How a STOCK Ford Raptor Can Survive Baja

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When Ford released the Raptor back in 2010, it was in a class of its own. There was nothing like it, and to this day (the TRX isn’t out yet), holds the crown for the ultimate production off road pickup. And that’s because Ford went about building and testing this prehistoric 4 wheeler in one of the toughest terrains in the world. The Baja 1000 is one of the most extreme off-road races on the planet, pushing your machine to it’s limit. So how is the Raptor capable of tackling such extreme terrain with limited modifications? And why does Ford let you buy one of these? And why do they give you a full factory warranty as well!? Today we are going to look at both versions of Baja tested Raptor - the SVT Raptor R, and the Ford Raptor Race truck!
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Donut Media
Donut Media Hace 2 meses
Raptor or TRX? - Jeremiah
The Pako Factor
The Pako Factor Hace 4 días
Grayson Sandford
Grayson Sandford Hace 4 días
Ford Raptor for ever
Chevy Garbage
Chevy Garbage Hace 5 días
Raptor for sure..2021 Shelby 725hp
Mr. Toby
Mr. Toby Hace 17 días
If you do real off-roading: Raptor!
Owen Wammes
Owen Wammes Hace 18 días
Patrick Woodgate
Patrick Woodgate Hace 2 días
Actually it's not a 3" lift kit. It's a rear leaf spring with 3 inches more arch and they remove the block that was between the stock spring and the axle. The 6.2 is also more of a big block as compared to a 5.0 or coyote which are single spark plug.
Che Palino
Che Palino Hace 7 días
Baja toughest race? Lol.
Leonard Rice
Leonard Rice Hace 8 días
BS crapters frames will bend if pushed hard. Ford POS
Jenny loisel
Jenny loisel Hace 9 días
Raptor: 30 Hours at 100mph in the desert, under warranty works like brand new. TRX: : Let's race at street lights to see who's truck is better.
Jared Bellard
Jared Bellard Hace 9 días
You could literally mid-travel (coilovers/UCA/rearshocks/springs) any truck and "finish" Baja, if you didn't go and completely trash the truck. It's likel 40% of the vehicles don't finish because they're actually competing for time, and not just to finish. The raptor is a bad truck don't get me wrong, it's far from a Baja Race machine. It's a F - 150 with a 6.2 and a mid travel kit. You could do that to almost any half ton truck and it will be less expensive.
DB_Films Devin Beaulieu
DB_Films Devin Beaulieu Hace 9 días
Love the raptor but king shocks all day!
Jordan Wilbanks
Jordan Wilbanks Hace 11 días
It makes me so happy to see so much B Roll of the gen 1 raptor here tooo lol
Andrew Dilillo
Andrew Dilillo Hace 14 días
This is cute a Near stock tundra won the Baja 1000
LJTowers Hace 14 días
Ford is killing it right now. I can't say I agree with every decision Ford has made like eliminating the Focus ST or Fiesta ST but I think this is my personal favorite car brand. I have owned 3 cars in my life and all have been Fords haha. Including my 1998 explorer which is a special truck to me.
JJ Hace 19 días
Funny how non off-road people think the Raptor is the end all be all until they find out that real long travel suspension has 2 to 3 times more travel than the Raptor.
JJ Hace 19 días
Hope the Gen 2 Ecoboosts are better than the Gen 1’s. Mine gave me a ton of issues. Sold it and now I have the 5.0.
The Family
The Family Hace 20 días
How can a stock F150 Raptor handle this?
Jason B
Jason B Hace 25 días
"The Baja 1000 is like the toughest race ever" King of the Hammers: Am I a joke to you?
Nathan Lykouretzos
Nathan Lykouretzos Hace 26 días
Jeremiah! Do a video on the Ram 2500 Powerwagon! You won't be dissatisfied💯
Kyle Despain
Kyle Despain Hace 29 días
The Fords ten speed transmission is a good transmission, but it struggles to find the right gear as it downshifts
Drew Lindsay
Drew Lindsay Hace un mes
Raptor is way to overrated
My2017Raptor Hace un mes
I love my truck and i'd keep it over the TRX. I love the TRX, but let's see the TRX make it through to the finish line at the Baja 1000 then we can have a better discussion. All that power is dope, but having trophy truck power with regular suspension (2.5 shocks) ain't gonna do you any good.
Ludovicus Dimas
Ludovicus Dimas Hace un mes
12:48 that's what he's gonna do all break.
HardtechnoVictim Hace un mes
bring it to Dakar Rally
bharath singh
bharath singh Hace un mes
English is so funny, Baja and Baha are pronaunced the same way, 🤦🏻‍♂️
Mark P
Mark P Hace un mes
corner of the cylinder??
joe0813 Hace un mes
but its still a shit box ford.... Best thing is, I can say it because I work at a ford dealer and I see how big of pieces of shit these things are
OniMetsuki Hace un mes
Musk Tweeted some time back that they are redesigning the Cybertruck's already great 16" air suspension to handle the Baja 1000. Looking forward to seeing it run that race :) At this point I am expecting that to be next years Baja 1000 as not heard anything about it for some time. (they have a prototype battery capable of doing 3,650 miles which would solve the issue of what to do about charging.)
The Gaming Plug
The Gaming Plug Hace un mes
The first gen engine had a supercharger
Operaatio Hace un mes
No need for that, you need to know only one car. *T O Y O T A P I C K U P T R U C K*
Kraken X
Kraken X Hace un mes
Nobody: B A H A
CTtheGamerr 2.0
CTtheGamerr 2.0 Hace un mes
Jesse Fancolly
Jesse Fancolly Hace un mes
Love the puppers
1990 Ford Mustang Foxbody
1990 Ford Mustang Foxbody Hace un mes
8:40 Excuse me, what is that Raptor sponsored by?
Joe Wessel
Joe Wessel Hace un mes
No discussion of reservoirs on the shocks, though...
Joe Wessel
Joe Wessel Hace un mes
Live valve is also used by Fox and Pivot Racing Mountain their teaming up with the Ford Raptor Crew.
Joe Wessel
Joe Wessel Hace un mes
Fox really has the mountain bike market as well. Especially with their Kashima coating (marketing).
Jordan Zimmerman
Jordan Zimmerman Hace un mes
you guys do make my life better
Luke Chapman
Luke Chapman Hace un mes
Baha 1000? Try dakar
Nascarbubba 2910
Nascarbubba 2910 Hace un mes
Can they do a bumper 2 bumper on Adam lz s15
Brad ൠ
Brad ൠ Hace un mes
Bring Back Bids Barto @BidsBarto #BidsBarto
Matthias VE
Matthias VE Hace un mes
Ford should send a factory team to the Dakar with two or three Raptors...
Ken Block
Ken Block Hace un mes
*5:09** that's not supercar, that's GTE class car*
Ufen Orum
Ufen Orum Hace un mes
Raptor is the best!!
C00ID0G Hace un mes
Just traded in my 2012. F
MrLolwutsup Hace un mes
Jerry 4 President
Chase THE Smith
Chase THE Smith Hace un mes
Please do a video on the porche 919 hybrid and their v4 engine!
Frōšt Hace un mes
B2B on an actual Baja Trophy Truck?
J Brown
J Brown Hace un mes
Hope your vacation was fantastic. Well deserved to you all.
Yan Jorgio
Yan Jorgio Hace un mes
Whats the song used in the intro for B2B?
XxShorelinexX Hace un mes
@10:15 Suspension gets slightly moist?
XxShorelinexX Hace un mes
electrelement Hace un mes
“But as you move through the gears, the ratios get lower” oh ok
FunCam Hace un mes
The first ford raptor they had to recall because the frame would snap when doing jumps
shivam chaudhry
shivam chaudhry Hace un mes
I really think ford is innovating a lot lately
Edward Hart
Edward Hart Hace un mes
Sorry to point this out, but your engine animation is just a little off, the left side has the intake coming in from what should be the exhaust side of the engine... Just a bit distracting. Good stuff though!!!
Nihaal Krishna
Nihaal Krishna Hace 2 meses
Please make a b2b on f1 cars
Jahman Borneo
Jahman Borneo Hace 2 meses
Id bet that turbo 6 isnt gonna hold up. Shoulda stayed eith the V8
Nick H
Nick H Hace 2 meses
I like the other dude
Tony Amzedel
Tony Amzedel Hace 2 meses
180,000+ dead Americans from the TRUMP-VIRUS!
mandar kadwekar
mandar kadwekar Hace 2 meses
what about the cooling system ?
Brent Bruggeman
Brent Bruggeman Hace 2 meses
Hate to break it to you Jerry, “am” essentially means in the morning (before midday)...when you say “3 am in the morning” you’re pretty much saying the same thing twice :)
jcollif Hace 2 meses
Me: I work in the design studio at Ford....I would get fired for shooting video at work, and posting it online. Jerr-Bear: "Hey anyone have actual footage of the Raptor being milled in the Ford design studio?...Yeah?....ok....sweetl...(Put it at the front of the video).
Purple Angry Zmurf
Purple Angry Zmurf Hace 2 meses
Wait what 2010?? They werent until 2015, and became popular in 2018. And honestly I've never seen a "Gen 1". Unless it's the literal exact same design and size...also not really a "super truck" straight out the dealership. Still need to put work into it and customize it
terry derry
terry derry Hace 2 meses
Wait a minute, it has spark plugs. I thought it uses diesel
Elvis Cirkic
Elvis Cirkic Hace 2 meses
11:28 thanks to the internet, we know that there are women who can also handle that
EspressoKiller Hace 2 meses
"It's like the toughest race ever!" *laughs in Dakar Rally*
Myles Callaghan
Myles Callaghan Hace 2 meses
You should do an "Up To Speed" episode on the Ram pickup truck.
AutoBez 313
AutoBez 313 Hace 2 meses
This be my dream truck 🚗 🚘
Jonathan D
Jonathan D Hace 2 meses
Metric! Thanks!
Bebe Fórián
Bebe Fórián Hace 2 meses
ford is being the cool guy lol they still make fun cars
mason keller
mason keller Hace 2 meses
Can't wait for the video about the TRX
Lucca Dornellas
Lucca Dornellas Hace 2 meses
TRX is coming for the Raptor
RSGTomcat Hace 2 meses
Interestingly, the D-4S injection on the 86/BRZ runs Direct Injection at all times, and adds port for more power when you get on it. The reverse of what Ford apparently does with the Raptor.
The Dungeon Studio
The Dungeon Studio Hace 2 meses
Jerry Berry
It'syeeOLEDskoolFurry Hace 2 meses
The Pan-American Road Race (Carrera Panamericana) I think you folks there should do an "Up to speed" or SOMETHING on this one. There are 2 documentaries on ESpost: @ : THE LAST GREAT ROAD RACE | La Carrera Panamericana [Feature Doc] And, @ : Classic Races - Ep02 : Carrera Panamericana (documentary) HD La Carrera Panamericana = The Pan-American (road) Race. From October 28th to November 4th 1988That ran from the USA / Mexico border to Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas in Mexico. If you do a little Google mapping, You will find that Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua in Mexico is just south of El Paso Texas Very near the USA border. With a little more G. Mapping, the race ran approximately 1,700 (Approximately 2,700 km.) Miles down the length of Mexico! Almost to Guatemala In Mexico. So that road race covered that distance in 8 days from Friday October 28th 1988 (I Just looked up the 1988 calendar.) through Friday November 4th 1988, I'm not too sure on other years it may have been run. Your 24 Hours of Le Mans does not hold a candle to what this one was!
Andrew Olson
Andrew Olson Hace 2 meses
The Ford Raptor is a flying predator, not a dinosaur. Please adjust the jokes accordingly.
cheezndoodlezgamin1 l
cheezndoodlezgamin1 l Hace 2 meses
idk man... sounds like a mechanics worst nightmare
Semper Fidelis W.S.
Semper Fidelis W.S. Hace 2 meses
Toyota HILUX gazoo racing WINNER of rally DAKAR..
Brad Crandall
Brad Crandall Hace 2 meses
I'm taking a week break from Donut so it works out
Brad Crandall
Brad Crandall Hace 2 meses
Let James know this vacation plans aren't "special announcements".
Best Damn Shingler
Best Damn Shingler Hace 2 meses
Raptor motor uses alot of the same shit as the triton 5.4 , sorry not sorry
Dennis Petrini
Dennis Petrini Hace 2 meses
you guys are my favorite shows of all the shows on the youtube internet Spoken like a child in a chocolate factory, cause that's what this channel makes me feel like! I'll never stop waiting!
I thought the same thing about washing it for me. They had it for almost 5 weeks waiting on parts. They did a chapin wet down on it. O well she got dirty on the way home anyway. Good vid
Desertfox Hace 2 meses
I love both Dakar and baja, but baja takes the cake in toughest anybody else that says so has obviously never seen the trails in the baja 1000, sometimes there’s not even a trail you have to make your own. Even Dakar racers found it harder just search up darker racers compete in baja and you’ll hear for yourself!
King Belial
King Belial Hace 2 meses
So it’s basically a baja truck legalized for the road. This is just like the rally homologated cars all over again and I have 0 complaints except for my empty wallet.
ifell3 Hace 2 meses
Ford picks a race, then make a factory car to race it. Does this remind you off the Stratos.
JonathanPRIME Hace 2 meses
Doesn't matter if you have the best engine in the world if it'll brake down the next day
MadBo V
MadBo V Hace 2 meses
You guys diserves the brake lol
Mr Robert Jr
Mr Robert Jr Hace 2 meses
There's a reason it costs 75k
Man Cave Report
Man Cave Report Hace 2 meses
Title is a lie not the same truck
JonathanPRIME Hace 2 meses
How what's the difference
bob smith
bob smith Hace 2 meses
It’s not a twin turbo it’s a biturbo
bob smith
bob smith Hace 2 meses
The Baja is a race in general where you don’t want mechanical problems So don’t drive a Ford
JonathanPRIME Hace 2 meses
Christopher Gonzalez
Christopher Gonzalez Hace 2 meses
No matter how good they try to make the engines. Still not better then a LS 😂
mike GLA
mike GLA Hace 2 meses
Cybertruck without V8 ugh no.
Matthew Playz2837
Matthew Playz2837 Hace 2 meses
Wait for the Ram TRX
Ned Victor
Ned Victor Hace 2 meses
Hey guys. Love you guys so much. May I ask a favor and can you guys do a #UpToSpeed or #Bumper2Bumper of the Rolls Royce Phantom
Yousef Ouda
Yousef Ouda Hace 2 meses
Fr tho this is pure talent
Eduardo Bilimoria
Eduardo Bilimoria Hace 2 meses
Yo Donut, Thank you for putting the metric units on. Much appreciated. Xx
Elliot Ellis
Elliot Ellis Hace 2 meses
Hello Dolly.
silentfox8 Hace 2 meses
not impressed considering the ridgeline won the baja
Aaron Wright
Aaron Wright Hace 2 meses
The plugs aren't independent theres one coil per pair
esc8engn Hace 2 meses
good vid. as a recent f150 owner, i've been curious what the raptor hype is all about. i still wanna drop mine 2/4, but now i understand the appeal... and the pricetag. p.s. - moar doggos!
GT Godbear
GT Godbear Hace 2 meses
Ford should make a Barra Baja Ranger, Mustang, Bronco and even the F150 with a Barra trim. To replace the base model's or just a Barra trim for enthusiasts. They'll probably lose V8 sales if they did that so probably not.
Anthony Bonfiglio
Anthony Bonfiglio Hace 2 meses
Please do some motocross videos
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