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The Suzuki Samurai (Jimny) was a compact off-roader with a BIG 4x4 punch! What kicked off as one of the most revolutionary all-terrain vehicles, even outselling the Jeep Wrangler two to one in 1987, ended with an unbelievable fraudulent crash lawsuit that killed Suzuki's automotive American dreams. Sharpen your katanas because host James Pumphrey is about to take a stab at one of Suzuki's greatest creations.
►Episode Chapters:
00:00 Introduction
06:23 American Samurai Warrior
10:35 Suzuki Motor Corp Vs. The Consumer Union
15:24 The Last Samurai
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airgearmaster123 Hace 2 horas
Theres a shit ton of those in Puerto Rico!
mr Gundersen
mr Gundersen Hace 3 horas
I had two sj410s they are briliant in terraine, togheter with lada niva they are wery underestimated...they migth not be as unstable as they said, but especialy the metalroof one could be tricky .. I had some scary moments.. Downhill in a curve with bomps in the road, it would ride on the inner front weel and lift the outer backweel and because its so short it would try to turn... Spookie in 80 km with traffic around you...
bnikanor Hace 4 horas
Come to indonesia. We called it suzuki jimny or katana. Good little car, not easily overturned. The new one is even better
Gman Channel
Gman Channel Hace 4 horas
1.5 diesel lasts a long time. What else do we want?
Mars Alseides
Mars Alseides Hace 5 horas
I like your channel its got interesting facts on it but in this case your dead ass wrong they will roll and at 20 mph I personally know this my before you put out a video like this and say something is good or big money brought something down look back to old local style news reports for Maryland im sure u will find my mother on TV talking about her experience with the samurai she bought and b4 you go nuts saying that mabey this was a case of she wasn't a good driver or anything of the sort you would be wrong she bought one and in our local neighborhood dam near rolled it on a turn at 20 mph and b4 u think this is bs the speed limit on the rd is 25 mph and has one turn my s-10 even to this day gets a bit of body roll on this turn and I have 10"s of road clearance and a samurai has a bit more needless to say she sold it off b4 consumer reports made there little stand against it so so fact check more in the future
Bikeman Hace 5 horas
they did the same hatchet job on the isuzu Trooper which was one of the finest suv's ever
Jrytsray iyuk77
Jrytsray iyuk77 Hace 6 horas
"This is what happened when the media is too much power".,.. sounds like what Donald trump said is true. FAKE NEWS IS DANGEROUS
Chaman Kudmarbettu
Chaman Kudmarbettu Hace 6 horas
India got the gypsy badge and the same 1.3 liter engine in the beginning and then a fuel injected one. Sold till 2019 till crash norms were adopted 😂.
Chaman Kudmarbettu
Chaman Kudmarbettu Hace 6 horas
India is gonna get the Jimny or supposed to get after the gypsy which was sold and has become an icon.
Mior Khairi
Mior Khairi Hace 7 horas
the US are missing out on so many things now
David W.
David W. Hace 8 horas
And just like that....I’ll never buy or look at Consumer Reports again
vicky fazlurrahman
vicky fazlurrahman Hace 10 horas
I wonder whether this is really about fake news or there are bigger things behind, international trade for example, export or import decision, or local about competition with local manufacturer
nimay13 Hace 14 horas
I know real off roaders would always prefer lighter 4x4, Jimny included. The other would be Land Rover "Shorty".
Luis Hernandez
Luis Hernandez Hace 15 horas
Before this video Jimmys and Samurais on gregslist $999 after this video Classic Jimmy Samurai Rare $8500
kumar pillay
kumar pillay Hace 21 un hora
theres a website that has Every Suzuki Samurai,Sidekick,Geo Etc etc that has clips of movies that suzuki's have been in lol
odd petrichor
odd petrichor Hace 22 horas
Wolverines are outlawed in the US??? Bummer!
Pramienjager Hace 22 horas
Well, I know what I am buying when I get to move to my mountain I am buying in Viet Nam!
Jason Anderson
Jason Anderson Hace 22 horas
Sucks that that happened. it was a cool little kit.
pranav moudgalya
pranav moudgalya Hace 22 horas
Suzuki has come up with some stupid cars though Eg: spresso
Adirondack American
Adirondack American Hace un día
Oh yeah and the only time my samurai was on its side was when me and two buddies grabbed it on one side and flipped it. It seemed the easiest way to replace the clutch, it was. We flopped it back on all fours and drove it.
Adirondack American
Adirondack American Hace un día
Samurai was the coolest little 4x ever made. I run a 94 D1 Discovery, but am looking at getting another Sammy.
WannaBe Hace un día
Haha; poozy 'capitalists' started losing their motor war and got rid of their competition.
John Harris
John Harris Hace un día
Remember when NBC put an incendiary device under a Chevy Truck to make it explode.
Zemmel Tuning
Zemmel Tuning Hace un día
What a BS!!! 2nd Generation is still on the Streets in Germany and loved for his abilitys!!! Then think about TÜV and other german Organisations.... Consumer reports are maybe a "non-Profit-Organisation" but i would bet they take Cash from various amercian Companies... I think we have to sue Russia cause they steal the AK design from the StG....NOT! What a Mess!! And btw: the did the Test on Hitlers birthday!!! Well thought.... And Texas allows Live Tanks....what kind of Idiots??!?
mp4rabbit Hace un día
I have my 98 sidekick and still loving it, but a friend has a Jimny, and the said he could park in a nail hahahahah, very capable cars are
JR303 Hace un día
I want one!!! The only option we have is a Jeep Renegade but they are over priced.
Hyper Sarcastic Avocado
Hyper Sarcastic Avocado Hace 2 días
Its exactly what Ford did to poop on Toyota in the like 2010 when people made up the brake issue because no one wanted crap American cars at the time
idiotburns Hace 2 días
I pay for premium youtube and you stuff the video with ads, horrible, just horrible
Sultan kuto
Sultan kuto Hace 2 días
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂how you described the "masive" 25hp savage
francis chow
francis chow Hace 2 días
News being fake, oh come on, that's just a conspiracy theory!
Andy B
Andy B Hace 2 días
Wow I’m cancelling my subscription to consumer reports
Alex Anto
Alex Anto Hace 2 días
ജിപ്സി ഉയിർ, ജെയിംസ്
Marcos Torrani
Marcos Torrani Hace 2 días
They gave it a Doug score!
Richard Agent
Richard Agent Hace 2 días
And a Jeep Wrangler doesn't tip over? Still if a jeep tips over there's a possibility you'll live. If it's a head on you WILL die.
core sung
core sung Hace 2 días
were i live i sometimes see Suzuki Jimmny
Ethan Millar
Ethan Millar Hace 2 días
next year in Australia there will be a 4 door jimny and there might be a ute jimny
Dennis Skinner
Dennis Skinner Hace 2 días
We had a Samurai and flipped it 6 different times by several family members. It wasn't a Samurai it was a sidekick..
Bob Hace 2 días
I had an sj410 when I lived in st Thomas usvi. It flipped over going 25 mph. It was fun but incredibly dangerous! It was banned in america for good reasons
Gord Hace 2 días
Interesting video. I believe this sort of thing happens a lot where journalists are paid to rubbish a product by competitors - but it is on another level when a safety organisation does the same! I've long had the opinion that I should use my own judgement about things, there is just too much misinformation and down right lies in the media.
Riley Kitchen
Riley Kitchen Hace 2 días
LS swap it
SerMela Carmela and Serwin
SerMela Carmela and Serwin Hace 3 días
Philippines baby. 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭
Abdulaziz Luqman
Abdulaziz Luqman Hace 3 días
Wait it was JimNy not JimMy all along? What the heck, i guess because u have GMC with a Jimmy already, but what the heck, the name jimmy suits a K car rather than an american 'small' jeep
Juice Rossi
Juice Rossi Hace 3 días
Adore my 2010 Jimny in Aus. The engine noise at 100kmph is far more dangerous than the chance to roll over.
G200Sleepr Hace 3 días
Footnote: the latest generation Jimny is also sold in Aus. Great little cars
Michael Saxonson
Michael Saxonson Hace 3 días
SUVs roll over more often? Hmm, maybe it's because people drive them off road more often.
Aayush Sapra
Aayush Sapra Hace 4 días
If that was a bad vehicle why does the Indian army have 35000 suzuki gypsy in the fleet, also used in hills,its a capable machine And that story is stupid crazy
Malone Dick
Malone Dick Hace 4 días
These things were awesome, I have had 2 of these so far... want #3. They're are tough and easy to fix
Michelangelo Boldri
Michelangelo Boldri Hace 4 días
You should do one about how fake ( “ unreliable “ ) news affect Alfa Romeo since late 80s up to now even though the cars are just fine....
Theldras Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis
Theldras Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis Hace 4 días
and this is why fake news should be *SERIOUSLY* punished with life crippling fines and prison. they should have been forced to cover *ALL* of Suzuki's losses.
MyLonewolf25 Hace 4 días
So TLDR it got Nadered like the corvair
Magnus Atheos
Magnus Atheos Hace 4 días
That rolled Suzuki looked like it had a raised suspension. No doubt it rolled if that was the case. Shouldn't have counted. Consumer Reports have always been biased. Usually against domestic products, but this time apparently against a Japanese product.
Magnus Atheos
Magnus Atheos Hace 4 días
I wish we could still buy a vehicle like this and without all the garbage technology we have no choice in tolerating in vehicles today.
Nuxxy Hace 4 días
Until this video i've never seen a 4th gen Jimny and im kinda disappointed in how much it resembles the new Bronco lol
Sener Zen
Sener Zen Hace 4 días
No doubt those fake news articles were paid for by the US competition.
Jason Hace 4 días
Bring back the Jimmy to USA, No one reads consumer report anymore.
urmamasllama Hace 4 días
I learned to drive on an '89 sidekick. I miss those things.
J Lai
J Lai Hace 4 días
IT must be that American auto makers behind consumer reports I'm telling you , the truth is not that simple, free market and fair play? No fx way.
Paul Standaert
Paul Standaert Hace 5 días
It just goes to show that you should never take what you hear on the news or from magazines at face value. I remember 1990 Motor Trend "Truck of the year." It was the Ford Aerostar. Which turned out to be one of the biggest pieces of poo to ever hit the road.
John Vlahos
John Vlahos Hace 5 días
Ahh .. US and its FrEe MaRkEt EcOnOmY
Tyler Oh
Tyler Oh Hace 5 días
Wow....America lost out on a badass car.
PETER KEANE Hace 5 días
I've driven Jimnys for over 17 years and they have NEVER let me down. I'm on my second now and was hoping to upgrade to a 2020 model,only to be devastated when they were banned in the U.K. due to excess emissions! My only Salvation being the rumours of a Two Seater 'Commercial' Utility Truck.losing the two rear Seats. Not that I would miss these,I seldom had mine down preferring the use of the surprisingly useful rear area! The loads I have managed to Cram into this have been very impressive! From 6ft Plus 'Weedwhackers' to Bags of Compost or pre mixed Concete! While they may not offer ' Limo' levels of comfort they are Comfortable enough and will run along at 65 to 70mph and still give good Gas mileage! Mine have been 'Specials' so have more than enough 'Bells and Whistles' and the very nice 2020 Models looked to be Outstanding, These really are exceptional Vehicles,Ive never heard a Word said against them from actual Owners,only Snooty Motoring 'Critics' who are paid to moan anyway! They are not without some problems though,one of which is Corrosion especially in the rear where the Floor bed covers the rear wheels and moisture can become trapped over time (so its always worth lifting the rear seats to check and where the Jack is stored.Caught in time a dab or two of Rust Cure will usually resolve this. They hold their price very well in the Second hand Sales sector and tend to sell quickly!I know for sure my next Car will be a Jimny,hopefully a New one,as my Grandson has just 'inherited' my current one!(They are also great for Learners) as they have excellent all round vision and are very nimble,while still being able to go anywhere!
PotatoPlayer Made in China.
PotatoPlayer Made in China. Hace 5 días
Suzuki bezt car ever driven... never breaks and it can go to places where your Ferrari or mercedes can't...🤣
gotindrachenhart Hace 5 días
Isn't that the road up to Mineral King? That'd be a blast to drive a 'vette on!
Common Sense Realist
Common Sense Realist Hace 5 días
I watched the first of those so called safety documentaries done by 20/20 or 60 minutes. First time was on rollover problems with Jeeps. Lots of rollover footage of a Jeep taking a turn. Then the truth came out. The Jeep was weighted on the unseen outboard side “to simulate the weight of rear passengers”. Then it had to be turning at 30+ mph. Some guys from their own recording crew called them out later. They had to perform the turn over 400 times just to get a few rollover videos.
fernando orozco
fernando orozco Hace 5 días
you are also missing swift sport, very nice and cheap pocket rocket!
Paul Suttle
Paul Suttle Hace 5 días
Does anyone else think the newest Jimney looks like the new Ford bronco?
ragtop63 Hace 5 días
Social Media is today's Consumer Reports.
george fridman
george fridman Hace 6 días
As of October 2020 the new model is sold in EMEA , APAC and South America, basically everywhere, but not in US, :) LAMO
rrs Hace 6 días
I'm not convinced that this youtube narrative is totally accurate nor do I believe the demise of the Samurai was based on "fake news." Take a few moments to read a detailed description of this event before jumping to conclusions:,_Inc.
Nachuak Hace 6 días
Me and a few buddies of mine accidentally rolled his Ford Bronco II over on its side when we were four wheeling. We just got out and pushed it back on its wheels. So what?
Nachuak Hace 6 días
I tested a Suzuki Samurai compared to my Toyota 4x4 on the exact same hills and it couldn't perform nearly as well as my Toyota.
Nachuak Hace 6 días
I was always freaked out when I would drive my sister's Samurai because of that sticker on the inside of the door that said it would roll over
John Ossendorf
John Ossendorf Hace 6 días
I'd buy a Jimny. I will never buy anything made by the Fiat Chrysler automobiles ! I'd happily buy a 1940's Power Wagon though.
J C Hace 6 días
I want them to bring back that boxy, basic, cheap little beast. Ah the 80's. When you could buy a brand new Toyota pickup truck for less than $8,000. Miss those days.
Bob1942ful Hace 6 días
Jeeps are over priced crap. 50000 for an overly complicated off road vehicle
Gorj X Marcus
Gorj X Marcus Hace 6 días
How come Europe doesn’t really use pickup trucks?
Hugh Jaass
Hugh Jaass Hace 6 días
I had the rival, Geo Tracker, and I almost rolled it MANY times. Over 20. Never rolled it once. No 💩
Hugh Jaass
Hugh Jaass Hace 6 días
You failed to mention Ice-Cube & Easy E, had Samauri too.
bonob0123 Hace 6 días
the toyota "floormat" scandal was also completely fraudulent
Intelectual Baguette
Intelectual Baguette Hace 7 días
Berliner doesnt mean doughnut in german it just the name of the food
A. Mason
A. Mason Hace 7 días
Ah yes, classic case of American Capitalism
Matty B
Matty B Hace 7 días
If you’re looking for a Suzuki samurai, they are located on Catalina island off the coast of California. Lol
Jg Rsb
Jg Rsb Hace 7 días
US liberal media. Fake news. Don’t trust it.
nicco christian basekal
nicco christian basekal Hace 7 días
I love how you mention indonesia haha
Alex Predoi
Alex Predoi Hace 7 días
Dude, change your way of telling stories. Your jokes - you better don't do them.
ezbesh Hace 7 días
Perhaps this is tangencial but since I came to the US some seventeen years ago I've noticed that most of the public here tend to have blind faith on institutions that are as corrupt as any other equivalent found in third world countries such as the place I was born. To me this is astounding, I can't comprehend how people think that Consumer Reports or government institutions such as the CDC, the FDA or any other alphabet group actually exist for their benefit or that they exist to serve them. You have to be extremely naive to believe these people and this story is just another example of how they work.
Brad Viviviyal
Brad Viviviyal Hace 8 días
you could pop the clutch in a Suzuki Samurai and pop a wheelie
Abderrahmane Dedeche
Abderrahmane Dedeche Hace 8 días
Jimnies sell like crazy in the Middle East and used ones only climb up in price!
Tyler Marshall
Tyler Marshall Hace 8 días
Is it bad that I don't even want the vette in the vid, but that black 86 in the backgrounds 🥴🥴
Jaison Menezes
Jaison Menezes Hace 8 días
Still these tiny bois are used in Indian Army
Gazor Tank
Gazor Tank Hace 8 días
Any way we can get the money worth the Corvette instead of the car? I dont care for the look of it.
max mobile
max mobile Hace 8 días
This is how mainstream media is destroying america, by providing false and misleading information.
max mobile
max mobile Hace 8 días
Knew the reports were fake, that vehicle was on of the greatest , hard to destroy, and lasted. Tired of them ruining product lines with fake media so they can build cars that last only 5 years
Sargonarhes Hace 8 días
Consumer Report is a fraud group, I don't believe a word from that group of criminals.
Evan Johnson
Evan Johnson Hace 8 días
They pulled the same scrap with the Corvair with "unsafe at any speed"
Rubbah Slippahz
Rubbah Slippahz Hace 8 días
Here in Hawaii we love lifted 80's model Toyotas.. But nothing screams status if u didn't own a lifted Samurai
Robin Ford
Robin Ford Hace 8 días
Did the same thing to mercedes A-CLASS, wider wheels to flip the car
Adisura Hace 8 días
"Hrsprs" iv never heard something and felt that i have been missing it for along time. BTW, they had been popular in India specially with the police and armed forces. Kinda have been phased off now.
Space Computer aka Computer From Space
Space Computer aka Computer From Space Hace 9 días
This video is the first I have seen where the dialogue and autogenerated subtitles are lining up.
hodaka1000 Hace 9 días
I knew four or five people who had early Suzuki four wheel drives and they all fell over at some point
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