Fixing a Leak the Cheap way - is it worth it?

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The miata’s power steering rack has been leaking for a while, leaving stains everywhere she goes. My options are: replace the rack, which is a few hundred bucks and not readily available at the moment; buy a used one, which is still gonna cost around $100; or rebuild the seals in the rack myself with a seal kit for $30 dollars. Today, I’m taking the cheap road and we’re going to try to rebuild this old power steering rack. What could go wrong?
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DiegosVideo Hace 4 meses
Zach Jobe putting out Claire Saffitz energy in this one and I like it.
coreysteady Hace un día
@Joseph Tischer they're all brad
coreysteady Hace un día
@Jack Townsend lmfaooo
Liveordiebyinches Hace un mes
Right up my alley man.
TallRicoSuave __
TallRicoSuave __ Hace 2 meses
See this is what we like to see, BA/Donut nerds lol
GID7OB Hace 2 meses
One of the best comments in ESpost
Jasper Henderson
Jasper Henderson Hace 11 horas
zach its a rip but we are learning just like you in doing things yourself there are wins and loses but keep your head up and deep breaths i think diy is worth is for sure especially when you have a hart for cars its not for the wins and losses then are you relly learning
Andres Rodriguez
Andres Rodriguez Hace 15 horas
Hey who's clean 36 is that?
Andres Rodriguez
Andres Rodriguez Hace 15 horas
Why didn't you just put a little bit of lube on it to slide the piece on easier past the seal
Aaron Williams
Aaron Williams Hace 16 horas
Did the Miata get a new power steering rack or was it deleted?
JDM hOnDa Hace 22 horas
Zach looks like a grown up waldo
Matthew Varoz
Matthew Varoz Hace un día
I feel for you in this situation.
Matthew Varoz
Matthew Varoz Hace un día
Blow dryer work?
Юрий Hace un día
Кривожопый неудачник )))
Royal Garage
Royal Garage Hace un día
Where can I get one?
Royal Garage
Royal Garage Hace un día
Miata kinda cute
Andy syliboy
Andy syliboy Hace un día
lmao get it "take a crack at it"
Joezppy Hace 2 días
freeze yo pinion
Ben Of The North
Ben Of The North Hace 2 días
This is the first video from this series thats made me feel glad I had this done at a garage today!
Steven March
Steven March Hace 2 días
Whats that song at the 2:30ish mark?
JR303 Hace 3 días
D W Hace 3 días
This is what working on cars is really like. Thank you for this video
Christopher Leonituk
Christopher Leonituk Hace 3 días
Im guessing the same does not apply to electric power steering systems?
tyler hickling
tyler hickling Hace 6 días
You learned how not to rebuild a power steering rack
Alinutz Alin
Alinutz Alin Hace 7 días
This is what happens in real life comparative to movies ;)
Dj Johnny Storm
Dj Johnny Storm Hace 7 días
Silicone base lube on the seals and in the tube, make sure there's no dirt in the lines
Chris Booth
Chris Booth Hace 10 días
For some reason those blue and green seals are so brittle. Number code seals by size...
Anthony Hace 11 días
Tech tip: when disassembling a cylinder, use a pringles can to hold the parts in the order and direction they came out. Then as you take the parts out of the can for reassembly, clean and replace seals and install! Voila!
Xhulio Balliu
Xhulio Balliu Hace 12 días
who de dude with the good ol r6 on the bak
Raul Lima
Raul Lima Hace 12 días
Definitely my favorite episode!!! This is the reality of working on your own car, sometimes you feel like a genius, and other times you feel completely obtuse! Also “you want to get into cars?” I felt Zach giving me the middle finger with his eyes and I totally felt that!
Angus King
Angus King Hace 13 días
6:18 its not the brakes zach its the steering lol
AugmentedGravity Hace 14 días
Ask ChrisFix for msome help
TheAwkwardBanana Hace 15 días
I'm surprised you didn't depower the steering rack.
TheRedBaron619 Hace 15 días
The blue seal you cut, you should wrap in elec tape and then smash it down with a pipe clamp then remove the clamp and tape. You should be good to go after that. If you ever do it again.
JVA Hace 16 días
Hey guysssss Chris fix hereeee
Setsura- sama
Setsura- sama Hace 17 días
Thats what you call "FUBAR"
Elriddge Jermaine
Elriddge Jermaine Hace 17 días
Guess go to chrisfix and look for a bideo there
Alexis Knows
Alexis Knows Hace 17 días
Good time to do power steering delete....:-) Zach be a real Miata racer!
Darren Prasad
Darren Prasad Hace 20 días
This guy is a genius and need more recognition for this guy's smartness
Kaleb Taylor
Kaleb Taylor Hace 21 un día
6:30 the beggar by franz Gordon
Lucas Brook
Lucas Brook Hace 21 un día
The broken seal mid service, story of my life...
Josh McCracken
Josh McCracken Hace 23 días
this episode felt like when you go to your friends house and they’re yelling at their parents
Apollyon Hace 23 días
I love how jacked up his hands and arms are from what I assume is working on his car.
Paulo Feliciano
Paulo Feliciano Hace 24 días
I like how they rotated the entire video because he pointed in the wrong direction. Lol
William TA
William TA Hace 25 días
Just run down to frogs and get a rebuilt rack
Barooooooo Hace 26 días
This is the closest i’ll ever get to jersey shore level of reality TV and I love it. Sorry for your leak though. But thank you for your leak
StuntcatTV Hace 26 días
Thank you for sharing this! Guys out there like me struggling with their stuff see, that even the pro's struggle and fall sometimes. Time to get back up again and try again. You guys are great.
ibrxhim MMA
ibrxhim MMA Hace 27 días
You gotta love Zach!
NATRON411 Hace 27 días
Love the series, but your flag is hanging backwards. It distracted me the entire episode x)
James McPherson
James McPherson Hace 27 días
Loving the specialized epic road bike with Rolf wheel upgrade rocking original RSX shifters and pink tape. If the shifters get gummy, just spray them out with some carb cleaner and then lubricate with dri-slide molybdenum lubricant.
Thatguy23t Hace 27 días
Who’s in the back
J Schu
J Schu Hace 27 días
Never done a steering rack, but automatic transmissions also have Teflon seals in them. The expensive install tools he mentioned towards the end of the video are essential.
Daniel Gonzalez
Daniel Gonzalez Hace 27 días
Despite the outcome, this is definitely one of my favorite series on the channel 💘
arnold ryan manago
arnold ryan manago Hace 28 días
What are the chances that you might forgot to return a part into its original place
N Hace 28 días
You guys really should do a video about cleaning up your driveway after a big spill.
Nick K
Nick K Hace 29 días
15:44 this was the same pose I was in after struggling to get the hub back onto the strut on my GTI for an hour when I installed lowering springs. Then I realized I had to do the other side still.
fullauto2006 Hace 29 días
This ep is like going to a therapy group for all the times you try and DIY and youre stuck. PTSD for sure.
lykou sar
lykou sar Hace un mes
If something breaks during installation then it shouldn't have been anywhere close to your car.
alexander sarmiento
alexander sarmiento Hace un mes
I did the same sort of thing with my E30. Saw that my rear axle boots were ripped but not making noise. Decided to replace the boots for 40 dollars in total. Ended up putting the CV joints back together wrong and busted the joints. Replaced both axles for 500 dollars in total. The E30 was down for 2 months cause I had to go to work and school and wait for parts....
@northwestnas and The Search
@northwestnas and The Search Hace un mes
Zach sorry for your struggles, but I'm also really happy that everyone got to see this because this is really what it means to own a money pit. There are days where you take the L. For people not as mechanically inclined as you, me, there are more of these days, but it's still "worth it" even when there's not the financial proof of it. Good luck on the next step hope you get another W then.
Lightning McKurt
Lightning McKurt Hace un mes
Thank you for doing this video! I really had high hopes; so I'm sorry it didn't work out. The one and only time I tried to replace my own steering rack in my Mazda MX-6, I had to buy extra tools, it took forever, it was extremely frustrating, I screwed up the steering alignment and then after all paid $350 for a shop to redo all my work. But we all learn from trying even if we fail! I learned there are some jobs better left to the pros.
Robert Joseph
Robert Joseph Hace un mes
Ah...the sweet stench of failure. Smells like home.
Edward Spaccarelli
Edward Spaccarelli Hace un mes
Transmission assembly grease would help with that Teflon seal.
Conor Walsh
Conor Walsh Hace un mes
I'm a simple man- I see Zach Jobe's miata, and I click like
RIOTIKI Hace un mes
Autozone never has anything, even when they say it’s in stock on the website they somehow can’t locate it in the racks. Recently wanted to upgrade my brakes and bought full on duralast gold brakes and rotors they had all I needed except the rear rotors, they did say they had two available at their Hub and it was like 3 miles away so I decided to pick them up instead of waiting 4 hours for them to transport it over to my nearest store. When I get there they tell me they looked all over and somehow can’t find them and I can just order them online to my door or as a VDP to pick up the next day. Next day comes and they haven’t received it and tell me they will definitely have it the next day so before I wasted another trip I called and the guy tells me it’s ready for pick up, I get there and they tell me they still don’t have it. Waited almost 4 days for it they blamed it on Covid but this type of stuff has happened before at Autozone so they’re always full of shit. Lol
Yuppi Hace un mes
But did you fix it?
FerretyWeasel Hace un mes
When he was installing the rack around 12:30 and there was still 5 minutes left in the video, I knew it wasn't going to work
FerretyWeasel Hace un mes
Why does Donut haf to have the most fire backing tracks and shazam doesn't know what they are? I need that sweet sweet royalty free music
Evan Morgan
Evan Morgan Hace un mes
When my shitbox civic leaked ps fluid i just stopped filling it. No power steering gang lol
Michael Biniakewitz
Michael Biniakewitz Hace un mes
I dig this series because I faff around with cars I've held onto for years(ones I literally have had since teen years) and Zach relates like a dude I'd hang out with which is funny because I have no friends and definitely no guy friends
alex roy
alex roy Hace un mes
Zach, you dont go in dry man. From what I saw in the video them O rings needed some lube!
Daniel Maisel
Daniel Maisel Hace un mes
if the miata was my only car, nah not worth it. If it was, sure yah why not. Might as well get familiar with a part thats $200 for the sake of knowledge
Oscar Cardenas
Oscar Cardenas Hace un mes
Lol I would've said fuck you miata. The cool you keep is amazing haha
misha makarwich
misha makarwich Hace un mes
I feel like everyone who really works on cars has that "is this worth it?You wanna get into cars?" moment. mine was the 12th time i tried bleeding my brand new drum to disc set up in my 65 mustang it had a weird impossible to adjust rear parking brake that just took experience to fix.
Thri11Seeker Hace un mes
Im gonna end up like zach with my mr2 when it is finished its gonna go well and seem well and like a few minutes later something is gonna say you know what its been too long since ive ran so im gonna give up except i don't have power steering so i don't have to worry about that
Easton Jackson
Easton Jackson Hace un mes
This shit is like therapy for me I could watch your videos all day long and I even went out and bought me a new project car
Smiley McCabe
Smiley McCabe Hace un mes
if shaft seals leak then replace them if rack and pinion replace the whole thing. I am no master mechanic but have done shaft seals successfully, once took one apart to rebuild, said fuck it and bought a new rack knowing i would mess it up.
PorfiryDotExe Hace un mes
my car doesnt have a rack and pinion but it has a powersteering pump. What?
Ivan Cruz
Ivan Cruz Hace un mes
15:25 me when i try to see why my brakes squeak and now one of my brakes are locked up
Brad ൠ
Brad ൠ Hace un mes
Bring Back Bids Barto @BidsBarto #BidsBarto
ZACKS240SX Hace un mes
I'd like to know what happened
Yama Man
Yama Man Hace un mes
I did learn something from this video. When you have a leak in your steering rack, take out the old unit and replace oy with a remanufactured unit. Don't waste your time or money trying to rebuild the steering rack.
Josh Persaud
Josh Persaud Hace un mes
Man Donut Media FTW!
Brendan Alicea
Brendan Alicea Hace un mes
Lube up the packings so there’s less friction. Use the power steering fluid so there’s no foreign contamination.
byw Hace un mes
This is why you should do as much as you can as early as you can. Preferably while still a child. Most of the time you're going to fuck up the first time you do something. It's easier to do that when you're like 16 than when you're like 40.
Dwc 4life
Dwc 4life Hace un mes
Sad Miata noises was heard that day
George Lovett
George Lovett Hace un mes
Money pit is BRILLIANT
lord thick nipples
lord thick nipples Hace un mes
just do what I did and delete your A/C and power steering you don't need em, they're just dead weight lmao
mutation333 Hace un mes
Just delete it. It's such a tiny car, I doubt there's much of a difference between power steering and no power steering. Wasn't power steering first made for big, heavy vehicles, anyway?
colegrove4x4z Hace un mes
Ok guys here it goes, I was not there for the repair process but all o rings are sizeable and you have to use a oring stretch tool, there is also a shrink tool. The tools are really simple, but it is also required in building transmissions and stretching these orings over the shafts inside. The same goes for power steering. Invest in a oring resize tool they are super cheap but it is 100% required or you will rip the orings every time. Lubrication helps but more important is cleanliness. Because if you put it together with any dirt or grime at all it will damage the pump and the rack and pinion within 100 miles. Now you know
Guper 12
Guper 12 Hace un mes
ChrisFix? 😳
Ampersand Man
Ampersand Man Hace un mes
This video is actually great for anyone getting into cars. This is real life how it happens sometimes and not much you can do.
diale Hace un mes
Why is this show the most interesting shit ever
Eric Bieberbach
Eric Bieberbach Hace un mes
You did learn something, dont ever do this shit again....
Bryce A
Bryce A Hace un mes
With high usage parts like that, it's always best to buy a new one or get a professionally rebuilt one. That's my opinion from my past experiences.
Hmk 421
Hmk 421 Hace un mes
Now I'm living it and, I don't like it
sketers dims
sketers dims Hace un mes
Ya I still wanna get in to cars
felixar90 Hace un mes
Wtf happened. It’s all wonky.
brickson98moto Hace un mes
I'm really not used to seeing no rust on the underside of a car from the 90's.. Wisconsin problems....
charles crowe
charles crowe Hace 2 meses
I think when the miada is "finished" I want to see a show with a toyota truck.
readme info
readme info Hace 2 meses
That first issue, the seal which snapped, I've had success with prewarming the seals in warm oil, before installing. But I'm general, if you are going to be working on anything mechanical with orings or seals or gaskets etc, try not to get a one shot kit. Do a little research and find out what sizes/thickness the seals are within some OEM kit, and buy a large collection of orings/seals, which can fit all the different valves and spots which need a seal, all around your car/machine. Typically less cost and a situation like a broken seal, stops being a 'bummer' moment and turns into a "good thing I got 24 extra seals like the one which broke!!!".
Sweet Revenge52
Sweet Revenge52 Hace 2 meses
Manuel Ramirez
Manuel Ramirez Hace 2 meses
Money pit reminds me of growing up and watching spikentv on saturday mornings with all the car tuner shows. It also inspires me to get up dust off the old tools and get underneath the hood. I have a high milage car and I want to really start maintaining and trying to mod my grand cherokee
Raymond Razack
Raymond Razack Hace 2 meses
Get some mapgas to burn the oil from the drive way. The heat will bring the oil up. Then hit it with de-greaser and pressure wash.
Raymond Razack
Raymond Razack Hace 2 meses
Teflon seals need to be seated with a tool, or gloves/hose clamps.
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