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Did you know that the Ford Probe, was ALMOST a next generation mustang? Or that Mazda helped Ford, to mastermind the design of the Probe? Whether you answered yes or no, the Ford Probe and Probe GT, has a juicy history of pissing off Mustang fan boys, and thanks to Mimi Vanderholen, winning the hearts of 90's women and families across the US. Slated to compete with the Japanese domestic market cars of the time, and to compete in the Nascar dash series--it soon became clear, that this midsize passenger sedan, could keep up with the competition. So sit back, relax, and join James Pumphrey as he walks us through the tale of the failed Ford Mus... I mean, Ford Probe.
►Episode Chapters:
00:00 Introduction
09:58 Do-RE-MIMI
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Christoffer Van Dyke
Christoffer Van Dyke Hace 2 horas
When are you going to MAKE the video of POP UP UP AND DOWN HEADLIGHTS!! I would love to see that
James Odom
James Odom Hace 16 horas
Sp a woman designed this car then called it "the probe"??!!! Lol these days it would be called the Ford #metoo lmao
Thomas The tank engine
Thomas The tank engine Hace 4 días
My dad had a 1997 Ford probe and he loved it
A Stud
A Stud Hace 9 días
I had a probe 92 se which was a cool car, i loved it why i had it.
Artur Matkowski
Artur Matkowski Hace 9 días
you need to work on audio man...
Tyler Kenney
Tyler Kenney Hace 9 días
This vid legit came out a week after I bought my probe gt 😂😂
Foreign Beggar
Foreign Beggar Hace 12 días
I remember when my grandma bought a brand new probe. that thing was awesome... and she drove the shit out of it. it was pretty much my introduction to “going fast.”
Jimmy Vinsonhaler
Jimmy Vinsonhaler Hace 15 días
My dad said he had a probe and he maxed out the rev limiter at like 115 and the windows would suction out just a little. He said they would also rattle some times.
bartjuhhh Hace 17 días
The probe is a cool car in its own right, my friend owns one and we always have a blast after school with my other mates driving to mcdonalds
- 👍
Eric Thomas
Eric Thomas Hace 17 días
“They had a desire, for the fire, on the tire!” lol👍🤣
theagemon Hace 18 días
3:26 music?!?!
Sruthy C.N.
Sruthy C.N. Hace 21 un día
for pumphrey,it doesnt matter what car it is as far as it has pop up up and down headlightsssssssssssssssssssssssss
BAYAREA RAISED Hace 21 un día
Love u too for this 1
Willy Hace 27 días
Cool car but let's do the dodge nitro next
Shadowmick M
Shadowmick M Hace un mes
Failed audio.._..the damn car was smoooth driving the wind did nothing cut threw 189km I was drink a spot of tea.
illumi Toddi
illumi Toddi Hace un mes
I do remember seeing Probes with a Testarossa sticker on the side. FORD=F(O)aux-aiRDam.
Chris Pate
Chris Pate Hace un mes
I had a 1995 Ford Probe GT, one of the coolest cars I ever owned. I wish Ford would bring back the Probe GT, drop in a V8, and make it rear wheel drive.
Agree it should have been rear wheel drive, but at the time everything was import tuners. I am in process of getting mine back on the road. Wish me luck.
Tammy Forbes
Tammy Forbes Hace un mes
This is when ford tried to screw the America Consumer! They tried to make is so no one could diagnose their cars but them! So they could charge as they please! Luckily the government stepped in and stopped them and made is so all vehicles so in the USA had to be OBD2 compliant so anyone could diagnose them! But it showed how greedy they are! Build things to break often which only you can fix for an extravagant price! No thanks! Only ford I would own is a V8 mustang and even then I hate to waste my money on a slower more expensive ford when I can get a cheaper faster Chevy or dodge.
Johnny Mason
Johnny Mason Hace un mes
Remember, we did get a FWD Dodge Challenger and almost got FWD Camaros and Firebirds (the GM80 project)! Thank goodness the current Mustang, Camaro, and Challenger are still RWD(with some AWD Challengers added to the list)! Need an Up To Speed on the Firebird and Trans Am!!!!
John Oehrlein
John Oehrlein Hace un mes
Yup, sure did, even remember the 'great' unveiling lol
Marcus Infinity
Marcus Infinity Hace un mes
Based on the comments I was only one who knew donut was gonna probe your eardrums and watched connected to a Bluetooth speaker on my tablet
Hugues Chamberland
Hugues Chamberland Hace un mes
what's wrong with your audio editing man!?
billy heaton
billy heaton Hace un mes
Pop pop pop up and down headlights 8:58 🤣🤣🤣🤣: edit if you don't watch retro MotorWeek you're a moron
phantommaggotxxx Hace un mes
The first gen turbo probe would have been a total badass RWD.. Fight me!
Linda Easley
Linda Easley Hace un mes
Stand up comedians used to make jokes about the Ford Probe " I was at a stop light and got rear ended by a Probe .. ."
Deney Hung
Deney Hung Hace un mes
Would anyone drive a ford probe gt turbo ? I would
Shadows5815 Hace un mes
My mom had a ford probe
Pnoid News
Pnoid News Hace un mes
i loved the probe it was a cool car.
Abu Edu
Abu Edu Hace un mes
ford failed you mean..not only this car.. 🤣
Ryan Hace un mes
Your audio is absolutely terrible. Good info, though.
Trigger xX
Trigger xX Hace un mes
Lol this was my very first car when I was 18 Good times 😁
- My very first brand new car also. I still have it 26 years later. Can’t get ride of it now.........
DIVERGENT _ Hace un mes
You get my vote!!!!
Dont Walk Away Run Forrest Run
Dont Walk Away Run Forrest Run Hace un mes
Say what you want about a probe. The Gt's were fun to beat to hell as a kid!
Trevon Adams
Trevon Adams Hace un mes
Had a gt in high school
The Real Luigi
The Real Luigi Hace un mes
The Probe was a nice looking car but the transmission in it was a piece of junk! The car was also expensive to maintain.
The Real Luigi
The Real Luigi Hace 23 días
FORD PROBE GARAGE STUDIO mine was an automatic.
Automatic trans or manual? I am in process of replacing my manual trans, as the diff is shot.
Andy Hamilton
Andy Hamilton Hace un mes
New Coke was not a nightmare. It was a marketing trick which worked phenomally.
Austin Garrison
Austin Garrison Hace un mes
My first car was a Probe, I miss it so much
MrPlownds26 Hace un mes
It bombed in the U.K. Because it was nothing like the Capri that it was mean't to replace and the name made people snigger .They should have just got straight to the point and called it the "Ford Penis" .That and it was ten years too late.
melloyellogsxr Hace un mes
Please wake up the sound guy
Joaquin Gonzalez
Joaquin Gonzalez Hace un mes
so why did the probe failed to replace the mustang? its simple, you cant replace the mustang
Terminator Msc
Terminator Msc Hace un mes
This guy is so noob and annoying ,classic rich fat nerd, who likes only publicity. I can't understand how you watch them. Awful videos even for ignorant fan boys kids... This humour is so cringe...
BalticShipChannel Hace un mes
american ae86 no cap
John Mark Gray
John Mark Gray Hace un mes
I watched this video for “Pop Up Up and Down Headlights.” Disappointed
Zack Schilling
Zack Schilling Hace un mes
At 4:08 is that the Mustang 596ci Vs the Camaro 572ci from either Road and Track or Car and Driver? Ive been trying to find any info on it but never did. My friend had a subscription to one of those mags, and they had a contest between the 2 previously mention cars. I remember the Mustang 596ci would do 0-60 in would also occasionally blow the oil pan off, too . Ive looked around the net a few times over about 10 years and found very very little. I cant remember if it was the cover story or not (I think it was but I could be wrong). It was a really cool article, and would love to find what issue it wa s so I can buy a back issue from ebay or where ever
Banjo Hace un mes
My right ear loved this
Bryan James
Bryan James Hace un mes
Who else knew to turn down their volume (if they had ear buds like me) when he asked "does it have pop up up and down head lights?" He needs to put a warning when he bout to yell so ear bud users can turn down their volume. Cause I'm a get ear damage.
J H Hace un mes
I miss my 1st gen pop up headlight probe
Daniel Sterling
Daniel Sterling Hace un mes
Second gen Probe is one of the best looking 90s cars bar none
Ragged Lion
Ragged Lion Hace un mes
Wasn’t mercury made for an older audience
Marcus Menge
Marcus Menge Hace un mes
I had 3 gen G chassis cars an 89 mx6 gt and 2 89 probe GT. As well as a 95 probe GT. The car didnt need gobs of power to make it enjoyable to drive i miss having one so much they are almost impossible to come by now
They are so rare now. I started a channel to try and preserve them. Or at least get the word out. So many have been crushed.......
Kevin H
Kevin H Hace un mes
I had a 92 GT turbo running 16 psi,Thunderbird turbo,zombie chip tune. Beat all most all the hondas that raced me
Dr Strange
Dr Strange Hace un mes
My mom used to own a Probe... then the transmission said no.
MrEv445 Hace un mes
I Love this show if y’all ever in or really just passing through Southern Colorado holla at ( Blaq Dymond Kustoms ) we got you.
DanteGTZ Hace un mes
Chevy attempted the same with with the Beretta. It was originally intended as a potential replacement for the Fbody in the same Era as the Probe. They even build a few performance based Beretta prototypes. Check out the Feretta. It is a FWD, 5 speed but has a 32valve DOHC V8 under the hood. Built by GM back in ~1987. Also built a Twin Turbo V6 AWD prototype. Pretty cool cars. Both are privately owned after being sold at Barrett Jackson in 2009. But yeah, the concept as an Fbody replacement failed. The Beretta was alright as a cheap car, though.
Not a Troll
Not a Troll Hace un mes
Do the MX6 next
Jason Hace un mes
Same mechanics different body.
Professor Investor
Professor Investor Hace un mes
The audio makes this unwatchable. I want my view back!!!!
Professor Investor
Professor Investor Hace un mes
What up with the volume on is like up and down????! Dont do this again
SilverBullet93GT Hace un mes
Came back a month later to give a thumbs down to this video. Nothing personal, Pumphrey :) We are here to lobby for the next Money pit car to be a Probe, as soon as the Miata is complete
That motorcycle guy
That motorcycle guy Hace un mes
There is no reason to shove the mic down your throat to yell every 35 seconds, the content is good enough on its own without me having to modulate my sound so you don't blow out my speakers with some pointless scream
Wyvern Hace un mes
Always liked Ford Probes, hate ford, Love the Probe. My dad had a Gen-1 4cyl 5 speed, put 270,000 miles on it before he sold it- great car.
@Jason yes. All parts and repairs needed Ii go to Mazda shops and dealers.
Jason Hace un mes
Well... they are mostly mazda
Ickess Hace un mes
Long line of cork soakers
Barry Allen
Barry Allen Hace un mes
I've been waiting for this one
@Kirzii TTV did you get get one? Please share the details as they are so hard to find. I posted a few videos of mine and repairs needed. Feel free to post comments about your new one. Very cool.
Kirzii TTV
Kirzii TTV Hace un mes
I’m buying one this week 😍
Stick-It Productions.
Stick-It Productions. Hace un mes
Gonna get one of these bad boys and put a mustang badge on it just to screw with people. Is that a mustang with P-P-P-POP-POP UP AND DOWN HEADLIIIIIIGHTSSSSSSSSS!?!?!?!?
Brad ൠ
Brad ൠ Hace un mes
Bring Back Bids Barto @BidsBarto #BidsBarto
Gauge Buseck
Gauge Buseck Hace un mes
I have to ask, have you been watching up on the mache e, because it does actually look pretty cool
amosnomar Hace un mes
Love your show! buy a better mic or fix your sound somehow it was better before this mic showed up
Brad Elliott
Brad Elliott Hace un mes
I had a 91 turbo amazing car fast great handling ugly but amazing gas good even in the snow0
Brad Elliott
Brad Elliott Hace un mes
Gt only 4cl only
Derrick Willie
Derrick Willie Hace un mes
How did you manage to ruin the video with the horrible sound quality?
Tardis 8868
Tardis 8868 Hace un mes
Please keep your day job
Metalbass79 Hace un mes
I had a 1993 Probe when I was a teenager. It was a great car other than the multiple transmission problems that cost 3 times what they should have to repair, extremely low power and the fact that it was Wrong-Wheel Drive.
Metalbass79 Hace 23 días
@FORD PROBE GARAGE STUDIO It was an automatic. I loved that car other than that.
Manual or automatic trans issues? Please let me know as I am in the process of using a 93 manual transmission to fix my 1994 GT. Thank you
SplashyPoo9693 Hace un mes
i got the 3.0 lx five-speed and it look brand new
AnAngryManatee Hace un mes
any one know what the song is in the background at 8:00?
e val
e val Hace un mes
Another clown in you tube.
e val
e val Hace un mes
unfortunately he is ridiculous with his not funny comments.
E Robinson
E Robinson Hace un mes
I like listening to these while driving sometimes. But the audio was so bad I had to down vote and that is rare. Turned up to hear and then its so loud it hurt my ears with the car windows open.
TheSFFV Hace un mes
I had a 96 probe GT v6 stick all black with chrome wheels. Such a sweet sweet ride. Then in 04 I traded it for a then awesome and still have it Lincoln LS V8 sport. Also all black with the chrome wheels.
Heat Filter
Heat Filter Hace un mes
Every time I hear "Ford Probe" I imagine something slithering up a sphincter.
Metalbass79 Hace un mes
When I had my 1993 Probe years ago, my friends stuck a sign on the back that made it say 'Anal Probe.' I drove around all day before I realized it.
Tomasz Klisz
Tomasz Klisz Hace un mes
So the ski saved the mustang?
Sixth Lord
Sixth Lord Hace un mes
@12:48 Chip Foose cameo...
B Things
B Things Hace un mes
1980s Car Design: Tactile controls make it easier to press buttons and switches while keeping your eyes on the road. 2020s Car Design: Let's have all the controls just be a touchscreen mounted in the center console.
StrangerTurboRanger Hace un mes
@3:33 The mazda 626 of the year shown is RWD. I only know this because i owned one of those obscure little sport coupes back in the day.
Russell Winfree
Russell Winfree Hace un mes
Bout’ to start using “Slick as a river otter covered in jelly” on a daily basis 😂
apex 408
apex 408 Hace un mes
We used to get stoned in my cousins ford probe
Joe Smoe
Joe Smoe Hace un mes
I once owned a 89 gt and 94 gt probe I should have kept the 89 gt though i regret selling it
Michael Basalyga
Michael Basalyga Hace un mes
easiest car to steal hands down !!!
Norfolk Steam
Norfolk Steam Hace un mes
The probe also was different from other Fords of its time as it was really a successful World model. Ford had and have been trying for years to have models that work in both North America and Europe, but never with much success. The Mk2 probe did quite well here in Europe, while most other North American built models were not sold here because they where to to large or to thirsty for European roads. My late farther work for Ford. Used to see a lot Probes at the distribution centre in Daventry where he worked.
Richard Call
Richard Call Hace 2 meses
Miata, Probe, ______, Mazdaspeed, Rx-7 x 2.......... 🤔 Hmmmmmn????? There seems to be something missing? A little known car......let's see if the blank is ever filled in.....Little hint... _ _ - _
Randy Stoffel
Randy Stoffel Hace 2 meses
fix the volume
Mark DC
Mark DC Hace 2 meses
This car was never a Mustang, but it was a great car. A buddy of mine had a 2nd gen V6 manual. I think. It was a 6-speed?? It could run away from most of the hot VTEC Hondas out at the time. Oh, and that turbo... it had a lot more than 145 horsepower. Mazda underrated the turbo engines so buyers wouldn’t get killed by insurance companies. Brilliant. The saddest thing about the car is that it never reached its full potential. If it stuck around, who knows... More turbo 4’s? A turbo V6 that would “challenge” a Mustang? A rotary?? It would’ve been great to see.
Jason Hace un mes
2nd gen was a five speed. First gens come alive with a less restrictive exhaust and double boost pressure.
Colin Chung
Colin Chung Hace 2 meses
Day 4 of me asking for james to do an up to speed on the Mercury Cougar
pold poldecki
pold poldecki Hace 2 meses
JESUS! Whoever mixed the audio, should be killed in an accident involving two trains, coming against eachother at 0,1 km/h. And that person should be inbetween those trains. It's unwatchable!
Mach1 MustangGuy
Mach1 MustangGuy Hace 2 meses
Sweet I’ve owned a 3rd gen probe! Kinda miss that car. It was pretty sweet... I had the xr7 trim with the dohc v6 and turbo’d that bia Had dual exhaust and 18s too. Yea I rly miss that car now that I think about it...
The Official Sikris
The Official Sikris Hace 2 meses
Yeah, rapid changes in volume REALLY threw me off this episode, I didn't even end up finishing it. Dear Donut, please fire your audio engineer and hire someone who knows how to mix and master properly.
Phylonyous Phunk
Phylonyous Phunk Hace 2 meses
As a kid, I used to covet the probe.... now I'm all tacos all the way
Jean-Philippe Tessier
Jean-Philippe Tessier Hace 2 meses
Kinda make sense learning that a woman designed the Probe. Like the MX-3 Precidia, we used to call them hairdressers's cars. Also nicknamed the Ford ``Problem`` due to god awful reliability. Also notoriously easy to steal due to defective locks.
matthew kühl
matthew kühl Hace 2 meses
The Ford Probe: marginally worse than the anal probe
Marcus MIDI
Marcus MIDI Hace 2 meses
When you're driving, no-one likes a Probe up your ass.
Nick Kiaffas
Nick Kiaffas Hace 2 meses
The Mimi's of the world are my fav🍌
Go Clunker
Go Clunker Hace 2 meses
yell talking... can't watch this.
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