Is the 400z Enough to Save Nissan?

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Donut Media Hace 3 meses
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MUQRI DANISH Hace un mes
Spectical2d Hace un mes
yes we know
Conner McCollum
Conner McCollum Hace un mes
@COTTERO the m is short for the bmw m models lol
COTTERO Hace un mes
M... for Murano, Are you really in the car business?
COTTERO Hace un mes
Man, you look like Jar - Jar
Devon Jordan
Devon Jordan Hace un día
Nissan x GM ?
Revhead Media
Revhead Media Hace un día
the Nissan Car with an M must be in the new Nissan Micra
wedgoku Hace 2 días
Donut you just wasted my time, me & most other people DON'T care about any politics/drama related to the car industry & in hindsight it is all meaningless! Let the car do the talking, if it looks good & is reliable people will buy it.
Agamdeep Passi
Agamdeep Passi Hace 3 días
Morrell Hace 4 días
BMW builds a Toyota, Nissan builds a Jaguar
Riley Woodbeck
Riley Woodbeck Hace 6 días
M for Murano
Waffel Tee
Waffel Tee Hace 7 días
Song on 12:15 ?
Pobody's Nerfect
Pobody's Nerfect Hace 7 días
tbh the cvt ruined nissan. that pos makes me never want another one
Bad File error 404
Bad File error 404 Hace 7 días
That’s some corpo shit bruh
Andrew Hace 9 días
A low-volume sports car isn't what "saves" a company. If anything, it hurts the company financially and takes a very long time to recoup the costs of development and production.
SirMontecristo Hace 10 días
Ok, we already know about 95-98% of how the new Z is going to look like, so, what the hell are you guys waiting for to put a new video? Are you going to go to Nissan and do an actual bumper to bumper?
Paolo Granada
Paolo Granada Hace 10 días
Carlos is ghosn hahaha
Little patience for self righteous moral hypocrites
Little patience for self righteous moral hypocrites Hace 11 días
Set up or not......he ran Nissan into the damn ground. He is largely responsible for Nissan's current situation.
Hannah Miyamoto
Hannah Miyamoto Hace 11 días
Maybe the REAL scandal is that Renault is not only still a car company, but owns almost half of Nissan. Personally, all my experiences with Renault have been negative. My family even once owned a Renault Alliance. *shudder*
American Patriot
American Patriot Hace 12 días
BEST CAR IN THE WORLD: 2012 Toyota Camry SE
Byron Garay
Byron Garay Hace 14 días
That thumbnail looks way better than the actual Z Proto
D N Hace 15 días
The Z car grille looks very ugly.
Danao Danau
Danao Danau Hace 15 días
Oi Nissan , even your Datsun cant help you on emerging market on South East Asia
ANoobCalled Max
ANoobCalled Max Hace 16 días
Ngl I hope Nissan makes a car like the Honda Accord I'm taking maybe 2006 Also make the car a LPG...HMMM what?
James obrien
James obrien Hace 16 días
Ehhh all cars theses days look the same and made mostly by the same company who the f cares anymore, no heart and soul into building cars it’s all about money/ profit to cater to all markets of people, not like I’ll ever afford one or want to, I’m happy with a vr commodore with minor modes that’s more reliable then most new cars these days and I treat it like a bag of crap most weekends and drive my ass to wrk Monday with minor up keep. 😂 buying a new car is just a waste in my opinion old cars from the 80-90s seem to still be our living more resent cars 😅
Raul Gomez
Raul Gomez Hace 16 días
I am shocked, Nolan pronounce Barcelona perfectly!!
Marat Bodrutdinov
Marat Bodrutdinov Hace 17 días
Carlos saved Nissan and they should be grateful to him for that
Abhijit Deo
Abhijit Deo Hace 17 días
When you arrest a man who turned you company from going bankrupt to a profit making business you are doomed. No wonder why nissan is shutting down it's factory.
Lifted_Above Hace 17 días
GET. RID. of that STUPID. CVT. NISSAN!! That's goal #1. Until you do this ONE THING, you can count on continuing to be a miserable driving experience.
Kan Antony
Kan Antony Hace 18 días
I drove the 16 370z and the 16 accord coupe 6-6. The accord felt alot better even though it was a fwd
Francisco Serres
Francisco Serres Hace 19 días
Dude I wanna know more about Carlos Ghosn and Nissan
Stephen j
Stephen j Hace 21 un día
Hey donut, do you think mass producing the vg engine is where Nissan went wrong, while still having the Rb in production, which was in the z before the new engine? And the fact that they were making 2 and 2+2’s of the same car? Think it’s a forward step, not the right one.
Yudistira Hace 21 un día
In Indonesia, the rouge was called the x-trail, and we didnt have much nissan cars either.
King Bashment
King Bashment Hace 21 un día
Hey Noelle do an episode of an update for Kia
Calvin Erickson
Calvin Erickson Hace 21 un día
You're awesome dude
Krystian Tatara
Krystian Tatara Hace 22 días
I tell you what that is from the picture .that's a copy of my jaguar f-type r in gray.
Taneesh Pradyumna
Taneesh Pradyumna Hace 23 días
yo the one thing nissan did good is there is an frickin manual
Mufifn Hace 26 días
Now, time to wait for an s16
BoostedAP1 Hace 27 días
Eh 400Z to save Nissan isn’t bad. Better than 80 billion to save shitty General Motors and grandpa’s Chrysler brand.
plot vibes
plot vibes Hace 28 días
*dude nobody likes this car... It's sooo ugly*
Tuned Media
Tuned Media Hace un mes
The 400z is the alternative to the Supra. Cant wait for it to be released and hit the tuning market
Ricardo Milos
Ricardo Milos Hace un mes
I think we all know who's really responsible for Nissan's bankruptcy....
Ricardo Milos
Ricardo Milos Hace un mes
@TheHiyy dude, I meant Scotty kilmer
TheHiyy Hace un mes
The fact that just two years after Nissan took back power from Carlos Ghosn they launch a 400z platform in the spirt of older Nissan designs tells me that these engineers were boiling at the surface just waiting for a green light to get back to form factor and hopefully if they can reinvigorate their whole brand this way to return to producing the cars that mean something to people!
David Gomez
David Gomez Hace un mes
Why do the newer Altimas Sentras and Maximas look more aggressive from the front then this 400z
David Gomez
David Gomez Hace un mes
I think it needs headlights like the Lexus lfa
Dipankur Bodwal
Dipankur Bodwal Hace un mes
I would like to see the round head lamps on the z
Ivan Sini
Ivan Sini Hace un mes
Hey when is comming the new video of you guys talking about the Proto Z?
Nick Stone
Nick Stone Hace un mes
Speaking of Mr. G, I like ya cut
Bossworx Records
Bossworx Records Hace un mes
the video came out after the C8 competition ended...
Airlangga Damara
Airlangga Damara Hace un mes
Guys, 4 days ago they unveiled the z proto... Wdyt? Is nissan gonna turn things around?
swaswa1 Hace un mes
Yeah I would rather them make a new version of the 240 SX over a new Z
SevenDeMagnus Hace un mes
Nissan's toast coz' of the Supra. Nissan doesn't have great build quality. They should focus on bringing back the Skyline "Godzilla".
Dutch Van Der Linde
Dutch Van Der Linde Hace un mes
They’re probably not gonna redesign the GTR for a while. It’s very expensive to redesign a car ,so I would assume they just chose to redesign the Z ,because it’s most likely cheaper to redesign ,and it’s available to more people as it is much cheaper. Expect to wait a few years before you see an R36
Irelia Stop Ks
Irelia Stop Ks Hace un mes
Where tf R36
Dutch Van Der Linde
Dutch Van Der Linde Hace un mes
They’re probably not gonna redesign the GTR for a while. It’s very expensive to redesign a car ,so I would assume they just chose to redesign the Z ,because it’s most likely cheaper to redesign ,and it’s available to more people as it is much cheaper. Expect to wait a few years before you see an R36
Hector Arce
Hector Arce Hace un mes
As a 300zx owner, I’m a little disappointed. I was hoping it would be more of a tribute to the 300. This one looks like the Datsun!! I’ll support it tho! :/
Bacocobear Hace un mes
Ghosn is still responsible for making crappy cars sooo .... 🤷🏽‍♂️
Jan Yves Bueza
Jan Yves Bueza Hace un mes
And now the new Z is out
D Ch
D Ch Hace un mes
Line up is too large. They need to trim the line up.
Muthulingam Ramiah
Muthulingam Ramiah Hace un mes
That is one ugly looking car... Nissan is beyond repair...
Muthulingam Ramiah
Muthulingam Ramiah Hace un mes
@Dutch Van Der Linde I respect your views bro, but for me it looks ugly and I don't really mind if it is a joint venture or not, as long as it is beautiful... (PS: Yes, I am Bimmer Fanboy, but I don't like the Z4, the new 4 Series and the new Supra... I only like the old F32 4 Series, the new G20 Series and the new 8 series)
Dutch Van Der Linde
Dutch Van Der Linde Hace un mes
Muthulingam Ramiah Wym? It’s a beautiful car that appeals to most car enthusiasts. They went back to their roots and put in effort to design the car by themselves, from the ground up (unlike the Supra).
Alex Quinones
Alex Quinones Hace un mes
The m nissan has is the nissan morano why does nobody get that? Is it because nobody wants it hahahahaha
Alex Quinones
Alex Quinones Hace un mes
I love my old school nissan datsun 280z and this is that car just retrofitted and I think they did a wonderful job and I am going to buy this car even if they dont release it to everyone that's how much I love it I'll pay nissan personally to make me this car custom and if that isn't enough for them to produce this beauty I'll do it myself
madhatter Hace un mes
I would never buy a new car from a car company that might be going out of business
Ice T
Ice T Hace un mes
Without Gran Turismo - Nissan would be struggling more than it has. The partnership between Nissan and Polyphony is good with connecting younger generations to the actual production cars. For appealing to future customers. Plus the latest GT game shares news with its affiliated manufacturers. Nissan does have a great Motorsport heritage which means us enthusiasts will always know about them. The Z is popular here in the UK as well as the US and parts of Asia. But in the UK - we have some poor current models. Nissan Note, 1st gen Juke, Pulsar. I remember the classic Micra, Primera and Almería and the Sunny /Bluebird (yeah - that bad boy saloon / sedan) which were good affordable cars. One that you were proud to show. (Compared to the hideous Ford Mondeo and Peugeot 307's ) Nissan do have a good SUV market (which I personally hate) and EV options (talk about Micra EV - using Renault's Twingo as the basis). But Gran Turismo and the classic cars made in the 90's and 2000's was when I got into Nissan's and learnt about the 240Z, 350Z and ofc 370z. Don't forget the GTR (GT3/GT4). Nissan need at least one Hatchback model again in UK / Europe, which can be designed into a saloon /sedan. (Look at Mazda 3 or Toyota Corolla / Auris). The SUV'S are the commoners cars. But the real car buyers, know a good hatchback will always sell. Practicality / Fuel Eco and Good Handling. I love to buy a normal running Nissan again. But nothing other than the Z or GTR makes me look at Nissan. Which is a shame. 🥺
RabbitS1X Hace un mes
There will come a day when automotive manufacturers realize that reliability, when associated with their brand name equates to (cough Toyota)consumer loyalty and sales. Performance and style in a product that is constantly broken (cough Audi, VW, Mercedes, and others) don't bode well for any manufacturer. Then there is product consistency. Chevrolet may not make the most reliable cars on the planet but unlike Ford, which seems to change engine platforms with every vehicle reiteration with the exception of the modular V8, Chevy's LS platform has been developed over the years into something a bit special in the automotive world. Manufacturers should take note and develop their engines instead of constantly introducing new mistakes. A steady platform also means there is a better chance the aftermarket and performance markets can influence, in a positive manner, brand loyalty. Manufacturers should also pay attention to those car enthusiasts that improve their cars and take notes for consideration of the next generation's improvements. The bottom line is when you look at the various lists online based on reliable cars to buy, Nissan is rarely on that list and for several reasons. Nissan needs to improve its reputation. Just fix the plethora of problems their products suffer before introducing new problems and do it far faster than they have in the past. If they could increase the overall reliability of their products, I think they would really stand a chance. They have the designs and they have the performance now fill that last void and it would be possible to unseat Toyota. ---Just my two cents.
Loadshedding Hace un mes
400z looks trash... Your thumbnail looks better
Nihar Potluri
Nihar Potluri Hace un mes
I'm watching this video after the new z proto was revealed, the render on the thumbnail looks so similar to the proto! How did you guys predict it?😅
Butterbrod Aviation And Gaming
Butterbrod Aviation And Gaming Hace un mes
waw it epik korvet!
Ray Amaro
Ray Amaro Hace un mes
I thought that the video was supposed to be about the new 400Z, all you fed us is a bunch of BS ! 🙄
FahimDCB Hace un mes
That thumbnail was the spoiler of the Nissan Z Proto Unveiled
jrveloria Hace un mes
I’ve watched the Z revealed, and I am very interested on what the production lineup will be. I am hoping for a T-top option already the 6speed manual transmission and the twin turbos got my attention. I’m sure there’s going to be lots of after market body kits, lots of motor/ suspension upgrades. Going to be a competition for the BMW/Supra. Hopefully Vin Diesel can use the new Z for the next Fast and Furious 12 or what segment the movie is at.
Smokin Hemi
Smokin Hemi Hace un mes
Are you guys making a video on the release
therealshizlow Hace un mes
To much talk, talk....
r e v e l a r e_ XVII
r e v e l a r e_ XVII Hace un mes
Who’s here after the new Z unveil?
james sanders
james sanders Hace un mes
please make a review on the new Z trailer !! :)
Tony Taylor
Tony Taylor Hace un mes
How did nissan become in this position they were inivitve of cars sins 1960s till 2000s lol I just blame Renault 🤦 😂 haha let's see crap build quality Clio for example radiator leak problems electrical problems vans are that bad with alarm system which made you not able to get into the van you legit have to get on the roof of the van and drill a hole in roof to end that problem basically learn how to wire your electrics ffks Renault
Redline Rich
Redline Rich Hace un mes
The Qashqai was a revelation here in the UK when it came out. Then Nissan partnered with Renault in 2013 & the reliability/public reputation has plummeted through the floor. Nissan sold out to the French - money over reliability/quality.
Mario Paul
Mario Paul Hace un mes
While ghosn did technically save the company initially, his policies set the company to be one of the least desirable in terms of what they produced. He took business 101 to the extreme, making extremely cheap products for the sake of profits. The complete opposite of Toyota, who makes some of the most reliable, and desirable cars out there. I'm glad that guy finally left Nissan, as I really thought the company was going to go the way of mitsubishi. Here's to a better nissan in the next decade, starting with the new Z.
typicalasian Hace un mes
Honestly i like it but if they just reuse the Q50 tt engine for it then what a waste.
Gs Chadalavada
Gs Chadalavada Hace un mes
It’s kinda insane how spot on the thumbnail was to the actual car, other than the color
55_Vishesh Trivedi
55_Vishesh Trivedi Hace un mes
Yeah, the grill is almost same😂. Donut is Secretly working with car companies
David XV
David XV Hace un mes
This New Z better help 2020
Malaki Jacobs
Malaki Jacobs Hace un mes
Looked it up right when the Proto Z design dropped and holy shit the thumbnail to this vid is like 400x better than the design they have now like wow it would be a beautiful car compared to what we might be getting 💀
Steven Iraheta
Steven Iraheta Hace un mes
The presentation was bland because there was clearly not enough passion behind the design and they obviously didn’t listen to the complaints. This is just a boring iteration of a wonderful heritage car, too little too late. This is the nail in the Nissan coffin. This car is junk.
cap szn
cap szn Hace un mes
Anyone else here after the reveal???
kbcorp Hace un mes
car looks like doodoo. Nissan = Chapter 11.
charleywayne hinkle
charleywayne hinkle Hace un mes
Why do the headlights looks so goofy.
Boss Hog Playa
Boss Hog Playa Hace un mes
“Gets their poop in a group” I never heard (you need to get your sh** together!) put so nicely lol
Ayukima Hace un mes
Русские есть?
Martin Nikolai Molnes
Martin Nikolai Molnes Hace un mes
Al Pena
Al Pena Hace un mes
You talk way too much bro. I’m here to see the Z not your dumb face!
D A N D Y W A V E S Hace un mes
Cant wait for the official reveal wednesday
TheresOnly1Stef Hace un mes
Dope episode, not too sure how I feel about the New Z but man CG got played played huh lol
Mario Paul
Mario Paul Hace un mes
That guy played Nissan for well over two decades. T'was about time.
Sam Hace un mes
Why does ghosn look like Mr bean?
Sam Basilone
Sam Basilone Hace un mes
the s in GhoSen is not silent .
Marlon Elmore Freedom Is Ours not division
Marlon Elmore Freedom Is Ours not division Hace un mes
Actually Nissan needs this car they can't afford to mess this car up in any aspectyes the GTR is a brilliant and beautifully put together car but for the everyday driver it just costs way too much 🤷🏿‍♂️
Andy Mairena
Andy Mairena Hace un mes
Update Nissan has confirmed September 16 🙏🏻
Gautam Mehan
Gautam Mehan Hace un mes
The M car means Magnite. You can check it out on Nissan India's website
Leo Asherion
Leo Asherion Hace un mes
Looks like a mix of jaguar and Aston martin
John Brown
John Brown Hace un mes
The cvt transmission is pure shit. Nissan made the biggest mistake using them.
Angel Rugamas
Angel Rugamas Hace un mes
From the way things are looking I would say don't drop your classics. New wont be worth it
King Charles
King Charles Hace un mes
Are they still with Renault? If so all these vehicles are going to be steaming piles. Maybe at least the Z will be made in Japan.
crowdome Hace un mes
Over the last 3 years there have been 100s of garbage articles written that all read almost the exact same way. The first one called it the 400z and every other stupid article copied it for years. Nissan is a heritage based brand that holds the formula for z in high esteem and it would be a disgrace to change that in their minds. Nissan has never had a Z they didn't name after liter capacity of the engine. It will 100% have the vr30 tt engine. It will be called the 300z because we've never had one only a 300zx. This car is supposed to be a hard throwback of the 300zx as well for multiple reasons.
Abdelfettah ayadi
Abdelfettah ayadi Hace un mes
This shit is a joke. I mean competitors are going for 600 and 700 hp with decent price tag. Nissan/Infiniti been in same engine / platform for ever. After years to they brought hp to 70 more?
Anton Eremin
Anton Eremin Hace un mes
This whole nissan thing reminds me of an Automation run go wrong haha
ElbowDEEP Hace un mes
historically, the Z has always saved Nissan.
I will defeat arcade assassin
I will defeat arcade assassin Hace un mes
No but this text car will lel
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