Is Buying someone else’s Project Car worth it?

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This week on Money Pit, we take a look at answering the age-old question: Is buying someone else’s project car a good idea? It seems like a good way to save some money on aftermarket parts that you would end up buying anyway, but it can definitely be a huge can of worms. Come along as we inspect James’ new project car to see if he made a good move or just flushed his cash down the ol’ money pit!
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Donut Media
Donut Media Hace 3 meses
I’m out filming! I’ll hop in the comments as soon as I get done!!
Johnny Keller
Johnny Keller Hace 9 días
I gave $1800 for a GT-S converted SR-5 '86 Corolla Coupe with a blown headgasket; tld;r have since pulled the motor (in the process of rebuilding...having a hard time deciding on cams and pistons, but have a Weber intake set up with DCOE-45's and a throttle linkage already to go in with the engine once it's all back together) the wiring has been stripped, so has the interior, and she's about 30% done on the body going all the way down and coming all the way back (did I mention the windshield was busted too...and the hood was munched and I grabbed the last replacement hood that pick-a-part had all the way up in Laci, Washington; I'm based in central Oregon)
El Mafico
El Mafico Hace 25 días
@Donut Media what Toyota is that I wana buy it
Dan Silvester
Dan Silvester Hace un mes
Donut Media, How did you get the green 240sx Turbo registered in California? Any suggestions?
CarEnthisiastKid Hace un mes
Austin Bernhard true cuz it is a import and import from those years are cheap excaeap Camry’s and cams
CarEnthisiastKid Hace un mes
Omg it’s the car from the anime 😁
Keegan Myers
Keegan Myers Hace 23 minutos
James should make a series on his ae86
Today's Project Guide
Today's Project Guide Hace 3 horas
those harbor freight jack stands just dropped my eclipse last week. The car always has a secondary jack under it as a fail safe but those things are dangerous! BE SAFE!!! #donutmedia ALL DAY~~!!!
John Nickel
John Nickel Hace 20 horas
17:43 Santa Claus!
John Nickel
John Nickel Hace 20 horas
I love these random edits lol
619Daygo Sunny760
619Daygo Sunny760 Hace un día
If work that you would of had to do was done already, then yeah. Saving money.
Brett Clark
Brett Clark Hace un día
5:10 definitely a C8s back there. Nice lol
Sasha Stanojevic
Sasha Stanojevic Hace 4 días
My boys it's a trueno $$$
Hachi-Roku Performance Group
Hachi-Roku Performance Group Hace 4 días
I bought my one owner ae86 gts for $1600 6 years ago. Biggest money pit ever and I own 2 jeeps and I thought those are money pits till I got the rolla
IOnceAteAPinecone Hace 5 días
James: *2 minute list of everything wrong in it* Zach, 5 seconds into driving: This thing is sick!
Cesar Martinez
Cesar Martinez Hace 5 días
I got an ad on the videos ad
Nathaniel Lewis
Nathaniel Lewis Hace 5 días
Ae86 guy (brain went blank) : where’s the oil leaks from Miata guy (again) : yes
BJDJ Studios
BJDJ Studios Hace 6 días
He looks like donut operator 😂😂😂
Conor Martin
Conor Martin Hace 6 días
17:45 That dude knows whats up
Tyler Costa
Tyler Costa Hace 6 días
The kouki bumper doesnt get a bolt at the fender so why someone ziptied it is beyond me, there a bracket you screw onto from the body to bumper
Westley Parker
Westley Parker Hace 7 días
What's going on with this car. We need answers
Hendry Johan
Hendry Johan Hace 8 días
whoever does the job on those awesome music and soundtrack, deserve a raise...those are awesome...
MasterShake300 Hace 8 días
Well damn it. I want to watch James fix the 86, but I also dont want to download fucking Instagram.
jake hawley
jake hawley Hace 9 días
I would love to see this project car being built I hope they give us an update video soon
TwisT Hace 9 días
11:05 * *that's-some-wet* that's-some-wet, *that's some wet-ass Piston,* wright-that-shit on-the-board *that's some wet-ass piston.* *
TRI HARTA Hace 11 días
Is zack an engineer or a technician? For some reason he is better than any car repair shop in my country on checking up a used car
Aaron American
Aaron American Hace 11 días
ewww fake trueno badges on a US spec corolla, previous owner has bad taste it seems
Markus Hace 11 días
The more modified it is; the less I offer.
Jhasy Hace 12 días
after watching it, im craving now for my first project car 🤤
zoe jordan
zoe jordan Hace 13 días
Oil leak is better than rubber undercoating.
016 Hace 13 días
I see the car: AHHH ITS A TRUENO 86!!!!
Nicole Tesla
Nicole Tesla Hace 14 días
13:51 A L O T O F T H E N U T S A N D B O L T S H A V E B E E N T O U C H E D A N D L O O K E D A T .
Nathan Dubs
Nathan Dubs Hace 14 días
I made this mistake and now my car doesn’t run🤦🏽‍♀️
Emanuel Sanchez Gutierrez
Emanuel Sanchez Gutierrez Hace 15 días
#thenewhicar. 🤩
JewelsVEVO Hace 15 días
How tf is it LHD?
Tofu Takimi
CosmicRainbowYeti Hace 16 días
Why do I always get the feeling that Pumps just doesn't like our Zachary? He seems like such a nice boy I don't understand
Spencer Inc.
Spencer Inc. Hace 16 días
I like it how they are working on a ae86 and there is a c8 corvette in the background
ryanizer11 Hace 16 días
I got a 86 Fiero that I’m working on honestly doesn’t seem that bad getting it repainted, a/c compressor fixed among some other small stuff plus buying it I think I have around $3,700 into it, plus it’s given me a bit of a opportunity to learn more about cars and something to talk with my dad about.
J skrachvynl
J skrachvynl Hace 18 días
Hey, me and James have the same FWD 4AGE swap in an AE86!
Matthew Jenkins
Matthew Jenkins Hace 18 días
First priority on any engine of unknown history with a cam belt, is to change that cam belt. You never even mentioned it.
kim torvs
kim torvs Hace 18 días
aight now fix the camber
Andrew Menteer
Andrew Menteer Hace 19 días
That off the record seems to work well
Dick Blunoff
Dick Blunoff Hace 19 días
I want that car! 💪
danny boy
danny boy Hace 20 días
James Ort
James Ort Hace 20 días
Why is there a c8 Corvette in the background 🤣
Robert Hansen
Robert Hansen Hace 21 un día
Please make this into a series.
Raúl Bustamante
Raúl Bustamante Hace 21 un día
what happened with this car?? :c
OddSavage Ace YT
OddSavage Ace YT Hace 22 días
The cars name should be loose and leaky
Hachi-Roku Performance Group
Hachi-Roku Performance Group Hace 23 días
Ae86 would be a good money pit car. Everything is expensive
Russ and Shad Trad
Russ and Shad Trad Hace 25 días
Okay this gts looks better than any supercar
El Mafico
El Mafico Hace 25 días
What Toyota is this pls tell me I wana buy it
Dombomb Hace 25 días
everytime i watch this guy i question if ive been wrong my whole life when i say "it needs to be replaced" instead of "it needs replaced"
Isaiah Thornton
Isaiah Thornton Hace 25 días
The roll bar might be cool but it’s not safe for a left hand drive car it’s triangulated to the right side of the car meaning it’s meant for a rhd 86
Dexter Sullen 'TRUTH'
Dexter Sullen 'TRUTH' Hace 26 días
High powered engine = 130hp corolla motor hmmm logic...... ok
Austin Balkcum
Austin Balkcum Hace 27 días
I wanna buy your ae86.
Peen Slapper
Peen Slapper Hace 27 días
i wwant this car so bad
Matt Coffin
Matt Coffin Hace 27 días
James 86 making a whole 3 horsepower more than my 2005 civic "HIGH POWERED ENGIN"
Tate Ways
Tate Ways Hace 28 días
as soon as he said the belt sqeaks i knew it needed to be tightened
Andrew Sears
Andrew Sears Hace 28 días
Man I really wish he could check out my 1998 civic coupe for me...
Byron Spencer
Byron Spencer Hace 28 días
It is pretty sweet
HamSamich9 Hace 29 días
We would love to see update videos on this project.
Max Tkachev
Max Tkachev Hace 29 días
We gon get updates on this car?
monkintraining Hace un mes
is that a honda prelude
bretta3 Hace un mes
I have a roommate that restores expensive cars. Many times he has bought unfinished projects and finished them and made a big profit. But my roommate is not like most people. He is relentless at working a problem until he solves it and he can sit down and figure out a rats nest of wires. If you aren't like this, don't buy someone else's project. You won't finish it.
Waifai Ramsey
Waifai Ramsey Hace un mes
Please for the love of god make this the next money pit
Ever Glez
Ever Glez Hace un mes
I bought a 2 owner s13 hatch and so far so good
Ben Bowman
Ben Bowman Hace un mes
This dude is so cool. What’s his Instagram?
hot lap films.
hot lap films. Hace un mes
Who noticed the new corvette c8 in the backround
Purple Bird
Purple Bird Hace un mes
Yogin Tickoo
Yogin Tickoo Hace un mes
Scotty Kilmer is happy
Richard Joyce
Richard Joyce Hace un mes
My dodge truck leaks 20 times that in oil, and she's got 275k
Mikey Tongson
Mikey Tongson Hace un mes
this just convinced me on getting a Z32 I had in mind for a while
James Hamilton
James Hamilton Hace un mes
James: Tons of oil leaks, it's just puking oil. Me: Oh cool. It's got the 4age then.
Justin Garza
Justin Garza Hace un mes
I just bought an 85' MR2 so I can relate to all this 😢
croberts2726 Hace un mes
The Gordon Ramsey of cars lol. These seats are shit, do they serve their purpose? Of course, but the parts you don't see are falling apart... Lol
Jrenko Hace un mes
Just needs mopped
Aebel Sajan
Aebel Sajan Hace un mes
Boyle is that you??
Lightning McKurt
Lightning McKurt Hace un mes
"he probably should have done this before he bought it, but he already bought it. == Me. Every car I've ever bought.
Ren Hace un mes
1:36 97%!?!?!? iam going to go get a ticket now.
Carlos Andrade
Carlos Andrade Hace un mes
Definitely my favorite channel to watch 💯
Redstone Maniac/TheProGamer
Redstone Maniac/TheProGamer Hace un mes
0:05 Did anyone else think that there was only one lugnut at first?
GamingHighCo Hace un mes
Whats his instagram?
fkylw Hace un mes
Where are they giving out $150 tickets? I'll move there. Mine are like $400 first offense.
Tanner Altizer
Tanner Altizer Hace un mes
Yo i have a 4age silver top with a big port head quad throttle body's for your boys car
Aisy Haziq
Aisy Haziq Hace un mes
5:05 Wow a C8 corvette just casually chilling there.
Swedish Gazebo
Swedish Gazebo Hace un mes
its been two months and i cant stop thinking about Zach at 2:58 . i litteraly cant stop thinking about him spin James keys
Daithi O Regan
Daithi O Regan Hace un mes
Loving the wheeler dealers vibe off this vid, gave me some nostalgia 😀
Yuppi Hace un mes
Tbh I wanted to see it put together and fixed the most.
Han Yolo
Han Yolo Hace un mes
Ya gotta find an honest enough seller, and it can be worth it. If you know exactly what's to do, you're already ahead of the game.
Unknown quantity Slowly searching reality
Unknown quantity Slowly searching reality Hace un mes
It's not an oil leak It's a new anti rust kit
Wilbs Hace un mes
Pumphrey got that WAP - Wet Ass (Spark)Plugs
Oshana Hace un mes
@17:44 that was a very happy package delivery man. 15 seconds of fame.
Eli Percival
Eli Percival Hace un mes
lol a modded car from craigslist = crap in the first place because it's just gonna suck because most people on Craigslist are broke to the point that they can't list it on Ebay or it's just not legal and another reason they can't list it on craigslist!!!!!!!!!!
Ian Chin
Ian Chin Hace un mes
Wats or unsub :)
Dan Smulders
Dan Smulders Hace un mes
Wire nuts?? You mean Marettes
Mobile Terminaluser
Mobile Terminaluser Hace un mes
Damn Abercrombie model/mechanic/host.
Mobile Terminaluser
Mobile Terminaluser Hace un mes
When will Nolan's "not a subliminal", Zach's "Sparktastic & Sparktacular" & Jame's "Bwaaaaahhh" be on for sale? Garage/room & home decor? Donut Media automotive items & Auto sales?
Jonathon M.B
Jonathon M.B Hace un mes
It's cool! I can't ever find good projects like that for cheap in Texas.
TK 1969 OK
TK 1969 OK Hace un mes
Down voted not mentioning the price. Sorry…
EvanVanHelsing Hace un mes
The UPS dude in the background got me
Dabacon BossBro
Dabacon BossBro Hace un mes
Im so happy James finally bought an 86, we are all aware how much he wanted one
It'sDarensbourg Hace un mes
Lol we see the delivery guy in almost every video
It'sDarensbourg Hace un mes
8:36 he forgot english
Crelson Cabuco
Crelson Cabuco Hace un mes
Doesn’t matter if it’s a project. The car is an AE86. It’s worth every penny
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