The EVOLUTION of Aerodynamics

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Ever since the first automobiles, aerodynamics have been evolving and getting better. From breaking the 100 k/ph to Bugatti breaking 400 k/ph more than 100 years later, join Nolan he explores the aero designs that shaped our modern cars.
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WheelHouse answers all the questions about the automotive world you never thought to ask. Nolan Sykes looks at the history, sociology and psychology behind the cars you love, and the features you might overlook.
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Donut Media
Donut Media Hace 4 meses
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Rood Jerry
Rood Jerry Hace 3 meses
Gaming3ntity Hace 3 meses
97 years before post malone. 103 years would have been 2001 not 1995.
McLaren MP4-12C
McLaren MP4-12C Hace 3 meses
where i live we call the citroen ds the frog because the front reminds a little bit of a frog
Māris Kormis
Māris Kormis Hace 3 meses
not tratra t77, but Tatra 77
Jaime Lapolitique
Jaime Lapolitique Hace 3 meses
The Jamais Contente was an ELECTRIC CAR, not steam powered ! Which is all the more interesting, for 1898!
Ryan Katic
Ryan Katic Hace un día
Aqua Dynamics :( Hydrodyanmics :)
thokim84 Hace 2 días
fuckfannyfiddlefart Hace 3 días
Renewable energy isn't environmentally free dummy
kathy lang
kathy lang Hace 7 días
Didn't even mention the Dodge Charger Daytona
Aki Hace 7 días
It scared me to hell when Leclerc said he was fine with a loose harness but due to his concern for others, wanted to pit anyway.
Catzilla Drift
Catzilla Drift Hace 8 días
well well well *ads plays*
Tera Star
Tera Star Hace 8 días
Common misconception: raindrops are raindrop shaped while falling. They are more like a jellyfish without tentacles, or a hamburger bun. Also, driving on mars would suck. No air = no downforce and also no oxygen for combustion
Christopher Esquivel
Christopher Esquivel Hace 8 días
You don’t need a license to drive a sandwich!
Ony Hace 8 días
Can we have a race where nothing is banned, so we can see just how far we can push cars?
M Hace 9 días
What program is that 0:18?
Aron Karlsson
Aron Karlsson Hace 9 días
L G Hace 9 días
*song playing aggressively in the background* is the best joke
1ts_arZeel Bt
1ts_arZeel Bt Hace 10 días
I was thinking of a F1
FUZ3-NOOB-324485 Hace 10 días
Tear drop is not exactly the ideal shape, it's just happens to be the shape of falling water that is brushed by air
Pyra Hace 10 días
Well, la jamais contente was an electric car, not steam-powered :/
Rakib Islam
Rakib Islam Hace 11 días
Do I even have to say that Dan car was not banned, or made it illegal?
Joel Medley
Joel Medley Hace 12 días
*97 years
Nicolomeus Hace 13 días
Was looking for a Daft Punk Video. I'm pretty lost here😧
Mimon Hraje
Mimon Hraje Hace 14 días
5:27 ... Tratra ?
y1521t21b5 Hace 14 días
2:25 _Turbulence_ is a force?
yoav williamson
yoav williamson Hace 14 días
@donutmedia mistake at 17:52. that might be the shape of least resistance but it's not the shape of raindrops. more about that at around minute 6. and
Happy Chair
Happy Chair Hace 12 días
Well your not wrong. But a car shapped like an actual blob or an empty hemi sphere wouldnt be to aerodynamic
Jose Junior
Jose Junior Hace 14 días
You deserve the like when you said that you take care of you balls
xXPROGAMER Xx Hace 14 días
For the sponsored ad, you can see that when the yellow line reach the end, the ad end
Steven March
Steven March Hace 14 días
What song is playing during the t-shirt plug??
handsome vault boy
handsome vault boy Hace 14 días
rs 20
rs 20 Hace 15 días
Can you make vedeo smaller and less shit acting and more informative
A. James Kurlyandskaya-Galeas
A. James Kurlyandskaya-Galeas Hace 16 días
When I heard aerodynamics, I immediately thought of formula 1
Dorian Kucio
Dorian Kucio Hace 16 días
Geoff is still more areodynamic than these smooth edges and wedges
Eva X
Eva X Hace 16 días
How can a truck be more aerodynamic?
Humza Ahmad
Humza Ahmad Hace 16 días
freaking SICK
Enizax Hace 16 días
That sad moment when the oldest part of Nolan's setup is a decade-old rubber-dome keyboard #g15v2gang
B R Hace 16 días
rush limbaugh
Lwazi Mthalane
Lwazi Mthalane Hace 16 días
I honestly thought that the car with the highest drag coefficient was the G Wagon
Butternut i think
Butternut i think Hace 17 días
The hummer has a worse dc than a bulbasaur
elias roth
elias roth Hace 17 días
Some editor had so much fun with this
Hlaing Bwar
Hlaing Bwar Hace 17 días
Man , how many times I've been watching Donut Media? Can't even count. You Guys are Freak me Out , every time I watch your videos, cause I Freaking Love Donut Media's Videos ( More Power Baby😆). I'm just a guy who from Asia , who love cars and motorbike , but know nothing about them. Because of Donut Media , I started learned everything about Them. Thank You so Much To Donut Media and I Freaking Love it. Not Just James , Not Just Nolan but to every individuals From Donut Media , love you all and wish Y'all get more success. Come On , MORE POWER BABYYYYYY
James Neave
James Neave Hace 17 días
Aw, to be able to go back to the design of, say, the 60s because energy so plentiful... 🤤 I'll take a pininferina styled Lancia please..
I’m Highduh
I’m Highduh Hace 18 días
4:20 The reloading edit while he fixed his glasses had me laughing so hard
Armando Jones
Armando Jones Hace 18 días
The manscaped thing is just discusting.
DarkRose Dragon
DarkRose Dragon Hace 20 días
“cant believe they made it after my ex”
kalamardesk Hace 22 días
too much ads on this video
Trevor :
Trevor : Hace 23 días
shit video. not very funny, despite how hard they tried to be
Danielle Thomas
Danielle Thomas Hace 24 días
I'm a women, and I feel like this manscaping add is making me want to purchase it ... Nolan id let you shave me with that in between you teeth ....
Alex a war pigeon
Alex a war pigeon Hace 27 días
Lucas Lefebvre
Lucas Lefebvre Hace 28 días
E E Hace 28 días
the jamaican tent
Harry Hinch
Harry Hinch Hace 28 días
Lol why did you buy an SG if you want to be Mick Thompson
Anurag Deshmukh
Anurag Deshmukh Hace 29 días
3:35 they doin meth instead of math
Xsidon Hace un mes
Why not make a series that specifies to use fan cars? That would be something. Negating debris damage and reduced visibility would be an engineering challange on it's own plus all that downforce... i don't think we have a track that can handle that to be honset
553SG Hace un mes
EvanOffical Hace un mes
Damn what is your editer on
Blyat Man
Blyat Man Hace un mes
Donut: makes a video about aerodynamics and downforce without including the Charger Daytona, Daytona: am I a joke to you?
CyN TItan
CyN TItan Hace un mes
BMW M1 all the way
EvanOffical Hace un mes
Nah homie I'm going with the lightyear one.
Erlik Quadros
Erlik Quadros Hace un mes
"air under a car acts as a fluid" Yes, that's because air IS a fluid!
Butterbrod Aviation And Gaming
Butterbrod Aviation And Gaming Hace un mes
9:11 I N V E S T
Also grand tourismo 5
Kylie Hace un mes
I think the FIA should make a new race series like group c regulations, but still be fuel efficient and safe
james adams
james adams Hace un mes
theoretically, if a car is light, fast, and produced downforce more than or equal to its weight, theoretically the car could drive upside down.couldnt it?
Randomram Hace un mes
I have a toy car of the citroen ds
Benedick Jonathan Sebastian Marthin 1414172
Benedick Jonathan Sebastian Marthin 1414172 Hace un mes
Did you say treat your'e balls?hahahahahaha!
Vieth Knorr
Vieth Knorr Hace un mes
Die Kommentarsektion ist nun Eigentum des BRD's
thatskylinefan Hace un mes
0:58 well anyways
Dr. Drift
Dr. Drift Hace un mes
Hate to break it to you guys, but raindrops are NOT teardrop shaped. They're more like hamburger buns. Still a great vid tho.
Alex Jones
Alex Jones Hace un mes
I saw a car on the highway that looked like millions of bricks put together
Garrison Bishop
Garrison Bishop Hace un mes
LOVED the gun sound when he reset his glasses😂
Kwesi Salmon
Kwesi Salmon Hace un mes
It's funny that I actually came from the firetruck video to this. 🤣🤣 kiblast hose for the win. 🤣
Aegon Targaryen
Aegon Targaryen Hace un mes
Damn really thought I'd get your take on the CLK GTR flipping incident
Dirt Hace un mes
6:04, wait, car mighty vids did a camero
Golden Arrow Production
Golden Arrow Production Hace un mes
how aerodynamic is big box on wheels aka the bus
gingi-GreaseGun Hace un mes
Oh my God i saw that mick thompson, i love Slipknot
Yeet Meat
Yeet Meat Hace un mes
I just think he should have mentioned the 1939 silver arrows built by nazi Germany that were seen as Aliens back then. Look it up, they are basically the first formula 1 cars.
Wade Walsh
Wade Walsh Hace un mes
wen water drops, it doesnt actually fall in that shape bc of its cohesive properties
Brad ൠ
Brad ൠ Hace un mes
BMW! Bring Back Bids Barto #BidsBarto @BidsBarto
Shatter Sucks
Shatter Sucks Hace un mes
Dodge Neon
David Stingl
David Stingl Hace un mes
Who came with the idea first? Tatra with T77 or Chrysler with Airflow? They both were designed using a wind tunnel, they both were released in the same year and the distance between them was so far from each other (to get nonpublic news from the Czech Republic to the USA in the 1930s isn't exactly an easy task if you ask me). Can't figure that out
Rahal Fan girl
Rahal Fan girl Hace un mes
12:56 I hate how people act like Brabham were lying about it cooling the engine, if they did then they wouldn’t have been able to race, it would’ve been a movable aero piece and there for illegal, so they tried to make it 51% cooling and 49% ground effect, which actually ended up as a 55-45 split, and they gladly invited to FIA to their headquarters and allowed them to check the numbers, that’s why it was allowed to race, it DID cool the engine Plus the FIA was going to ban it the next season, but the president of Brabham Bernie Ecclestone pulled the car out to stop the other teams from getting too angry at his team
Ninja Raid
Ninja Raid Hace un mes
"Aero dynamics are for people who can't make engines" -Bruce McLaren
NTRY Hace un mes
Start of the video 3:30
BlackDeltaOne Hace un mes
dont wanna be that guy but raindrops are not shaped like that. they are flat on the botton and round on top when they fall. otherwise great video as always!
CloudBurst Hace un mes
1:52 donut when my parents walk in
Samuel Bishton
Samuel Bishton Hace un mes
Sorry but raindrops don’t form that shape as they fall it’s physically impossible
Pseudo nym
Pseudo nym Hace un mes
17:52 a raindrop isn't teardrop shaped
Collin Jones
Collin Jones Hace un mes
nolan be a slipknot fan
Harrison Mauldin
Harrison Mauldin Hace un mes
What’s more areodynamic? A carton of milk, or James?
John Qiu?
John Qiu? Hace un mes
Toyota Senna
Qayyum Azmi
Qayyum Azmi Hace un mes
My aerodynamic: *_flat car with sharp front and wheels_*
Juniper Ledge Garage
Juniper Ledge Garage Hace un mes
3:32 1898-1995 is 97 years, not 103
Mr.Penguin Man
Mr.Penguin Man Hace un mes
4 mil
Charlie Films inc
Charlie Films inc Hace un mes
"And a full 103 years before Post Malone was born. U sure you got that calculation right?
Tommy Drum
Tommy Drum Hace un mes
Giugiaro's pasta design "Marille" was for Voiello pasta maker, not Barilla. Just so you know ;)
TwoTrick Hace 2 meses
3:58 the drive-able sausage
Matucho Hace 2 meses
Jo Hace 2 meses
1938 Mercedes w125 v12 land speed record car.
Neil Carpenter
Neil Carpenter Hace 2 meses
a Mack truck
Rolex Kebab
Rolex Kebab Hace 2 meses
chill with the cringe come on im here to learn about the evolution of aerodynamics not endure twice a minute distracting cringe brakes
bigbigmushy Hace 2 meses
6:04 that's a wood louse
Andrew Kahler
Andrew Kahler Hace 2 meses
Aerodynamics are for people who cant build engines. -Enzo Ferrari (and every guy in Texas)
X e
X e Hace 2 meses
17:04 it's 2021
Parth Saxena
Parth Saxena Hace 2 meses
A supra?
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