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JOHN DEERE is one of the most recognizable brands in the world with its iconic yellow deer, the symbol of HARD WORK! But did you know their tractors and farm equipment have been helping the world for nearly 200 years?! Join James as he plows the fields of John Deere’s long history. From the Model D and 110, to Gator 6x4 and beyond. And by “beyond”, I mean farmers fighting for the right to repair their JOHN DEERE tractors which could change the nature of farming forever.
►Episode Chapters:
00:00 Introduction
02:28 Plowlogue
04:14 First Deere
07:15 Hay and Snow
12:20 Gator Aid
15:05 Right to Repair
17:30 Modern Venison
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poot111111 Hace 2 meses
Does anyone else actually agree with John Deere regarding right to fix?
Rcurring Raccoon
Rcurring Raccoon Hace 15 días
@Ford Larquad lmao yeah. (i think) John Deere isn't the be-all and end-all, kinda sus that they pulled their x9 out of the competition when they found out Claas and Case were going to participate with their new combines
Trigger Hound
Trigger Hound Hace 2 meses
Absolutely not, being a farmer means you dont always guaranteed to have stable income, even when you have a good crop, if the market price is low, you will not have a massive profit, now imagine if these vehicle broke when the farmer is at his lowest point finacially, and cant afford to fix their vehicle in the dealership, I think Jhon Deer reasons behind this is utter bullshite and really just a corporate being greedy af
TheRealStrikerofLife Hace 2 meses
i dont agree with them but i have herd some people agreeing with them. mostly people who dont understand computers and think that should only be left to the "professionals"
AmericanFarmer Hace 2 meses
@illFox 240sx because then all those JD mechanics they pay $10k to go to school to learn how to fix them just to get paid $18/hr while the dealership charges $150/hr service rate wouldnt have a job.
AmericanFarmer Hace 2 meses
@nathan rennie its called service, Deere makes far more money on parts and service than they do on sales. R&D, production, and overhead usually only allow manufacturers to product equipment at
Salemchevy Gaming
Salemchevy Gaming Hace un hora
Bawww John Deere is a lot of dikcs they will act like every other company today they Jaír stop supporting older model stuff to force you to up grade
Marcus Taylor
Marcus Taylor Hace 6 horas
Deere has started to allow customers to buy a subscription to service advisor which is the program our techs use to work on tractors. You can also buy the adapter or EDL as we call it. The farmer should have a right to fix their tractor and there are ways that Deere allows you todo it.
Salemchevy Gaming
Salemchevy Gaming Hace un hora
The problem is they do but at their leisure. Me as a farmer you need that machine working at that moment when it breaks you need it fix fast
Friedrich Wilhelm
Friedrich Wilhelm Hace 17 horas
yea so old school ford 9600 is the lifeblood of a farmer i have never met someone who owned one and didnt love it
Yayaya123 Hace 20 horas
To be fair, farmers have their share of responsibility. John Deere makes these super technologically advanced tractors because people buy them.
AgentCorvin Hace 20 horas
Buy a Case
Don 66Hotrod
Don 66Hotrod Hace 21 un hora
Farmers stupid enough to buy machines that can never pay for themselves by using them for farming. F John Deere.
Salemchevy Gaming
Salemchevy Gaming Hace 14 minutos
@Don 66Hotrod basically but there are those who buy machines and keep them for many years. Just depends on situations
Don 66Hotrod
Don 66Hotrod Hace 26 minutos
@Salemchevy Gaming So, in reality they are only "renting" the tractors for 1 year and/or they are breaking down w/low hours on them.
Salemchevy Gaming
Salemchevy Gaming Hace un hora
No no only the ones who have over 1000s of acres get those but they only buy one and trade it in each year for the next model
Roblox Gamer
Roblox Gamer Hace 23 horas
The fix thing makes sense
Dion Powell
Dion Powell Hace un día
Moline, IL is pronounced "mow-LEEN" not "mow-LINE"
Joel Robles
Joel Robles Hace un día
Thank you guys for making this video, But can you guys make an up to speed on massy ferguson?
lupusdei 08
lupusdei 08 Hace un día
This is all of tech now. Apple, Samsung, tesla. If you try to fix outside their service shops they can turn your phone off
Aayush Sapra
Aayush Sapra Hace un día
Here in India you can repair your own John Deere, or get it done from any mechanic, but mahindra tractors are most popular here. Also US companies think that the consumer will abide by their rules, thats why ford and Harley are failing here, because we don't abide by rules created by these companies, coz i paid for it, i can do anything with it.
Robert Stelian Nita
Robert Stelian Nita Hace un día
This is stupid. Get a Ferguson.
H0n3y_R1nh0 Hace un día
I love the illinois thing so much i live in illinois and it is 100% accurate
O Kar98k
O Kar98k Hace un día
I live in a farm area and a lot of farmers have abandoned john deer we want stuff that we can actually use and not rent out
Isaac Wilkinson
Isaac Wilkinson Hace 2 días
tilling the soil releases carbon dioxide into the air #FARMFACTS
Thatairplaneguy Hace 2 días
I’ll never buy a Deere.
Dean Kruse
Dean Kruse Hace 2 días
So when is the video on caterpillar coming?
Cornbread596 Hace 2 días
Ha losers ive got an 07 lol so we can have the newest engine without D.E.F (its a 5303 btw) not a very big tractor but its bigger than what we really need
Hunter Nelson
Hunter Nelson Hace 2 días
In my opinion the old 2 cylinders are tied with the chevy big block for best sounding engines ever
Nordmore68 Hace 2 días
I am exhausted. If I wasn't a big fan of machines, I would never view the whole video. Please stop doing drugs before recording.
Ferenc Szabo
Ferenc Szabo Hace 3 días
Today's best sneakoil is a method to lock you in their services chain,and slice you thin over an extended period of time for steady income.
Saeid Javadi
Saeid Javadi Hace 3 días
Farmers are the hard working group feeding the nation, and they are your customers, always take care of them and don't go for fistful of Dollars, like other companies have done.
Chris Floyd
Chris Floyd Hace 3 días
Farms are like horses, only rich people have them now
Chris Floyd
Chris Floyd Hace 3 días
The utility sport genre is so damn fun
Jacob Maurer
Jacob Maurer Hace 3 días
its pronounced Mo-Leen god damnit.
Dakota Gilson
Dakota Gilson Hace 4 días
my friends grandpa has john deer tractors and he owns them all no body can touch them and if anybody gets close to them or his land u get shot and he fixes them all the damn time so john deer needs to back tf up they have no power rather they like it or not at lease were i grew up
Riley Andrews
Riley Andrews Hace 4 días
Some of the most powerful draft horses can put out up to 15.9 horsepower, meaning that the first tractor John Deere made was actually barely weaker than the peak of draft horses.
DJ AidonYG
DJ AidonYG Hace 4 días
"Illinois tractor boys" Well that tells you the problem already
Nicholas Goodfellow
Nicholas Goodfellow Hace 5 días
10% of your video was an introduction 😂
En-Ming Holtz
En-Ming Holtz Hace 5 días
One of my neighbors still bales hay without a bale ejector and during haying I come over and help load bales into the wagon
Jake Rudd
Jake Rudd Hace 5 días
I kind of find it weird that an 11 year old has driven a tractor before james
Abel Rios
Abel Rios Hace 6 días
Y’all should make a video on Polaris and Can-Am
Vincent Blouin
Vincent Blouin Hace 6 días
Great video!!
Guido Haverkort
Guido Haverkort Hace 6 días
Das mien merk
Darrell Green
Darrell Green Hace 6 días
This feels anti-American.
cherb23 Hace 6 días
Most farmers don't buy John Deere anymore. Every farm tool has a different company who makes the best version of it and John Deere is never the best. They have been known to copy the best and sell it for 2x the price.
Max Weber
Max Weber Hace 6 días
Our Polaris rzr is freeeeeeeeeeeeking ousom o wait we don’t have it anymore
J H Hace 7 días
16:48 the plot gets dark. This is why I hate IP rights.
J H Hace 7 días
13:44 hahaha 60 MPH in a fricken golf cart!!!
Ethan Heitz
Ethan Heitz Hace 7 días
THE INITIAL D REFERENCE, PERFECTLY PLACED. Man, watching Donut episodes is like drinking a glass of fine *culture* wine, babeh.
Elias Madsen
Elias Madsen Hace 7 días
New Holland are just best💙💙
Ewan Miner
Ewan Miner Hace 7 días
U City boys are stupid
skeleguns 10,ooo,ooo
skeleguns 10,ooo,ooo Hace 8 días
luke gooden
luke gooden Hace 8 días
Chicago = south african canadians
Howard Mejicanos
Howard Mejicanos Hace 8 días
Reminds me of apple products
FlyBye Gaming
FlyBye Gaming Hace 8 días
The best VPN ad I've seen
James Fischer
James Fischer Hace 8 días
I'm so glad you mentioned louis rossman
junker jones
junker jones Hace 9 días
I find it hard to believe that farmers let them get in this predicament in the fist place. I mean really... do they still buy their products or is there no other chioce?
Albert Camlek
Albert Camlek Hace 10 días
can you guys make a up to speed about the Yugo?:D
2031 Fishing
2031 Fishing Hace 10 días
It’s MOE-LEAN spelled moline
Archie Bacsa
Archie Bacsa Hace 10 días
The fact that he said "horse freak" reminds me of some other type of... "Adult content" that regards animals...
Bobby Harvill
Bobby Harvill Hace 10 días
Look people. Technology is alive. It’s not like an anvil. Technology is very expensive and there are a lot of company secrets in there that they cannot afford to lose. They have to update and change this stuff all the time. How else can they protect their investment. If you don’t want the technology and all that it brings,their are many ways to get around not having it. It’s a choice,you sign the papers,when you buy them. All technology is the same. People pay other company’s the same way and don’t bitch.
B. W.
B. W. Hace 10 días
I would think that for a machine that costs as much as a house, not merely would the service of clearing error codes be free, JD would have a mobile truck in each sales area that goes to the farms to do this. It’s perhaps a way to skin farmers, but to me, fixing disaster it’s repair jobs would be right up Deere’s alley. Meaning if a farmer truly screws his machine up, that’s not a loss for Deere - that’s repair money.
Sam Johnson
Sam Johnson Hace 11 días's my understanding that farmers actually buying tractors like super-expensive ones went away years ago. Instead, they pay a fee and the JD dealer (or someone) arrives one day with the right equipment, harvests the field, and goes away again. The farmer need not be concerned with any equipment maintenance or upkeep. At least that's how its done in south ga anyway.
DAVE C Hace 11 días
Please do Catepillar | Up to Speed another American icon
Henry Carlson
Henry Carlson Hace 12 días
Thank You for that , A good history .
Riley Brennan
Riley Brennan Hace 12 días
what does he drive that doesn't have an adjustable steering wheel... every car i've ever driven has had one...
cancerous_panckake22 Hace 13 días
Case ih ftw
Garrett Crayton
Garrett Crayton Hace 13 días
Software engineer here (well...sorta. I'm still in college, but I've worked on several real-world projects). I understand where the farmers are coming from, I really do. But the precedent issue is very concerning. If John Deere was required to release their source code to its owners, it could lead to a lot of issues within the tech field, specifically legal ones.
Collin Ingraham
Collin Ingraham Hace 13 días
They should be able to run that diagnostic from anywhere.
Collin Ingraham
Collin Ingraham Hace 13 días
They coupd probly do it analog via satalite connection. It doesnt look like the program is very data intensive. I doubt it takes more data than a star craft 2 game, or a call of duty.
Drew Peacock’s Mustang
Drew Peacock’s Mustang Hace 13 días
Everyone: *Uses years to create a timeline* Donut Media: *uses years before/after Post Malone was born*
RICHIE KLuTcH Hace 14 días
Lol the first jd was blk feet mu dad lol
Niekder Hace 14 días
pohhhh dat is mien merk
Isaac Vega
Isaac Vega Hace 14 días
Just buy a new holland and im totally not saying that cux i work at a new holland dealership but yeah just get a new holland
Clayton Harris
Clayton Harris Hace 15 días
Donut should make a new holland video
Cardboard truck 1000
Cardboard truck 1000 Hace 15 días
Did you know John Deere also made forestry equipment
Rcurring Raccoon
Rcurring Raccoon Hace 15 días
I really enjoyed this video, would love it if you guys did more farming companies like claas, case, and versatile!
BHuang92 Hace 16 días
I have a John Deere lawn mower that ran for 13 years! It just broke down last year so it was good while it lasted......
Jérémy Fauchon
Jérémy Fauchon Hace 16 días
What is up with this "post malone was born" it's really cool, but how did it start?
theoneandonlyRuger Hace 16 días
The up to speed series would be much better if the host wasn't such douche bag.
Alex P Gaming
Alex P Gaming Hace 16 días
For an Illinois person it’s spelled moline but you say it molean
Kristaps Ozolins
Kristaps Ozolins Hace 16 días
Do not worry, European Union will force manafacturers to allow repairing. :)
Zamolxes77 Hace 17 días
John Deere: "You can have this sweet R9620 RX tractor for a gajillion dollars, it drives itself." "Shut up and take my money !" "If it breaks down, you can't fix it ! Only we are allowed to repair it !" "Wait what now ? What if it breaks down in the field ?" "You have to tow it, load it up onto a trailer, bring it to an authorized John Deere agent and we'll repair it, for a bazillion dollars fee" "..."
Christian Olguin
Christian Olguin Hace 17 días
Up to speed on Caterpillar
Cory o'malley
Cory o'malley Hace 17 días
I think Pumphrey invented a new way to label our centuries... anything before '95 is now known as Pre-Malone. Anything after '95 will be known as Post-Malone.
Michael Figueroa
Michael Figueroa Hace 18 días
MORE PLOWAH 🤣🤣 never thought of tractors living in the suburbs but James just broke it down in a very informative and entertaining way. I wish teachers could be like him.
Max Freiburger
Max Freiburger Hace 18 días
Do case IH next Which includes international and Farmall
Ghadi Zein
Ghadi Zein Hace 18 días
You need to do up to speed about opel
Atarv Hegde
Atarv Hegde Hace 18 días
Where did up to speed go?
Adam Ramos
Adam Ramos Hace 18 días
Do a up to speed on the chevy tahoe
Edward Whippie
Edward Whippie Hace 19 días
Mitchell Indelicato
Mitchell Indelicato Hace 19 días
Welcome to the Right to Repair world, Donut. If JD wins, anyone who puts an ECU under a hood could follow them (automakers are already trying, in fact. Look up Massachusetts' MOU regarding Right to Repair). Might I suggest joining the R2R movement?
Shane Zenk
Shane Zenk Hace 19 días
You should do a video on Polaris
Owen Lee
Owen Lee Hace 19 días
Do polaris, can am/ skidoo or anything ATV, snow mobile or dirt bike related
Brett Blackwell
Brett Blackwell Hace 19 días
Can y'all do international
Arch Hace 19 días
Please cover this for cars to ! They are trying to make it illegal for people to work on everyday cars and trucks like what the fuck ! Apple is doing the same with there products
AngeredWolf Hace 19 días
Adam ruins everything called this bro. I can’t remember what episode but it starts by covering Alexa and ownership rights and all that
Veksi Vanne-mies
Veksi Vanne-mies Hace 19 días
Deere does not have to be repaired because it doesn't break down
Zach Outly
Zach Outly Hace 20 días
Its not just John Deere. Case, New Holland, Massey, Kubota they all do it. Its insane. I understand not allowing us to mess with the tune but after we replace the parts we should be able to clear the faults to get the tractor running again.
Gabriel Jorbenadze
Gabriel Jorbenadze Hace 21 un día
Ok now we have tractors too
MrGhostrider785 Hace 21 un día
Anybody cringe at how he said Moline. Great video just wrong pronunciation.
Steve Boot
Steve Boot Hace 21 un día
So glad you included us farmers! Love your show!
Dwight Schrute
Dwight Schrute Hace 21 un día
I have just spent 20 minutes listening about tractors. I regret nothing.
Altrunchen Hace 21 un día
I should be allowed to fix the stuff I buy.
Samuel Fartinson
Samuel Fartinson Hace 21 un día
I used to sing the John Deere song when I was little
Timothy White
Timothy White Hace 21 un día
Stuff John Deere and Apple
saurabh mhatre
saurabh mhatre Hace 22 días
Solution should be simple enuf.. don't buy John Deere.
Riley Goff
Riley Goff Hace 22 días
Ah the gator. I still have the 6x4 to this day and it's still a beast
Kuntal Ghosh
Kuntal Ghosh Hace 24 días
Buy mahindra if u want the right to repair your own tractor!
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