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The Jeep Wrangler is synonyms with the offroad. Since 1987, the Wrangler has been a staple for those backwoods, trail happy, off roaders and for good reason. The foundation of the wrangler is built on the CJ, the vehicle built by America to deliver some whoopins to the Germans in WWII. And out of the 4 generations of Wranglers, we’re going to focus on the PEAK wrangler, and that’s the TJ. Today we are going to break what makes the TJ so good, starting with it’s Quadra Coil 4-link suspension setup and then we’ll look at the beefy boy Dana axles that keep this wrangly boy rippin’ up those dusty trails.
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Donut Media
Donut Media Hace 3 meses
V8 Wrangler or New Bronco - which one are you choosing? - Jeremiah
Major M
Major M Hace 24 días
Bleacher Bum
Bleacher Bum Hace un mes
Connor Jacobo
Connor Jacobo Hace un mes
V8 manual wrangler just sounds badass
Nathan Joseph
Nathan Joseph Hace un mes
Bronco, now and forever.
nellyz Hace un mes
Wrangler all day long. The new Bronco looks like a toy but not hot wheels. Just some knock off.
Hunter Hewitt
Hunter Hewitt Hace 9 días
Make a sticker and a shirt
Ed D.
Ed D. Hace 17 días
Good job, well done video!
Zach Allard
Zach Allard Hace 17 días
I have a yj and I’ve pulled out more TJs and yotas then I’ve been pulled out my self. Don’t sleep on leaf springs
Jonathon Turnage
Jonathon Turnage Hace 19 días
Who else heard "salad axles" at 14:08 ?
O_Aseelilly Hace 21 un día
BUT in crash test it’s pretty bad bad and horrible.
Chris Perry
Chris Perry Hace un mes
First saw this on my snapchat, first time i ever watched this show. I clicked thinking “cant wait to hear everything they messed up here” man you guys killed it, awesome job, youve got a new subscriber!
Bivibuddydan Hace un mes
Tiresome jokes.
Kevin Nadler
Kevin Nadler Hace un mes
I see that rc51.. Oh mama
Mic mup
Mic mup Hace un mes
Imagine making a very reliable 4.0L I6 then creating a shitty fiat 3.8L V6 afterwards...
Connor Jacobo
Connor Jacobo Hace un mes
Me disconnecting the track and sway bars. 👁👄👁
bassage13 Hace un mes
Why is it always girls with cute animal tattoos driving wranglers to the mall?
TJ the last real Jeep
Anthony Lacey
Anthony Lacey Hace un mes
Everyone ragging on Jeep owners for not taking it off road, but overlook the very small percentage of sports car owners that actually take their car to the track........ I would bet that the percentage of Jeep owners that take it off road is much greater than the percentage of sports car owners that actually take it to the track.
starfoxacefox Hace un mes
Land Rover did this in the 70's
Dylan Romine
Dylan Romine Hace un mes
You're wrong about leaf flex
Someone OutThere
Someone OutThere Hace un mes
I just want to burn the graphic you put up for this video... my old CJ would out perform anything you have buddy
John A
John A Hace un mes
I need that B2B engineer sticker lol
Jay Charland
Jay Charland Hace un mes
Dana 44 are great for the ASPHALT. Not for off road.I have broke a pickup load of them JEEP have always under POWERED for ever. And.the axle are junk for bigger tires and lockers you will BRAKE ever axle in.the HEEP they need DANA 60
Lcwkee Hace un mes
thank you for teaching me about the different kinds of suspension. i’m 20yrs old and bought a 65 mustang. it has leaf spring suspension and bounces to much over railroad tracks and por holes. now i know what kind of coils to get and the benefits of doing so!!!
Lcwkee Hace un mes
BigMateo24 will those really help? bc currently i have the issue of the back rear right side hanging a tad bit lower than the left, which results in my tire rubbing against the wheel well. my friend is currently fixing my engine and told me about this problem. i’m hoping it’s nothing serious like warping of the leaf spring or (please god no) the axel. so like, do you think the slapping bars will help? i’m also kinda broke bc of school and the car as is, so i need to know what to save for in the future so i don’t screw myself over.
BigMateo24 Hace un mes
Just get a set of slapper bars. They will help prevent axle wrap and are way easier to install then cutting off leaf spring brackets and welding on coil perches. Unless your going to back half the entire rear of the car and put an adjustable 4-link in it. Pretty 90's pro street but really effective on the drag strip.
Anthony Smith
Anthony Smith Hace un mes
I see your wearing an amsoil shirt. I live Duluth mn which is next to the amsoil in superior wi
Dogbone_384 Hace un mes
Never mind the Jeeps ... is that a RC51 in the back of the shop?
Brad ൠ
Brad ൠ Hace un mes
most likely to flip at high speed
Jyrki Jyrays
Jyrki Jyrays Hace un mes
Jeep is CJ, Wrangler is just renamed CJ.
Ernesto D
Ernesto D Hace un mes
Wrangler is great . When its not at the dealer . Or has ecu or electrical problems
Maximus Nye
Maximus Nye Hace un mes
did he shave halfway through the video?
Mr. Llama
Mr. Llama Hace un mes
ALL HAIL THE YJ. Imagine driving a Wrangler with a carbureted six! And those square-boi headlights
Thomas Burr
Thomas Burr Hace un mes
Wrangler with a strait 6 manual. Always a good option
ruffypoo Hace un mes
Is this about jeeps or the difference between leaf springs and coils....
Caleb Smith
Caleb Smith Hace un mes
“Adolf whoopin’ DNA” The 72hp “Hurricane” four cylinder: 👁👄👁
Subscribe to me If you are a cool bean :D
Subscribe to me If you are a cool bean :D Hace un mes
Where’s pumphrey
PuRpLE ShEp FaN Hace 2 meses
I live where the jeeps are made and where the axles are made crazy
Jarod Baldwin
Jarod Baldwin Hace 2 meses
I love the video and the channel just one thing I disagree with. I have an 84 CJ7 and I think it’s a little harsh on them labeling them as just “good”. I’ve taken stock CJs in places newer jeeps or 4x4s wouldn’t dare go CJs are so small and narrow they can really weave through right spots. Are they the best off road vehicle no but I don’t think it’s really fair to label them as last in the jeep lineup. With the right driver I would feel confident waging a CJ against most wranglers off road.
Luke Tseng
Luke Tseng Hace 2 meses
When you upgrade and don't need to go back lol
Eric Dube
Eric Dube Hace 2 meses
Not all true. Keep researching!!!!!
James Hace 2 meses
Can we get a science explained on the new GM 5.3 and 6.2 V8's with dynamic fuel management, and a breakdown on how those work, compared to other engines with cylinder deactivation?
Scott Roach
Scott Roach Hace 2 meses
Ok well my 2002 wrangler is stock and has the death wobble. It will go away if tires are rotated every oil change after buying new. Looking out the windshield at 70mph watching the fenders violently bounce is not fun. Tap the brakes, let it coast and it will stop at 40 mph.
BRAVO ACTUAL Hace 2 meses
Meanwhile im in my JKU throwing shade at the JL. It must be a generational thing.
Chris Kopp
Chris Kopp Hace 2 meses
14:08 salad axles
Christopher Katz
Christopher Katz Hace 2 meses
we need a sticker. I need a sticker. My jeep needs a B2B Engineer sticker
Lilmiddwest Hace 2 meses
90% wrangler owners are mall crawlers never see mud. Jeep are not just wrangler. Jeep has Grand Cherokee, Grand Wagoneer, XJ Cherokee, SJ Cherokee, Comanche, J truck (J10, J20 & Gladiator) and CJ way better then wrangler.
T-Rex Gaming
T-Rex Gaming Hace 2 meses
I have a 1986 c-j7 that has been in my family since 86
Flying Fish
Flying Fish Hace 2 meses
4:09 I'm surprised the video didn't get demonetized for that one. I mean dang, the eyebrow comments are a bit mean but their no reason to bring my mother into this.
Tom Lake Charles
Tom Lake Charles Hace 2 meses
Thumbnail: Jeep Purists: *N O .*
John Bush
John Bush Hace 2 meses
The first Jeep I was introduced to was a 1978 CJ5.
Casson Pearson
Casson Pearson Hace 2 meses
Let’s be honest if you leaving your Jeep close to stock your not gonna be able to do much
Alexander Tenorio
Alexander Tenorio Hace 2 meses
I have a cj7, yj, jk, and even a cj5 didn’t like the TJ, or the new JL models.... but then again..... jeepmafia
Donny D
Donny D Hace 2 meses
Jeep would be nothing without the Wrangler? Are you kidding me? What he meant to say is that Jeep would be nothing without Bantam and Willy's
Colin Camus
Colin Camus Hace 2 meses
I dont like this guy
The Pejyboy
The Pejyboy Hace 2 meses
Waiting for the B2B engineer sticker
Meshal Alsaleh
Meshal Alsaleh Hace 2 meses
Paul Childers
Paul Childers Hace 2 meses
It was the 4 link that stopped the axle wrap, not the coils. Try driving anything with coil springs and nothing to stop the axle twisting. You won't make it 5 feet.
CTtheGamerr 2.0
CTtheGamerr 2.0 Hace 2 meses
Video on new Bronco?
Mustang Hace 2 meses
What about the bronco?
Reuben Gayle
Reuben Gayle Hace 2 meses
New bronco is my choice
Paul Halvorson
Paul Halvorson Hace 2 meses
I got clickbaited 1:57 to the end
Kennedy McGovern
Kennedy McGovern Hace 2 meses
The TJ is a lifted Sebring. It's a chick Jeep. The last real Jeep came off the line in 1986.
ChrisCarGuy -
ChrisCarGuy - Hace 2 meses
Forgot to mention the circular type of spring. It’s the weird spring that’s fatter in the middle and thinner on top and bottom
Dakota Robertson
Dakota Robertson Hace 2 meses
Its 4.31am right now, im eating nachos lol
Cody Gorski
Cody Gorski Hace 2 meses
Of course we want a B2B Engineer sticker!
Mac Daddy
Mac Daddy Hace 2 meses
What the FIAT ?
Dallin Baker
Dallin Baker Hace 2 meses
Did anyone else notice that they showed the stacking of the leafs wrong? They showed a large leaf closest to the axle and smaller leafs inside it towards the body of the truck. I believe in most applications the smallest leaf is against the axle in a spring over axle setup.
digger052 Hace 2 meses
You cant even call yourself an engineer after college, you have to pass the PE and maintain your license
Carter Andreason
Carter Andreason Hace 2 meses
0:06 why is the bronco not on there?
azizur raahim
azizur raahim Hace 2 meses
this is y we need science garage. ditch past gas or something and replace it with science garage
ilovememes Hace 2 meses
wait is this the new science garage
renexsteez Hace 2 meses
Is this the lead singer of Blink 182?
stuart wass
stuart wass Hace 2 meses
Just buy an XJ 😉👍
Odd Llama
Odd Llama Hace 2 meses
In my opion i think the CJ-7 is one of the best Jeep modals to be made.
Samuel Houston
Samuel Houston Hace 2 meses
EP1CMINER Hace 2 meses
Okay so... Cupholder spring. Got it!
EP1CMINER Hace 2 meses
Man Im gonna buy som Cupholder springs for my WJ
nickious9 Hace 2 meses
Yes, i want b2b stickers!
Josh Piotrowski
Josh Piotrowski Hace 2 meses
Jer, nothing against you (you and zach are my fave dholes) but any donut engineering sticker, i want signed by bart. I mean, I'll take one signed by you too....
Noah Eckert
Noah Eckert Hace 2 meses
Can you guys talk about Mack’s camel back suspension that’d be cool
Cedric Hollowell
Cedric Hollowell Hace 2 meses
I love the Zelda reference at 10:09. Got me off guard and cracked me up. Good ol ocarina of time.
Matthew Fernando
Matthew Fernando Hace 2 meses
That is why I love this channel. I learn alot.
Cody Evans
Cody Evans Hace 2 meses
I've had a YJ and 2 TJs. Fully agreed, TJ is peak Wrangler. Once they went to minivan engines it went downhill. Super excited for the Bronco. Prolly gonna order me one soon. Can't wait to see what actual competition does for making Jeep improve the Wrangler
Isaac Munoz
Isaac Munoz Hace 2 meses
Please give me the sticker
SevenDeMagnus Hace 2 meses
Rod Romes
Rod Romes Hace 2 meses
You really need to go to college to learn about Lee Springs they can be tuned by the thickness how much spring you have in the steel coil springs safe space more than anything they're not that good go get an engineering degree little girl that don't like a rough riding truck I'll take my 76 high profile Ford over that stupid little YJ I had I need a yarn up balls to pull anytime big block souped up sex under planetary Drive a Dana 60 not some PC little 44 who I think I have a f****** axle go to school little girl and learn how to drive manual steering
kris jones
kris jones Hace 2 meses
Laughs in bronco
brenton freeman
brenton freeman Hace 2 meses
Not sure heavy duty and Dana 44 go together.
MargusTamme Hace 2 meses
I Know that @altsukene wants a stiker! #sticker #B2b
Robin Hanscom
Robin Hanscom Hace 2 meses
I bought my tj to go off-roading? I don’t think so.
Gio Hace 2 meses
Just bring back science Garage
GID7OB Hace 2 meses
So sick of seeing this poser
Roaming_doc_12 Hace 2 meses
Got me a 1999 built wrangler for my first car
Paradoxes Hace 2 meses
I want this sticker!!
Elijas Hace 2 meses
Me tooo
Paradoxes Hace 2 meses
The b2b ones
dekoldrick Hace 2 meses
Built for offroad but everybody knows people only but them because they ride high. There's no off road areas in the middle of Down Town Atlanta.
Tony DLC
Tony DLC Hace 2 meses
If I was gay I would date a guy like jer !! Eyebrows so dope !! Love his episodes
Joe D
Joe D Hace 2 meses
Dude... Build a CJ (even if it's with your checkbook). Screw everything after.
sidharth chand
sidharth chand Hace 2 meses
The picture should be bad, worse, worst Jeeps have terrible reliability and long-term durability
WRXXXual Hace 2 meses
Solid Axle articulation > Independent Suspension articulation. Facts.
Jaison Bairstow
Jaison Bairstow Hace 2 meses
The only thing cooler than a 44 would be a 60.... with an 80 rear
taylor Hace 2 meses
Wranglers in Australia are bought buy girls and guys who will fully kit them out with high end brand off road equipment... AND NEVER LEAVE THE BITUMEN! they'll have Huge Bog boards that never have a scratch on them. Pure wankers car
zachary storman
zachary storman Hace 2 meses
I want a sticker!
Tolohtony Hace 2 meses
I was looking into getting a Wrangler a couple of years ago and just said Jeep when I was talking about it and people kept asking which one I was looking at. In my mind, Jeep only means Wranger.
Jujuondabeatbroski Hace 2 meses
I want a B2B Engineer sticker
Fail Zero USA 1776
Fail Zero USA 1776 Hace 2 meses
Wranglers, the high school and sorority girls G-Wagon.
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