How A Big Rig Works - The Peterbilt 579 UltraLoft

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The Peterbilt 579 UltraLoft is one of the most sophisticated semi trucks ever built. Semi-trucks carry BILLIONS of dollars worth of goods, being driven across BILLIONS of miles of highways. Close to 70% of goods being delivered to your door were at one point being pulled by a semi. That’s a lot of money and a lot of responsibility on the truck AND the driver. But this show isn’t called H2B (hat 2 boots), so sorry Dale, we can’t teach the kids about your Steston and your Tony Lamas. But what we can do is dive into one of the biggest, smartest, most tech heavy semi trucks ever to hit the road - the Peterbilt 579 UltraLoft.
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Donut Media
Donut Media Hace 4 meses
If you were a trucker what would your CB radio name be? - Jeremiah
slamdunk2020 dunk
slamdunk2020 dunk Hace 3 horas
Candycain. Like if you understand
lyndon dcosta
lyndon dcosta Hace un día
Bubbles or green bastard 😀😂
Sean Springer
Sean Springer Hace 3 días
David Petrie
David Petrie Hace 3 días
My cb handle is Doughboy. I drive a 19 freight shaker and pull a pneumatic trailer and I haul sand for sandblasting sand or copper slag for blasting as well. Haul this in 2,000 pound super sacks or 50 / 100 pound bags.
David Petrie
David Petrie Hace 3 días
@Mathew Brown real trucks have a clutch
Kyle Brown
Kyle Brown Hace un hora
@Donut Media If you really want to talk CB/Trucker Lingo Check out C W Macall's Trucker Lingo Song its how We Old Skool Truckers Talked on the CB Radio and yes I'm Retired from Driving Big Truck and don't have a Damm Clue on an Automatic Transmission in a Big Truck it was all shifting back in the day 9-10-13-15 and 18 spd"s The more gears the heavier the load you can pull such as Big Mining Equipment Logs Dirt/Gravel 13-15-18 can split each gear from 6th to 18th thats how you get all the way up to 18 gears and if the truck's not governed @ 2000rpm and no fuel shut off meaning the more or holding the Gas Pedal down the faster it'll go Trust me I owned one of those and had it up to 128mph and still going but slowed after 128mph with 43000 in the box and it was only a 13spd Trans 425Cat under My 379 Xteded Hood Flat Top Peterbuilt but I had 3 Fuel Tanks 2 150gal and another 100gal under passenger door Never Was Passed only by Choice but any ways Check out The Trucker's Lingo Song As you can tell Truckers at times are Long Winded LOL Thanks for Reading PEACE
Vagabond John
Vagabond John Hace 3 horas
Petes and Kens are sofisticated only in USA by getting for free old technology from DAF-Holland. Even being cheaper than the Euro trucks if Pt's and Kw's were good for something would've being driven and saled around the world not only in USA and Canada!
Tmacthaskydiver Hace 11 horas
I work at a cold storage facility, I hear that sound everyday and I fucking love it
Vato Loco
Vato Loco Hace 13 horas
TV VCR combo ????? What years was this video made ??
Lego Guy 0
Lego Guy 0 Hace 16 horas
Oh no, not the RanCans!
thetruckingcarguy Hace 17 horas
As a trucker and a car guy any video that helps my fellow car guys understand what we truckers go through is always appreciated. Keep up the good work guys
Old Time Farm Boy
Old Time Farm Boy Hace 18 horas
When you compare weight being moved to miles per gallon a semi weighing 80,000 pounds at 6 miles per gallon is 80 times more efficient than a vehicle weighing 5,000 pounds getting 30 miles per gallon. 6 divided by 80,000 equals 0.000075 gallons of diesel per pound per mile. 30 divided by 5,000 equals 0.006000 gallons of gas per pound per mile. 0.006000 divided by 0.000075 equals 80 times more gasoline burned per mile than diesel pound for pound.
Dr.Bluebox11 Hace 22 horas
That Nolan figure needs to make its way onto a tee-shirt. I'd buy that for a $1.
Luis R
Luis R Hace un día
Anyone else did the math for Nolan’s weight
Anthony Cote
Anthony Cote Hace un día
still pushing those shitty raycon earbuds?
BackRow Hace un día
Why do americans have a green handle for diesel? We have a black one in the UK. I guess the petrol is black whereas ours is green
John Rustad
John Rustad Hace un día
Psh thats nothin 80,000 pounds. I'm pulling 140,000 pounds super b grain trailer combined just about every day on the farm.
Frank Gyomory Jr
Frank Gyomory Jr Hace un día
Too many Nolans!!
Vancleeth Hace un día
The worst engine they ever made
Vancleeth Hace un día
Driver please most sophisticated truck best pulling top dog engine YOU KNOW THAT DD15 DRIVER
Nexion Nekros
Nexion Nekros Hace un día
You should have mentioned the crazy pneumatic braking system too. Bitches love pneumatic braking lol. It uses a "brake chamber" which is a hard steel shell with a "bladder", aka a diaphragm, with a steel plate attached to a pushrod and an extremely powerful spring sandwiched inside and locked together with a metal clamp that has a bolt and tensioner to keep it locked closed. (There are more miscellaneous parts that I'm going to skip) At the open end of the brake chamber there's a tiny hole with a metal pushrod sticking out. This metal rod is attached to a metal plate inside the brake chamber and can be actuated either inwards or outwards. When you add air to the "bladder" inside the brake chamber you push the rod outwards. It inflates and compresses the plate attached to the rod and behind the plate is the powerful spring which gets compressed. Since the rod gets pushed outwards from the brake chamber it pushed against a metal extension lever which is mounted inside of the "slack adjuster". The slack adjuster has another rod mounted through a horizontal position. When this rod that's attached to the slack adjuster turns it rotates a lever device that pushes against the brake shoes and forces them to engage the brake drum. I skipped a bunch of little parts and some connection points but that's the jist of it. Air added to the brake chambers releases the brakes and enables you to drive. When you pull the air supply knob and prevent airflow the strong springs automatically compress the brakes which is how they "park".
Zap Fox
Zap Fox Hace un día
Whats a VCR? *tilts head to the side*
Mo Wa
Mo Wa Hace un día
You are such peterbilt!
linkinparkfan112 Hace un día
You need to do one on the peterbuilt 359-389 and the kentworth w900
Christopher Hill
Christopher Hill Hace 2 días
We can also slide the 5th wheel forward or back, same with the trailer tandems to distribute the weight between the axles. Some bigger companies have done away with the air drop suspension due to inexperienced drivers high hooking the 5th wheel and smashing the reefer (refrigeration unit on the front of the trailer) into the tractor or making tight turns and tearing the bags.
David Maze
David Maze Hace 2 días
Says "579 Ultra Loft", shows video of a day cab.
William Sentamu
William Sentamu Hace 2 días
love how the channel doesn't dumb things down to much. I remembered about how molecules close together relate to heat
Joshua Booth
Joshua Booth Hace 2 días
Nolan weighs almost 280 pounds?😄
William Sentamu
William Sentamu Hace 2 días
anyone who needed to convert lbl to kg in their head?
Joe Seabert
Joe Seabert Hace 2 días
Paccar def system sucks ass. Save yourself $$$ never buy biodiesel
steven spencer
steven spencer Hace 2 días
Just gonna go ahead and say 1 very very very unlikely that those trucks have 600 hp, the motor however is capable of that but most companies that buy those trucks set the at 425 +\- and the automatic transmission is trash and hurts more than it helps. Nothing wrong with a food 13 speed
cookiez Hace 2 días
Too many commercials
Ethan C
Ethan C Hace 2 días
99% of the things you own were on a truck at some point. And they're fun as hell to drive.
Itaru Hashida
Itaru Hashida Hace 2 días
Those automated transmissions are chill to drive but they don't make you feel like a trucker. Personally I like them but some people at my work hate them.
Shemar Stewart
Shemar Stewart Hace 2 días
Clip @ 13:50 is a location in Montego Bay, Jamaica 🇯🇲
MikeJones9000 Hace 3 días
Fast and the furious when you see it.
NLRSoldier Hace 3 días
The automated transmissions I. Trucks are not like the automatic transmissions in cars, in trucks they're known as "automated manual" transmissions
Jose Vega
Jose Vega Hace 3 días
Vcrs and tvs... FAST AND FURIOUS INTENSIFIES! haha I love the little details and hidden gems.
Mme. Hyraelle
Mme. Hyraelle Hace 3 días
Im watching this and my dad is prepping his truck for his week of work incoming.
Mandar Pund
Mandar Pund Hace 3 días
Why are they called semi? Why not “full” truck?
Screwfist Hace 2 días
Technically they are simply "tractors" or "trucks" ment to pull semi-trailers. The trailer is called a semi-trailer because of something to do with no front axels. But the name "semi truck" is referring to what it typically hauls, not the tractor itself.
Connor Segeren
Connor Segeren Hace 3 días
Who else thought the engine would be a v10 with even larger pistons
leche10 Hace 3 días
One mile garage
One mile garage Hace 3 días
As a semi truck driver. I can confirm that 99.05% of what he said was correct.
It’s_Robbie Time
It’s_Robbie Time Hace 3 días
actually diesel burns much slower compared to gasoline thats one of the reasons why they dont rev very high even if the engine itself could rev higher
ANTHONY R Hace 3 días
Proud to be a truck mechanic here
The Coyote
The Coyote Hace 3 días
Horrible turning radius, especially for the Eastcoast
Ryan Self
Ryan Self Hace 4 días
so how mich does rolan weigh? lol
Shai Hulud
Shai Hulud Hace 4 días
Who is shipping TV/VCR combos in 2020?
unruly cj
unruly cj Hace 4 días
I carry 60 tons of sand on my kenworth t600
MTSL Hace 4 días
Cool vid mate 👍👍 I live in Western Australia and drive road trains for a living. We cart anything from 160 to 220 tons in quad road trains. That's 2 single trailers with an A & B trailer behind it which has 86 tyres, thats for a bogie drive otherwise it would be 90 tyres for a tri drive truck. The super quads which are 4 single trailers have 98 wheels. Many companies are now moving into the big super quads as they hwve a bigger payload at 220 tons. I've also drove quad power trains that have 2 x 750hp engines. One in the truck and one in the 2nd trailer. The power trains obviously don't go on public roads like the quad road train. From memory we used to cart about a 750 ton payload, that's 1.5 million lbs. These trucks are ruffley about 4 metres tall and about 75 meters in length with the tyres about 1.5 metres tall. Would love to post a few photo's here but unfortunately I can't.
Luis Molina
Luis Molina Hace 4 días
A lot of my family members are truckers, I didn't realize that there are semi's without air suspension 🤣😅 everyone I know has air suspension
W BMusic
W BMusic Hace 4 días
Do other truck brands as well
Caden Livesay
Caden Livesay Hace 4 días
I known all of this bc my dad dives for a living
Brogre 201
Brogre 201 Hace 4 días
6 miles a gallon wow my dad could get 11 ish with like 50k on
Josh Riles
Josh Riles Hace 4 días
Haul more weight.. more money.... you'd think but it's actually the opposite lol lighter loads usually pay more
Michael Bell
Michael Bell Hace 4 días
What fluid in an X15 doesn't need changed for 500k. The valve cover grease?
Chris Morash
Chris Morash Hace 4 días
Gas engines are now up to the 40% efficiency level.
Faber_ Hace 4 días
include metric.. XD
Ash Hace 4 días
Personally I would like a 379 with a cat engine in it
ZGMFX10A20 Hace 3 días
It actually comes from the term semitrailer (trailer with only rear wheels) the truck itself is properly refured to as a tractor.
Samuel Skinner
Samuel Skinner Hace 4 días
Has anyone else ever dipped their hand in a bucket of fifth wheel grease
luke sanders
luke sanders Hace 2 días
What does it do
G&J Hace 5 días
Lol at moment USA government drops in port tax on European trucks. All USA truck manufacturers will go banana's with all shit trucks
Kacper Hace 5 días
Why I don't like this dude? 🤷
Ovrlrd Unknown
Ovrlrd Unknown Hace 5 días
Truck dog
Truck dog Hace 5 días
This video can be applied to the majority of semi trucks on the road, Freightliner Cascadia and volvo VNL. Maybe sometime you can discuss why your 3/4 ton can't do what a semi can.
Space Pope
Space Pope Hace 5 días
Is it the Boeing 787 of trucks
foxyfoxy20 Hace 5 días
Your air compressor controls the air suspension and your air brakes and a whole lot more so if your air compressor goes that truck isn't going any where any time soon also you need to turn on your truck first to make sure you are aired up first
Gene Vandenham
Gene Vandenham Hace 5 días
Everyone talking about not releasing your brakes while the engine is off and how dangerous it is. Lmfao. Some of you are clearly NOT doing a proper 4 point brake check during each pretrip... And I'm telling. Jkjk
Commander Waffles
Commander Waffles Hace 5 días
Tractor Trailer or Lorry only, not semi.
TheOneTrueDazBootz916 Hace 5 días
Dude. Im sorry but you gotta do some more research, ALL SEMIS have whats known as Air-Ride suspension to reduce the stress on the leafsprings. Also the air tanks in a semi are no less than 130psi and no more than 140psi. And thats for the primary and secondary tanks. The trailer suspension in itself is pressurized by the same system usually the auxiliary tanks because they too have leaf and airbag suspension. Also, cb radios.... 1 OUT OF 100drivers use them. Its kinda sad 😥 😞 also. Most semis on the road are automatic transmissions which is stupid because they start at 1st gear and go thru all the gears when in a manual you can start in up to 5th depending on your transmission and weight. Id know because i drove a peterbilt 389 18 speed tanker :p
naota3k Hace 5 días
Friend of mine once told me that if you want to get an idea of how much energy is in a gallon of gasoline, empty your tank, put 1 gallon of gas in it and drive until it's empty. Then push the car back to where you started. Now imagine if we were actually getting the other 80% out..
Oingus Boingus
Oingus Boingus Hace 5 días
8:37 Peter griffin
HolyKlea • 12 years ago
HolyKlea • 12 years ago Hace 5 días
i cringe so hard when i see someone:anyone use caps or hats inside
******** Hace 5 días
Might have been a good video but your FACE stopped me from watching!Who wants to see your face close up for most of this video? BYE Do not recommend channel again
cgi cg
cgi cg Hace 6 días
09:38 Donut guy*******
Jeff Hace 6 días
Wow, this whole comment section is filled with "professional" sister banging, natty light drinking, truck drivers. Never seen so many grown men butt hurt. lol
76csabish Hace 6 días
Who is those WCR's for? No one has seen one for 25 years...
Fishing with Steven
Fishing with Steven Hace 6 días
Love that you guys are using metal as your music. This will make a difference I’m telling you. Butterfly effects that affect the future trends
SoWhatIm Toxic
SoWhatIm Toxic Hace 6 días
If thats a semi truck man I wonder how beefy a full truck would be
Kevin Neacy
Kevin Neacy Hace 6 días
Wait timeout I’m paying for 20 gallons and only move from 4 smh
Manuel Vasquez Pedroza
Manuel Vasquez Pedroza Hace 6 días
bruh that dude is over weight who ever drives that truck finna get a ticket 🤣
Raees Safdar
Raees Safdar Hace 6 días
Its not gas. Its petrol
Derrick Kirwa
Derrick Kirwa Hace 6 días
He said take a listen and ad came on
Manny Khan
Manny Khan Hace 6 días
Ah yes we truckers are the most under appreciated. Even though we are the reason society is still standing despite the pandemic. Stay safe out there all brothers and sisters.
your dad should of pulled out
your dad should of pulled out Hace 6 días
Did anyone else notice the yz125 in the back round
Eddie Arndt
Eddie Arndt Hace 6 días
Hmmm. Very good info on this channel. I like. You get thumbs up and subscribed to. 👍
Adam Vogler
Adam Vogler Hace 6 días
I've bobtailed in these. I've had to always manually start in 3rd gear. Plus fun fact Donut Media, the term you were looking for was automated. NOT automatic. There is a difference!!!
Gene Vandenham
Gene Vandenham Hace 5 días
Of you are bobtailing you can start in higher gears than 3rd in most trucks. Lol. They are torguey bastards. I start in 3rd sometimes pulling loads.
Owen E.
Owen E. Hace 6 días
Raycons are ass. Do not get them.
Luis Ponce
Luis Ponce Hace 7 días
What happen to Science garage ???????
Kallskänkan Hace 7 días
Use the metric system ffs
quickchevys Hace 7 días
They definitely need fluid changes before half a million miles. Oil changes at 35,000-75,000 miles
David Petrie
David Petrie Hace 5 días
I drive a19 freightliner, it has the x15 and it gets a pm every 4 to 5 months
Darkseid is.
Darkseid is. Hace 7 días
Dude it looked like you were losing weight in the up to speed videos but damn i can hardly recognize ya now. Kudos
Machnum Fotografie
Machnum Fotografie Hace 7 días
why are those trucks called semi? Aren't they the biggest possible Trucks in the US? Stupid question from germany =-)
Gene Vandenham
Gene Vandenham Hace 5 días
The logic is that a "truck" consists of a cab with an engine, and a "bed" to put stuff in. A regular pickup truck has both already, so Americans call them "trucks". A semi truck however is only the cab and engine, it's missing the "bed" or trailer (at least until you hook up to one). So it's only a "semi" truck. Or something like that. Honestly, I'm a truck driver in the US and most the guys I work with call it a "tractor trailer" like I do. 😂😂😂
jake off
jake off Hace 7 días
are the vcr's such a specific load because it's a fast and furious reference?
Please add metric units, its really hard to follow in imperial!
mendopolis Hace 7 días
What’s a VCR?
1mezion Hace 7 días
Timestamp 12:23 did he say vcr how old is this video? 😊
Joe Smo
Joe Smo Hace 7 días
Oh yeah, take a listen to that clicking truckers listen to. 15 second colgate ad: nope ur not going to hear it
Iron Side
Iron Side Hace 7 días
Great video but I wouldn't recommend releasing your brakes before you turn on the truck lol.
BStanley346 Hace 8 días
Trucker clock, who wants it.
Muzi Masinga
Muzi Masinga Hace 8 días
What does SEMI mean?
Stigler Panther
Stigler Panther Hace 8 días
Your gay
Pasi Rajamäki
Pasi Rajamäki Hace 8 días
While in Finland trucks can pull upto 76 tons or 167500 pounds and also come in lenghts of 34,5 meters or 113 feet for you Americans.
James A
James A Hace 8 días
"Now you can appreciate it, take a listen" Sounds like a fricken ad.
Dave Benning
Dave Benning Hace 8 días
I recently started driving OTR and I gotta say, I was a little disappointed to learn that none of my company’s trucks have CB radios to dick around with out on the road.
Space Cowboy 45
Space Cowboy 45 Hace 5 días
Depending on the company, you can buy your own at a truck stop, and they’ll install it for you.
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