The Dark Underworld of F1 Sponsorships

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Formula 1 title sponsors are sometimes just as iconic as the cars their names are painted on. But have you ever seen a sponsor and wondered “What the heck is that?”. We have too. Join Nolan and explore some of the sketchiest sponsors in F1 history; some recent and some almost too far fetched to believe. Also, we’ll figure out what the heck a Mission Winnow is.
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WheelHouse answers all the questions about the automotive world you never thought to ask. Nolan Sykes looks at the history, sociology and psychology behind the cars you love, and the features you might overlook.
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Donut Media
Donut Media Hace 4 meses
I want to hear your best fake company name, what they sell, and which team they'd sponsor. Go!
John Harris
John Harris Hace 8 días
MilfJuggs, A topless bar where the women are over 40. The same team as Sugarbook but in reverse.
Sylvie AYAYA
Sylvie AYAYA Hace 2 meses
Jesus take the Wheel. A tire sponsor for Renault.
NASCAR N Wrasslin
NASCAR N Wrasslin Hace 2 meses
Humperdinck Industries. We'd sell mostly dildos and sponsor Mercedes.
Blake Lonsdale-Cook
Blake Lonsdale-Cook Hace 3 meses
Don.utmedia - Seller of massively overpriced stickers and other shoddy merchandise. Boycott this company!
pooper12 Hace 4 meses
your mom inc. we sell chop cheese sandwich and we sponsor your mom
mutya gabay
mutya gabay Hace 19 horas
hello nice vlog...
XSir_DiabloX Hace 2 días
I never even payed attention to the sponsors
Ben Kerry
Ben Kerry Hace 2 días
Merc blaster sells rail guns sponsors Ferrari
David F
David F Hace 2 días
You forgot Sahara money laundering through the force india head bob! Sahara itself is a pyramid scheme
Todd Taylor
Todd Taylor Hace 3 días
You'd really think if you're counting on them for tens of millions of dollars you'd actually investigate to see if they had any money before signing a contract with them.
crusherbmx Hace 4 días
Formula One is SOOOO decadent! it's everything i'm against in life...and that's why I've been addicted for 40 years.
Rainhill1829 Hace 4 días
Lol, that is my winnowing video.😆
Goku Hace 5 días
Daddy's Cash
Chaman Kudmarbettu
Chaman Kudmarbettu Hace 6 días
FORCE INDIA lol the owner😂 Vijay Mallya
hondaxl250k0 Hace 6 días
Get your hands out of racing. Leave the playing field alone. This is why racing back in the day was better. No restrictions no limiters. Less rules. Real racing.
Ron sAx
Ron sAx Hace 7 días
Jomaster The Second
Jomaster The Second Hace 7 días
Remember the time that horrible Gizmondo console company sponsored an F1 car? Yknow, from Tiger Telematics, the one with ties to the Swedish mafia, and whose owner literally sheared a Lamborghini in half in a 200mph crash?
Toto Wolff
Toto Wolff Hace 7 días
Interesting. Very Interesting.
Kyle Busch Has over 200 Wins In NASCAR
Kyle Busch Has over 200 Wins In NASCAR Hace 8 días
So don’t trust unpopular energy drinks in F1?
John Harris
John Harris Hace 8 días
I miss the days when racing teams were sponsored by Alcohol, Tobacco and Condom companies.
Djordje Oljaca
Djordje Oljaca Hace 6 días
Tobacco companies kill their current clients, condom companies kill their future clients
John Harris
John Harris Hace 8 días
The NBA has a Salary Cap, the Kings just suck.
John Harris
John Harris Hace 8 días
Nascar used to be sponsored by Major US Companies, now they are sponsored by local furniture stores.
Rambod B
Rambod B Hace 9 días
You've been lied to about the FIA. It actually stands for "Fucking Idiots Association"
Geoff Heard
Geoff Heard Hace 9 días
It's all money laundering...and when the Cabal is brought down, F1 as we know it, will be gone.
rdr2 f76
rdr2 f76 Hace 9 días
Sahara. One of the biggest cheats in the world.
Luke Nelson 12
Luke Nelson 12 Hace 9 días
Whyte was the first thing i noticed
BeeseChurger 69
BeeseChurger 69 Hace 10 días
So many mistakes in this video. Guys there's way better formula 1 related channels around. Also very unfunny (wherever they're trying). Could've expected this from an American channel, not talking about crankyankee
Teddy Lee
Teddy Lee Hace 10 días
you left out the part how Martini is actually a legendary sponsor in motorsport even in lemans smh
olden hower
olden hower Hace 10 días
Someone help me out here, what sense is there in a brand like Marlboro sponsoring a car with a shell company that isn’t directly profiting them. Like what does Marlboro get out of this besides throwing away millions.
Ian Brown
Ian Brown Hace 10 días
You have to remember that FIA stands for Ferarri Insurance Association!
yang ji
yang ji Hace 11 días
It works, I am smoking one now.😂
Frank Joosten
Frank Joosten Hace 11 días
A shame you didn't cover Minardi who put "Not Paid" on top of the sponsors to shame them.
chester duster
chester duster Hace 11 días
Zain Haq
Zain Haq Hace 11 días
I like how on the thumb nail it points to the donut logo and says fake
iron 13
iron 13 Hace 11 días
if an energy drink wants to sponsor your race team, ask them to bring you a can.
Jay Arc De Rama
Jay Arc De Rama Hace 11 días
Love your message at the of end of the video. This world needs to start again, wipe the slate clean. Thnx!
domenico17 Hace 11 días
Varant Hace 12 días
Good video 👍🏼
madogmabz Hace 12 días
What about Bin Laden sponsoring Allan Jones team back in the day..
LUCASINFINI Hace 12 días
martini is very good... cheap in us, because in brazil.........
J Dietrich
J Dietrich Hace 12 días
Who the hell are Zepter International? They've been sponsoring the Monaco GP since forever, but I've never heard of them.
LessCommonKnowledge Hace 12 días
You could have just said “when a sport is run by Bernie Ecclestone” Rolls off the tongue easier.
Jose Manuel Legarda Galarza
Jose Manuel Legarda Galarza Hace 12 días
Formula 1 is becoming so fake
that_G_EvanP Hace 12 días
A small thing, but it's Nigerian prince "scam" not "scheme".
Krolkodil Hace 12 días
I thought Mission winnow is Mission Win Now.
Ryan Blumenow
Ryan Blumenow Hace 13 días
(Paraphrase) "Exists in a dichotomy...second in popularity only to football, but gets away with a lot of less than perfect behavior; sleazy sponsorships, cutthroat behavior, disregard for human rights..." Sooooo...exactly like football then. Lookin' at you, FIFA.
Dab Sedan
Dab Sedan Hace 13 días
Retaks backpacks
Jensi Oquendo
Jensi Oquendo Hace 13 días
Dean Cantafio
Dean Cantafio Hace 13 días
There are a lot of similarities between how F1, FIFA, and the IOC are run.
Adrian Dapat
Adrian Dapat Hace 13 días
Imagine a F1 event in my country, the Philippines, they sponsored by these companies: Petron Jollibee Shoppee Lazada W.L. Foods and much more... Side Note: I don't wanna mention local companies because it's too many, at least they're legit..
Adrian Dapat
Adrian Dapat Hace 13 días
That's how (F1) Mafia works...
LativecoffeeSpeedrun Hace 13 días
11:43 *Madalena Krumova* has *not started* any lyoness or myworld, *she's not their CEO too* , it was done by a completely different man, *Hubert Freidl* . *Eyetime* is one of the merged Lyconet companies - because that is what the company is currently called, it is *not a financial pyramid, but the scheme is similar* , the main difference is that you, being under another person, can earn more than she is. This business is -illegal- in Norway but legal in over 60 other countries around the world. I am asking the author to prepare better for the materials, because the informations are false and incomplete. Greetings!
Noah Letwinski
Noah Letwinski Hace 14 días
Well F1 used to host an grand prix in South Africa during Aprtthied so yeah
Salim Awad
Salim Awad Hace 14 días
It's Federation Internationale de l'Automobile Otherwise, well said, that's how I've always seen it...
MrElvynn Hace 14 días
Just thought that i should point out that Singapore should be spelt with an E behind. Great video, subscribed to your channel!
Wills Uc
Wills Uc Hace 14 días
did i hear nigerian prince? wheres my pop corn
Chris Casserley
Chris Casserley Hace 14 días
I hate that I laughed at the "Norway I'm buying your product" 😂
daniel solberg
daniel solberg Hace 14 días
No more north sea oil, or dryed cod for you
vivek sharma
vivek sharma Hace 14 días
Second in Popularity only to Football ? What ? CRICKET & Basketball both are much bigger than F1 for sure .
Lv P
Lv P Hace 14 días
100K like on This video
Dan W.
Dan W. Hace 14 días
williams just throwing away money
MolonyProductions Hace 14 días
The shadiness makes it really
sumee poiju
sumee poiju Hace 15 días
Suomi aka suomalainen formulakuski mainittu torilla tavataan 🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮
sumee poiju
sumee poiju Hace 13 días
daniel solberg yes
daniel solberg
daniel solberg Hace 14 días
Is "formulakuski" = F1driver?
cody collins
cody collins Hace 15 días
One would think a prince would have diplomatic immunity
tyrese bohali
tyrese bohali Hace 15 días
someone should make a movie about that prince guy, hes a bad guy but cool story, bad guy, cool story
4905 Tahmid Hossain Nihal
4905 Tahmid Hossain Nihal Hace 15 días
Your name is Nolan my name is Nihal
Kam Pillay
Kam Pillay Hace 15 días
I appreciate that you said Football instead of “Soccer”😅
George Mitchell
George Mitchell Hace 15 días
Haas was used as a money laundering name to use and clean money used via avocado sales to the US 🇺🇸 known a hass avocados..... they pretended to be an energy drink to one day be the red bull we know now....
Frost .j
Frost .j Hace 15 días
Dennis de Lange - van Stralen
Dennis de Lange - van Stralen Hace 15 días
Are there idiots who pay 12 dollars for 5 stickers?
Gerard 868
Gerard 868 Hace 16 días
I Just got caught guys sigh
Bazza Bear
Bazza Bear Hace 16 días
"Martini is really cheap" well what about a can of Redbull.......
Christopher Concept
Christopher Concept Hace 16 días
The underlying principles of capitalism is exploitation.
Per Erik
Per Erik Hace 17 días
The Mission Winnow/Philip Morris thing has been known about since day one. It was so obvious.
Joelby and friends Corner store
Joelby and friends Corner store Hace 17 días
Do a NASCAR version lol
Kastro44 Hace 17 días
10:18 s🅱️innala
Prasenjit Roy
Prasenjit Roy Hace 17 días
Can you research a bit on force India. It's owner is absconding due to loan default of 9000crores INR. There is documentary on Netflix bad boy billionaires that highlights him. He was a big shot liquor baron.
Dustin Hace 17 días
Just have been to Nürburgring seeing the f1 and then getting the video on my recommended page Coincidence? I think not
Shazz*s gaming
Shazz*s gaming Hace 17 días
Petronas: petroliam Nasional Berhad
Scott Mcnicholas
Scott Mcnicholas Hace 17 días
13:00 Wtf is this imbecile talking out his ass about? He assumes quite a bit without any proof! "Disregard for human rights"?! Are we discussing Chinese prisons or auto racing? Get a grip, ffs!
Aleksi R
Aleksi R Hace 17 días
There are more clever tobacco ads like what West did in early 2000's when they Replaced "West" with "Mika" or "Kimi" etc.
Barack Obama
Barack Obama Hace 17 días
The thing that when the car goes fast enough you see the Marlboro logo was pretty cool
Barack Obama
Barack Obama Hace 17 días
Formula 1 will be no more in 3 years
george Pow
george Pow Hace 17 días
oh snap Nigerian prince is involved
Roman Cabalum
Roman Cabalum Hace 17 días
I don't get why they keep banning cigarette logos in motorsports. Oh no I saw a marlboro logo now I smoke 2 packs a day and have testicular cancer.
Nathan Issartel
Nathan Issartel Hace 17 días
Williams new sponsor..."Versa Integrity Group"
Kate Marquez
Kate Marquez Hace 18 días
Do they not look deep into the sponsors' background before they place their logo on the car? They leap before they think just because the sponsors are swinging big cash at their faces, like cats to catnip except in this case, they go full cheetah straight at the cash, full speed ahead like F1s they are. XDD
PilotArtz - BlendAir
PilotArtz - BlendAir Hace 18 días
Why did the thumbnail change
Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith Hace 18 días
Anybody notice that no matter what town you’re in there’s always a “car guy” that looks like Nolan? 🤔
Tim Hayes
Tim Hayes Hace 18 días
so ferrari cant have a fake company thats a front for cigarettes, but mercedes can have a malaysian oil and gas company. i dont get it
InspiringRex Hace 18 días
I’m still trying to find out what ipone is from mxgp.
gangstersteve DJ
gangstersteve DJ Hace 18 días
I have a can of rich energy lol
yicl jol
yicl jol Hace 19 días
telling us nothing we don't know. feels like a shopping channel to me. Dog Pooh.
MogMog Hace 19 días
FIA : Fédération internationale de l'automobile* and not "d'automotive" or whatever he says here :)
Firas Helou
Firas Helou Hace 19 días
Man nice video but you got wrong the name of the FIA ! It is La Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile ! not l'automotive !
General Malarky
General Malarky Hace 19 días
less face more footage and examples, please.
GKC MrMikpik
GKC MrMikpik Hace 19 días
Good video, just pointing out a few errors/ambiguities: The A in FIA stands for automobile, 1999 is actually F1 49th season, it goes up to 53th season if you include the precedent name of the category:"Grand Prix", tobacco sponsorships were banned from f1 in 2007, if I recall correctly, China 2007 was the first race without tobacco sponsorship.
enb080 Hace 19 días
In 1996 a massive pyramid scheme in Albania which later brought the country into a civil war, advertised in formula 1 races. Google: Vefa holding Formula 1. The advertisement at international sport levels increased the credibility of what was advertised as a investment firm for the masses
Isaiah Brazile
Isaiah Brazile Hace 19 días
Multi level marketing and pyramid scheme aren’t the same thing
Rahul Agarwal
Rahul Agarwal Hace 19 días
ESpost has slowly morphed into a flea market where "creators" peddle absolute junk
Joseph Serra
Joseph Serra Hace 19 días
According to the thumbnail, Donut Media does not exist.
Alan cZar
Alan cZar Hace 19 días
TSK TSK...RacismZ y0! How can portray a blk guy like that? Must be a white supremacist.
David J Docherty
David J Docherty Hace 19 días
missionwinnow also sponsor the Ducati moto gp team
Itz_gray_ 2020
Itz_gray_ 2020 Hace 20 días
Ayyeeee Baltimore Orioles B)
Michael Kinoti
Michael Kinoti Hace 20 días
It's Mission Win Now. Not winnow
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