These Tires Cost $42,000

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Bugatti is no stranger to high price tags. Especially with their 268mph Veyron Super Sport. When Bugatti was developing this record breaking car they did not cut costs so it could stay at 200+mph thus bringing about a set of Michelin Pilot Sport Pax tires to hold a $42,000 price tag. Jeremiah breaks down how Bugatti has made a tire cost so much money and how these tires are specifically designed for the Veyron Super Sport.
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tapsulinka Hace 19 horas
One reason why the tire is so expensive is that the engineering work which is needed need to be paid by less number of sold tires
2TallNegrito7 CMN
2TallNegrito7 CMN Hace un día
Remember that Jeff Bezos drives a commuter car. The wealthy spend money on things ppl need while poor ppl spend money trynna prove they rich
Alonso Alcantar
Alonso Alcantar Hace 3 días
Im curious as to how an airplanes tires can withstand soo much force when landing
Tai Theguy
Tai Theguy Hace 3 días
I waited for int'l shipping to save 40 bucks on my GSX-R600 tires. Cuz ya... $300 for 2 new, high end tires is just too much smh😂
ٰ ٰ
ٰ ٰ Hace 4 días
I just eat pickles
YettiFN Hace 5 días
The tires cost 42000 dollars Suavé,an intellectual: that's like 10000 a tyre Me a big brain: thats 10.5k a tyre
creep life
creep life Hace 6 días
Ehhhhh just a markup
Bvk Stha
Bvk Stha Hace 6 días
Noel Swedzinski
Noel Swedzinski Hace 6 días
Roughly 2000 g's of force
Thomas Moll
Thomas Moll Hace 6 días
Buying a Bugatti Veyron, why?
Lollo100 Hace 7 días
"apple tires don't exist, they cant hurt you" Meanwhile apple tires:
KiyoshiKazuyaKatayanagi Hace 7 días
They should've added the 69
Gabriel Alejandro Rosas Priego
Gabriel Alejandro Rosas Priego Hace 7 días
Bugatti should have gone with continental and they could build a faster tyre
Luisito Bardaji Benitez
Luisito Bardaji Benitez Hace 8 días
When i started driving my aunts 2002 z3 (years important) for the first time to get it serviced it still had factory tires from 2001 on it.
TRI HARTA Hace 9 días
My question is, why F1 not using this tech of tire ???
BA2 Bricks
BA2 Bricks Hace 9 días
F1 tires: Hold my bolts
GT Godbear
GT Godbear Hace 10 días
The most I've spent on a tire was probably $65.. Whatever that is cheapest. Usually from Walmart.
jeff kraus
jeff kraus Hace 11 días
you have to send the car to france because it needs both the wheels and tires replaced..... couldn't we just send the wheels and tires from france to the car?
Splen borg
Splen borg Hace 12 días
Koenigsegg: Sunny tyres are fine.
Sebastian Hace 12 días
a sponsored video with 2 mod roll ads and aditional ads at the start and the end wich is just over 10minutes long...
Dat Boi
Dat Boi Hace 12 días
Me looking back and seeing I spent $600 on new tires for my truck
Tom Campbell
Tom Campbell Hace 12 días
You look like/remind me of Tom Delongue from blink 182 !
Obe Wan
Obe Wan Hace 12 días
Can of tire sealant $9.99
Popo Paul
Popo Paul Hace 13 días
7:55 "Tire Rises In Ceter"?🤔
pa howitzer
pa howitzer Hace 13 días
Saw the thumbnail and thought to myself, "are they veyron tires?" Had to watch to find out.
Julian Hace 14 días
Even with all these reasons for the eprice factored in I bet the profit margins are still like 90%
Jason Hace 15 días
Bugatti’s are hideous. Super rich People just want it because they just don’t know what to do with all that money. I know they can give that Million dollars to me. I will have far better use for it.
Taycan Turbo S
Taycan Turbo S Hace 15 días
Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2s*
Joao Alegrio
Joao Alegrio Hace 15 días
The tyre is 365 not 366
Will marshal
Will marshal Hace 16 días
Whats up guys " love the content! And the facts 💯 👏 Recently had a customer bring in his 91 Lamborghini Lm002 ~AKA lambro~ truck. originall p~scorpion with sand lip" 345-60vr17"tire's a "piece" was a consistent 9k -11k I've seen over the years ..depending on available stock" and customer demand ""at that giving time.. on this round i installed BFG TKO' 2S a full set with a full size spare that he never had before was around 2k and we all agreed it drives100% better" it was a shocker the fist time a got my fist quote back... and given I've been in the scene for going on 20 years i never have yet seen it all and thats what i love the heart stopping thrills this culture can give ya sometimes its simply the costs of the bi$$ 🥴 lol
Chris Martinez
Chris Martinez Hace 16 días
As soon as I saw the price tag, I instantly knew they were Bugatti-specific tires
Darrion Helm
Darrion Helm Hace 16 días
I literally have like a tiny tiny pin sized hole in my passenger rear tire because I like to use my hrsprs in my mustang 😂 I should probably get new tires, tad unsafe 🙄😂
JamesyBhoy1916 Hace 17 días
Rain sport 3 still better 😂🤙 They’re actually better in the rain 🤷‍♂️ Physics defying
its benjy MU
its benjy MU Hace 17 días
This episode wasn't b2b It was t2t
Michael French
Michael French Hace 17 días
It's like having a Honda Civic at each corner
Gibson Nilsen
Gibson Nilsen Hace 18 días
More like costing more then a car
Zachary Caviness
Zachary Caviness Hace 19 días
Solution: bead locks
Mr. Pan-Pan
Mr. Pan-Pan Hace 19 días
I'mma just stick to my kumho lol
Scott Robinson
Scott Robinson Hace 21 un día
What's your calculation for the Gs those tyres are pulling at 267mph? 4300rpm @ 267mph gives a tyre diameter of 530mm. Looking up the specs, the fronts are 520mm and the rears are 540mm, so that's fair enough. So the acceleration of the outer edge of a 530mm diameter disc spinning at 4300rpm is just given by a = radius * angular velocity^2 (ang v in revs/s) a = 0.265m (the radius) * (4300/60)^2 = 1361m/s^2 1 g = 9.81m/s^2, so 1361/9.81 = 138.7g, not 5442g. Still a crazy amount of acceleration, but not the ridiculous 5442g you claimed in the video.
Alvin Lopez
Alvin Lopez Hace 21 un día
Is it me or h Is he trying to talk like James...
xNOxKILLx Gaming
xNOxKILLx Gaming Hace 21 un día
😂😂😂 hell nah I’m tripping about my 600$ rear tires Edited : because I can’t spell lol
Jredegg Hace 21 un día
Damn, how do I order two sets?
Mr. Marcus
Mr. Marcus Hace 21 un día
This is why every honda odyssey has aftermarket rims.
Mr Yaseen
Mr Yaseen Hace 22 días
Use Bridgestone tyres
DELTACX10 Hace 22 días
Nope, still not worth that much. Might as well just use non pnumatic tires and split rims. Sure the unsprung weight will be nasty but im sure the engineers can manage.
RICHIE KLuTcH Hace 22 días
Most tire compound are from Africa???
Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson Hace 22 días
Imagine pulling into a regular old mechanic shop with a million-dollar car and asking the poor minimum-wage worker to replace the tires lol
Mat Smith
Mat Smith Hace 22 días
So, life goals, buy Veyron, upgrade rims to normal tires. Keep it under 200.
tollison andrew
tollison andrew Hace 22 días
1 car, 2 different rim sizes, 3 different tired brands, 3 different tire sizes, the only good tire is now has a flat spot and yes all 4 rims are curb rashed. my low car had a family of pack rats move in.
Darius Carlton
Darius Carlton Hace 22 días
If it don’t cost 30k to make then it’s a rip off
soiung toiue
soiung toiue Hace 23 días
"You might have to send your car to France for new tires." Do the wheels not come off? I've never owned a Bugatti.
johnny cool
johnny cool Hace 23 días
A 100 to 250 for a tire change. Way to high. I am a little older person 5 to 10 dollars a tire was the norm 5 if you brought the tire an Rim in 10 if they had to take it off the car Any more these shops are crazy overpriced. For this job. You don't even get a brake even if you get the tires at the shop.
D Hill
D Hill Hace 23 días
I hate buggys.
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Hace 23 días
I’m still looking for their “ceter” of my Pirelli’s.
soiung toiue
soiung toiue Hace 23 días
Thats about a fifth of my dad's lifetime earnings since 1996
Rock girl
Rock girl Hace 24 días
we need more SCIENCE GARAGE!!!
Fox MacLeod
Fox MacLeod Hace 25 días
Heh... "get out and ride the ol' two-stroke," eh?
NOVOJ clothing line No one values our journey
NOVOJ clothing line No one values our journey Hace 25 días
You might as well buy extra tires when you buy the car
NOVOJ clothing line No one values our journey
NOVOJ clothing line No one values our journey Hace 25 días
Sound like you need an Indy car tires for that car
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Hace 23 días
Whether you like cars or not, you gotta appreciate the engineering that goes into this
NOVOJ clothing line No one values our journey
NOVOJ clothing line No one values our journey Hace 25 días
I don't care if I'm a billionaire I will never buy that car bump that give me my classic cars give me my classic cars
Rock girl
Rock girl Hace 24 días
the only tires I replace are my bicycle ones :'(
TheAwsomeSawse Hace 25 días
I got new truck tires for my F-150 exactly one year ago today
Brian Siehr
Brian Siehr Hace 26 días
I’m still looking for their “ceter” of my Pirelli’s.
powderedwater Hace 26 días
nope. dont matter what you say its still not worth 42k
Arka Biswas
Arka Biswas Hace 26 días
Another perspective you forgot to mention, the Bugatti would have travelled 67 miles in those 15 mins.
danny zen
danny zen Hace 26 días
this is the most nerd car show, and i love it
Tires last 15 minutes at top speed? Gas tank only lasts 12 minutes at top speed 😂😂
TNTFreddan Hace 26 días
9:39 Damn, those are deep treads. At least I'll make it through the winter if it's 3.96cm deep.
Radley jabilona
Radley jabilona Hace 26 días
That small pice of rubber cost more then my honda
Stevo Stevo
Stevo Stevo Hace 26 días
Tire rises in "Ceter" Test Results: 99/100
Subs0n1K Hace 26 días
Thats about a fifth of my dad's lifetime earnings since 1996
Dominik Heidrich
Dominik Heidrich Hace 26 días
So it's repeating the story of Michelin's own TRX tires back in the day. Same deal: bespoke wheels for bespoke tires, no compatibility to normal stuff. Didn't take the market and now it's expensive as hell to maintain TRX equipped classics.
Add - J
Add - J Hace 27 días
Boogatti 👻
Sterlin Silver
Sterlin Silver Hace 27 días
Whether you like cars or not, you gotta appreciate the engineering that goes into this
Pineapple1 Hace 28 días
the only tires I replace are my bicycle ones :'(
BNN Auto Reviews
BNN Auto Reviews Hace 28 días
I paid $300 for a full set lol
Rami Lara
Rami Lara Hace 28 días
"Why do the cost so much more than an average tire" ... i think he meant "car"
Chris Bro
Chris Bro Hace 28 días
Is this donut medias crystal connect?
Wind of change
Wind of change Hace 28 días
Bugatti veyron, the most overpriced, overrated, slow, overally large and downright ugliest sports car ever.
Tyler Baggett
Tyler Baggett Hace 28 días
The top speed jumped all over the place here lol
KEEPINITRIL Hace 28 días
The Michelin PAX tire for the Honda Odyssey cost almost as much!
Dnh Bear
Dnh Bear Hace 29 días
Jeez this car would ask for more than a wife lol
The Raz
The Raz Hace 29 días
That reminds me of when I was a mechanic and had to install run-flats into large tires. Without the correct tools, it is pretty much next to impossible.
Deontay Ginger
Deontay Ginger Hace 29 días
Atul Dhivar
Atul Dhivar Hace 29 días
why i feel like i am watching young Conan O'Brien
The Dungeon Studio
The Dungeon Studio Hace 29 días
Took an 04 SUV to 99.9K. Lost a tire playing it dicey. Thankfully I wasnt on the highway. Just threw on some Cooper Discoverer at3 4s tires. And its a thing of beauty. I do sacrifice a little gas economy for the tread, but they are awesome for the terrible terrain here so far. Still wouldnt pay $42k for tires though lol.
Ignacio Quintanar
Ignacio Quintanar Hace 29 días
I go for a tire change maybe 2 years with little to moderate....control testing in the hillside of Mulholland Dr. since I live not that far from the road near Laurel. I dot have a sports car but doesn’t stop me from sharpening my knife on control
J Dug jr.
J Dug jr. Hace 29 días
16$ mounted and balanced at the shop I go to! I still get surprised every time I pay them.
Kalle Anka
Kalle Anka Hace 29 días
Thats why you dont buy a Bugatti if you have the money, koenigsegg is the right option. And then spend the difference on fuel
Iroquois Pliskin
Iroquois Pliskin Hace 29 días
HI car needs some Veyron wheels and tires.
ManEats WildJr.
ManEats WildJr. Hace 29 días
I use home made drag slicks. You just drive your car till you can’t see the tread anymore
U House
U House Hace 29 días
My rear camber is up by maybe 3 degrees so my last set of rear tries only lasted 10k miles I gotta fix the camber but I pay $40 for a good used tire.
DanGoodShot pewpew
DanGoodShot pewpew Hace 29 días
It's because it's on a bugati. Not that big of a market so they need to get their money back(and then some) for the tooling to make stupid things.
wantitlikeair Campos
wantitlikeair Campos Hace 29 días
Hate pax tires glad the odessy doesnt put then on no more
BMW M2 Hace 29 días
You own a multi-million dollar car, you need to be prepared for expenses. These tires are made for operation over 200 MPH. Handmade and x-rayed for safety. Wait until something goes wrong with car and it needs repair. Bubba can't do it at the Speedy Lube. Like DDE found out on car insurance for $75K a year.
Nischhal Sharma
Nischhal Sharma Hace 29 días
How did the Japanese Midnight club members cruise for so long on not so special Tyres as much as these?
John Hickman
John Hickman Hace 29 días
The spare tire can be picked up at Walmart for $45.
Veterror Hace un mes
Its just a tire, bro.
Daniel Hace un mes
Bugatti may throw every fancy tire but the koenigsegg agera is going to win the race.
Elijah Page
Elijah Page Hace un mes
Do a review on Toyo
David Bauer
David Bauer Hace un mes
Me as a car enthusiast don't understand the fuzz about modern Buggati at all ( Volkswagen )
Peyton Mccosco
Peyton Mccosco Hace un mes
That’s when u don’t do burnouts lol
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