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Thanks to Valvoline for sponsoring this episode! Valvoline’s first breakthrough in motor oil was introducing it. And they’ve been re-inventing it ever since, from the world’s first high mileage oil to the world’s first synthetic blend. There are those who change with the times and those who drive them. Learn more at
Ford Thunderbird was meant to be the Ford Motor Company's answer to the Chevy Corvette. From Square Birds to Bullet Birds to Aero Birds to Retro Birds, this American icon got bigger and bigger (literally) and even shared the same platform as the Foxbody Mustang! So take flight with James Pumphrey as we discover how it all happened and meet the people who shaped it into a National Treasure. Except this one we don’t have to steal from the Decoration of Inner Pendants!
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00:00 Introduction
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Infinity1421 Hace 3 meses
Do an up to speed on that lawnmower
Alonzo Lopez
Alonzo Lopez Hace 2 meses
Kshitij Kumar it wasn’t 24 minutes but it’s good.
Kshitij Kumar
Kshitij Kumar Hace 2 meses
@Alonzo Lopez bruh you predicted the future
The Father Ingraham
The Father Ingraham Hace 2 meses
Perhaps they could do it for April fools day next year since it falls on a Thursday
Randy Martosoewito
Randy Martosoewito Hace 2 meses
What about the up to speed about the first toyota model in US?
Josh Palmer
Josh Palmer Hace 2 meses
Ted Wasserman
Ted Wasserman Hace un día
Mac was famous for a lot of things. Really just one thing: Vietnam.
Ted Wasserman
Ted Wasserman Hace 5 días
Have you done an episode about what a POS Henry Ford was?
Ted Wasserman
Ted Wasserman Hace 5 días
I’m not sure the GI bill gave them cash to buy a sports car.
Ted Wasserman
Ted Wasserman Hace 5 días
The opening advertisement is the best thing this guy has made.
joe maziarz
joe maziarz Hace 10 días
Could you guys please do the mercury grand marquis, the 86 coup to be precise
Thomas Buchmueller
Thomas Buchmueller Hace 11 días
I was waiting for more facts about valvoline but then realized it’s about the thunderbird. Not bad guys not bad. Also the 90’s tbird is sort of a fox body too.
wtfomggooglegoaway Hace 14 días
Your sponsor ads are the only ones I never skip. Bravo.
trainz 4460 productions
trainz 4460 productions Hace 16 días
*D U N D E R B E R D*
Deuce Drayton
Deuce Drayton Hace 17 días
Thank for the McKinley Thompson mention... I had no idea... you guys are dope
Foxtrot Delta
Foxtrot Delta Hace 17 días
You poured upside down
APskyline7 Hace 17 días
Never ever EVER shave your beard again. Let it grow! Thanks. Love you!
dochubertfarnsworth Hace 18 días
Why does he say he can pour the best but then use the bottle upside down
mikey gammons
mikey gammons Hace 19 días
Up to speed on mg please
Willy Hace 27 días
Its ight but the dodge nitro is better imagine if you guys did a episode on that haha
Itz HIGHLAND Hace 28 días
I think it’s funny cause my dad has had so many mustangs and his second car was a fox body turbo charged Thunderbird
Gary Vallone
Gary Vallone Hace 28 días
For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son in that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life . John 3:16
K B Hace 28 días
if nolan was a car he would be a brown 2000 oldmobile intrigue
Dominic Silva
Dominic Silva Hace 29 días
I have an 1979 ford thunderbird
Rook Hace un mes
Could you do an Up To Speed of the Buick Skylark? And could you do an Up To Speed on Buick itself?
Dont Use
Dont Use Hace un mes
I think the Corvette is outselling the Thunderbird now
carbondeath 718
carbondeath 718 Hace un mes
I'm gonna the first 25 seconds I felt a tiny bit weird without facial hair. After those seconds, my crew and myself loved the history. I would like to thank you...and also we are very happy you lived through your weird heart problem. I cannot wait for the future.
Greg Blau
Greg Blau Hace un mes
3 steaks and a bottle of bourbon... With a pack of pall malls for dessert
mark oshields
mark oshields Hace un mes
Hey I dont know anything about round track racing and/or NASCAR, but when he said the Tbird held the 1987 Stock car speed record average of 212 mph, what does that really mean? Did the same engine offered to the public in 1987 have the ability to do the same minus the restrictions placed on all street cars engines? And yes Im really that ignorant, at least here you wont recognize me in the grocery store and laff....
noahvike Hace un mes
That's burnout vid is of my buddy and his restored sc tbird. That's awesome. He broke the output shaft
Tristan Erspamer
Tristan Erspamer Hace un mes
Really enjoyed the video. While I agree that the gas crisis hurt the car, I don't think it lacked personality in the 70's, and would have at least liked to see photos of the different generations.
sOc WYVERN Hace un mes
I’ve got a bullet bird
Bryan James
Bryan James Hace un mes
I thought they had made it because the corvette just came out and they developed it so fast that they had to unveil a wooden mockup of it and release the actual thing a little while later? (Got that from a book about fords) but I guess it might have been wrong. Idk
Trevon Parker
Trevon Parker Hace un mes
Had to click immediately to learn some more about my 2.3 thunderbird. Aka one of the only ones left on the fucking planet 😂😂
Confused Person
Confused Person Hace un mes
Great series my brother
Christoffer Van Dyke
Christoffer Van Dyke Hace un mes
Damn,James!! How much weight did you lose?? Looking good dude.....keep up the good work!
Mr Biggie Cheese
Mr Biggie Cheese Hace un mes
a '95 with a 5 speed and a v8 in blue would be so sick to have.
Fetus C
Fetus C Hace un mes
Drive the thunder, ride the lightning. Just picked up a 95 for a fun project and to hold my gf over until she can get her own car. Only problem is a rear brake line.
Anthony Morrison
Anthony Morrison Hace un mes
You guy rock btw
Anthony Morrison
Anthony Morrison Hace un mes
Hey there donut media guys ,do you know what stop stands for spin tires on you guy should do an up to speed on the Lincoln Mark series
Angel xTzX
Angel xTzX Hace un mes
Eunos cosmo uptospeed
Poorly Made Dog Videos
Poorly Made Dog Videos Hace un mes
Just started watching this channel. This dude is basically the Ethan Klein of car stuff. I like it.
mtd610 Hace un mes
Mid 90s T-bird was super underrated. Had a 5.0l outtabtge fox body mustang and 4 wheel independent suspension.. I had a 92. Thing was awesome..
Jacob Allen
Jacob Allen Hace un mes
Up to speed on Boss mustangs?
SGT Nick H
SGT Nick H Hace un mes
Super hero landings are bad for your knees....
Dan Hace un mes
I watched that whole valvoline ad it was amazing
James looks like the god guy in Bruce almighty 🤣
BrewBlaster Hace un mes
When I used to work at an auction, we loved driving the Thunderbird SC. We called it the Super-Chicken.
Mackinzie Bradford
Mackinzie Bradford Hace un mes
Do a up to speed on the cutlass Supreme with diffrent trim levels
Brad ൠ
Brad ൠ Hace un mes
Bring Back Bids Barto @BidsBarto #BidsBarto
webslingercj Hace un mes
love my 2 super charged t-birds Blk 89 auto_SC & Red 94 5spd SC. < *\ //////////|||\\\\\\\\\\ //|\\ FLYIN FAST FLYIN LOW BIRDZ OF PREY THUNDERBIRD SC SUPERCOUPE 4 LIFE
Crutchynthatotherguy Hace un mes
There is a sweet build in there tho. XJ-R drive train is a plug and play drop in. They make LS coilovers, and aero bits, fit them to the thunderbird, take the top off, big wang...
Phil Maples
Phil Maples Hace un mes
GENESEE BEEEEEEER!!!!! Thanks from Rochester!
Jorge F Ruiz Jr
Jorge F Ruiz Jr Hace un mes
gnarly broski
Yetticuda Hace un mes
When it goes from an awesome valvoline video to a video about a car....
Howie Ewalt
Howie Ewalt Hace un mes
Damn he didn't even cover the 90's.
GodBlessTexas Hace un mes
I actually enjoyed the valvaline ad! 😂 that’s how u do it 🍩. Nice job
Glenn Palmer
Glenn Palmer Hace un mes
Funnily enough I have a 97 Thunderbird. She's been giving me problems though.
luser1973 Hace un mes
Had a 97 T-Bird, was probably one of the best cars that I owned. It was the car that switched my brother and his family, a tried and true bowtie crew, to purchasing several Mustangs thru the years.
william 2021
william 2021 Hace un mes
It is ironic that you posted this a month ago because I bought my first car that happens to be a 1964 thunderbird 3 weeks ago
seeburg10 Hace un mes
So where's your BLM hat? That was gratuitous.
Professor Investor
Professor Investor Hace un mes
15:33 I was wondering where that guy went
Tom White
Tom White Hace un mes
Do an up to speed of the gas crisis!
Billy Sanchez
Billy Sanchez Hace un mes
You should do the Cadillac Brougham series
Caiden Hernandez
Caiden Hernandez Hace un mes
Bad ass
95blahblahhaha Hace 2 meses
The car design industry is predominantly Caucasians, yet so is Donut Media..... HOWEVER 🤔🤔🤔 if you hired me we could change that.... Just saying 😉😉 and I'm gay so that's a twofer just good value
DemoUptown Hace 2 meses
Thanks for going out your way to provide some black history, this channel is straight dope
Ben Wickham
Ben Wickham Hace 2 meses
7:31 Seventh Heaven on Biels
Joe Kundrick
Joe Kundrick Hace 2 meses
I said this before and I’ll say it again.... Ford you need to bring this back and crush the Corvette. Don’t bring the t-bird back as a family car bring it back as a Corvette killer.
Jake Parker
Jake Parker Hace 2 meses
Cant say I've ever enjoyed a YT ad before now.
mike scully
mike scully Hace 2 meses
I would do it myself ,,but I live in CANADA and border crossing is a bitch , plus we cant have guns here ,,,,,boooo
White Trash Bandit270
White Trash Bandit270 Hace 2 meses
I threw up at the new Thunderbird... I had a 93. Loved that car.
White Trash Bandit270
White Trash Bandit270 Hace 2 meses
Prison Mike
Prison Mike Hace 2 meses
You left out the best selling birds. The big birds of the 70s
Prison Mike
Prison Mike Hace 2 meses
1,000,000 in 3 years is pretty good.
Andrew Williams
Andrew Williams Hace 2 meses
My neighbor had a BEAUTIFUL purple Tburd Had his Daughters Name Tiara pinstriped on it. Sadly the family fell apart and no idea what ended up with it. -_-
Kaden Bell
Kaden Bell Hace 2 meses
that was the best ad ever
chris reilly
chris reilly Hace 2 meses
It'd be nice if they bright back the turbo coupe like they did with the bronco. New ecoboost engine would be nice
Taygoros Sanchez
Taygoros Sanchez Hace 2 meses
Can you do one on an infiniti g37
Thomas Burr
Thomas Burr Hace 2 meses
yoooo I'm about to pick up a 92 SC with a 5.0 swapped from a 94 Stang with 95k on it . She's clean and fuckin fast man
Nathan Hensch
Nathan Hensch Hace 2 meses
That ad needs to be widely advertised 😂
6sixty1 Gixxer
6sixty1 Gixxer Hace 2 meses
That valvoline add lol.. you hit the mark yes but splashed all over nolan
Quinn Hugentobler
Quinn Hugentobler Hace 2 meses
Gas crisis shirts haha
Larry Broad
Larry Broad Hace 2 meses
these videos would not be so bad if the host didnt have so many episodes. just sayen
Tomi Hace 2 meses
Please do everything you need to know about Skoda ...
Hudson Turner
Hudson Turner Hace 2 meses
That was the best freaking advertisement by James, I watched the entire thing, ma power baby
Robert Harmon
Robert Harmon Hace 2 meses
Whoa! Haven’t seen a vid in a while and I see a chin. Whoa. And I see some weight loss. Bro wow. Proud of you.
Fmart Mart
Fmart Mart Hace 2 meses
Whoever's writing these Valvoline commercials deserves a daytime Emmy or whatever the shit is that they deserve
DogeDroid Hace 2 meses
Do a b2b on the Gordon Murray g50
Carter Jeppson
Carter Jeppson Hace 2 meses
Up to speed ford highboy!
Jonathan Flores
Jonathan Flores Hace 2 meses
You know a sponsor is gold when you watch it entirely. Also... EY! *UP TO SPEED ON* The gas crisis, that would be informative as all heck, really.
Aaron Brown
Aaron Brown Hace 2 meses
Where's the love for the 7th gen? 77-79, the best selling T-bird ever!
Zane Hill
Zane Hill Hace 2 meses
I miss the old up to speed episodes the loud and funnny episodes
Jonathan Grant
Jonathan Grant Hace 2 meses
My dad was 1 of 3 people in utah to buy a 1984 SVO Turbo fox body mustang new.
Lance Dudero
Lance Dudero Hace 2 meses
0:09 It's Big Bird, not a Angry Bird.
Andreas Andersson
Andreas Andersson Hace 2 meses
Went to Europe before climbing laddder? :)
ShitHeads Hace 2 meses
Where's the 7th gen tbirds
Kenan Baker
Kenan Baker Hace 2 meses
Goose Wood Working And Reviews
Goose Wood Working And Reviews Hace 2 meses
My first car was a 1980 "thunderchicken" manila envelope yellow vinyl interior and orange carpet! So ugly she was beautiful. V8 nothing she wouldn't pass.
Eric Rovelo
Eric Rovelo Hace 2 meses
Lowkey can we get a gas crisis video?
Troy Logeman
Troy Logeman Hace 2 meses
Do an up to speed on a Hyundai Genesis coupe
BlazingAlex 21
BlazingAlex 21 Hace 2 meses
First time I like watching the ad!
Remi Ramos
Remi Ramos Hace 2 meses
No CGI was used in the filming of the Valvoline ad
Joseph Casares
Joseph Casares Hace 2 meses
Jesus. Get the beard back
Derek F
Derek F Hace 2 meses
My first car was a hand me down 94' Thunderbird LX from my mom. I loved that car. Cried when I got rid of it in 2009.
Aaron Mcvicar
Aaron Mcvicar Hace 2 meses
I love the Ads you guys do and I'm a Ford Nut thxs Again
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