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Pianos, luxury yachts and sausages are probably not what you think of when you imagine your favorite car brand, but these are just some of the products we’ll be discussing on today’s episode. Some car companies collaborate to create products outside of their wheelhouse, while others were making unexpected products before they even started building cars. Great, now I’m hungry.
WheelHouse answers all the questions about the automotive world you never thought to ask. Nolan Sykes looks at the history, sociology and psychology behind the cars you love, and the features you might overlook.
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Donut Media
Donut Media Hace 4 meses
Here’s a SURPRISING PRODUCT that I actually really like! The MANSCAPED Lawn Mower 3.0 is freakin’ sick,, and if you’re a hairy dude like me I think you’ll like it too. Check it out
A. V.
A. V. Hace 19 días
Where is the luxury barge episode?
broma toast
broma toast Hace 2 meses
Can you guys PLEASE DO JAPANESE DIRT BIKE MANUFACTURERS!? Kawi,honda,Suzuki, yammaha. Kawhi made big ships and robot arms before single cylinder engines for dirt bikes. Dirt bikes have come along way.
Daniel Martin
Daniel Martin Hace 2 meses
“Lamborghini make masks and shields” SHIELDS wonder where those protesters got their shields for the Portland riots
Loyal Dog GD
Loyal Dog GD Hace 2 meses
I once saw a Mitsubishi Air conditioning unit.
Warren decarolis
Warren decarolis Hace 3 meses
@the balling boi haha
Ted Tabaka
Ted Tabaka Hace 3 días
I got me one of these OCZ NIAs. Cool tech, but not reliable. OCZ OCZMSNIA Neural Impulse Actuator -
Todd Hutchings
Todd Hutchings Hace 3 días
What is the background music?
Jackson Laframboise
Jackson Laframboise Hace 4 días
Lol. I got a pencil made by Mitsubishi.
Happier_Doges Hace 5 días
See you all in Toyota City.
Danny Rokstarr
Danny Rokstarr Hace 6 días
15:30 can someone tell me what's the name of the song?
James Miller
James Miller Hace 7 días
The Aston Martin penthouse with the car.
Rooring Nos
Rooring Nos Hace 8 días
70u'11 Di3
70u'11 Di3 Hace 9 días
Yeah, we want the military stuff too
Tyler Murray
Tyler Murray Hace 10 días
Ordering homes from a catalog isn’t anything new the first house I lived in was ordered from a sears catalog and built in 1905
Random Tubist
Random Tubist Hace 12 días
That plate of sausages in the thumbnail looked sorta like that big-lipped fish everyone keeps making a meme of now.
Chris Slingerland
Chris Slingerland Hace 12 días
Instead of a robotic chair, you could just walk your fatass to the bathroom.
Chobbs Hace 12 días
poo-jow? it's purr-show
Mangonator Hace 14 días
ah yes automatic wheel cahir
Jandy Hace 14 días
Nobody: *nothing* Nolan: *poojeau*
Julio Olague
Julio Olague Hace 16 días
yes please
0 Hace 16 días
i want some vw sausage now...
113 Ultimatum
113 Ultimatum Hace 17 días
if l was automaker, l'd totally hop onto gun industry, make a kickass rifle then sell it to militarys around the world and make probably like three times more money lol, remember the days when you bought a chevy and got a winchester rifle? yea that's cool for me fr
Settawat Boriruklert
Settawat Boriruklert Hace 18 días
my brother who is working in food factory said toyota make flour for food factory
Ezzra Moody
Ezzra Moody Hace 18 días
@7:09 tell me why he said that as I’m making pizza rolls😂😂😂
gonzalo salinas
gonzalo salinas Hace 19 días
Nolan you're a boss ass dude appreciate the plug on the manscaper bruh. Life well love life saver
Niko Bella-Khouf
Niko Bella-Khouf Hace 20 días
Ford volunteered to help with Covid, GM had to be coerced into it because they're pieces of 💩 that keep forgetting they wouldn't exist without our bailout money.
Michak Radolinski
Michak Radolinski Hace 21 un día
Nolan for the love of God, wash your hair pls
NRL REX Hace 22 días
I knew about the meaning of the Mercedes logo before I did the BMW logo, which you guys just told me about.
Niko Bella-Khouf
Niko Bella-Khouf Hace 20 días
They're wrong about the BMW logo
Cam Lau
Cam Lau Hace 23 días
Anyone got any aftermarket Volkswagen sausages? My OEM sausage keeps breaking
Neil Zukov
Neil Zukov Hace 24 días
You forgot the Skoda Nuclear Instrumentation for nuclear power plant, and thr Rolls-Royce Neutron detector for nuclear Reactors (in powers plants..)
Matthew Gailey
Matthew Gailey Hace 24 días
What about Autozone's Flux Capacitor
Tuet 64
Tuet 64 Hace 24 días
When you were talking about the golf bag and interior of the Ferrari ff I sat on a poltrona Frau chair.
michael pascua
michael pascua Hace 24 días
I'd like some vw sausage
Patch Gatsby
Patch Gatsby Hace 26 días
I worked on a team that supervised conference rooms at work. Those chairs that go back to their spots could save tons of hours of labor in a big office.
Colt Degenstein
Colt Degenstein Hace 27 días
Mentions the volt as the 1st electric car? What about the GMC EV-1, super ugly but if i recal that was the "beginning of the elextric car era" before they killed it
Alpzepta Hace 27 días
Hyundai = Game Console (Hyundai Comboy) and also Elevator. Also Porsche = laptop
8534964 Hace 28 días
Wouldn't trust anything Nissan built will fall apart
Andre Borges
Andre Borges Hace un mes
Please don’t say Peugeot like that... makes my ears hurts... “pay geot”
Ardian Qusaj
Ardian Qusaj Hace un mes
Please learn how to pronounce Peugeot
kampfmeersau Hace un mes
You can buy the Volkswagen Currywurst in normal supermarkets over here in Germany. Quite expensive.
Imbad Hace un mes
Volkswagen d*ldos
Julius Wening
Julius Wening Hace un mes
I actually ate the volkwagen sausage i live in Germany and we Went to the vw dealership and bought the new Toureg
Nathan Oberlander
Nathan Oberlander Hace un mes
I work in Ohio for a juice company, that until last year, was owned by Toyota.
Alexander Schmidt
Alexander Schmidt Hace un mes
Carwows description of the VW Golf as a bland white pork sausage is even more relevant now. I wonder if Seat is producing chorizos
Turbro YT
Turbro YT Hace un mes
Holden started as a Saddle making company in 1856 and entered into the Automotive industry in 1917
Adam Heusman
Adam Heusman Hace un mes
Lamborghini be making masks for money doe 😷
Aïdoxo Hace un mes
Europe: Peugeot America: POUGEOT
Basically Not homeless
Basically Not homeless Hace un mes
kajfix Hace un mes
im disapointed there were nothing about skodas locomotives... maybe they will be separate vid about it in future ? who knows
Lewis _
Lewis _ Hace un mes
The VW Bratwurst is the best, am from Wolfsburg myself can confirm
Yamaha: *PATHETIC*
Joseph Maille
Joseph Maille Hace un mes
Lamborghini did a boat
oof oof
oof oof Hace un mes
why do vw sausages exist???
Rayden Richter
Rayden Richter Hace un mes
Okay but where can I get one if those Lamborghini face masks? 👀
Zepp Hace un mes
I'm sorry.... WHAT!? How the hell did you pronounce Peugeot?
MiWa10 Hace un mes
Anyone else think the sausage next to the Golf looked like the pufferfish meme?
Henning Reichenbach
Henning Reichenbach Hace un mes
Porsche made the underground trains in my city (oslo)
FlatFace FBS
FlatFace FBS Hace un mes
Porsche also made kitchen knives
ExtremeRacer 879
ExtremeRacer 879 Hace un mes
In 1938... vw: let's start making *sosig*
Ricky tran
Ricky tran Hace un mes
thought it was click bait when it showed volkswagen and sausages.
zfgkjbkj Hace un mes
At 2:10 you misspelled Porsche and the brands should all be capitalized
kaden mills
kaden mills Hace un mes
Pugo 😂 it’s (“ per- ge- oh”)
Chris Minneman
Chris Minneman Hace un mes
lil homie kirobo looking fire
Robert walley
Robert walley Hace un mes
In the Army I was stationed in Wurtzburg Germany, I could have eaten them.
asmir allimuddin
asmir allimuddin Hace un mes
You miss something that Mercedes-Benz make is perfume
Trainzguy2472 Hace un mes
A lot of car companies made/still make trains. GM owned EMD, a major locomotive manufacturer that's now owned by Caterpillar. Hyundai, Mitsubishi, and Fiat all make railway passenger cars. Also, you forgot to mention the Ferrari/Acer laptop.
Eric Powell
Eric Powell Hace un mes
I would love to see a video similar for military vehicles!
The Craft Dude
The Craft Dude Hace un mes
...sorry I can’t take how you are pronouncing every brands name correctly.. but Peugeot? You are the first person I have ever heard pronounce it as “pujoe”
not purnhub
not purnhub Hace un mes
I didn't expect to hear someone say "mama mia I want to fuck my golf bag" at 6am but here we are i guess
100,000 Subscribers With 1 Video[̲̅$̲̅(̲̅5̲̅)̲̅$̲̅]
100,000 Subscribers With 1 Video[̲̅$̲̅(̲̅5̲̅)̲̅$̲̅] Hace un mes
crazy who would have known that sausages are easier to sell than cars...
Alfathino Fajrian
Alfathino Fajrian Hace un mes
Nolan : Then again, Musk also named his kid whatever this is... Me : Ex Ash A Twelve or Ex Aye Ai
Ilham Hace un mes
talk about side hustle
Adam K
Adam K Hace un mes
Vdub glizzy
HighschoolDxD67 Hace un mes
The Hondajet
Adam K
Adam K Hace un mes
Does it have VTEC?
Rain Games
Rain Games Hace un mes
Rain Games
Rain Games Hace un mes
MOON FAM Hace un mes
BMW makes motorcycles and mountain bikes
xombi Hace un mes
11:43 it’s actually a reference to the Bavarian flag, the whole propellor thing was just marketing.
Ghost Attack
Ghost Attack Hace un mes
I could have sworn asimo was a Nissan designed robot...
Layton Trotter
Layton Trotter Hace un mes
Dennis Hace un mes
Bmws logo is actually the bavarian flag, the prop is just a myth^^
chaton roux
chaton roux Hace un mes
hey!......why donut media?
Paul M. Martinez
Paul M. Martinez Hace un mes
I think it’s awesome how all those car manufacturers are coming together to help everyone fight the virus. This makes me proud as a member of the car community
Nick Hace un mes
Talk about the Mitsubishi zero!
Nick Amarit
Nick Amarit Hace un mes
BMW logo is NOT a propeller!!!
Rolls-Royce Cullinan
Rolls-Royce Cullinan Hace un mes
X - Æ-12
cutehursty Hace un mes
vee dub glizzy
faelela Hace un mes
Ay pilot here fun fact Tesla makes our batteries
Jeramy Breckles
Jeramy Breckles Hace un mes
Did anyone see the LGR video about the Ferrari Acer laptop?
Ragged Lion
Ragged Lion Hace un mes
Poogeot? It’s said pur-geot by most Nolan you weirdo
KamiCrit Hace un mes
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries anyone??
Brendan Harding
Brendan Harding Hace un mes
Love that you put Born Of Osiris in the video. One if my favorite bands!
Sean Precht
Sean Precht Hace un mes
How I get a lamborghini mask
Sneaky Jay
Sneaky Jay Hace un mes
would be nice to see all the war machines every car company made :)
Luuk jonas Schols
Luuk jonas Schols Hace un mes
vw glizzy
James Hace un mes
The thrash robots 😂
Der RoteKoyote
Der RoteKoyote Hace un mes
2:10 Porches is in Portugal mean PORSCHE
AutoTalk Hace un mes
Ford is also producing masks.
Pat Bruno
Pat Bruno Hace un mes
Bob Bobson
Bob Bobson Hace un mes
Make the video about the WWII vehicles, I wanna see you explain the freaking Daimler-Benz DB601 upside-down 33.9L V12
Moukarimies Hace un mes
Nah, the two bottom arrows of the mercedes logo point to the locations where to attach the tow hooks
varad chinchwadkar
varad chinchwadkar Hace un mes
Me wondering where the fack is tata
Nolan Butler
Nolan Butler Hace un mes
I have a Mitsubishi vhs player
prune eater
prune eater Hace un mes
what.... what are the sticks???? are they. are they veins???
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