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Rauh-Welt Begriff (RWB,) is one of the most notoriously successful, yet controversial, Japanese car tuners to exist today. With his army of modified Porsche 911’s, Akira Nakai has built a world famous tuning company-frequently circulating through automotive press giants like Speedhunters, Hoonigan, Illest, Fatlace, and Auto Otaku. From his first Rough World AE86’s, to Porsche 930’s, 964’s, and 996’s, many find his modification techniques to be…. well, rough!
Grab a Stella and your air saw, and sit back in your leather armchair, as James Pumphrey tells the story of the REAL Nakai san, and the history of RWB.
HUGE thanks to our friends Brian Scotto of Hoonigan, and Rutledge Wood of Top Gear USA, for introducing us to their sweet...sweet RWB Porsches. And to Dino Dalle Carbonare of Speedhunters, for hooking us up with the inside RWB scoop, and this spicy RWB Rotana image for our thumbnail.
Brian Scotto: Hoonigan
Rutledge Wood
Instagram: rutledgewood?hl=en
Dino Dalle Carbonare
Check out his article on the RWB Rotana!
Also thanks to the following channels who contributed footage! We love you all--check them out!
Poisoned Studios
Peaches. One Universe & Dawittgold
Hartnett Media
Drift Academy
►Episode Chapters:
00:00 Rough World
05:26 Can I Get A Stella Artois?
09:08 Coming To America
13:45 The Akira Nakai Experience
20:44 Rauh-Welt Future
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Jacob Fowler
Jacob Fowler Hace 3 meses
RWB is like that really cool uncle that you never hear about or see but when you do he is just as cool as he was before.
Trap Bandicoot
Trap Bandicoot Hace 26 días
He's that uncle that gave you sips of beer and liquor when you're a kid. Then smokes dro with you for first time
Myke Lengieza
Myke Lengieza Hace 3 meses
@muhammed shaheen I'm guessing your Mom isn't an English teacher...
Myke Lengieza
Myke Lengieza Hace 3 meses
@4GsRacing me too lol
Myke Lengieza
Myke Lengieza Hace 3 meses
@okleydokley it ok to laugh at that? I think that crime should be punished by death. But it kinda made me chuckle. I truly apologize to anyone who had that experience that I offended...
S D Hace 3 meses
*It’s not about controversial aesthetics only, but the build quality.* I’ve seen some project RWB cars in person and I know guys, who used to assist Nakai San, while building them, and I saw nothing great in those builds. They’re actually classic ricing spoiled cars. They all are a repetition of once being well looking (but not well built) amateur build, built out of a 911. Let me explain. I’ve seen some other good looking (and driving) projects and the process of building them in person. I took some action on some of them too. And when I saw what happens to those 911’s to make them look like a RWB build it shocked me. I saw TONNS of putty put on fenders and the body of 911 to make them stick together (there’s no other way to make them be a solid one piece with stock body panels). I saw just supergluing the front lip to the clear coat. I also saw the kit itself, it looked not instagram-awesome, honestly. Also, as there’s always A TON of putty used, there are often some small pores left after the paint job is done. And, finally, after a month of sitting down, all that putty containing places, on the kit panel-to-body panel joints, look not really shaped (looks amateurish). Also, you can find some articles on the internet with photos of burning RWB 911’s. They start burning because of several mistakes. The putty not only makes the entire engine bay overheat, but it also overheats itself and STARTS BURNING. Let me get you to the point, if you’ve read my comment to the end. Don’t get caught on the good look and all the fame and hype around “products” surrounding you (especially on the ricing stuff). It’s not always what it looks like from the outside and what it says on the package. Thank you.
hansdietrich83 Hace 7 horas
Rwb lost me after the childish feud bewtween Sid/rwb germany and jp
herrwolken Hace 22 horas
Fun fact: in German "Rauh-Welt Begriff" doesn't really make any sense. When I first read it I was really puzzled. Must be one of those google translate gems.
Ardhie Nugie
Ardhie Nugie Hace 2 días
"With engines in the wrong place." James Pumphrey on Porsche 911
Alan Johnstone
Alan Johnstone Hace 2 días
That was very interesting, my son and i were at the debut of Nakai-San's first car built in Canada, Royal Ocean in 2013 and since have been to most of the builds in the Vancouver area. I am not a purist or a big Porsche fan but i enjoy the work of Nakai-San. There are a few purists here that have an RWB or two. Due to the Corona virus he has not been here since last December, he is a skilled and humble person. I have his autograph on many items including a lens hood on one of my Nikon lenses. I will likely never have the money to have one made but if did i would have him make a car for me too! He does like his Winstons, Coffee, Sushi etc it is always an event when he comes to town.
Joanesept Hace 3 días
the green RWB towards the end of the video is awesome
Nate Escalante
Nate Escalante Hace 5 días
I will one day own a baby blue RWB
Amar Gosto
Amar Gosto Hace 5 días
Pumpfrees please go on a walk/jog and live healthy!! I mean that in the most I don’t know you but you’re a cool human being and I want you to be well way
flameout12345 Hace 7 días
it better not be those I look like i can race but i actually can't cars
bananas stuff
bananas stuff Hace un día
Its not
le bebe
le bebe Hace 7 días
What wrb means really wide boi
Noe Garcia
Noe Garcia Hace 7 días
These videos with donut going over real life automotive history are my favorite of the whole channel
Fabi Hace 8 días
The Sentence Rauh Welt makes no sense in German!!!!
Fabi Hace 8 días
@justus alex Ja ich vermute das er einfach Google Übersetzer benutzt hat.
justus alex
justus alex Hace 8 días
Rauhe-welt | Bedeutung Would make more sence/würde mehr sinn machen
justus alex
justus alex Hace 8 días
Rauh welt begriff is even more wrong
Dane Morgan
Dane Morgan Hace 12 días
i am now going to purchase the GTA online version of that car and never sell it
Mixup 221
Mixup 221 Hace 12 días
5:00 “wrong place” u wot m8
16 V
16 V Hace 12 días
I miss Up To Speed
Frank The Hippie
Frank The Hippie Hace 12 días
That carera is CRACK
Rexerity Gaming
Rexerity Gaming Hace 13 días
"old rich mayonaise-y guys"
Red Hed Nightmare
Red Hed Nightmare Hace 13 días
im forever going to hear "DEVIL CAMBER" in my sleep from here on out
Red Hed Nightmare
Red Hed Nightmare Hace 13 días
im pretty sure Pumphrey is going for the most obnoxious person in the car industry
Ajax Hace 13 días
Video game graphics are getting so realistic that I thought the thumbnail was a racing game
bananas stuff
bananas stuff Hace un día
Oh fuck it is a video game isnt it I never noticed!
Joseph Shipman
Joseph Shipman Hace 13 días
I love what RWB has done because it is real, living art
DarkRose Dragon
DarkRose Dragon Hace 14 días
Shout out to gaillo rivera from NFS payback with his street porshe that looked like an rwb
1000 Subscribers for no reason !
1000 Subscribers for no reason ! Hace 14 días
Anyone wondering What RWB means! It means Really Wide Body!
Hollison Husky
Hollison Husky Hace 14 días
What's the song at 11:20?
Ahmed Dabbas
Ahmed Dabbas Hace 15 días
I have this car with many other cars at my csr2 garage :D
STARAVS Hace 15 días
When I first ever see the Green RWB 911 I thought that was a another version of 911 design by PORSCHE! But now I know who is the legend!
Randy Lewis
Randy Lewis Hace 15 días
You mean floccinaucinihilipilification?
Michael Ingram
Michael Ingram Hace 15 días
Old top gear Rutledge Wood flashbacks (also to when I met him when I was like 12 at a random gas station in my hometown when he was driving (I think) an LFA, completely by accident)
Arnold Vorasane
Arnold Vorasane Hace 15 días
first time I watched this video it was awesome. watched some RWB vids: amazed at the stories each one has while also seeing Nakai work his craftsmanship I come back here with 2:26 into the video cause well, I freaking love James talking about RWB. cars are FREAKING AMAZING MAN
Matt Bucchiotti
Matt Bucchiotti Hace 16 días
The really wide boyz
David 9-A
David 9-A Hace 16 días
Damn, they thicc. Wider than wide putin
Elias Papadimas
Elias Papadimas Hace 16 días
Time to RWB a RUF cause there's always a bigger tuner
XX_COWBOY_XX Hace 16 días
Need for speed 2015 anyone ?
alexander garcia
alexander garcia Hace 17 días
If I owned a Porsche that I could convert into an RWB I would definitely allow Akira Nakai to do what he pleases with the car I’d love the work
Emil Eriksson
Emil Eriksson Hace 17 días
what do you guys think is the perfect 911 for rwb? (this question is to Donut Media and Everyone else)
Willy Pro
Willy Pro Hace 17 días
Imagine the Porsche LMP1 from 2016 With a RWB kit Just imagine
DirtyMaster Hace 18 días
This video made me go looking for used Porsche 911’s
Paul Hord
Paul Hord Hace 18 días
I didnt like porches at all until I saw an rwb driving around Santa Cruz and my mind was blown, I didn't know rwb existed before then and since then I've been in love.
Daren Lee
Daren Lee Hace 20 días
Half way thru the video I have to quit. As the screaming gives me headache.
bananas stuff
bananas stuff Hace un día
Turn the volume down or use captions
вεηנαмιη мσүεη
вεηנαмιη мσүεη Hace 22 días
I love how Hoonigan and Donut are brothers to eachother but never bring eachother up, a nice quiet relationship :)
-丂 ㄩ i 匚 i ᗪ 乇-
-丂 ㄩ i 匚 i ᗪ 乇- Hace 22 días
Need for speed 2015? Ahh so much nostalgia
chrisnuggets Hace 22 días
Idlers isnt a fake tire company, it’s named after the idlers games, a grass roots time attack club/event typically held at Tsukuba where the OG non show car RWBs in Japan have track days or race events
Uthayakumar Subramaniam
Uthayakumar Subramaniam Hace 22 días
Joseph M.
Joseph M. Hace 23 días
Rotana is like an MTV equivalent channel in the middle east. They have the same purple color in their logo. You see many abu dhabi and etihad sponsorship on his work too
Allan Art
Allan Art Hace 23 días
I like them, but Nakai charges you 2 arms, 2 legs and a liver for a fiberglass kit. lol
Anthony Sipes
Anthony Sipes Hace 21 un día
Did you factor in his time ? And travel ? And overhead
PikeRestaurant Hace 24 días
Brian puts that bad boy in our parking lot !!
whoisbotsman Hace 24 días
"Cokes and smokes" 😂😂😂
Kyser Hace 24 días
is this how you get a Blackbird?
clash Hace 26 días
It's Porsche but T H I C C er
Daddy Gaming
Daddy Gaming Hace 26 días
JAMES NOTICE ME! I made a comment on Lancer Evolution - Everything You Need to Know | Up To Speed
Big Mac
Big Mac Hace 27 días
I will own one one day!
Mighty Moyan
Mighty Moyan Hace 27 días
Pissing off guys like my dad............I love you
BrokenLuck Hace 27 días
Was that a wooden floor?
Blanche Sloan85
Blanche Sloan85 Hace 29 días
Please do Koenig Specials
Zac Burn
Zac Burn Hace un mes
So is his next car just gonna be called donut
Lorenz Friedmann
Lorenz Friedmann Hace un mes
My German eyes hurt.
Praneel CHATLANI [08U06]
Praneel CHATLANI [08U06] Hace un mes
J Hace un mes
If you bought it, it's yours. I like both.
Kinang Eagle
Kinang Eagle Hace un mes
But the exterior looks like a common body kit for a Porsche
Jotham Dale De Jesus
Jotham Dale De Jesus Hace un mes
I wanna get one of those watches but they're sooo expensive 😭😭. Either way I'm saving up and getting one
Bryan Ramirez
Bryan Ramirez Hace un mes
Just so amazing I love that i got to race one in need for speed.
Lyyn Hace un mes
*Big ol wang*
Donut Wrld01
Donut Wrld01 Hace un mes
I love the little sound at the beginning
Big Ol Brainworm
Big Ol Brainworm Hace un mes
That green Carrera looks amazing but I just can't get with the LS3 swap. But that's just cuz I don't like V8 swaps. Otherwise killer car
Nathan L
Nathan L Hace un mes
You think I can drop almost 1.8k USD on a watch? I might by some 3 month used coilovers, like hell I can afford that
Oreocup Cake
Oreocup Cake Hace un mes
Dame real life black bird
Cliff P
Cliff P Hace un mes
You 1000% need to understand what the term dirt cheap means!! It’s not 50% off the price tag!
David Gonzalez
David Gonzalez Hace un mes
Bruh the 993 is my fav
J Thum
J Thum Hace un mes
More dad talk. I hate your dad
Will Hace un mes
the watch is actually cool. fist ad that i enjoyed watching on youtube. well done
Han Des
Han Des Hace un mes
Real life Blackbird
SFChuckLogan Hace un mes
this sucks so hard, the soy boy screaming audio track is about 20db louder than the main narrative audio . . It's the high School media club hour bye bye
vTrunks v
vTrunks v Hace un mes
Begriff doesnt mean understanding🤣🤣
Basicallyabush Hace un mes
JO JO Hace un mes
Ngl they look dope
Iso Gh0sted
Iso Gh0sted Hace un mes
I never even liked Porsche untill I saw a RWB.
Wolf Hreda
Wolf Hreda Hace un mes
I'm so glad I saw this video. Because about 2 weeks ago now, I saw a red RWB sitting in the Target parking lot. I never would've known what it really meant, but thanks to Donut, I got to geek out and watch my kids roll their eyes. 🤣
BarbWalters Hace un mes
Why is the sound so bad on this vid, turn down the mic so its not so onbnoxious
dxrcr Hace un mes
absolutely stunning
Hector Correa
Hector Correa Hace un mes
all these video just to advertise the new rwb watch jajajajajaj
Waschbecken Stöpsel
Waschbecken Stöpsel Hace un mes
Everyone who speaks german knows how wrong RAUH-WELT is lol
Trevor1997IN Hace un mes
The watch is cool but not $1,795.00 worth it. I can see why you did say the price of the watch in the video.
Aaron H.
Aaron H. Hace un mes
I got no intention to disrespect anyone, but as a german, it is uncomprehensible to me why nakai-san, who puts so much time and effort into cars, doesn't bother to look up the correct translations. 1. it should be "rauhe Welt" and not "rauh welt" 2. "rauhe welt begriff" doesn't translate to "rough world understanding". It translates to "rough world term" i find his builds interesting but this really bothers me xD
Free The Drones
Free The Drones Hace un mes
Juan Martinez
Juan Martinez Hace un mes
Han is that you?
Omar Al-ajmi
Omar Al-ajmi Hace un mes
Pure porsche is better but this is cool too
Patrick Fechte
Patrick Fechte Hace un mes
So he specialize in doing Porsha'
mayukh pankaj
mayukh pankaj Hace un mes
I want to be like Nakai.
Nihar Pednekar
Nihar Pednekar Hace un mes
Idlers is his racing club not a made up tire company.
Basement GP
Basement GP Hace un mes
I just realized you said he took the 5 speed from a Porsche 915.
Westley Knee
Westley Knee Hace un mes
I would like to see what he would do with a 928 or 944 rwb I think that would be nasty!
Subscribe or Joseph will haunt you
Subscribe or Joseph will haunt you Hace un mes
eaz54 Hace un mes
These cars look like boss cars from Tokyo Xtreme Racer Zero on PS2.
Izurple Hace un mes
This is a cringe fest
marcus richardson
marcus richardson Hace un mes
Henning Kvarmo
Henning Kvarmo Hace un mes
Those RWB watches go 110% faster than the regular watches
Good Stuff
Good Stuff Hace un mes
When your dad owns an RWB but know nothing about them
untwist Hace un mes A fake tire company. Is that a rumour?
khizar hayat
khizar hayat Hace un mes
Porche purists: ThIs iS aN aVenGers LeVel ThreaT
Alexandre Negrão
Alexandre Negrão Hace un mes
9:05 The Baphomet car enCARnation
panteradown2 Hace un mes
Do a RUF up to speed.
RWB Pittsburgh #1 "Dragon God"
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