The Forgotten Muscle Truck War of '91

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Chevy, GMC, Ford and Dodge all battled in the early 1990's to make the fastest high performance street truck the world has ever seen. Join Nolan as he explores the timeline of these amazing machines and figures out why these companies made them in the first place.
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LegitCyan Hace 4 horas
Nolan: boot up craigslist Ebaycars:Not Happy
Jake Rheault
Jake Rheault Hace 8 horas
J J Hace 20 horas
After the toothbrush ad I'll I can look at is this guy's f'd up teeth! 🤬
Wes Finch
Wes Finch Hace un día
Ford won this easy. The Super Slow Chevy would get spanked by a short bed 350 ci two wheel drive Chevy truck. The lightning with a small block would eat the POS 454 SS. Most Often Passed At Races mopar didn't have anything competitive. There you go the truth and best summary of this war.
Charles Dolling
Charles Dolling Hace un día
My 8 horse power tractor can haul more then the cyclone
Average forza player
Average forza player Hace un día
I’m pretty sure the SVT lightning turned into the Shelby f150 super snake
No profile pic but alot of personality
No profile pic but alot of personality Hace un día
#cleanteethgang ha more like #beanteethgang lol idk just some random crap
gil nek
gil nek Hace un día
I can hear Mexicans from far away saying. No Quema cuh FYI I'm Mexican
Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan Hace 2 días
GM won the war. None of these trucks stock could touch the Syclone/Typhoon. I'd love to build a clone of one. But I already have a 92 Dakota 2wd with the 318. That'd be pretty neat with a turbo huh?
Garrett McGilchrist
Garrett McGilchrist Hace 3 días
Common Sense Realist
Common Sense Realist Hace 3 días
I remember GM giving our dealership no choice. We had to accept a syclone. Bitch took forever to sell. Then the ‘90 454SS sold well, but owners were pissed when they discovered the new 1991’s had a four speed automatic. We hotrodded a few, but they still weren’t that fast.
fatmanlittlecoat Hace 3 días
Monster trucks ...make it happen
GammaRayGod Hace 5 días
“Thick boys” I think Nolan is trying to tell us something 😂
Shredded Hace 5 días
8:54 that’s a typhoon lol same thing in essence though
Tom big
Tom big Hace 5 días
I think 6100 lbs was the gvw not the actual weight.
Anthony Keegan
Anthony Keegan Hace 6 días
The Gravedigger!
Jonathan Erickson
Jonathan Erickson Hace 7 días
The lightning and syclone hit different.
Nate Holt
Nate Holt Hace 7 días
Jared Hancock
Jared Hancock Hace 8 días
GMC Syclone by a landslide
Jason Spadola
Jason Spadola Hace 8 días
I would like monster trucks
Carl Soll
Carl Soll Hace 8 días
2:13 Yes ‘Monster Trucks’. - Carl
Victor Luna
Victor Luna Hace 8 días
Can't forget the joe gibbs beat the lighting stock to stock
X-XIXI-X Hace 9 días
I have the low red express in a hot wheel
kajikanna Hace 9 días
Monster truck s!!!!!! I want to understand
LosCadaver Hace 10 días
Muscle Trucks of the 70s were cooler
Jack Andblaze
Jack Andblaze Hace 10 días
Worked at a car dealership in the early 90's. A white Shelby Dakota showed up on the lot and I was told to use it to run some errands... Wow! I wanted to buy THAT one. All that torque in a little lightweight truck, with what felt like a Gil Younger shift kit that firmly "banged" into gear like a drag car, also with a sweet handling package, you could drift that truck at will, it was a BLAST to drive! They sold it several times, customers kept bringing it back because it scared them! Then an SS 454 truck showed up on the lot and I had to use it to run an errand... What a SNORE. I couldn't believe it when I punched the gas pedal on that pig. I was expecting something better than the Dakota, but it was just a big, fat, bad handling, gas guzzling disappointment. The ONLY thing that ever landed on the lot was possibly more fun to drive than the Shelby Dakota was a 300 HP, twin turbo Stealth RT. Other honorable mentions go to a gutted, short wheelbase turbo Caravan that could have been a drag car, and a Chevy Beretta GTZ. We never did get a Viper at that lot, but if we had, I'm pretty sure they wouldn't have let drive it, since I was wasn't rich enough to buy it if I wrecked it, plus I was too young at the time, and burnouts were impossible for my younger self to resist & I think they knew that.
Maples01 Hace 10 días
I had a 1992 dodge Dakota with the magnum 318, it was extremely over powered, in the rain you could break the wheels loose even driving 45. I had a 22 foot pontoon boat, that truck slung it around like nothing. I pulled a 32 foot camper from the woods sitting on flat tires.
JOHNNYMOJO76YT Hace 10 días
Okay but the intro song 😳
James Cauley
James Cauley Hace 10 días
Didn't watch video, just here to say cyclone
Ryan Wequ
Ryan Wequ Hace 10 días
Still got a scale model of the Little Red Express Dodge
Christapher Simmons
Christapher Simmons Hace 11 días
Lambo minivan lambo don't care how they like to play there nutter butter
Christapher Simmons
Christapher Simmons Hace 11 días
Do a vid on dodge trucks starting at the dodge brothers marque
Christapher Simmons
Christapher Simmons Hace 11 días
But who remembers the lil red express and the warlock
Ryan Fleming
Ryan Fleming Hace 11 días
Nobody ever mentions the 350 sport looked just like the 454ss but it had a 350 small block with a 5 speed manual they were way more fun than the auto 454ss
sammorgan31 Hace 11 días
I used to have a 91 varsity SS in corvette yellow. 350HO in front of a 5 speed. Was a fun ride.
J K Hace 11 días
I've had my Chevy Sport pickup since 91! It's the 350 version of the 454SS
Ozzyy Romero
Ozzyy Romero Hace 11 días
0:17 you invited to the carne asadas for this one 🤣
Cole Rippeon
Cole Rippeon Hace 11 días
Not that it matters too much, but the 93 lightning was rated at 325 ft lbs of torque not 240 ft lbs as stated.
Ben_TDW Hace 12 días
4:28 dodge is sus vote them out 🤣🤣
Aaron Krul
Aaron Krul Hace 12 días
Griffball. Good times...
izzyzilla80 Hace 12 días
I had a typhoon
Dennis Davis
Dennis Davis Hace 12 días
I actually have a cool ass truck it’s a 2011 Ram 2500 turbo diesel with egr delete and chipped big boy does 0 to 60 in under 5 seconds not officially timed!
iManuelvideo Hace 12 días
The syclone won . Noting beat it in the 90’s no contest .
Charles Foster
Charles Foster Hace 12 días
As a kid my uncle bought a brand new 1991 C1500 SS 454 manual and it was so cool back then! Still cool now
dodge man
dodge man Hace 12 días
Dodge don't care all they want is MORE POWER!!!
Imdb Truth
Imdb Truth Hace 13 días
I used to go to the Dallas street races off Luna Road back in the early 90s, and there was so many fast and exotic cars, but the fastest thing out there was a modded GMC Syclone. The next fastest car out there was probably a Mitsubishi Eclipse... The modded AWD cars would usually embarrass the awesome looking and sounding trailered muscle cars, and the rare and exotic imports.
NightLifeBryce Hace 13 días
454 ss whew 🥵🥵🥵🔥
diamond jaw
diamond jaw Hace 13 días
id rather have this than muscle SUVs. infact a modern el camino would be great for today.
John Creasman
John Creasman Hace 13 días
1994 dodge Dakota
Dr Silvano
Dr Silvano Hace 13 días
I have a 93 Chevy 1500 in baby blue with a 5.7L v8
William Harrison
William Harrison Hace 14 días
Comb your hair sucio
Ricky Turner
Ricky Turner Hace 14 días
The 92-96 Dodge Dakotas with the 5.2 magnum regular cab and regular bed are capable of 14 second 1/4 mile times stock. Mine is a 95 Sport with a 5.2 magnum and factory 5 speed. It's faster than the Dakota R/T.
Mojoe W
Mojoe W Hace 14 días
U should definitely still go to the dentist Nolan
Mr Sosha Da baad Man
Mr Sosha Da baad Man Hace 15 días
Mike Tyson had an LM Lamborghini truck.
Kyle Lindhardt
Kyle Lindhardt Hace 15 días
the Chevy and GMC are the same
Gustavo Carrazco
Gustavo Carrazco Hace 15 días
monster trucks.
TMitch Goon207
TMitch Goon207 Hace 16 días
My dad used to rock a jeep J10 Levi edition. Id love to find one now-a-days tho! Great video my dudes
The- potato-warrior
The- potato-warrior Hace 16 días
What about the s10? The mighty max? The slammers lol
The- potato-warrior
The- potato-warrior Hace 16 días
You can get a gm syclone with 10k miles for.... 30k + lol
Austin Wright
Austin Wright Hace 17 días
The real question is if you seen a cyclone and a typhoon at the same place at the same time
That one Dude
That one Dude Hace 18 días
What’s the name of the song in the intro
wubanga10154 Hace 19 días
Cylinder heads =/= headers
md f
md f Hace 19 días
I wish the toyota xrunner got an honorable mention
Atticus Bol’Es
Atticus Bol’Es Hace 19 días
Takuaches, rise up!
am55vids Hace 19 días
Love you Nolan but why do you always look like you don't smell very good? #greasyboy
David P Edwards III
David P Edwards III Hace 20 días
Hoooowww isn't Viper Truck in this!?!
easy nine
easy nine Hace 20 días
Ill tell you what i got a 96 chevy 1500 and ill tell you what shes an old girl and likes to take her time getting up to speed but shes got torque and will break loose easy shes a work truck but she goes sideways
Ben Dover
Ben Dover Hace 20 días
99% isn’t great, there are still one percent of germs left. Gross!
Alan Alameda
Alan Alameda Hace 20 días
The early 90’s lightning had 340 ft lbs of torque and hit 60 in under 8 seconds.
D F Hace 20 días
What about the station wagon vehicle?
Henry Gemborys
Henry Gemborys Hace 21 un día
No more generic youtube music
SuperStockLo23 Hace 21 un día
The cyclone is overrated Change my mind
hibana_Oonana728.PSN. Hace 21 un día
Typhoon wins no question
Jacob Hampton
Jacob Hampton Hace 21 un día
My dad owns a rare 94’ chevrolet S-10 SuperSport
Son and Wolf
Son and Wolf Hace 21 un día
Monster truck
Bryan Flores
Bryan Flores Hace 21 un día
Do a part 2 on 2000s sport trucks
Barney Ray
Barney Ray Hace 21 un día
Yeah, do a video on monster trucks!
Wacey Austin
Wacey Austin Hace 21 un día
The dazzlepro isn't the only head in your mouth
Nicholas James
Nicholas James Hace 22 días
Somebody get this guy braces & a haircut... he is lost
John Enzweiler
John Enzweiler Hace 22 días
1993 - 1995 1st Gen Lightning Specs Make/Model: 1st Generation Ford SVT F150 Lightning Engine: 351W V-8 with GT-40 heads and hyper-eutectic pistons Horsepower: 240 hp @ 4,200 rpm Torque: 340 lb-ft @ 3,200 rpm
Ant Mx-5
Ant Mx-5 Hace 22 días
Finally, FINALLY A POPULAR YT CAR PAGE MENTIONS THE DAKOTA RT, No wonder prices are jumping again. Should sell mine fa sho
rum and coke32
rum and coke32 Hace 22 días
Yes on the monster trucks video!
Justin Smith. PYRO
Justin Smith. PYRO Hace 22 días
Sorry but the syclone actually beat the 348 in the 1/4 that's why it was the fastest truck ever built. In fact I don't think another truck has beat it's time in the 1/4. If I am wrong correct me. My dad owned one. It was the 60th one of the line. Wish he still had it cause I would have bought it off him. And I'm a Ford guy lol
twostrokesrule Hace 22 días
Ford may have sold 12,000 unit more than the Syclone but there were less than 3000 Syclone ever produced. Ask Jay Leno he owed one, as did I.
Илья Апрол
Илья Апрол Hace 22 días
As a non-American, I can't get why anyone should buy a truck (except for farmers etc.)
Sergio Sanchez
Sergio Sanchez Hace 21 un día
Cause 'Merica.
TheLastWord 720
TheLastWord 720 Hace 23 días
Sidewinders look pretty gae
adamguzzo94 Hace 23 días
No. What happened to muscle cars was California found a way to suck the fun out of something and ruin it for everyone like they always do
Andrew Menteer
Andrew Menteer Hace 23 días
There was also the midnight express as well
Medjeed86 Hace 24 días
First Gen Lightning 351 v8 torque was 340, not 240...
Ajaxaxxess Hace 24 días
I'd take Pepe Lil Mule over any of them!
Jerome Garcia
Jerome Garcia Hace 24 días
Dodge adult toys huh? What do they stop working before the big O 🤣🤣🤣
( Content Blocked in your Region )
( Content Blocked in your Region ) Hace 24 días
There was an SHO ranger? Wow
Actionronnie Hace 24 días
Back when you could tell a make by its body style,or even by a taillight. Friend stops by my house with his new truck,& I'm like "what brand of generic truck is it?"
Guero909 Hace 24 días
Damn y’all put Saul Viera RIP 🙏🏻 The corrido is called El Compa Tony that he’s singing next to his custom 454ss “Satanas” yes it looked ugly but that was the style back then
Ray Funk
Ray Funk Hace 24 días
Talk about your glaring errors! Not only do you have to make it halfway through this video before there is any mention of a performance truck, but the Barracuda shown at 3:43 is a 67 model. Not even close to the Mustang II immediately preceding it as an example of limited performance. Sure, it has a slant six, but the Mustang and the Camaro both had 6 cylinder base engines in 67. Chrysler managed to squeeze a 383 into the engine bay in 67 and found a little more in the next year with the 426 Hemi. All in the same A body package you mistakenly thought was a low performance, catalytic converter equipped smog era vehicle.
Brandan Neuman
Brandan Neuman Hace 25 días
I love you bro but you gotta WASH that hair not comb it 🤘💯
James Clements
James Clements Hace 26 días
Dodge has the 702 hp TRX now.
CY CLONE Hace 28 días
dude i was out looking for a Syclone before the video was even over.
M4nHun73r Hace 28 días
keep your fancy teethbrushes, im going to dew the dew until it runs from my teethless gums
Friquido Hace 29 días
These trucks are cool. It's so rare to hear of good cars made by americans. Us europians are the ones who are the masters at making amazing cars especially italians, germans and brits
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