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Ever since humans have been making cars, they’ve obsessed with making them faster. Speed is arguably the most important measurement when it comes to automotive progress. And in the last 100 years, we’ve come a LONG way. Today we’re looking back on the fastest car of EVERY SINGLE YEAR for the last 100 years. From McLarens to Bugattis to brands you’ve never even heard of, this is D-List.
Here are those Carroll Shelby videos James mentioned:
Past Gas: Ford VS Ferrari (Part 1):
Up to Speed: SHELBY
Up to Speed: GT500
And here’s that Bugatti story that James mentioned:
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Cyberwolf Hace un hora
Should probably add one to the list. The SSC tuatara got 316mph
mikkel Krømmelbein
mikkel Krømmelbein Hace un hora
Bugatti: I'm the most superior hyper car ever made. SSC tuatara: who's Bugatti lol?
iiStxrmyFn Hace 2 horas
2021:SSC Tuatuara
Oreo Lover
Oreo Lover Hace 7 horas
SSC Tuatara laughing😂 it can go faster but they afraid the car will take-off
effy Hace 9 horas
ayo wheres the devel 16
Marco Zunino
Marco Zunino Hace 7 horas
Dead XD
General Senpaii
General Senpaii Hace 16 horas
4 months later, SSC Tuatara came with a top speed of 331 MPH
The Unequal Sequel
The Unequal Sequel Hace 20 horas
We’re at 330 now
Sprunk Addict
Sprunk Addict Hace 22 horas
SSC Tuatara: Let me introduce muself
Will Cashin
Will Cashin Hace 22 horas
Who's here after the SSC Tuatara hit 331 mph?
Helen Mooney
Helen Mooney Hace 23 horas
An SSC went 313.4 i think or something
No it went 331mph
Nik Falcon
Nik Falcon Hace un día
What's a Kyron?
Lil Beatster
Lil Beatster Hace un día
Ay enter the tuatara in now..
Dominic Paterson
Dominic Paterson Hace un día
Yep someone has gone faster now! Considerably.
NadaVeyroN Ziv
NadaVeyroN Ziv Hace un día
SSC Tuatara, 331mph!!! New fastest car in 2020!
Pizza Gamer
Pizza Gamer Hace un día
Actually the Tesla roadster 2020 is faster than the buggauti Chiron ss
Jim Dowsett
Jim Dowsett Hace un día
Aye who’s here after that car broke the record the other day. Car is the SSC Tuatara
Gerson Abarca
Gerson Abarca Hace un día
Lol, no one has come back to this video to speak about ssc??
JP Molony
JP Molony Hace un día New Car New Speed Record💣💥🚀💯
Blaz Vidovic
Blaz Vidovic Hace un día
At the time of recording this video, chiron ss is still the worlds faster car for 2020 but we still got 6 months to go Top gear: SSC’s Tuatara is the fastest car in the world with 331mph top speed
Mohamad Najmi Bin Jailani
Mohamad Najmi Bin Jailani Hace un día
4 months after this D-List episode, another car has beaten up Chiron record, the SSC Tuatara (331mph) edit: also shame that James not even mention Ultimate Aero between 2 Veyrons
Trainzguy2472 Hace un día
We need to get an episode about the SSC Tuatara! How the hell do you go 331 mph in a production car!?
Xalaxity Hace un día
lol probably millions of people had lost there lives cuz the veyrons cannot steer
Corbin Smith
Corbin Smith Hace un día
And now the SSC tutara has gone 331mph It’s insane
Adrian Rico
Adrian Rico Hace un día
Ah yes indeed there was, the SSC Tuatara which seemed to have come out of nowhere has stolen the crown from Bugatti
Big Fucking Gay
Big Fucking Gay Hace un día
SSC Tautara: My goals are beyond your understanding
1DS18IM023 Samarth Kulkarni
1DS18IM023 Samarth Kulkarni Hace 2 días
Currently as of 20th October 2020 it is the SSC Tuatara with a mind mind blowing top speed of 508.73 kmph(316.11 mph) obliterating the Chiron 300 supersport as the fastest car to date . Its powerd by a 5.9 lt V6 twin turbo engine with max horsepower of 1750 hp 🤯
Omar Samir
Omar Samir Hace 2 días
Who's here after the SSC Tuatara hit 331 mph?
Boks Ugoks
Boks Ugoks Hace 2 días
Revisiting this after the SSC Tuatara set the fastest car record at 331 MPH... definitely smoked that Bugatti
#69 STONKS Hace 2 días
Whose here after the tuatara absolutely raped the previous record. 331mph vmax, 316mph two-way average.
B.T.E.C.H - I.T Solutions
B.T.E.C.H - I.T Solutions Hace 2 días
Well you did say there's still time this year...: so here you go : 331MPH
Sir Juicebox
Sir Juicebox Hace 2 días
Who’s here after SSC just broke 500kph
Buran Gaming
Buran Gaming Hace 2 días
Is anybody here after the ssc tuatara hit 330 mph?
Nicholas Clephas
Nicholas Clephas Hace 3 días
Here on 10/19/2020 When the SSC Tuatara just hit 331 MPH
Nicholas Clephas
Nicholas Clephas Hace 18 horas
@Talha Mirza So Bugatti test their cars at the Ehra-Lessien test track in upper Germany. Although there are high banked turns to carry speed, the straight is fairly flat. "Although the straight portion of the track is perfectly flat and level for the entire length, when standing at one end of the straight one cannot see the far end due to the curvature of the Earth." -wiki
Talha Mirza
Talha Mirza Hace 18 horas
What about the Chiron? Did it go 304.77 MPH against the wind or towards it?
Will Cashin
Will Cashin Hace 22 horas
@Nicholas Clephas Yup they have to take the average of two runs in order to cancel out any advantage from wind and what not.
Nicholas Clephas
Nicholas Clephas Hace un día
@Alex Hill 331 Downhill, 301 Uphill. Official speed of 316. So 316 is the Official record. Similar to how the Agera RS went 270 uphill and 284 downhill but 277 was the Official speed. they just take the average when they do those runs in Nevada.
Alex Hill
Alex Hill Hace un día
Yeh does it count tho
Grant Michael
Grant Michael Hace 3 días
Maybe someone’s gonna go faster? Today the SSC Tuatara hit 331, sooo....
Rayhan Rizvi
Rayhan Rizvi Hace 3 días
Whos here after SSC hit 330?
Abhishek Dutta
Abhishek Dutta Hace 3 días
As of Oct 19 2020, SSC TUATARA is the fastest just recorded a speed of 331mph...
Domskie Gamas
Domskie Gamas Hace 3 días
What about agera r?
bob roger
bob roger Hace 3 días
take a 2020 Chiron and time travel to 1885 lel
SuiLuJ !!!
SuiLuJ !!! Hace 3 días
Hate to bring it to you but you forgot the Auto Union race Cars Typ A-D. The version called Stromlinie went up to 400km/h + (248mp/h) in 1938.... I know it’s not a production car but that incredible powahh deserves credit
Dr Medicus
Dr Medicus Hace 4 días
but a modded Volkswagen beetle tho...
Santiago Rullo
Santiago Rullo Hace 4 días
the avinti looks like da vinci made it
Alek Mahmudov
Alek Mahmudov Hace 5 días
SSC Tuatara is faster that Chiron now i think
Oceann Spiritt
Oceann Spiritt Hace 5 días
first ever cars: people scared of going faster than 4mph modern day: people barely shed a tear going 250mph and completing the nordschliefe in 5 mins
Bob Palma
Bob Palma Hace 5 días
I wish you'd just do the material and keep your bullshit out of it.
Izhaan Muhammad Ghaznavi
Izhaan Muhammad Ghaznavi Hace 6 días
Koenigsegg: Haha I'm on the List Buggati: Haha I'm on the List Lamborghni: Haha I'm on the List Mclaren:Haha I'm on the List Ferrari: Haha I'm on the List SSC: .........
bucketslash11 Hace un día
@Banne Buck do you have a video? because here's a video of the tuatara doing 331 with POWER TO SPARE
Banne Buck
Banne Buck Hace 3 días
HaHa koeningsegg have the fastest car. The jealous absolut with a top speed of 331 mph or 533 kmh
Reuben the animator
Reuben the animator Hace 7 días
The vector W8 should be mentioned and should be official cause it is exclusive and the media want it did not to win cause they love the corvette in America.
stalin but bunny
stalin but bunny Hace 7 días
the charger daytona reached 204 mph in 1969/1970 tho.....
Silly Buns
Silly Buns Hace 8 días
Has anyone tried the off the record thing they were advertising, jus wondering if it makes sense to use if you don’t get speeding tickets that often but still get them from time to time(seems like a monthly subscription so how often would you need to get pulled over before you start saving money?) lol
juanabanana81 Hace 8 días
veyron: im most powerfull car sf90: amateur
juanabanana81 Hace 8 días
james: mr bean wrecked one.TWICE mr. bean: cus im stupid duh
juanabanana81 Hace 8 días
if i had an f40 it would go at 201 mph
juanabanana81 Hace 8 días
porsche type 64!
Space Boi
Space Boi Hace 8 días
Hint koinseg coming back with 2,000 hp
patdotpat Hace 8 días
No mention of the SSC Ultimate Aero? I was so excited to see its mention :(
A Stud
A Stud Hace 9 días
This is by far one of the coolest videos on utube i very seen.
Ajinkya Gaikwad
Ajinkya Gaikwad Hace 9 días
1. SSC Tuatara - 331 (316.11) mph 2. Koenigsegg Jesko absolut - 330+ mph 2. Hennessey VENOM F5 - 310.7 mph . Mosler MT900 GTR XX Land Shark - 305 mph ( 250 mph in 17.5 sec ) [ Source - ] 4. Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ - 304.773 mph 5. Koenigsegg Jesko - 300 mph . M2k Motorsports Ford GT - 300.4 mph . Saleen S7 LM - 298 mph . BADD Ford GT (Gas Monkey) - 292+ mph 6. Koenigsegg Agera RS - 284.55 mph . Koenigsegg One:1 - 273 mph . 9ff GT9 Vmax - 271.53 mph 7. Hennessey VENOM GT - 270.49 mph 8. Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport - 269.806 mph . Larera GT1 - 267 mph . Hennessey VENOM GT Spyder - 265.6 mph 9. Bugatti Chiron / Chiron Sport - 261 mph . Koenigsegg Agera R - 260+ mph .10 RIMAC Concept 2 - 258 mph I have not taken average top speeds, I have taken actual top speed of these cars - Please subscribe to my ESpost channel "26 Cells" (Claimed Top Speed + Tested Top Speed both are taken into consideration) I will upload news videos soon there
Ajinkya Gaikwad
Ajinkya Gaikwad Hace 2 días
It was a 2 directional Top Speed run with an Average Top speed of 316.11 mph With 3 World Record & soon will be announced that World Guinness Record is set for Fastest Production Car in the World
Melvin J.F Rembet
Melvin J.F Rembet Hace 2 días
@Ajinkya Gaikwad I just saw the video , good job on SSC there , is it an official record tho ? It only went on 1 direction
Ajinkya Gaikwad
Ajinkya Gaikwad Hace 3 días
@MelvinJ.FRembet See SSC Tuatara has Drag Coefficient of Cd 0.279 and it smashed 331+ mph on Oct 10. The video is out now dude go and watch, now I will have to edit my whole video by making some changes because the video got released just now few hrs ago
Melvin J.F Rembet
Melvin J.F Rembet Hace 3 días
@Ajinkya Gaikwad okay i have faith on those four cars , yeah that devel sixteen , 5000 Horspower , 500 mph is unlikely going to happen soon
Ajinkya Gaikwad
Ajinkya Gaikwad Hace 3 días
Have some patience Hennessey is working on VENOM F5 engine, Jesko is being tested at Koenigsegg's testing Track in Ängelholm and top speed test of these 4 cars Jesko absolut, Jesko, VENOM F5, TUATARA may be conducted soon at the end of 2020 or in 2021 Unlike that Rumourours Car Devel Sixteen 😂😂
Seba Elizalde
Seba Elizalde Hace 9 días
Lightning Hace 9 días
You missed the shelby ultimate aero
Michael Christian
Michael Christian Hace 9 días
I heard that the devel sixteen can go faster than the chiron ss. i'm not sure
Melvin J.F Rembet
Melvin J.F Rembet Hace 6 días
No problem !
Michael Christian
Michael Christian Hace 6 días
@Melvin J.F Rembet oww ok thank you for the info
Melvin J.F Rembet
Melvin J.F Rembet Hace 6 días
It's fake , it was announced at 2016 , yet 2020 , nothing yet
TheForzaGameshow Hace 9 días
Fun fact: The Miura could have gone much faster but the downforce technologyback then sucked so yeah
TheForzaGameshow Hace 8 días
I edited a mistake
Ruslan Zagreba
Ruslan Zagreba Hace 8 días
Actually, more natural shapes like the teardrop are more aerodynamic. The reason why we use the sharp asthetic is because of downforce. Downforce helps a car have better handling. The sharp asthetic is less aerodynamic.
hammodi your bud
hammodi your bud Hace 10 días
240mph is 380km
Jim Hace 10 días
At least translate to km/h this is annoying to watch for the bigger part of this planet
@Banne Buck but it ain't tested. The tuatara got tested with a top speed of 331mph
@jahahua its now confirmed with 331mph.
@Banne Buck the ssc tuatara went 331mph, tested. Also, ssc is even a smaller cmpany
jahahua Hace 8 días
Not confirmed yet, still attempting to break the record tho.
Simukas123 Hace 11 días
now do it in km/h
Igor gomez
Igor gomez Hace 11 días
the 300+ isnt actually actually a production car as of yet
Melvin J.F Rembet
Melvin J.F Rembet Hace 6 días
Bugatti made 30 , it's literally mentioned in the video , they already sold 2
Flame_Identical Hace 11 días
I want the same list but limiting the cars to under 100,000$ Hace 11 días
Lamborgini in 2019: Struggles to go past 220 MPH RUF in 1987: Makes a car that goes *212* MPH
Karl Wünsche
Karl Wünsche Hace 11 días
I love Königsegg.
Zoran Milosavljevic
Zoran Milosavljevic Hace 11 días
Top speed test by a German magizine? The magizine that did the test was Road & Track, they aren’t a German car magazine and they weren’t German back when the test was done, get your research right!
Oscar _bru
Oscar _bru Hace 12 días
the bugatti chiron ss 300+ is not a pruduction car
Melvin J.F Rembet
Melvin J.F Rembet Hace 6 días
They made 30 , they already sold 2
Country_Boy18725 Hace 12 días
What about the 69 dodge Daytona and Plymouth super bird that clocked in at over 200 mph?
YeetThe Skeet
YeetThe Skeet Hace 12 días
Hennessey... "manufacturer" lol
coilover cat
coilover cat Hace 13 días
But what about the most horsepower?
Ali Ahmadin
Ali Ahmadin Hace 13 días
The time when the slow cars are considered so fast was the coolest time
Tony Stamis
Tony Stamis Hace 13 días
what about the Shelby Daytona coupe that hit 191 back in 1964-65?
NotT1tan Hace 14 días
I know it is very sweet my dear children. Now willy wonka bars are on sale so go get it and wheres my GOLDEN TICKET 🎫
Itz_gray_ 2020
Itz_gray_ 2020 Hace 14 días
Itz_gray_ 2020
Itz_gray_ 2020 Hace 14 días
I remember driving the veyron in Gran Turismo 5 and my dad told me how the wing moved up and down and i thought it was the coolest thing in the world
Itz_gray_ 2020
Itz_gray_ 2020 Hace 14 días
i remember when i first heard about the McLaren F1's existence too...2014 while playing #DRIVECLUB
Itz_gray_ 2020
Itz_gray_ 2020 Hace 14 días
Gran Turismo 4 Benz Patent Motor Wagen using speed cheats: *"Am I a Joke To You?"*
Mac Mckean
Mac Mckean Hace 14 días
Kiron Chiron two different thing James
daboss man
daboss man Hace 15 días
Petition to pu the Benz-patent motorcar in horizon 4
Bradley Bishop
Bradley Bishop Hace 15 días
What are you using for standards? The 1988 Corvette Callaway Sledgehammer went 254.76 in 1988. The Callaway option was available to order from dealers and backed by a GM warranty. The special edition Callaway Twin Turbo Corvette was available from 1987 to 1991 as Regular Production Option (RPO) B2K and could be ordered from select dealers in the US. Corvette orders with the B2K option selected were shipped to Callaway Cars in Old Lyme, Connecticut, for the Twin Turbo conversion directly from the Bowling Green assembly plant. Once converted and tested, the Callaway Corvettes were then shipped to their ordering dealers for final delivery to their respective owners. Dealer repairs of the Callaway Twin Turbo Corvettes were covered by the standard GM 12 mo./12,000 mile warranty, with Callaway Cars, Inc. reimbursing dealers for time and materials on repairs to the added components. This was the only time where GM has allowed a factory orderable non-GM performance enhancement on the Corvette. The ultimate Callaway Twin Turbo Corvette is known as the Sledgehammer Corvette. Until 1999, the Callaway Sledgehammer Corvette held the World Street Legal speed record of 254.76 mph (410.00 km/h). It is an emissions compliant, street legal vehicle, with all the creature comforts like Air Conditioning, Radio, etc. that customer would find in any production street Corvette. Built using production chassis 1988-051, it achieved its World Record Title in November 1988 at the Ohio Transportation Research Center (TRC). In addition to Callaway's engine performance improvements, the Sledgehammer Corvette used modified body panels to reduce drag and improve stability.
Evan Schmidt
Evan Schmidt Hace 15 días
Lamborghini: "I'm the fastest supercar!" Ferrari: " No, IM the fastest super car!" "Amatures." Both: "What was that, Punk?" Bugatti: "AMATUERS"
kye bennett
kye bennett Hace 3 días
@Hand Sanitizer but then that would mean Bugatti would not even be on there and plus the Chiron 300+ is not a production car
Hand Sanitizer
Hand Sanitizer Hace 7 días
@TheForzaGameshow so doesn't that mean that Bugatti is the current "fastest" car , I mean I get your point but at peak Bugatti is faster
TheForzaGameshow Hace 7 días
they did
Hand Sanitizer
Hand Sanitizer Hace 7 días
@TheForzaGameshow didn't they say the fastest cars of every year
TheForzaGameshow Hace 9 días
Actually Bugatti could only built the fastest car because they had no regulations. Koenigsegg built the fastest road-legal car which they are measuring in this video.
Raxi Hace 15 días
Well clearly the world wars played a role in duesengerg's long reign.
Awesome Plays
Awesome Plays Hace 16 días
Koenigsegg: I'm faster Bugatti: I'm the fastest Hennesy Venom F5:i Hit 311mph Teehee
Andrew Panik
Andrew Panik Hace 16 días
You forgot the ACC Ultimate Aero!
Serhatyelizemir 7
Serhatyelizemir 7 Hace 16 días
Benz patent motorcar: i am speed prinz heinrich: no i am Duesenberg model J: WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
khmerboy921 Hace 16 días
Wait didn't Bugatti veyron lose to ultimate aero ssc in 2007
Shibane Hace 16 días
New Koenigseggs: *Hey hey heeeeyy*
Melvin J.F Rembet
Melvin J.F Rembet Hace 6 días
Which one ? The Jesko ? It's not even out yet , koenigsegg hasn't even made a video about it
LEGEND Hace 16 días
SRSLY? U forgot about the devil 16.
Alden L.
Alden L. Hace 16 días
Tesla is gonna drop in there soon
Cannon Coggins
Cannon Coggins Hace 17 días
In ford v ferrari which was in like 1968 i'm pretty sure he was saying they topped out at around 217 mph. Am I missing something or did the movie not use accurate speeds because that would be a bummer
TH3ND Hace 17 días
The koenigsegg should have hired some Supra fanboys to show them the 2 step anti lag and a single turbo setups. VAG wouldnt even has a chance then
GoFYourself Hace 17 días
Can we talk about how ugly Bugattis' are?
Giorgos Pap
Giorgos Pap Hace 17 días
Hahaha the aaaaaah at 13.33 is from boxyfresh hahaha
Edoardo Pagiaro
Edoardo Pagiaro Hace 17 días
Motor channel, very smart people and they still pronounce "Ferari" instead of "Ferrari", lads, there is a double rolled "r", you must say it like double "r" for fuck sake
MotörHank Hace 17 días
Koenigsegg: I'm faster Bugatti: I'm the fastest Toyota supra mk4 : *I have no speed limit* *i never lost a race* *I am the legend of the ancients*
Smit Sonavane
Smit Sonavane Hace 3 días
Black and White 1983 Toyota Corolla GT Apex Sprinter Trueno Tofu car: Fastest car on curvy downhill mountain paths
Hand Sanitizer
Hand Sanitizer Hace 7 días
Nissian Skyline GTR : am I a joke to you
Kalzone _My_Dudes
Kalzone _My_Dudes Hace 17 días
Chiron is pronounced sheeron
Don Cowboy
Don Cowboy Hace 17 días
Id still take the Vector over most of the newer champs, with its 80's inspired Atari dash and all its funky glory
The EVOLUTION of Aerodynamics
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