Subaru's NEW Boxer Engine - The Science EXPLAINED

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Hace 3 meses

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The Subaru WRX STI is getting a new engine in 2022 and its the engine out of an SUV? how can this 260hp FA24 from the Ascent become the 400hp busier of a boxer that will power the new JDM Rally bred beast? We break this block down to its basic parts and explain just how Subaru is gonna get more horsepower than they’ve ever given the STI out of this new platform. so stop in for an inside look at Subaru’s new FA24 Engine.

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Donut Media
Donut Media Hace 3 meses
What are your thoughts on the switch to the FA24? Should they put it in the BRZ?
Dab King
Dab King Hace 25 días
They should scrap the brz and make a new engine.
TitusGarret14 Hace un mes
Stephen Moore they already have a DIT with the current WRX and I haven’t seen many people having problems with rings
Shannon Glanville
Shannon Glanville Hace un mes
Amazing presentation! Loved you and all the graphics! I learned a lot!
Cafe Racer
Cafe Racer Hace un mes
@NSX 55 not for long
Noah Wilson
Noah Wilson Hace 2 meses
as long as the head gaskets dont mess up i'll be happy
ReelNewwt Hace 17 horas
But what’s it sound like
Subarno Sinha
Subarno Sinha Hace 22 horas
An often made mistake is to consider Boxer and flat engines one and the same, when they aren't actually. In a flat engine (not a boxer), a pairs of pistons share a crankpin. In a true boxer engine, every piston has its own crankpin. The result of the boxer motor’s use of individual crankpins is that the pistons on either side move opposite one another, which helps to cancel out engine vibration. The back-and-forth motion of the pistons resembles the punches of a boxer, which is where the engine gets its name.
Young Drew's Production
Young Drew's Production Hace un día
This guy looks like Scotty Kilmer’s son
SkinnierSteve Hace 2 días
I really hope they somehow find a way to keep UEL headers for the new STI's, because that sweet subie rumble is the best car sound to ever exist imo. There's no other sound like it. If the new ones don't have it, I'll stick to old ones.
Zeus Ores
Zeus Ores Hace 4 días
can the the new 86 have a turbo with this engine pls? 🥺
Brian Hawk
Brian Hawk Hace 4 días
They can fix the rear wheel bearings, I'm not getting another one. F this
jomax clux
jomax clux Hace 4 días
I can't help but think that this is the twilight of the ICE. By the time this one releases, the electric motor would have surpassed it.
Gear 8883
Gear 8883 Hace 4 días
No more classic subie rumble?? 🥺 Ah, things we do for...MO POWAH BABEH!
Stephen Lewis
Stephen Lewis Hace 4 días
Looking forward to getting one of these in Europe, oh wait they're putting speed limiters in cars in 2022 nvm
Nikko Hace 5 días
Aslong as the engine is around the same size as the one it's all good, cuz I'll definitely just take the new engine and put inside a 06 sti instead 😂
Frost Hace 5 días
The base models will still receive an upgrade, right?
pablo rages
pablo rages Hace 6 días
Doesn't everyone want free flowing head !
MrMeoow91 Hace 6 días
Toyota always knows how to make engines more reliable.
December Hace 6 días
Cool a new design on the sti aye lol I’m still gonna do up my 02 wrx till I can afford a r33
Troy V
Troy V Hace 6 días
Boxer engines are actually flawed, ask any honest mechanic. Boxer engines generally have gasket leaks at 30K miles. GDI engines have excessive carbon buildup at 10K miles. This is the worst combination of engine designs. A new way to do planned obselesence.
Angel Pabon
Angel Pabon Hace 7 días
It's a very detailed video. Im a subaru fan with a 2013 wrx pumpkin limited edition. I like both the EJ and the FA, but another area that we need to look is the offset of the connecting rod. While the ones on the EJ are dead top center, the one in the FA sit in an angle. That puts pressure on a single area of the connecting rod. If you put both connecting rod next to each other, you can see the difference. Other than that everything else is great.
K03sport Hace 7 días
no offense man, but I had to put on the captions to more or less understand what you were saying. I could mostly understand what you were saying, but you were saying it so fast, a lot of the words ran together.... 0.75x speed was too slow, so I used kept it at normal speed and just turned on captions. I normally watch stuff at 1.25x to get through the babble more quickly, but not this time. Nothing wrong with Subaru changing the motor in their "flagship" car as it way overdue. With as many issues the EJ (EJ25) had, I'm surprised it lasted this long. At least the FA24DIT got seat time in the Ascent so some of the minor hick-ups could be worked out; however, only time will tell how the extra power affects the engine.
Nikil Naveel Chand
Nikil Naveel Chand Hace 7 días
Explain about toyota sai 2010 engine
Bradly Sullivan
Bradly Sullivan Hace 7 días
Sick Wolverine snap back bro
Larry Ganz
Larry Ganz Hace 7 días
Just bought my wife an Ascent today - will she notice if I swap in my WRX FA20 in order to put her FA24 into my WRX LTD 6-speed? #savethestick
blacsdad Hace 8 días
It's great that they have a new engine but I still won't buy any of their vehicles if they still are using the same crappy CVT transmission with no low range.
damagi123 Hace 9 días
So many ads on this video it was impossible to watch. Plus you guys got to get rid of those keeps ads.
Crikey Crikeys
Crikey Crikeys Hace 10 días
Where do I get a 500 hp crosstrek?
DorGreen1 Hace 11 días
The 2022 STI looks like the GTA version of the Civic R
Bob Saget
Bob Saget Hace 11 días
Same unreliable boxer lol
Mashaw Tucker
Mashaw Tucker Hace 11 días
I love wen he dose bumper to bumper
James Crawford
James Crawford Hace 12 días
You run too many ads, including your own up-front built-in ad. Also, you come across kind of “clownish” by changing your t-shirts & hats during the video...again too much ad man, to be taken seriously for information content.
Three-legged Crow
Three-legged Crow Hace 12 días
Put it in a forester. Give us a manual option.
Shawn Warnick
Shawn Warnick Hace 12 días
Jeez, how are they gonna squeeze a whole 140hp out of that engine? Im assuming bigger intake, bigger fuel system, higher boost and premium fuel but i wonder how the internals wont nuke. It is a rather large displacement 4 cylinder. I would worry about the crankshaft handling 400hp
mackgen Hace 13 días
Did you ever have a STI
zero Hace 13 días
400hp comon now they can do better then that. Sigh smh 😒
dhtsoaeds dhtnadi
dhtsoaeds dhtnadi Hace 13 días
i just want a flat-6 diesel. dfi is a non-issue at cold-start on a diesel given you have glow plugs to preheat the chamber. more power for displacement (i'm a hauler not a sprinter). heavier parts last longer. etc. and oc a boxer doesn't have the balancing issues of a v or il.
Omar Y
Omar Y Hace 16 días
anyone else realize at the end of the video he gets cut off
HDRhee Hace 16 días
Sorry to be nitpicky, but is it 400 hp to the wheels or at the crank? If it's to the wheels that's way more than 90 more than the current STi.
Unboxing Jobs
Unboxing Jobs Hace 17 días
My kind of science 😜
DoriftoNoob Hace 18 días
>The Subaru FA engine is a gasoline boxer-4 engine >it might not be a boxer engine.. it's an FA24 what
HunterXray Hace 19 días
But will it sport a manual transmission?
Free Speech
Free Speech Hace 20 días
If you VALUE your money NEVER BUY ANY SUBARU! We own a Subaru high end model, nothing but trouble, it was NEVER used for pulling or off road or abused! Planned engineering with major defects and MAJOR cost repairs: HEAD GASKET blowups (1 ply head gasket), GAS FILTER located in gas tank (who does that?), FROZEN front differential dipstick (Why This is Happening?), ENGINE oil consumption (Subaru decided to make the tolerance of the engine parts to lower fuel economy, yes check it out) nightmares with SOYA BASED wire harness that rodents love to chew and eat (WE have to put Mothballs and Dryer Sheets all the time to prevent another electrical failure), JERKY transmission, CHEAP bad design SEATS that will hurt you, DEFECTIVE, dangerous STEERING Column defect from the company, they EVEN put the WATER PUMP in the ENGINE (even need to replace timing chain and sprockets when replace the water pump), SPARKPLUGS removal nightmares, SQUEAKY and CLUNK noises… if you don’t believe me read blogs, read comments of other REAL LIFE owners nightmares with SUBARU! Fortunately we don’t have the CVT transmission!!! Check also CLASS- ACTION LAWSUITS, and ALL the RECALLS! If that is not enough read Subaru recalling 500,000 vehicles for defective airbags, AGAIN or car shutting down while driving, or steering column failure while driving and much more…Let me just state that there are plenty of real life owners data and other data that backs up everything. These are not subjective comments, I remain objective and discussed the drawbacks of buying a SUBARU. Second, we do own a Subaru and will kept me from buying another one. Before taking anything personally, step back and remind yourself that you can check all these information’s yourself and be wiser before buying a new vehicle one day!
Daniyar Suleimenov
Daniyar Suleimenov Hace 21 un día
Me want this. Guess I should start saving lunch money.
Tetsuya Nomura
Tetsuya Nomura Hace 24 días
you kinda look like tom brady but with more charisma
Kellen Morse
Kellen Morse Hace 24 días
first of all, the new fa24 isnt making 400 wheel. its making 400 CRANK. an EJ257 STI with stock turbo, bigger injectors, fuel pump, stock turbo, can easily make 400 at the crank. which equates to something like 300-340 wheel.
Anthony Krieger
Anthony Krieger Hace 26 días
The port injector is used to clean oil and carbon off the valve on startup. It's to avoid dropping a valve from carbon build up. It also lets you avoid incredibly expensive periodic maintenance for walnut blasting or fuel treatments. We get to have the advantage of adding cheap port injectors for performance applications instead of expensive direct injectors, but it's originally for reliability.
Myron Wessinger
Myron Wessinger Hace 26 días
If you are considering purchasing a new or used”oil consumption problem Subaru “...From 2012 and up various models have this problem. There was a class action lawsuit concerning this. Some owners reported the problem within a month of purchase....buyer beware.
DaBombDotCom77 Hace 27 días
Now u got me excited for the FA24 gonna miss the EJ207 and EJ257 tho
Robert Ramos
Robert Ramos Hace 27 días
I hope they put an NA one in the new GR86/BRZ. Even if they downtune it a little a la old RB/JZ stuff.
P-Force !
P-Force ! Hace 28 días
Thanks for making me smarter. This is my favorite show on the doughnut
ytmm9055 Hace 28 días
Daniel Pizano
Daniel Pizano Hace 29 días
Time to FA swap
Charles Smith
Charles Smith Hace un mes
Lol the Suzuki behind you turned into a Yamaha, super spooky
Steven Lam
Steven Lam Hace un mes
How about the engine leaking oil problem ?
Vitabrick Snailslime
Vitabrick Snailslime Hace un mes
I don't need a product to treat a mythological condition because MEN DON'T GO BALD! It just slips a bit. You can find it growing perfectly well from your ears, nostrils, and the back of your neck.
Christopher Broadhacker
Christopher Broadhacker Hace un mes
Dope hat. I dig it. Grew up when that cartoon was big.
fkylw Hace un mes
Those flames at 4:00 were sick!
Kellen Morse
Kellen Morse Hace un mes
except the fa very likely doesnt make 400 TO THE WHEELS. it will make 400 at the crank
Psychlops 924
Psychlops 924 Hace un mes
I’m all for freer flowing head
Milan Hace un mes
Here I am with my stock 2009 Impreza lmfao, oh well, I'll be saving up for the new one next year.
J V19
J V19 Hace un mes
I hope they are sold as crate engines, I would love to swap an old forester.
GT Mike91
GT Mike91 Hace 12 días
I’d love to buy an FR-S or BRZ used and put this engine in there.
Ian Irizarry
Ian Irizarry Hace un mes
I was thinking the same thing
hooduhmuhwut Hace un mes
So nice to see ansel elgort on screen again
tlipizy Hace un mes
The direct only option engines with turbos, save some money to clean the valves at 30,000 miles- or way less powah baby. Nope dual fuel systems please.
3 iii
3 iii Hace un mes
I just hopped on to this series this episode, and this style is so good for new car people or people that don’t know some stuff. If someone didn’t understand the engine codes for some cars, they’d have to look everything up themselves, but in this series, it’s explained to the basics and then brings the main topic, and I love it!
Eric Horchuck
Eric Horchuck Hace un mes
Great video! I LOVED my 2005 STi especially the sound of it with the Cobb cat-back... You said the new engine won't have that same "Subaru rumble"... Really? Thanks!
Andrew Hace un mes
Thumbs down for too many damn ads
the Quanto
the Quanto Hace un mes
Welp, at least it's still a boxer.
bobwinslow Hace un mes
I'm glad subaru is finally making an engine that isn't shit. I grew up with a Subaru GL, and EJ22 Legacy, , and seeing the EJ25 shit itself constantly with stupid and frankly unforgivable problems has been painful. Truly crap. I hope the interiors are better too, the 2008 legacy we had creaked all over inside if you touched anything, and the 1995 Legacy was solid like my Infiniti.
07BLUESTI Hace un mes
video starts at 2:20 youre welcome!
m3ntl3g3n Hace un mes
So what If it's same engine. Foresters has shared Imprezas engines for years.
John Wiles
John Wiles Hace un mes
The price of an fa just went up 15% 😅
Tech Bat
Tech Bat Hace un mes
If they get rid of that knock sensor bullshit I'll get another one...that knock crap is stupid.
girald S
girald S Hace un mes
FA20 = direct injection engine garbage.,,. try flex fueling this motor without paying a fortune on a new pump... food luck on those intake valves not coking up... FA-24 not going to be much different
Cafe Racer
Cafe Racer Hace un mes
I watched this whole video with the sound off and I still understood everything. This guy is amazing!
Joseph Frankel
Joseph Frankel Hace un mes
Ok honda k30 we're waiting
turbotj99 Hace un mes
Subaru is the Harley Davidson of cars. Slow with a loud and distinctive noise
turbotj99 Hace un mes
Fellow engineers, avert your eyes. There are more false statements in here than a Trump speech.
turbotj99 Hace un mes
Bouncing air??? That wasn’t covered in my fluid mechanics coursework for some reason... it’s fake?
turbotj99 Hace un mes
Spraying fuel on the cylinder wall removes the protective oil coating
turbotj99 Hace un mes
Boxer engines are marketing gimmicks
Trevor Glassco
Trevor Glassco Hace un mes
Forgot to mention the intake valve carbon build up from that stupid DI.😒
Fuscão Preto
Fuscão Preto Hace un mes
2:19 Literal car porn.
Diego Concha Fernandez Soto
Diego Concha Fernandez Soto Hace un mes
I thought it had 310 at the crank, now i can say that my sti has 300 at the wheel
Marko Vukovic
Marko Vukovic Hace un mes
Well presented video, good job!
Temprest Hace un mes
Direct injection needs be cleaned for carbon buildup often
phil mcrevis
phil mcrevis Hace un mes
this thing will no way have 400at the wheels i will be really surprised if it has that at the fly wheel
phil mcrevis
phil mcrevis Hace un mes
@Eskie Man that means upwards of 500 at the engine the new a45 amg has 420hp at the engine
Eskie Man
Eskie Man Hace un mes
Don't bet your life on your comment....
Clay Hace un mes
Hats off to your RC51 sir! 👍🏽
Andrew Squires
Andrew Squires Hace un mes
So made the engine they new they should of. And it still has a horrible cvt transmission. Doesn’t compute. Put a proper transmission in it.
Andrew Squires
Andrew Squires Hace un mes
Eskie Man only your opinion. Cvt suck and not every manufacturer uses them. And there reliability is not good. Plenty of better manufacturers than Subaru to choose from. You’re probably paid to say all this crap about Subaru’s anyway
Eskie Man
Eskie Man Hace un mes
You''ll have to grow up, open your eyes, and look AROUND you in the automotive world. ALL auto manufacturers have been steadily moving towards CVT transmissions, whether we want them or not - if you don't already know this, you haven't been paying attention. Oh, and as far as the Subaru's "horrible cvt transmission"? It's about the best in the industry at this time.
Donuts Hace un mes
New engine? Man I'm sure people will be happy if their engines stop falling apart.
xbxspartan Hace un mes
but... the rumble :(
sgonnason Hace un mes
They are called pancake motors! VW engine need I say more
Eskie Man
Eskie Man Hace un mes
Hardly - more like Porsche, junior.
Christopher Martin
Christopher Martin Hace un mes
Subaru needs to get rid off the cvt period. 6 speed manny or auto for life
Eskie Man
Eskie Man Hace un mes
You have it azzbackwards - ALL auto manufacturers are steadily moving towards CVTs, whether we want them or not. If you don't already know this, you haven't been paying attention to the industry.
Joel M
Joel M Hace un mes
Port injection also affords one specific benefit that direct injection does not - keeping the intake valves clean(er). With direct injection, there is nothing to coat/clear the intake valve seats - thereby allowing carbon to build up. Over time, that will lead to worst combustion, lower power, lower fuel economy - and then requires the intake ports and intake valves to be walnut blasted. Ideally, you'd have an engine with both port and direct injection. Port would be used almost exclusively for cleaning the intake valves (a lower percentage of the fuel needed for combustion) and the direct injectors used for the majority of combustion. The Lexus IS250 is notorious for this issue (massive build up on the intake valves), so it is not a new issue.
diego arana
diego arana Hace un mes
have fun changing spark plugs on this thing xD
wilfried gronau
wilfried gronau Hace un mes
how about hybrid engines daaaaaa
Daniel Maisel
Daniel Maisel Hace un mes
when i grow up ill have a FA24 in my impreza
Nothing is Here
Nothing is Here Hace un mes
Skip to 2:34 to avoid the crap
Hazdazos Hace un mes
Subbies lost their soul when they went to equal length headers
cptsaveaho69 Hace un mes
Bent rods on my 2015 wrx ! Subaru is giving me a new short block , but bound to happen again . Definitely trading in for the new engine
Theodrick Davis
Theodrick Davis Hace un mes
What does it matter? A C8 is the real choice. I NEVER see more than 2 people in an STI or EVO ........
P-61 black widow
P-61 black widow Hace 2 meses
My man said the current STI has 310 whp.... sure bud
Mirerito Hace 2 meses
Through the whole video there was not even one mention of how, if they did at all, addressed the dreaded head gasket failure. So I think they just didn't. I mean, a stronger and more efficient engine is always good, but I guess they still want to charge people for a new car after a few years or 100k miles, whichever comes first.
Frost Bite
Frost Bite Hace 2 meses
400bhp doesn’t even sound believable. This guy pretty much said it’s gong to have 400whp.
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