The 8 Most UNSAFE Cars

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Car safety has evolved way beyond the days of exploding Pintos and overturning Corvairs. But even still, lots of cars on the road today are downright unsafe. From bad crash tests to deadly aerodynamics, this is a list of some of the most dangerous cars on the road. Some of them are unsafe in ways you might not expect!
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TrayCaddyyy Hace 3 horas
Now I feel like I have the wrong car in the wrong color
lo l
lo l Hace 15 horas
and the Ford Mustang has a bug that makes it hunt for crowds
Liam Gillies
Liam Gillies Hace 16 horas
No mustang or viper
xD Hace 2 días
Yooo pinto is penis in portuguese
Tacobaguette Hace 2 días
1st gen viper
Daniel Hace 2 días
Evidently vipers don't make the list.... no driver aids and big motor....
The Jeffest Jeff
The Jeffest Jeff Hace 2 días
Somebody need to to tell that avenger, that killing people won't right whatever wrong happened to it
Colin Heard
Colin Heard Hace 3 días
i think of another ford the infamous mustang with crowds when i think of dangerous cars
Blyaticon Hace 4 días
The color red is way worse I once almost hit a red car cuz my shades made everything look pretty red and i didnt see the car
Kai Wenzel
Kai Wenzel Hace 4 días
An unsafe car lost without the viper...
Joshua Terry
Joshua Terry Hace 5 días
I work at a body shop worked on over a dozen corvettes all but 1 was a ragged pile of junk. They almost always have some kind of electrical issue. The first one i worked on i got trapped inside cause I started it and went to move it the electric system shorted out couldn't open the door cause it was dead. Didn't know bout the manual release in the floor at the time. There was an older guy I think last summer died in his at waffle house cause of that issue he didn't know about the release.
Short vids
Short vids Hace 5 días
but euro nations can still buy a normal Camaro and no law is stopping me in 20 years or so
Domino Valdez
Domino Valdez Hace 6 días
Black Cars Matter
1ts_arZeel Bt
1ts_arZeel Bt Hace 7 días
7:32 my rx7 more cool One time my rx7 alternator belt snapped because the pulley was tight and stuck, a Mercedes guy passed me and said, "gEt a MErcadEs". If I had a boring mercades, the money to repair the car would rob my wallet.
A 15th Century Gothic Suit of Plate Armor
A 15th Century Gothic Suit of Plate Armor Hace 7 días
Bruh im dead, not only can u not have butter knives cuz there "too dangerous" but you can't have a car because it's too sharp????
Devkied Hace 7 días
Nxt time use a blue screen
Hello Hello
Hello Hello Hace 7 días
Zl1 is the car u cant drive in rain
Luka Moroi
Luka Moroi Hace 7 días
I'l Rather Import A ZL1 And Keep All The Aerodynamics
Huey Rosayaga
Huey Rosayaga Hace 7 días
The Dodge Viper ACR DEFINITELY has more aero stuff than the Chevy. Is Europe saying it's legal?!
MrEverything&Stuffs Hace 8 días
When he asked what do you think of about unsafe cars, I immediately thought of the crowd killers, the mustang
Itz_gray_ 2020
Itz_gray_ 2020 Hace 8 días
Europe thinks the Camaro ZL1 1LE is dangerous for pedestrians just because of its Aero? Wait till they get a look at the Ford Mustang
Itz_gray_ 2020
Itz_gray_ 2020 Hace 8 días
At least my dream car is at the bottom of the list
Notna Eser
Notna Eser Hace 8 días
2:35 But why do we germans don't get such nice Cars?😂😂xd
Durchfall Klaus
Durchfall Klaus Hace 8 días
to be fair you cant buy a regular ZL1 in europe aswell we only get the 2SS and 4 cylinder
Olie Clifford
Olie Clifford Hace 8 días
To be fair that front splitter would cut shit in half 😂😂
JamesV271 Hace 8 días
2:10 I mean in Europe the consider the orange LEGO splitters as weapons so maybe there just being extra safe
stupidfast900 Hace 8 días
2016 Black Corvette Z06.... maybe I need a will.
BananaMasterRace Hace 9 días
question, are there any cars that look like the pinto, but you know, don't blow up
Robert Moldovan
Robert Moldovan Hace 9 días
I think that they are just mustang lovers for not putting on an single mustang and putting an camaro
DYN4M7X Hace 9 días
SHONUFF Hace 9 días
I figured the Viper would be on here.
Ivan Boroš
Ivan Boroš Hace 9 días
R.I.P Europe (me 😭)
SL twentyeight
SL twentyeight Hace 10 días
doom on wheels. lol
Blaster plays
Blaster plays Hace 10 días
Really my dad was saving money for that a ZL1 and he cant even buy it thats so sad
Tiger Zero
Tiger Zero Hace 10 días
Ford pinto: when you hit dat ass, it catches on fire 🔥
Khawaja Shaharyar
Khawaja Shaharyar Hace 10 días
My all cars are black with blacked out windows
Hunter Nelson
Hunter Nelson Hace 11 días
European legislators are morons
Johan Joe
Johan Joe Hace 11 días
Me: a 2014 hyundai accent fanboy : nervous sweating
Tim Gambla
Tim Gambla Hace 11 días
no infinity GZ? wow.
A Michigan Boi Whose Real Lazy
A Michigan Boi Whose Real Lazy Hace 12 días
This viper ain’t on the list? Waaaa
Adam Sliman
Adam Sliman Hace 12 días
Hyundai accent 2020 worst breaks ever
Henry bryant
Henry bryant Hace 12 días
My dad has a Mk3 golf estate BUT yes there’s a BUT it was a import it came with a fresh 2.0GTI engine and it went like sh*t off a shovel
John Vlahos
John Vlahos Hace 12 días
I got a silver wrx. I am scared now 😂
Florian Seppi
Florian Seppi Hace 13 días
But where viper
Daniel Yakovlev
Daniel Yakovlev Hace 13 días
Civics are not safe, hondas are literally made out of recyclable tin cans
Stacy Collier
Stacy Collier Hace 13 días
That way funny when he said whereing the wheel in your lap in the accent I thought that's not the way to where a rubber lol
Felix Rangel
Felix Rangel Hace 13 días
I thought he was gunna say “risk comes with reward”😂
skulking17 Hace 14 días
Me who just bought a black Corvette... My days are numbered
Stanislaw Waraksa
Stanislaw Waraksa Hace 14 días
Interesting microphone....
Sin3X Cars & motorcycles
Sin3X Cars & motorcycles Hace 14 días
*Mustang owner sweat intensifies*
Anthony Coffey
Anthony Coffey Hace 14 días
No Dodge Viper? Shame!
Blood Marine
Blood Marine Hace 14 días
SuperCars are unsafe: Reason: If you are so stupid and you bought a lambo and you upgrade the engine and once you are done, You do a big rev and.. Your back is gonna set on FIRE
Poggre Johnson
Poggre Johnson Hace 15 días
Hey you guys accidentally uploaded the “cars most likely to be stolen” video
J C Hace 15 días
Very clever:)
thescottman25 Hace 16 días
This dude is so annoying
#girldad !
#girldad ! Hace 16 días
Wat about the viper
ThisLukeBTW Hace 17 días
Viper Viper Viper Viper Viper Viper
Jason Garfitt
Jason Garfitt Hace 17 días
No self combusting lambos?
Branden Wright
Branden Wright Hace 17 días
Sure leave out the mustang. Ya you will be safe inside the car But when the lone mustang finds a car show and wants to leave...... oh boy make sure to take a step behind Timmy because whoever is closer to the edge of the sidewalk is a goner. XD
Dhiraj Deshmukh
Dhiraj Deshmukh Hace 19 días
In my country. 80% People drive "0" safety rated car's 😅 Same ammount of people drive motorbikes without helmet. Our country is really working hard to reduce population.
Liam Domian
Liam Domian Hace 19 días
i was literally just listening to koi no yokan and then i watch this video and it’s right there 0:35 ...... really weird
Off-road Gaming7475
Off-road Gaming7475 Hace 19 días
If you have really good head lights if you had a black car
CVCCI Hace 20 días
America 1st, America last, baby
Darren Williams
Darren Williams Hace 20 días
I fucken love James he's the best on the channel lol
Adri Miller
Adri Miller Hace 20 días
7:16 graphic description good job
KILLA BEATZ 909 Hace 21 un día
0:28 His ex😹
Outcaste Films
Outcaste Films Hace 21 un día
All of these where in asphalt 8
Dillon Pierce
Dillon Pierce Hace 21 un día
Ha my avengers airbag light is on....... how had can these things be? 😅
Apollo The_BassTester
Apollo The_BassTester Hace 22 días
Fun fact: pinto means dick in Portuguese
velsonline Hace 23 días
Corvette: the most unsafest car Chevrolet: *Now this is an avengers level threat* Dodge avenger: you said something?
Carlos Garzia
Carlos Garzia Hace 24 días
- Voice: #6 Any black car. - Nolan: motherf*cker.
Wyatt Jones
Wyatt Jones Hace 24 días
I've always theorized that the reason black cars get in more accidents is because the kind of people who buy a black car is likely very different than those who would buy a white one... thoughts?
Robert Wilhelm
Robert Wilhelm Hace 27 días
Honestly surprised the mustang isn't on here with all the controversy and memes about their owners
Chill Tunes
Chill Tunes Hace 28 días
Can you give my channel a shoutout Because I started a new channel named Reyansh Trivedi
Domzalex Hace 28 días
I swear if corvette isn’t on this list
ryan miller
ryan miller Hace 29 días
Honestly I just want to know if you think baby carrots are sus? Lmk
DavidBillManoy Hace 29 días
The Nissan Z is also one of the most unsafe cars ever.
Huong Nguyen
Huong Nguyen Hace un mes
What about the Toyota MR2 and it’s snap oversteer?
Jbone T
Jbone T Hace un mes
Despite blowing up, the Pinto had a better safety record than many of its contemporaries, That's right, even with an exploding gas tank, Toyota's, VW's and other small cars had a more fatalities in accidents than the Pinto.
Tiny Table Wargames
Tiny Table Wargames Hace un mes
When I think Unsafe cars... they are always American designs lol
J-AAX •CH Hace un mes
Koerth Koerth
Koerth Koerth Hace un mes
The CGT was nick named the widow maker
SuperNugget64 Hace un mes
4:05 then just put a big fog light or a underglow kit
muney money
muney money Hace un mes
Yep super portable $80 that's expensive
Velmat Hace un mes
Damn no subaru?
DJ 12
DJ 12 Hace un mes
To be honest I dunno which is more dangerous, Ford Pinto or Porsche Carrera GT? Cuz if u drive Ford Pinto and if someone hit ur back then u're gonna blow up and if u drive Porsche Carrera GT and crash it then u're gonna burn to death.
Jake Woke
Jake Woke Hace un mes
Is this unsafe at any speed 2020?
John Pershing
John Pershing Hace un mes
Jamb those commercials down everyones throat!
Kartel Skeete
Kartel Skeete Hace un mes
No.3 is racist
jeffrey myrick
jeffrey myrick Hace un mes
My dad's first car was a ford pinto
Common Sense
Common Sense Hace un mes
How’d I know my car was gonna be on this list..... damn you Hyundai.
Henrique Ferreira
Henrique Ferreira Hace un mes
List of most unsafe cars: "Black Cars" Me: Laughs in a black hatch with 1 star rating that forgot to bring to airbags recall.
SPR8 Hace un mes
Wait.... where's the Viper!!??
Jie Me
Jie Me Hace un mes
Only stupid ass buys a civic anyway
EthanIsDumb -
EthanIsDumb - Hace un mes
Not my corvette zr1😢
Tiefsa Jr
Tiefsa Jr Hace un mes
Reliant robin?
John carl Espiritu
John carl Espiritu Hace un mes
Ok I love white now welp that's why I love beetle they have amazing powerful safe stars why when you crash u cant even feel a damage jk u can have damage but your still safe
Gabrielle McDonell
Gabrielle McDonell Hace un mes
Reliant Robin Anyone?
Akib Hace un mes
Ford pinto is like my girlfriend. She also explodes when I hit it from behind
bysSouTo Hace un mes
Where is the Renault 5 turbo? And the Clio V6?
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