Tesla's Ex Chief Engineer is Taking on Elon Musk

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The Lucid Air is the new kid on the block looking to enter into the small world or “luxury” electric vehicles. And the CEO of this company is Tesla's Ex Chief Engineer of the Model S Program, Peter Rawlinson. We got to meet up with Peter and pick his brain on the Lucid Air, and see what they did differently to make the world’s longest range EV. It turns out, it’s all about efficiency.

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kolibrizante Hace un hora
Competition? GOOD! Elon wants to push humanity to the next level? Goes faster with competition, worked very well for europe for the past 1700 years
Andrei Zamfir
Andrei Zamfir Hace 2 horas
I love how much this show has transformed in what Funhaus is doing with the sketches
Ignacio Navarro
Ignacio Navarro Hace 3 horas
You're ironically going against the flow on this platform but in an educated and polite way Love it, man!
Sky Dance
Sky Dance Hace 5 horas
Fantastic video! High technology explained in easygoing terms.
Top12 boardstore
Top12 boardstore Hace 7 horas
Competition is great.
Electronic Artis
Electronic Artis Hace 15 horas
Tesla put his money where his mouth is can lucid do that. Let see.
Channel Zero One
Channel Zero One Hace 16 horas
Is this a 15 minute commercial. I didn't see anything about how the car performs, just a bunch of hype and salesman speech.
David Hace 16 horas
This is cool
Dead Skull
Dead Skull Hace 18 horas
I actually want this car but can't afford it
Jonathan Alvin
Jonathan Alvin Hace 20 horas
Super well-done video! I was wondering if you had a chance to talk about charging with him at all? @Jonny Cap also made some really good points about the degradation of both the battery and motors over time. Unless Lucid teams up with Tesla in their charging system, I'm not sure how competitive they'll be in the market, even with their increased range. I realize increased range overall means fewer charging stations, but you still would need to team up with them seeing as how they're already there and that would make more sense over the long term. Love Donut Media, keep up the great work!
KY SA Hace un día
What happens to the millioens of batteries that can't be recycled or anything? Do they shoot em into space, or how do we get rit of them?
T Be
T Be Hace un día
I dont like Elon Musk.
Vicarious Witness
Vicarious Witness Hace un día
Well let's see who is a better marketer.
William Holzworth
William Holzworth Hace un día
Elon watching this: 👁👄👁
Jackobsn Hace un día
The title of the video is $H!"#, a lot more people would be interested if it actually said what the video was about , rather then using a dumbarse meaningles clickbait title that only relates to the first 10s .....P.S. Love you Donut
Jaimee Hansen
Jaimee Hansen Hace un día
Damn this dude is cute 😳
luigi cirelli
luigi cirelli Hace un día
at 14:39 superimposed is "15% eletrical" but shoud be "15% electrical" great episode though; great all of the episodes, unexpectedly funny at times, but mostly informative
Auttie B
Auttie B Hace 2 días
Lucid also looks better
M Wells
M Wells Hace 2 días
Lol shaggy tune lol juvenile back that ass up . im dead . very knowledgeable. Good job
Kenny Hace 2 días
I fucking love this Donut hosts they're so entertaining.....
Fantasy Rainbow Unicorn
Fantasy Rainbow Unicorn Hace 2 días
its a another startup that is bound to fail c'mon remember faraday future.
Dave Slingbart
Dave Slingbart Hace 3 horas
Remember Elio? only the ppl who put down a deposit XD
LOZ 97
LOZ 97 Hace 2 días
It also looks a lot better than the Tesla as well
ben bundidsilp
ben bundidsilp Hace 2 días
Ahhh the Edison
Dhruv Arya
Dhruv Arya Hace 2 días
just saw a 15 min Lucid Advertisement
nimay13 Hace 2 días
Still, EV is hands-off to the average consumer. Whoever can mass produce an EV daily driver, will set the stage for the next 20-30 years.
TheSleepyLamp Hace 2 días
Um... isnt the voltage analogy flipped? Voltage is pipe size and amps is current/pressure...
Arunix Hace 2 días
Im the only one who got Ferrari and Lamborghini vibes?
Arnar Freyr Astvaldsson
Arnar Freyr Astvaldsson Hace 2 días
11:14 Tesla at lucid HQ Stonks
Ferenc Szabo
Ferenc Szabo Hace 2 días
The more advanced battery is not limited by science but is hold back by politics. Energy, food are the only way to control the population. We gonna have this luxury when another mechanism of controll gonna be invented instead. Just found this channel and man it was a great entertainment, the guy was funny and didn't spare us of technical detals 👍
Busted Junk Studio
Busted Junk Studio Hace 2 días
Sounds great, just how do they plan on mass producing these vehicles? Do they have a production facility? How about advanced orders? Is this just another pipe dream?
Ian Farquharson
Ian Farquharson Hace 2 días
I love how every bit of a tesla the lucid designer wasn't involved in is worse than the lucid😂😅 You have to push the tech every year.
Rsap Green
Rsap Green Hace 3 días
Edison vs Tesla 2
GermanTopGameTV Hace 3 días
This was the best explanation of wire resistance ever. Not because it was accurate, but because it was hilarious.
Freedom Hace 3 días
Wonderful.I love your educational videos you explain things so well.Keep it up,more,more,more please.
luc1d Hace 3 días
Little Timmy
Little Timmy Hace 3 días
When is his company going public?
Cameron Barrientes
Cameron Barrientes Hace 3 días
Is it me or does the lucid car kinda resemble the 2021 Kia K5 look and with the 2020 Kia Optima body styling...🤔
Amy West
Amy West Hace 4 días
How utterly ironic for a Tesla engineer to be ignored enough to leave and make a better product elsewhere, considering that’s how Tesla became a company named after a smart employee with a superior idea ignored by his boss too long. Ironic also that the engineer they lost also wanted to use higher voltage like the original Tesla was into higher voltage which was said to be more dangerous. The man Tesla could have helped his boss have TWO successful electric products instead of becoming a competitor. Perhaps Elon was too distracted to prevent history from repeating himself as Elon was busy cheating on his wife & abandoning her & giving up being a daily father to their children. When will our society realize that children do best on average when both parents live with them and love each other for life? Family breakups are THE reason so many people vote for Socialism/Communism in the USA lately.
bloodaxe Hace 4 días
Yawn, no much pretentious engineering terminology. Not worth watching unless you are an MIT graduate engineer
R3bel02 Hace 4 días
I want the "wider band gap" and all that stuff video!
Supine Protoplasmic Invertibrate jelly
Supine Protoplasmic Invertibrate jelly Hace 4 días
Mo' cooling = Mo' Powa baby
Benson Tsui
Benson Tsui Hace 4 días
Very true 85 percent mechanical engineers designing the package I assume packaging, power providing, cooling, chassis rigidity
lone wolf Bose
lone wolf Bose Hace 4 días
u gayyyy
ram daddy
ram daddy Hace 4 días
You turned amazing bud
Trent Dan
Trent Dan Hace 4 días
Great video. Lucid is an awesome looking bit of gear with amazing engineering
dojomojomofo Hace 5 días
This isn't my forte, but I do have a nerdy interest in batteries… Correct me if I'm wrong, but with an equal number of cells, wouldn't a high current system be much more robust to failure if not safer? I can imagine if the battery management system on a Tesla detected some failing cells, it might take a bank of parallel cells offline, with a small impact on range, but probably ample current to keep operating. If a comparable higher voltage system had some cell failures, it may have to take a higher number of cells offline, since they're going to be wired in a longer series, and it may also be more crucial that they are taken offline promptly because the high voltage would give them a higher risk of catastrophic failure, such as fire or explosion?
John J
John J Hace 5 días
Wouldn’t a dc motor be more efficient than an ac motor, before even converting the direct current from the battery for the ac motor?
John J
John J Hace 2 días
@GamingSpec offensive I'm not sure how this answers my question, I understand how its converted, I'm not sure why that's mentioned especially considering I said before its converted.
GamingSpec offensive
GamingSpec offensive Hace 2 días
No, we can drive ac motors with dc via power inverters. We use PWM to create a fake ac signwave. This is the most efficient method especially for a variety of rpms. AC motors are best when the rpms are near the frequency giving it a very limited rev range without the PWM principle. TL:DR - ac driven by inverter with it's PWM principle.
brian patrick
brian patrick Hace 5 días
The first company that sells a drop in motor like Chevy crate motors - will be a huge hit. People love to swap ev
Jarl 1
Jarl 1 Hace 5 días
sponserd by teslalabs. lol
M Maclemon
M Maclemon Hace 5 días
This has been the single greatest explanation I've ever watched. keep up the great videos Jeremiah!
Chris Hax
Chris Hax Hace 5 días
Im from Florida but I get the feeling that this guy is popular among guys from Jersey and or Boston. People that do alot of talking while offering little more than "cool guy" nonsense, BS and bluster.
E̶a̶s̶t̶e̶r̶n̶ ̶ ̶R̶o̶a̶d̶s̶ R
E̶a̶s̶t̶e̶r̶n̶ ̶ ̶R̶o̶a̶d̶s̶ R Hace 5 días
swish1onu Hace 5 días
Well, it has a longer range because it has a larger battery.. the things a tank.. has nothing to do with some technological advancement... As far as electronics and powertrain, its a GIVEN that it would have to be different from frim anything Tesla is doing. Like Elon was saying.. building a concept vehicle is the EASY part... scaling up and mass producing those vehicles in 1000X harder. NO ONE is close to Tesla..
Aran Kumar
Aran Kumar Hace 5 días
Easy to talk trash, but we will talk about all this when it's available for the public!!!!
Danny Bell
Danny Bell Hace 5 días
I like that he is an engineer and actually understands what he his talking about and isn't just a greasy knux boy like me
Magnetic Fishing Madness
Magnetic Fishing Madness Hace 5 días
14:08 thank you for that :)
cbj324jkl234jk234 Hace 5 días
Lucid motors: "our car gets 517 miles per charge, way better than Tesla" People: "I'm ready to buy, is it available?" Lucid motors: "no" People: "will it be available soon?" Lucid motors: "no"
tmmsplace Hace 5 días
If Tesla body work and construction wasn’t so garbage, I would side with Elan Musk
David Davis
David Davis Hace 5 días
Holy cow get rid of the info graphics team and the writers
Blake Johnson
Blake Johnson Hace 5 días
Elon says he wants competition in the EV market but has no problem publicly bad mouthing them without provocation.
corrion1 Hace 5 días
unfortunately its all in the name recognition where you here Lucid no one knows what it is but when you here Tesla everyone knows what it is
Ray Bonsignore
Ray Bonsignore Hace 5 días
ltdorn Hace 6 días
while i like the idea of HV batteries, were are all those HV chargers?
artcamp7 Hace 6 días
Why can't anyone take down Tesla?
Kody McMullen
Kody McMullen Hace 6 días
That fishnet shirt tho. I need behind the scenes for this episode lmao.
Roger RR
Roger RR Hace 6 días
So much adds... annoying... unsubscribe
The Real Papa Jon
The Real Papa Jon Hace 6 días
That juvenile back that ass up though lmfaoooo
LoveAndBaconBrian Hace 6 días
Excellent education! Thank you!
Skin Is delicious
Skin Is delicious Hace 6 días
Its actually really good for the consumer that these two are competing. Itll lead to better vehicles at better prices for the consumer allowing for the industry to more quickly move towards EV tech. Tesla needed lucid to do this because lets face it, the other companies simply cannot compete like Lucid clearly can.
M equals 13
M equals 13 Hace 6 días
Ok you're Daniel Toshs brother right?
Taylor Moats
Taylor Moats Hace 6 días
Thanks for the giving the engineers some light here Donut!
timtommersen Hace 6 días
Chop my arms off
andrewdini panda
andrewdini panda Hace 6 días
well shit, car crashes are going to Also involve almost 1kv now? might prefer fuel fire lol
Cambesa Hace 6 días
hahaha this is beautiful
lchpdmq Hace 6 días
Not going to be easy to face tesla but have to admire the effort
G8M8N8 Hace 6 días
Gotten love that boomer thumbnail with the red undertones to subconsciously make the viewer biased
Murda Hace 6 días
It’s amazing how far donut has come
Vinodchavan Chavan
Vinodchavan Chavan Hace 7 días
Doing buiseness is good but doing buiseness to make somebody to push to shame is there own failure,lol lucid air ,get ready for handful of push backs.
Joseph Gold
Joseph Gold Hace 7 días
Oh how they get the info stealing
Joseph Gold
Joseph Gold Hace 7 días
Oh ho they get the info stealing
R JC Hace 7 días
Praise be to Nikola Tesla for AC and may Thomas Edison burn like the poor Elephant he had electrocuted to ruin Nikola.
Mikhael Reed
Mikhael Reed Hace 7 días
Defcon nerd stage3 please
432 369
432 369 Hace 7 días
Mpkh.. or whatever. Isn't a big concern. Are these safe in an accident? Underwater? What if a responder cuts the wrong wire to get someone out if this insanely high voltage car? Are you going to allow shops to open to work on your cars or be like Tesla and sue people and prevent them from buying parts? And also taking months to get you car fixed?
WirableCrown Hace 7 días
Oh cool another electric car I will never be able to afford.... I mean it's really really cool and awesome but it's like never gonna happen for me.
Moses Ramirez
Moses Ramirez Hace 7 días
Dammm you would also be good for snl 😂😂😂 that intro
Ben LaFave
Ben LaFave Hace 7 días
"That is exactly what is happening in that wire" LOL I literally listened to 'back dat azz up' earlier today
RenegadeOfFunk Hace 7 días
This is probably the best video you've made to date. You took some complicated topics and made them super understandable with excellent graphics and descriptions. Thanks!
ClockworkGriffin Hace 7 días
When did Bumper2Bumper become Science Garage and what happened to that Vince guy?
D1 T
D1 T Hace 7 días
No, Lucid didn't push the technology...Elon Musks did!!
Joshua Richards
Joshua Richards Hace 7 días
I mean. To be fair, those WOULD be the things that set them apart from Tesla, if the dude had no experience contributing to those things when he was with Tesla... logically.
michael Hace 7 días
yawn. as if i care. but describe it like wine. what does elon musk's ass taste like? such a bore! we should all live on mars.
Skvora Limited Media
Skvora Limited Media Hace 7 días
When these things don't cost 69k is when it'll be better for us.
No No
No No Hace 7 días
Tesla Model 3 is using permanent magnet design as well, yet was at market in 2018, 3 years ago.
Michael W.
Michael W. Hace 7 días
donkey eats the carrot and goes full sprint? woah, sweeeet.
Max Guyd
Max Guyd Hace 8 días
say what u say. But looser always pretend that it was their idea that made the successful people successful. Elon was there first.
Carlos Gonzalez
Carlos Gonzalez Hace 8 días
Go deep!
Patrick Caresosa
Patrick Caresosa Hace 8 días
You will buy Tesla for the autopilot though.
Michael Cleary
Michael Cleary Hace 8 días
Alllllmooost better than top gear haha
Boomatic Hace 8 días
this car will only take a tiny amount of the market. they won't be able to produce enough
Edgar Friendly
Edgar Friendly Hace 8 días
I was starting to get irked when you called copper atoms ions, right until I realized that technically they are due to "hole" propagation, even if temporarily.
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