Is a Short Shifter Worth It?

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This week on Money Pit, we’re replacing the 26 year old oem shifter with a Short Shifter. Along the way we’ll take a look at how short shifters actually make shifts shorter and we’ll see if it’s a worthy mod.
I’m also going to start including links to all the stuff that we use on the show for anyone that wants to check them out!
Link to the short shifter kit:

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Donut Media
Donut Media Hace 2 meses
The first 100 people to go to are going to get unlimited access for 1 week to try it out. You’ll also get 25% off if you want the full membership!
Cal Jennings
Cal Jennings Hace 3 días
Yes, I watch your videos. Haha
mrpmj00 Hace 4 días
Doesn't a short shifter feel heavier than stock?
Eduardo Maia Leite
Eduardo Maia Leite Hace un mes
Dude, you changed where the heat shielding schold be. I don't know, but i think that the heat will come off the transmission and damage the shift boot, and it needs to be mounted below the shift boot to prevent that.
Morning star Garage
Morning star Garage Hace 2 meses
I know u gotta f body man. Put a tick performance short throw shifter in it. You wont be dissapointed. Just put one in my trans am and I love it
Josh Romney
Josh Romney Hace 2 meses
You guys should do a tutorial on shifting for beginners, that would be helpful
Kroams Hace 6 horas
This show makes me wanna drop out of my aviation program and transfer to an automotive program
TheBruise XJ
TheBruise XJ Hace un día
stuck under the hood of your project car Me: *looks at curb/driveway/garage full of project vehicles* "haha yeah :("
Bishh Boy
Bishh Boy Hace un día
What drugs are you on
Matteo p
Matteo p Hace 2 días
Why not installing a sequential transmission
McThePopCornPig Hace 2 días
Let’s get shwifty
Christopher Bona
Christopher Bona Hace 3 días
The opening shoulda been " let's get shifty with it "
Joshua Gee
Joshua Gee Hace 3 días
The grind into 2nd gear 😭😭
Icaro Santos
Icaro Santos Hace 5 días
Hand started WAYYY closer to the shift knob on the short shifter run
Kobe Rodriguez
Kobe Rodriguez Hace 5 días
I think you put the heat insulation on backwards
Kobe Rodriguez
Kobe Rodriguez Hace 5 días
Enrique Sanjurjo
Enrique Sanjurjo Hace 7 días
How to drastically lower the lifespan of your gearbox and clutch in exchange of looking a bit more like moronic driver hahaha
Enrique Sanjurjo
Enrique Sanjurjo Hace 7 días
Dropping bolts into car's moving parts... Best mechanic practices [ironic mode on]
zoe jordan
zoe jordan Hace 7 días
The strong reason why you feel all the mechanical click and performance shift feels is because of the new bushings..
Suzhou Chen
Suzhou Chen Hace 7 días
11:25 a short shifter would be pointless if your foot is that slow on clutch. XD
DSQueenie Hace 8 días
3:05 wait that’s it?
LazerLord10 Hace 8 días
Meanwhile my biggest bottleneck is just waiting for the revs to drop from first to second. It takes like 2-3 seconds.
Acdeportivo2 Hace 20 minutos
The rev hang on my 2015 Wrx is just as bad . Only solution I can think of is shifting in lower rpms and enjoy 2-3 gears
down bad
down bad Hace 6 días
@LazerLord10 maybe I can be tuned out if it's a feature
LazerLord10 Hace 7 días
@Isaac Salazar Double-whammy for me is that my car has a 'feature' where the idle point changes depending on if the engine is warm or cold, so the revs sometimes drop super fast, and other times not at all. I guess I just need to be more gradual with the clutch from 1st to second.
Isaac Salazar
Isaac Salazar Hace 7 días
My 2012 si does that too. I hate it
lazuardi imani
lazuardi imani Hace 9 días
why its only measure inches in your tape measurements? no centimeters?
LMAOPictures Hace 11 días
” it should shorten up our shifts let me show you ” that’s a tounge twister
Sergio Parra
Sergio Parra Hace 13 días
who tf is giving this a thumbs down?
JewGhostPDX Hace 14 días
Not according to my ex girlfriend. Boom self roast.
Robin Ainscough
Robin Ainscough Hace 15 días
No they aren't worth it, in fact they'll like destroy one's transmission sooner. If one wants to shift quickly, get a sequential gearbox with straight cut gears and live with the noise.
Shaswat Das
Shaswat Das Hace 15 días
Totally offtopic but can anyone give name of song at 9:26? It's stuck in my mind😭
Turbro Life
Turbro Life Hace 15 días
Let’s get shifty with it
melloyellogsxr Hace 16 días
Ewww gross, I learned something.
Ashton Coles
Ashton Coles Hace 16 días
Ahhh yes. Ad after an ad 😂
Paul Cyr
Paul Cyr Hace 17 días
Is there a reason to get a short throw shifter if you don't also get a lighter flywheel? I find that often (especially in my 5 speed) I'm limited by how quickly the car will rev up or down, not how quickly I can shift.
Tj Hace 17 días
Dude I love how donut use to talk about cars! These hedfones tho
David Kusel
David Kusel Hace 18 días
It's time to get shifty in here
Hellz Sent
Hellz Sent Hace 19 días
4.08 Bro that seat tho
I'm Mikey
I'm Mikey Hace 20 días
If you have a c5 corvette or are thinking about it, get a different shifter
Jassiel Salazar
Jassiel Salazar Hace 20 días
Amazing video bro. I wasn’t Sure about changing my shifter to a short shifter but, It looks simple, easy and worth it to do.
ExtremeRacer 879
ExtremeRacer 879 Hace 21 un día
Yes The short shifter will make shifting more efficient and quicker, even the gearbox will wear less. Everything to say.
Anthony Hace 22 días
Looks like I'm gettin a short shifter for my SI 😎
it's WraithyY T
it's WraithyY T Hace 23 días
Either I'm not shifting into gear or my transmission is broken I can shift from 1 to 5 in 1.52 with stock shifter
Keshan Naicker
Keshan Naicker Hace 24 días
Mom: Go and play with the neighbour's kid. *The neighbour's kid* 3:55
MarioMalifi Hace 24 días
This show makes me happy
ELwasco Hace 27 días
im trying to find one for my 89 honda prelude any one got any ideas?
HorrorBsns Hace 29 días
Short throw in my 01 integra felt good but the addition of a heavy knob made it feel amazing (skunk2 shifter and knob)
paul p
paul p Hace 29 días
I bought me a new car for my birthday back in March. Of course its a manual, but to this date I still do not have a short shifter in it. This is the longest I have driven a manual with out one installed. I finally found a company that sells one for this car but they are backordered lol :(
Natasha Oljanuk
Natasha Oljanuk Hace un mes
kinmin Hace un mes
How to shift faster when my car just equipped with paddle shift
Kevin Nunez
Kevin Nunez Hace un mes
Can i have your Miata
deadly player
deadly player Hace un mes
Great video man!
Big John
Big John Hace un mes
I have a 2000 Frontier. Long ass throw. I can still shift him pretty quickly
harrison corey
harrison corey Hace un mes
the shifter on my truck is a foot and a half long so, i dont think im in competition
Kerno Hace un mes
Really late, but lets get this shift would have been an awesome intro
Alex Diaconescu
Alex Diaconescu Hace un mes
Tried this on my Bimmer. It worked, but I eventually put back the original one.
轉身射個三分波加橙皮 Hace un mes
Any one tells me what’s that zip for?
ASMR James
ASMR James Hace un mes
You need a lightweight flywheel and 6 puck sprung clutch to help the gears switch really fast.
Ryan T
Ryan T Hace un mes
I’ve got a 1990 miata and the outside of mine is decently better than this one, but I’m jealous of how good your interior looks 😪
Rens Verhoef
Rens Verhoef Hace un mes
Thanx, now i need a short shifter🤣🤣
Fiend Hace un mes
Anyone know how tall he is? I wanna get a MSM but I’m 6’2 and idk if I’m gonna fit!
Colin Olsen
Colin Olsen Hace un mes
Really, it is all about how they feel. I got an ST, and the first time I felt another ST with a short throw shifter, I wanted one. It makes daily driving my car so much more enjoyable as everything is tight and precise, no more loose and sloppiness.
Serarci Hace un mes
350 for the kit? wow
TL BC Hace un mes
1.6 seconds in a 6 speed stock throw and i dont even drive okay
Tony Calabro
Tony Calabro Hace un mes
Take it to the next level get a Voodoo shift Knob, and just rock your wrist! And, feel everything through the billet aluminum!
Sawyer Fisher
Sawyer Fisher Hace un mes
I’m sure somebody already asked, but if the heat shielding was on the inside of the boot on the take apart, why did you put it on the outside of the boot on the reinstall?
Jeremy Rapp
Jeremy Rapp Hace un mes
Yellow shift knob would look great
FalenAnjel Hace un mes
Should have said, "Let's get shifty swifty".
Cory McGrath
Cory McGrath Hace un mes
Lets get shifty
????? Hace un mes
Zach is the CEO of "might as well replace it while we're here."
Jimf Hace un mes
a short shifter will also make it harder to find gears..the gates will be closer together. The miata already has a pretty short shift throw...but easy to change back. The improved feel in shifting can also be from replacing the worn parts.
mohlomphehi Hace un mes
3:57 If you don't have time to waste just skip to this part of the video. Pretty much sums everything up and makes you wonder why the video needed to be 12:31 long in the first place.
Gavin O'Malley
Gavin O'Malley Hace un mes
This may be a stupid question, but does one kind of short throw shifter work on every/most cars? and if not is there a time limit or a year in which they are or are not usable? asking for a 1969 MGB because every time I look at the forums all anyone talk about is cutting down the shifter which I don't want to do if I don't have to.
RR PLAN C Hace un mes
A Shorter stick means your have to reach further to change gear.. That's a fact btw.
Denis So
Denis So Hace un mes
DAM HEAD INJURY, I can't remember doing it, to my Honda civic, AHHH VTEC baby, if on a open road.
gsom7 Hace un mes
Plus, you have new shifter!
_D_Loera Hace un mes
Is that an old passwordjdm shift knob? I want it.
Edwyn Montiel
Edwyn Montiel Hace un mes
Does anyone know where to find rack and pinion for Miata ?
Weary Berry
Weary Berry Hace un mes
Short-short throw shifter is just an automatic transmission.
Michael Aguilar
Michael Aguilar Hace un mes
I was today years old when I realized that Zach and Jeremiah were different people 😬
Z Malik
Z Malik Hace un mes
#Chrisfix already had an episode on short-shifter.... And Zach's video is quite similar to his....btw it was three years ago...
NoLift Commit
NoLift Commit Hace un mes
I miss my Miata
Boyka Saitama
Boyka Saitama Hace un mes
I installed a short shifter on my cvt
Joe Harlow
Joe Harlow Hace un mes
Why dose this remind me of a Chris fix video but more know channel no offense chris fix
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Hace un mes
Getting a Tesla but still watched this
The Wiseassess
The Wiseassess Hace un mes
I like this guy’s energy
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Hace un mes
MMMM BRRRRRRMMMMMMBRRRRRRMMMMMMM “you can till which ones better”
CTtheGamerr 2.0
CTtheGamerr 2.0 Hace un mes
Love Money Pit!
kolim jone
kolim jone Hace un mes
I chose blinklist to 'how to fall in love'
Arnab Chowdhury
Arnab Chowdhury Hace un mes
"Hey guys, ChrisFix here!"
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Hace un mes
MMMM BRRRRRRMMMMMMBRRRRRRMMMMMMM “you can till which ones better”
Dillan Hamilton
Dillan Hamilton Hace un mes
I was waiting for Eddie to ask for the fluid too
dezpotizmOFheaven Hace 2 meses
I'm having a shortshifter in my RX-8 for years now. I still love it. Just like he says, gear changes feel so "crisp". You need more power to change gears because the shorter leverage, but that makes it feel so good!
SlenderYam Hace un mes
Totally. Same on my supercharged Miata. Very crisp. It's a longer style so it doesn't take much force
HDG Hace 2 meses
Short Shifters FTW. Fuck automatic cars
fentuz Hace 2 meses
Having the bottom part (below ball joint) longer will work better however, having the top part longer is even better. The idea is to have the gear nob about 4” from the steering wheel so that you reduce the time taken by your hand to jump from the wheel to the knob. Like it is on an elise. Several people tried these shifter on elise and they were slower than stock. Put a short shifter with a longer knob to keep the oem knob position, they were faster and very precised
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Hace 2 meses
I was waiting to see that nut ya dropped work it’s way loose on the drive, lol. Did ya fish that thing out? : )
slay simps
slay simps Hace 2 meses
this mod is worthless unless you like replacing transmissions and it wont save you from getting smoked on the highway save your money get a turbo this mod will destroy your synchro gears
Shuhei Hace 2 meses
Usually find it fun to see your videos but this time i got slightly triggered since you put the heat insulation in the wrong side of the shiftboot would you please change that for me? :)
Thomas Peters
Thomas Peters Hace 2 meses
Anyone know what that white shifter is called, I want it on my miata too! Or maybe a link to one like it :)
lab zee
lab zee Hace 2 meses
needs to improve his "miata sounds"
kolim jone
kolim jone Hace 2 meses
these years
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Hace 2 meses
MMMM BRRRRRRMMMMMMBRRRRRRMMMMMMM “you can till which ones better”
B3lly100 Gammerr
B3lly100 Gammerr Hace 2 meses
Does chrisfix aprove?
kolim jone
kolim jone Hace 2 meses
I like a short shifter just cause it's less work. Less fatigue makes the car more enjoyable to drive.
kolim jone
kolim jone Hace 2 meses
MMMM BRRRRRRMMMMMMBRRRRRRMMMMMMM “you can till which ones better”
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Hace 2 meses
Next up, closer pedals for that sweet sweet heel toe action
Hollowrun Hace 2 meses
Getting a Tesla but still watched this
Gautham Suresh
Gautham Suresh Hace 2 meses
I chose blinklist to 'how to fall in love'
kolim jone
kolim jone Hace 2 meses
Street car trying to get half sec faster lmao, get an auto
- A Sharp -
- A Sharp - Hace 2 meses
03:55 do you guys sell those Donut balls? I want to stick on on my miata antenna lol
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Hace 2 meses
MMMM BRRRRRRMMMMMMBRRRRRRMMMMMMM “you can till which ones better”
Keshava Mungal
Keshava Mungal Hace 2 meses
Zach: 4:05 "demonstrates the difference in shifting speeds" Harvard would like to send you their location 10/10 on this show loving it
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Hace 2 meses
Wow got a ESpost ad during the Donut ad
sergio Sanchez
sergio Sanchez Hace 2 meses
Wow wow wow was that a turbo!!
Joakim Mathisen
Joakim Mathisen Hace 2 meses
DoEsItMaddeR Hace 2 meses
How many farts been blasted into that drivers seat ??
Tyler Gallagher
Tyler Gallagher Hace 2 meses
What rpm do you have to be at to float the gears on the miata? For my wrangler it's sitting around 3 grand
Steven Myers
Steven Myers Hace 2 meses
I was waiting to see that nut ya dropped work it’s way loose on the drive, lol. Did ya fish that thing out? : )
Eddie Costa
Eddie Costa Hace 2 meses
Let’s get ...shifty...
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Hace 2 meses
You want to talk about the miatas throw length here hold my wrangler
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