Hyundai Veloster N - The Science EXPLAINED

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The Veloster N is Hyundai's addition to the hot hatch market. It’s a practical, affordable, dependable car that you can daily, but that’s not what you’re here for. It’s also one of the most fun to drive performance cars out on the road today and that’s because it’s engineered so well. This obscure three-door hatchback has some BMW M-sport inspired technology hiding under the hood and today we’re going find out what makes this car so good.. We’re talking twin scroll turbos and a bunch of e-l-e-c-t-r-o-n-i-c goodies!

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Donut Media
Donut Media Hace 4 meses
In 5 years time, how much do you think a used Veloster N will go for? Max (editor of D-list), says $10k...Nolan (Nolan), say's no way. What say you?
Dmix remix
Dmix remix Hace 3 días
These won't be around long much like the SRT4.
matt rardin
matt rardin Hace un mes
Cheap, its a Hyundai....
chris cole
chris cole Hace un mes
I don't want one now, I definitely won't want one in 5 years
々『Otegaru』々 Hace un mes
Nolan (nolan) {nolan}
Marqice Walker
Marqice Walker Hace un mes
Benjamin D Wooooowwww like I said “I don’t need a shady ass car salesman to look up prices.” 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ 30,000 miles in California 2018-2019 10k Your job is to sale over priced cars for a profit and my job is to avoid people like you.🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ I’m guessing some hillbillies moved over😬😬 To the best state and created broke areas😂😂😂😂. For a car salesman to call anyone broke I’d assume you’re under the age of 23. It’s the only explanation for knowing so little about your job.🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️👀
Brett Hansen
Brett Hansen Hace un día
I just sold my weekend Camaro (2012 LS3 6 spd about 460 NA hp). I’m very interested in either this car or the upcoming 2nd gen BRZ/GR86 as I live in the mountains in CA now and need a fun car for the canyons. I’ve had many corvettes, Camaros, an 07 WRX STI, my only performance FWD was a Turbo Cobalt SS. I still prefer RWD and must have a manual transmission, in 2020 and beyond my options are limited. I have $25k saved thus far as a down payment, I’m going to wait to see the full reveal of the new Brz, if I don’t like it I will order a 2021 N early next year. Decisions are a good thing! Props to Hyundai for making this car!
Jaayraaay Hace 5 días
ep3 type r 2:13 ?
thomas surette
thomas surette Hace 6 días
Gerald Good III
Gerald Good III Hace 7 días
Don’t drive a VN or you’ll buy one
Elios0000 Hace 8 días
they need bring the i30N over already
Dildo Baggins
Dildo Baggins Hace 9 días
This dude speaks like a high school student giving a PowerPoint presentation
BrixMotoVlog 2k20
BrixMotoVlog 2k20 Hace 11 días
The front is like a combination from 3 cars,evo x headlights,focus rs grille,civic r 20 fog light vents
꼬물꼬물기어가는꼬물이 Hace 12 días
누가 한글 자막 좀 달아주세요 ㅈㄴ궁금해
Alexander Chohan
Alexander Chohan Hace 3 días
Ринг голами и не будет и в итоге он был в итоге я уже на работу и не надо мне тут в итоге он был на месте?????
Zayr ZR
Zayr ZR Hace 12 días
Cheeky Hyundai
HippieSkippy100 Hace 12 días
No one realizes the Mustang Ecoboost / Focus RS also comes with the twinscroll?
Lemon Hace 13 días
But it's a front wheel drive. The universal law has it, u can't have fun with front wheel drive.
Eggs Chilli
Eggs Chilli Hace 13 días
Some car companies use this tech in their top trim engine options. Camaro uses this as their cheapest base engine option.
Eggs Chilli
Eggs Chilli Hace 13 días
Camaro’s base/cheapest engine option, the 2.0L Turbo LTG has a twin scroll turbo too.
Fotis Yerosimou
Fotis Yerosimou Hace 15 días
It annoys me how he pronounces Honda
Victor Manuel Patiño
Victor Manuel Patiño Hace 15 días
Jajajaja, I don't know why people don't like Hyundai's, have a veloster 1.8 turbo 2015, a Tucson 1.6 turbo 2018 and a Ioniq blue line hybrid fully loaded 2019, veloster have good power and speed, Tucson comfortable and economy, Ioniq hybrid bro u save a lot of gas in economic but in sport mode, the double clutch and the 7 speed's make u feel power. I love latest Hyundai's.
Richard Hace 15 días
Shoilda been rear drive
Nathan Scharf
Nathan Scharf Hace 16 días
Hyundai knows what their doing
slightlysketch Hace 16 días
I bought one for my birthday last year. I love it
Alexander Chohan
Alexander Chohan Hace 3 días
Nice, go do a drag race or something next year.
Thomp YT
Thomp YT Hace 17 días
sad that you wont be able to buy these cars after 2035 is most countries :(
madskills72cl Hace 17 días
Sooo, you're saying that this car is pretty bad ass?! I want it! And for the price, I REALLY want it!
D MOTORS TM South Africa
D MOTORS TM South Africa Hace 18 días
I own the veloster in forza horizon 4 I love mine so much I also have a ford ranger raptor panamera and cayenne plus a 911 a vauxhall monaro corsa vxr McLaren senna which is awesome and Durango SRT
Doug Maverick
Doug Maverick Hace 19 días
Velostet N redline is 6,750 rpm not your quoted 6,900 rpm. Just look at the tachometer.
Phillip Aubin
Phillip Aubin Hace 21 un día
In the thumbnail, you compare the compressor to a turbine. Not on the same side buddy
aon noa
aon noa Hace 21 un día
Copy Volkswagen 99.99% dct. And turbocharger 55555.
Christopher Huff
Christopher Huff Hace 23 días
I just can’t with the Veloster. I will never accept them as tuner/sports car ever.
Zac Paul
Zac Paul Hace 4 días
Why not? It's designed by one of the best in the business, built to withstand and is warrantied for track usage and modifications (people track the crap out of these cars), and can run circles around many cars that are more expensive? Sure, other brands have racing heritage and "prestige", but that doesn't mean a different maker without a long heritage can't build a capable car! More makers building cars specifically designed for enthusiasts is a good thing!
luigi's mushrooms
luigi's mushrooms Hace 25 días
noodleboy12369 Hace un mes
Great video man - very informative
beebo Hace un mes
I owned 2 Hyundai's and now own an Evo 10 GSR. They're both good. Hyundai is way more reliable than any car I've owned, including the Evo which tbh isn't that reliable. It's in for a transmissiom rebuild costing 4k!
live and let live
live and let live Hace un mes
That suspension is pretty much a knock off of chevy magnetic suspension
rjdxplorernfrendz Hace un mes
Why do you look like the vocalist of blink 182?
Adrian Scott
Adrian Scott Hace un mes
Haha your a funny farker!! hahaha 'bigger the pop...BIGGER the pop'
tawon1984 Hace un mes
Biermann huh 🍺
mathias timmermans
mathias timmermans Hace un mes
how about the Peugeot 308 gti, same principal for the turbo but you never talked about Peugeot sadly e nough :-( love your show and how you explain the science behind everything
skizzlemane1 Hace un mes
2:15 that’s the exact reason why the past 4 cars I’ve owned all had “big” turbos (bigger than stock anyway). I had an 04 GTO and while the sound and power are just fine 🤷🏻‍♂️ I prefer the power delivery of a boosted motor tenfold to an N/A... that feeling at like 1500/2000 rpm when boost is ramping up and your getting sucked to the seat and the exhaust gets even loader because your wastegate dump tube is pointing toward an incognito spot near the hood scoop where the TMIC used to be and then the RFL BOV goes off in between gears then it’s time to Rinse and Repeat into the gear 😍 who wouldn’t take that over an N/A car any day of the week? It would definitely have to be a special N/A to bring me away from boost 🤔 maybe V12 of some kind ...anyway...🤷🏻‍♂️🤓
John C
John C Hace un mes
My Veloster N is killer and easy to mod to upgrade
perry theplatypus
perry theplatypus Hace un mes
I work for Hyundai and have sold many Hyundai’s and Genesis... I own the Hyundai Veloster N Performance, or your can say I drink the kool-aid ! The car is nutz. It does all wheel drifts that are scary yet controllable. If you wanna romp one. Hit me up @ bob baker Hyundai Perry Fitchett!!!!!
Jordan Peisner
Jordan Peisner Hace un mes
I work at hyundai and I can say without a doubt that these cars are well worth the money. It's like a miata but modernized and tubroed. It's so so so worth it.
Brad ൠ
Brad ൠ Hace un mes
Bring Back Bids Barto #BidsBarto @BidsBarto
JX4 Hace un mes
Bargain price comes with the terrible styling
donzorgo Hace un mes
Lentoster. What a shitty car.
Dick Semens
Dick Semens Hace un mes
So donut, rcr... Well played hundai im seeing the new age of promotions in full force
AERoVALKYRiE Hace un mes
Civic type R is still a better car and better buy even though it's 6k more expensive.
Jason Hace un mes
The US need the i30N! I got one and its such a great car!! Insta: i30n_grimm
Jaden Jeong
Jaden Jeong Hace un mes
The Veloster is a joke of a car.
Josh Nathan
Josh Nathan Hace un mes
It’s still the 1.6 GDI that had massive issues with piston sleeves and crank bearings. Lol yea it cracks and pops like the ford RS but what would it matter if you have to do an engine swap just to get more then 100k out of it
Zac Paul
Zac Paul Hace un mes
It's a completely different engine. It's a 2.0T with internals unique to it and the i30N, which is presumably necessary for an engine having an operable antilag system. The 1.6 indeed had a lot of issues, but this isn't the 1.6 TGDI.
carbon310 Hace un mes
I'm other words, they just used old tech from the 80s
Spookyaus10T Hace un mes
This dude kinda looks like connor on detroit: Become human
Joe P
Joe P Hace un mes
He looks like Daniel Tosh
videome08 Hace un mes
🗣️ It's cooler when it's cheaper 📠 Gold.
Oswaldo Cruz
Oswaldo Cruz Hace un mes
I thought he was Daniel from Tosh.0 at first
Zak Naqvi
Zak Naqvi Hace un mes
So apparently hyundai is making a manual with no clutch pedal 😑
Marquise Thomas
Marquise Thomas Hace un mes
The ladies do not love the pops, you just impress other car guys(if any of them are even around)
Edward Niedzielski
Edward Niedzielski Hace un mes
Wait till the Yaris GR comes out
saxxymanene Hace un mes
yo this made me and my lesbian gf salavate thanks for the revs G-spot now imma go pet some dogs birds aren't real
Don Cho
Don Cho Hace un mes
This video is a GREAT excuse to buy an evo
Fernando Rico
Fernando Rico Hace un mes
what? those exhaust pops are desirable? what is this world coming to. sh*t sounds broken in need of tuning
Aaron Carpenter
Aaron Carpenter Hace un mes
Driven a Veloster N and a GTI. The Veloster N is a hoot, but VW has perfected its hot hatch. Something Hyundai and Kia seem to do well also, but this is only the first Veloster N.
Joel M
Joel M Hace un mes
Twin scroll turbos & paired exhaust runners were used in the Toyota AllTrac Celica from 1988 and Mr2 from the 90's (ST165 & SW20 respectively) in the 3SGTE engine. The 3SGTE has a factory redline of 7200rpm. Toyota used TEMS (Toyota Electronically Modulated Suspension) in the USDM MKIII Supra (1986-1993) and the JDM Soarer in 1983. Electronically controlled LSDs were used in the Mitsubishi Evo back in 1996. So... None of this is really new technology by any measure. :)
Zachary Battles
Zachary Battles Hace un mes
Fuckin lost it when he got to singin
Alexander Wilson
Alexander Wilson Hace un mes
We need more Jerry.
monster1176 Hace un mes
This is unfortunate. I've been saving for a Veloster turbo for a while and right as I'm about to be able to afford one the prices are gonna jump up because of this video 😐
albert sparks
albert sparks Hace un mes
Oh oh oh oh, (the hose spray thing) people don’t try this at home
Furious Hawk
Furious Hawk Hace un mes
Other Cars: 😮 Veloster N: 🐽
Luigiman789 Hace un mes
Hyundai is the new Honda. Yota and honda are expensive now.
Vance Corsey
Vance Corsey Hace un mes
I've driven this car and it suuuuucks to drive. I think it's the computer but it was just a terrible experience.
justin Credible
justin Credible Hace un mes
BRING BACK BART!!! Hes the whole reason I know about D,M
Mikaël Voizard
Mikaël Voizard Hace un mes
Since when does your exhaust valve acts as an intake?🤣
Pai Productions
Pai Productions Hace un mes
I love that you used the NSX video clip (Senna and Mr. Kurosawa, a.k.a. Gan San)! This was a well made vid so my hubby can understand it! :)
Dr. Venture
Dr. Venture Hace un mes
Hyundai , Kia, even to buy expensive AF to fix. They are ALL JUNKS.
Stephen j
Stephen j Hace un mes
Really hoping the drift bus becomes a production car
cesar solis
cesar solis Hace un mes
Seems like a lot of unique shit thatll be a bitch wether its labor or cost when it breaks down
ZoomZoom870 Hace un mes
Wouldn't a properly designed uneven length header properly space out the exhaust pulses and work just as well as the twin scroll?
MarkMan47 Hace un mes
Praise the Veloster N
Mc Nuffin
Mc Nuffin Hace un mes
You can't beat Hyundai's value on this one. Not to mention the N looks vastly better than the Type R or Golf R. For me, Hyundai wins the hot hatch hands down.
Cole Dobbs
Cole Dobbs Hace un mes
Just gonna do a little vent real quick... I DESPISE AUTO REV MATCHING! The entire fun of using a manual transmission lies in the fact that you have complete control over the system, nothing is being done for you. If what you're after is ultimate lap time, modern DCT's blow manuals (even with auto rev matching) out of the water. I don't understand why you'd buy the objectively slower transmission, which exists in the modern age solely for fun, and want a feature that sterilizes all that fun for the sake of a few tenths per lap. Additionally, neglecting a skill as paramount as the heel toe/rev match will totally be detrimental to your driving skill in the long run. Driving a manual car quickly and executing heel toe/rev matches is a learning experience and an art form. What makes a car engaging and rewarding to drive is the fact that you can improve as a driver every time you get behind the wheel. This is an especially blatant issue on modern Porsches, where you can't access the high performance modes of the car without enabling auto rev matching. The 718 Cayman GTS, an otherwise brilliant car with one of the smoothest and most buttery transmissions you'll ever drive, is ruined for me because of this. In order to set the car up aggressively (stiff suspension, exhaust flaps open, better throttle response, and stiffer engine mount settings), you have to yield control as a driver. When I autocross that car, I leave it in normal mode (knowing that I'm leaving performance on the table), so I can blip my own shifts. Why? Because it's FUN, and I feel like I'm getting better! Call me a purist or stuck in the past or whatever you want. I've always believed that putting a smile on your face is a car's primary duty, and auto rev matching is a huge step backwards in achieving that.
rob malcolm
rob malcolm Hace un mes
Whatchu thannnnk I'ma let you roll in a hyundaee. Lmao now Hyundai is good 😒😂
Brendan Moylan
Brendan Moylan Hace un mes
This guy was cool, funny and informative. Nice work Donut
DJ ASLAN Hace un mes
Veloster is great but like 40,000 CAD imo not worth it
Luke Richards
Luke Richards Hace un mes
Thus guy has mad Tosh.0 vibes
Owenn Voss
Owenn Voss Hace un mes
do a donut
DrMcMoist Hace un mes
If I'd developed that twin scroll turbo, I'd have named it the 'Pig Nose Turbo'.
Nicholas Jarrett
Nicholas Jarrett Hace un mes
No disrespect but the other science guy was better
Nikon the wanderer
Nikon the wanderer Hace un mes
Currently working my ass off to buy a n line..
NeoLegolasSkywalkerStark Hace un mes
Nice of them to show a mk3 supra doing it's best to blow it's headgasket.
1sttobylopez Hace 2 meses
I'm offended
Sierra Airsoft
Sierra Airsoft Hace 2 meses
Money pit
Kyle Sundberg
Kyle Sundberg Hace 2 meses
Where's the funny guys....
Luciano DC
Luciano DC Hace 2 meses
They Release the Hyunday Veloster N Only in the US other parts of the World they release the i30 N they both perfom the same on track. They have now released the Fast Back i30 N what has again same performance
sunny verma
sunny verma Hace 2 meses
Well this can decrease turbo lag I see.😎
Ahmed_ Raza
Ahmed_ Raza Hace 2 meses
Congratulations 👏 on the 4millon
Kaloian Mitrev
Kaloian Mitrev Hace 2 meses
Donation? Only if you cut me a proof of that donation the entire world knows what scam are the humanitarian donations.. We've seen it in the crisp burned Australia that never recieved the money we put in the humanitarian corporations.. Just to fill somebodys pockets with millions... These begging worms will put somones misery as bargain chip to make hefty cash... You cut me receive of transaction then I check the validity of it... That's the only way I do money transactions.. Otherwise.. You want food I buy you burger.. No money
tdksparda Hace 2 meses
Why do americans butcher pronouncing hyundai
love your channel new to making my own wanna help and subscribe to mine
Dustin Dicely
Dustin Dicely Hace 2 meses
Twin scroll manifold lookin like a pig snout doe😳😳😳😳
Markrsd1 Hace 2 meses
I seen that "Big papa" joke coming a mile away.
the bigger the pop THE BIGGER THE POP
Shubham Bhakta
Shubham Bhakta Hace 2 meses
Test drove one today and it's bad ass Perfect car
Zane James
Zane James Hace 2 meses
I’d buy in a heartbeat if it was a 4door. Can’t stand the one door on the driver side and 2 on the passenger side.
Sparkly Games
Sparkly Games Hace 2 meses
@Zane James yeah I wouldn't be able to drive that lol
Zane James
Zane James Hace 2 meses
Sparkly Games - Yea dude it messes with my OCD lol..
Sparkly Games
Sparkly Games Hace 2 meses
I didn't even realize that, that's hideous
GregtheAwesomeNinja Hace 2 meses
Pops and snaps occur when exhaust valve is left open during combustion to reduce engine braking at certain times for a smoother shift as well
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