hace 2 meses
Sorry if someone already said this, isn’t Matsushi Battery, basically Panasonic?
U Haul
U Haul Hace 2 meses
Stoopid narration
laundry Hace 2 meses
Why does he compare everything to before post malone was born
Han The3rdFlow
Han The3rdFlow Hace 2 meses
Brian drove one of this car
Dead Gorgon
Dead Gorgon Hace 2 meses
Js. The Prius is pretty cool when you want a decent econo car with car camping potential. Yet people rag on it too much.
joe schneider
joe schneider Hace 3 meses
up to speed for librals lol do one on squarebody chevys
Shrek OOF
Shrek OOF Hace 3 meses
there slow, and if you go over 80 its tarible gas miledg
Shrek OOF
Shrek OOF Hace 3 meses
skip to 3:34 on the video
William earls
William earls Hace 3 meses
yall forgetting the 929 had a sunroof before this
Danial Walker
Danial Walker Hace 3 meses
I love the tech and reliability of the Prius, but it's just sooo ugly. I hate how the car looks period, and they all look the same no matter what variant, they just look ugly and the older ones have this really awful shifter location with a tiny shifter. Even the newer ones look awful and they still have the tiny shifter but a much better location for it. The Prius looks like a car fucked a bus and the offspring fucked a hamster and this was the result. If it were a transformer, the Autobots and the decepticons would shun it from either faction for being so wierd looking.
Daniel Peterson
Daniel Peterson Hace 3 meses
Please do an up to speed on the dodge ram pickup!
Almighty Rodriguez
Almighty Rodriguez Hace 3 meses
The thumbnail had me sold on this vid
FOX Mnguni
FOX Mnguni Hace 3 meses
I dance every time I hear the intro
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