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Geely is the biggest car company, that you’ve never heard of. Their Chinese badge may be only 30 years old, but in that time, they’ve managed to sell millions of cars, like the Geely Haoqing, and the Geely Borui, win an FIA manufacturer’s cup, and set a lap record at the Nurburgring in the Lynk & Co.'s Lynk 03. But how in the world did they go from making unreliable cars in the 90s to BUYING VOLVO? And what made the founder so mad that he drove a steamroller over an entire lot of cars? Join James Pumphrey as he gets you up to speed, on the largest Chinese car brand you've never heard of.
►Episode Chapters:
00:00 Introduction
05:36 A Crushing Defeat
09:08 Sweden The Deal
10:37 A Lynk To The Future
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Evolvere Spiritus
Evolvere Spiritus Hace 3 horas
Very entertaining
R Fredriksson
R Fredriksson Hace 13 horas
CMA plattform was developed by CEVT in Sweden and not Volvo
Simiyu Pius
Simiyu Pius Hace 14 horas
It's not in Africa
Tom Sun
Tom Sun Hace 17 horas
It is what it is
Tr Hace 22 horas
4:33 Hong Qi 😆
Christopher Uy
Christopher Uy Hace un día
ALEX LI Hace un día
The CCP is too busy, in addition to the 1.4 billion Chinese, they have to monitor every unknown bastard on the planet. I think they must have a hard drive larger than Germany. This is not the case for Americans, the americans are the real expert who generally only monitor important people, such as Angela Merkel's cell phone.
Bad File error 404
Bad File error 404 Hace 2 días
I hope China becomes less anal in the next 30 years because they’re pretty cool.
Ricardo Rosario
Ricardo Rosario Hace 2 días
SH iHu
SH iHu Hace 2 días
zurgaa 11
zurgaa 11 Hace 3 días
Geely also partly owns Proton, a Malaysian National Car company, yay!! Before that proton had lousy cars and poor quality
Keebricks Hace 3 días
What about vauxhall
harrison wang
harrison wang Hace 3 días
美人豹, oh, so embarrassing.
ccsmakati takusa
ccsmakati takusa Hace 4 días
Even Chinese people dont buy chinese cars, so why should we buy?
peng yue
peng yue Hace 4 días
Now half of the cars on the roads in China are Chinese brands, and there are now 360 million cars in China
silvereagle404 Hace 4 días
he designed NOTHING himself, come on, they all look like total ripoffs from other brands. well, copy right doesn't mean squat in china.
Yip Choong
Yip Choong Hace 4 días
Please do not treat the audience like idiots Just because you have not heard of Geely
luka lekov
luka lekov Hace 4 días
guys was just planin to get geely since i moved and I am in china,came here for one year you know a guy from a small country went to china and got a wife omega clap annnndddd yes here Iam
Saurav Kulkarni
Saurav Kulkarni Hace 5 días
Sounds like this guy had A LOT of money to spend......Donating Refrigerator company, Buying motorcycle company, Investing in R&D of luxury cars, Investing in R&D of small/cheap cars, Rolling over 100 cars and then Started building bus and on.....C'mon man!
Hao Xu
Hao Xu Hace 5 días
1st, Zhejiang is not a small village, it is a province, it is 105500 km² large and its population is 58 million. Li Shu Fu was born in a small city called Taizhou,_Zhejiang and unlike other Chinese business men on that time, he is well educated, he graducated from Harbin Institute of Technology, 2ed, Haoqing in fact is not the 1st hit of Geely or I should say it is not the model which made Geely become a well known brand in China. It is Uliou
nullkomma 9
nullkomma 9 Hace 6 días
The guy behind geely is really impretious man ngl
PlatiniumOG Hace 7 días
this video made me laugh so hard
Han Han
Han Han Hace 7 días
Zhejiang is not a village, but a province
Cyn Wolf
Cyn Wolf Hace 8 días
0:30 :DIO would be proud
Ahmed Sarkar
Ahmed Sarkar Hace 8 días
True I have never heard of it.
David Thompson
David Thompson Hace 8 días
He's right U2 are shit
jimmy999911 smith
jimmy999911 smith Hace 8 días
Chinese car s most of copy of other company cars
Archis Marathe
Archis Marathe Hace 8 días
Asphalt 8 players: 😎
John Palcon
John Palcon Hace 9 días
adi QUEEN Hace 9 días
that mean how you fail many time not mean you not will be succes
Furdey Lomibao
Furdey Lomibao Hace 10 días
Here in the Philippines, we were ahead of Malaysia when they released the Coolray or the X50 or S11. So far, the best Chinese car we have seen compared to many chinese cars now entering our country. Cant believe it's Volvo, but when you drive it, you'd be a lot surprise for its performance, reliability, appearance, and features. It is very affordable and you'll be amaze by how Geely has put a lot of work to come up with this unit. I hope Lynx @ Co and Polestar would be available here soon, also from Geely.
ores931 ores
ores931 ores Hace 10 días
note they own proton share in malaysia with new model x50 and x70 proton
DrNoraa Hace 10 días
The only reason Geely got to what it is today is because it is a Chinese government backed company.
8 BALL Hace 11 días
Looks like a Porsche and a VW golf
L Jamesy
L Jamesy Hace 11 días
The dude literally left the room without saying a word. Dude: Actually I am not the one in charge
Blesila Praning
Blesila Praning Hace 11 días
Huy Nguyễn
Huy Nguyễn Hace 12 días
hope they dont have Uighurs in their assembly lines
Devin Path
Devin Path Hace 12 días
Gus_R97 _
Gus_R97 _ Hace 12 días
Chinese left the coment
Hannah Miyamoto
Hannah Miyamoto Hace 13 días
I was waiting for you to mention Geely motorcycles. Their mopeds were popular in Hawaii in the early 2000s, but I refused to buy anything for which no parts were available.
The Master
The Master Hace 15 días
Small town company that makes small casino slot game ; Diamond 777 ( iPhone), wonderful game!
Wingers Worldwide
Wingers Worldwide Hace 15 días
The back wheel in all Geelys is small.. Looks funny to me
Oliver Rosenkrantz
Oliver Rosenkrantz Hace 15 días
So where Can i buy that last lynk with 500+ hurpspurbs ?!?
Jingfeng Zhao
Jingfeng Zhao Hace 16 días
Val M
Val M Hace 16 días
Well I live in Russia, so we have quite a few Geely
CK S Hace 16 días
It's crazy that whole Geely company is based on copying directly from others.
CK S Hace 16 días
Impressive, on how CCP print money.
yang ji
yang ji Hace 17 días
OK, there is no restaurant in China started in the year 4 till 2020.😂😂
Ivan Lin
Ivan Lin Hace 17 días
It's actually pronounced G-Li...but, close enough.
Samer AL-Baqshi
Samer AL-Baqshi Hace 18 días
Geely They have bullshit 3 cylinder engines .
adib z
adib z Hace 19 días
Could Geely enter F1? Since Honda just left out
One World
One World Hace 20 días
I enjoy watching your video 😊
Olimpicjellybean Hace 20 días
I will guarantee you, if you make that a shirt I will buy it😂 3:22
Mark Wu
Mark Wu Hace 21 un día
As a Chinese, it feels so good to see an western youtuber introduce a Chinese company without bias and based on research not proganda. especially when I see many comments say Chinese compamy only do reverse engineering and reverse engineering is bad thing bla bla. for those people I want to say if you have a little bit more knowledge about car manufacture history, you would know a lot of famous car brand start from reverse engineering.just google Toyota victoria, A1, KIA Brisa, you will know what Iam saying. I can give more examples but I don't think it is necessay. and regarding to FTT, when foreign car brands want to come in China amd use chinese cheap labour and market sharing and goverent investigating, Chinese government ask technology as price. These brands could say no if they didn't want. it is called business, being a grown man! compared with Chinese government who make everything clear before the deal, some countries just want to Tiktok for "national security reason " and wanted to make benefit of it. I think that is calling stealing is more appropriate.
Minjia Chen
Minjia Chen Hace 21 un día
1:08 small village called zhejiang Well, area of Zhejiang: 101,800 km² area of Wolfsburg: 204 km² area of Germany: 357,386 km² now as we all know there's 0.2% of a village in Wolfsburg, and 3.5 villages in Germany. LOL Just for fun guys maybe make a meme out of this
Minjia Chen
Minjia Chen Hace 21 un día
1:08 small village called zhejiang Well, area of Zhejiang: 101,800 km² area of Wolfsburg: 204 km² area of Germany: 357,386 km² now as we all know there's 0.2% of a village in Wolfsburg, and 3.5 villages in Germany. LOL Just for fun guys maybe make a meme out of this
Jace Monje
Jace Monje Hace 22 días
Jesus christ the audio on this video ripped my eardrums off
Spoon Shao
Spoon Shao Hace 22 días
Boom Sabog
Boom Sabog Hace 22 días
Shuo Zhang
Shuo Zhang Hace 22 días
视频做的挺棒的,喜欢。 nice one
Jason Wong
Jason Wong Hace 24 días
Lync&Co 03+ is 2.0T, using 8AT from Aisin tho
Fanele Mtshali
Fanele Mtshali Hace 24 días
Geely sells crappy cars here in SA
Keith Perron
Keith Perron Hace 24 días
You are not pronouncing the name of the company correct. What you forgot to mention. Is the Geely only Bob Volvo to steal the technology. That’s all it was.
Ziming Xu
Ziming Xu Hace 24 días
Nice Video. LinkCo 03+ looks impressive. Hope it comes to the North America market
Tomy Greco Lopez
Tomy Greco Lopez Hace 25 días
My dad actually had one
Mikehuntisdry Hace 25 días
I agree, U2 is crap
K Lam
K Lam Hace 25 días
You'll definitely know it if you ever invest in Asian stock market
Alex wang
Alex wang Hace 25 días
Geely has managed Volvo very well. I'm happy for Volvo, and as a Jaguar owner, I'm disappointed with Tata. I hope Geely can buy Jaguar Land Rover in the future
Mazlan'sWorks Hace 26 días
Dude, you forget that Geely also own Proton- Malaysian national car brand since few years back...Can you do video on Proton cars? Im happy to share Proton experience with you guys as this is my home country brand...
Wenbo You
Wenbo You Hace 26 días
TheNazreensyah Hace 26 días
Now they own 49% shares of Proton which owns LOTUS...that adds up to their amazing roster
Kitarya Kysubae
Kitarya Kysubae Hace 27 días
Don't forget the Karma revero. Geely did that beautiful thing too, reviving the beautiful fisker karma and fixing absolutely everything that made it fail
Rhodes Statham
Rhodes Statham Hace 27 días
Geely Join Proton from Malaysia..and then born new suv Proton x70 and comin up x50 google it
Willy Hace 27 días
Hmm maybe let's do the dodge nitro next?
Graeme Eddington
Graeme Eddington Hace 27 días
Hi, I am Graeme John Eddington. Following is my ESpost post of my Multi-speed transmission I have called: "Opposing Torque Dynamic Clutch" which is a type of Infinitely Variable Transmission (IVT) which I believe is ideal for your current applications. Please log on to my ESpost video:
VT Teoh
VT Teoh Hace 28 días
“Please insert two tokens” china starts the game
Razin Hadi
Razin Hadi Hace 28 días
I'm Malaysian. And I'm freaking proud of Geely. Geely & Proton partnership is a mega success. Although very very sceptical of Geely at first (because it's an unknown car manufacturer from China), they have proven themselves as the best technical partner for Proton. Far better than Mitsubishi. They helped Proton from going under and now they finally managed to make a come back. Proton have seriously managed to disturbed the car market in Malaysia that have been previously monopolies by Honda & Toyota (B & C segment cars). Malaysians finally able to buy world class car at national car rate. Geely latest vehicle line up are unbelievably beautiful, super hi tech, great safety features, decently powerful and high quality. Have a quick search on the latest Geely line up on ESpost to know what I mean. They're gorgeous. Volvo DNA are clearly shown in Geely products. Now, it's almost unfair to compare their line up to Japanese brands. It is really that good. I hope Proton will perform well and manage to convince Geely to bring in their latest model to Malaysia. I also hope that there will be more involvement for Geely's product development from Proton in the future. Kudos Proton. Kudos Geely.👍👍👍
Bright Gamers
Bright Gamers Hace 28 días
I heard already since geely Ch1n4 join venture proton in Malaysia copy cat Ch1n4
Brody Caron
Brody Caron Hace 28 días
how do i buy one
Trevor Bailey
Trevor Bailey Hace 28 días
Shufu was born with 100 Barter I see
雅祖大人 Hace 28 días
I just sell my BMW X1 (2016 1.5T)in may and buy a Lynk & Co 01,The BMW X1(B38) was a joke.
headbang tv
headbang tv Hace 28 días
Geely making money ££££
bcgoh72 Hace un mes
You forgot to mention Geely bought Lotus as well
Guy Greggo
Guy Greggo Hace un mes
You talk too much dude!
Hat geantwortet
Hat geantwortet Hace un mes
Danke sehr informativ .. thx
Amir Ismail
Amir Ismail Hace un mes
Proton and Volvo are bought by Geely
Niklas Larsson
Niklas Larsson Hace un mes
“CMA platform by Volvo” - Nah dude, it was developed by a company called “China Euro Vehicle Technology” and then sold to Volvo...
Niklas Larsson
Niklas Larsson Hace un mes
Zhejiang is not a village, it’s a province... but rather he came from Taizhou.
Hasan Foyejul
Hasan Foyejul Hace un mes
ধন্যবাদ... thanks
Hansemnoor Nang
Hansemnoor Nang Hace un mes
Mo powah baybi!!!
Johnny FD
Johnny FD Hace un mes
Communism and copying for the win?
I like Ladas Lada Good Stronk Car
Ammar Ahmad
Ammar Ahmad Hace un mes
wow..did i saw a reference to @paultan automative news?
IMANZZ FTW Hace un mes
He buy the proton company about 49.9%
Siyuan zuo
Siyuan zuo Hace un mes
You guys should make an episode about VW cars in China, like the Santana(B2 Passat) that has been in production for 29 years...
Rooster Cogburn
Rooster Cogburn Hace un mes
it wouldn't play, but I've road in a Geely before. I would stop in Europe each time I was heading back to work. And I think it may have been in Europe where they're from. Or maybe it could of been South America or elsewhere. I take pictures of all the strange stuff.
M Sya2
M Sya2 Hace un mes
noo I've know it for years about geely corporation..
Ayam Pencen
Ayam Pencen Hace un mes
Buy a car to build a car.. Finally hes dream become true.. Buy a car, build it & sell, buy again another car, build it again with more garlic of course, then sell it again.. Just this time he put a cherry on top, 528hp. More power bebeh..
F R Hace un mes
geely also own 49% share of proton ( malaysian manufacturing cars).. producing SUV and mini SUV ...
lucian satanas
lucian satanas Hace un mes
don't buy a volvo
Simon Choy
Simon Choy Hace un mes
And in no twist of sheer irony, coming back to a full circle, Daimler (Mercedes Benz) and Geely have signed a joint agreement to cooperate on restarting the Smart Car.
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