Figuring Out Why My Skyline-Powered S14 Won't Start

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This week on Money Pit, we’re taking a look at one of Zach’s other projects, his Nissan S14. We’ll diagnose why his RB powered project won’t start so he can make mo powa babeh!
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Sakai Hace 2 horas
I have, and only ever had, two passions in my life since I was 8 years old: Computer Programming and Cars. I had to move a few years ago, so I don't have any friends anymore. I would love to be able to get a project car and work on it, but I'm afraid because it will be only me. I have no knowledge to fall back on other than what I have learned online. I purchased a 240sx when I was 17 for my first car, but sadly, I was screwed over. It was the funnest I've ever had. I tend to overthink things, so maybe I'm making it seem more scary than it is. What concerns me most is the suspension - also things that require welding and such... like subframe connectors.
Dirt Cheap Media
Dirt Cheap Media Hace 3 horas
Gotta say I am very impressed that you went and explained how to do a voltage drop test. Very important info
Leo Hace 16 horas
How do you drive a swapped car in California? Do you just keep it off the street entirely?
Michael Trevor Jamnague
Michael Trevor Jamnague Hace 17 horas
Rb25 or rb26?
MustangSquad 302
MustangSquad 302 Hace 20 horas
It also needs timing to run lol, fuel won’t do much for you if it’s coming and leaving before the spark
Brayden Hedenstrom
Brayden Hedenstrom Hace 23 horas
The damn turbo whistle!!!! Oh lord that's a good sound. (at 13:49 if ur wondering )
Aamir Mohammed
Aamir Mohammed Hace un día
Who else knows about house the series
EVAN Hace un día
push your car to the mechanic is worse than push your car into are so funny😂😂😂😆
YAJY ` Hace un día
All you really had to do was listen to the pump pressurize in the cabin, right?
Amilcar Hernandez
Amilcar Hernandez Hace 2 días
You really need air in them tires lol
Josiah Kamrodeen
Josiah Kamrodeen Hace 2 días
Anybody see a similarity in zach and Brad danger from ideal media
Silent Death
Silent Death Hace 2 días
do the dyno ples
Alfonso Vazquez
Alfonso Vazquez Hace 3 días
I love this channel
Adam Honda98
Adam Honda98 Hace 3 días
Where is the dyno vid bro
YSC Productions
YSC Productions Hace 4 días
Zach. What is the colour code and name on the S14? Looks so great😎 Love your videos btw
benedek itay
benedek itay Hace 4 días
Dude i knew it was the pump since the compression
Manuel Bou
Manuel Bou Hace 4 días
50% of your maintenance is caused by 50% of your maintenance lol. Just make sure you're doing work correctly to avoid having to come back to your own work which is rather frustrating.
Troy Mclore
Troy Mclore Hace 5 días
9/10 times its a flat battery or fuel
suomiman100 Hace 5 días
Plot twist its just out of fuel
Kevin Mai
Kevin Mai Hace 5 días
Not having spark is the most annoying but not having compression is the worst
Anthony Cook
Anthony Cook Hace 5 días
Make sure the crankshaft sensor is plugged in all the way or at all
Joe Bou chedid
Joe Bou chedid Hace 5 días
I didn’t know Neil caffrey built cars, where is your ankle bracelet?
Emmanuel perez
Emmanuel perez Hace 6 días
That intro was smooth
Robert Wilhelm
Robert Wilhelm Hace 6 días
Wish I had this mans knowledge
Wes Collins
Wes Collins Hace 6 días
Legitimate diagnosis. Its always the last thing on your checklist. Haha
Lordenos Hace 8 días
4:15 we got or Widać?
phoenix8129 Hace 8 días
Best Video👍 So much knowledge.
Ryan Wells
Ryan Wells Hace 8 días
You cant rent a fuel pressure guage in the Bahamas from any
Ryan Wells
Ryan Wells Hace 8 días
Its obviously wiring...send to a pro to install full wire kit
Casey Lowe
Casey Lowe Hace 8 días
You should totally pour a few episodes into the s14😳
Fabian Rudde
Fabian Rudde Hace 9 días
time could also be a problem if your car doesnt start
AceL33ROY18 Hace 9 días
Make more videos with this car
Donovan Jenkins
Donovan Jenkins Hace 10 días
Can we see you do a full build? I would definitely like to see that.
Legit_Proximity Hace 11 días
Hi low is best
Derek Durso
Derek Durso Hace 12 días
Almost like there is special clamps & hose too prevent this. Previous owner must of been like, use FI rated clamps? Nah, I loveeee fixing stuff twice.
Derek Waslak
Derek Waslak Hace 12 días
You should one one on the RX 8
Adrian Hace 12 días
12:50 that's 49 psi
Ryan Davis
Ryan Davis Hace 12 días
You forgot to mention timing if the timing is way off it ain't going to do anything right
TheReal VTEC
TheReal VTEC Hace 13 días
Why do i think he is chris fix brother?
Brandon Hancuff
Brandon Hancuff Hace 14 días
I’d 1,000% let Zach work on my car
Rick Tuck
Rick Tuck Hace 17 días
Excellent video! Just did this entire process in my '94 Skyline r33 RB25DET. It was my MAF...
hydra1x1x Hace 17 días
oh i just didn't have gas
Jubal Wright
Jubal Wright Hace 18 días
awesome video
Spectacular Spaghetti
Spectacular Spaghetti Hace 18 días
I would be so screwed without this show at some occasions, it had helped me a couple times already !
Shadow Of The Forester
Shadow Of The Forester Hace 19 días
i really like money pit specially the episodes you teach something about automechanic or diagnosing !!!
Yudistira Hace 19 días
I thought that was right hand drive lol
Alexis Peralta
Alexis Peralta Hace 19 días
Chrisfix vibes??🤷🏽‍♂️😳
Mr. Truth
Mr. Truth Hace 20 días
I put anime stickers on his car in Forza Horizon 4
Ginganinja Hace 20 días
What is ur guys favrioute s chassis mine is the s13
Robert Smith
Robert Smith Hace 20 días
Money pit is the best show on Donut hands down even over HiLo
Robert Smith
Robert Smith Hace 20 días
NOOOOO SIR! S13 with those POP UP UP AND DOWN HEADLIGHTS!!!!!!!! are the best looking and cooking 240sx styled cars.
Alexx Hi
Alexx Hi Hace 21 un día
12:50 i think its 49 not 44
Mercenary Sed
Mercenary Sed Hace 21 un día
I've installed brand new parts that I knew wasn't the issue only to find out a few days later the new part was crap 4rm the factory. Don't do that
ZarK Eh
ZarK Eh Hace 23 días
12:26 ah see's the PROBLEM! and not jus' the ****toot'n**** one. Those are not proper clamps! they don't clamp evenly around the hose and uhm there are ones better than those worm gear ones.
Nico Z
Nico Z Hace 24 días
This guys videos are the best
Mohammad Alkhafaji
Mohammad Alkhafaji Hace 25 días
Anyone else think the Miata needs a darker black paint? It looks a little... faded?
Project Teej
Project Teej Hace 25 días
Did a spark plug test but I held the coil pack without wearing gloves. It was a great feeling
William TA
William TA Hace 25 días
It needs some gas
Arturo Orozco
Arturo Orozco Hace 25 días
I knew it was the fuel pump, same happened to my dads Durango
Darren Frost
Darren Frost Hace 26 días
First world problem? My badass engine in my badass car won't start...
Trent Porter
Trent Porter Hace 27 días
SKYLINE POWERED? Lmao. Why even say that. It sounds retarded.
Mark Rabilas
Mark Rabilas Hace 28 días
Why dont you upgrade your silvia and try to race it with the hi and low car 🤣😅
justhesolution Hace 29 días
Thank you so much for pronouncing “Kouki “ correctly Zach 😭
Nathan Ducharme
Nathan Ducharme Hace 29 días
sometimes the cat gets clogged, and your car wont start
Bradly Sullivan
Bradly Sullivan Hace un mes
I know timing is mainly controlled by ecus now but its also something incredibly important because it ensures everything is happening at the right time
Jeremy Blais Racette
Jeremy Blais Racette Hace un mes
I hope Zack gonna custom the s14 i love this car
Ben Sutter
Ben Sutter Hace un mes
nice house md reference
Joshua Soto
Joshua Soto Hace un mes
I want to see more of the green s14
Henry Hopkins
Henry Hopkins Hace un mes
the air woosh sound at 3:44 has me geekt
FloFlo Hace un mes
Could you make some videos of your Audi ?
gaurav joshi
gaurav joshi Hace un mes
that is very beautiful car❤️
Elijah Gilbert
Elijah Gilbert Hace un mes
More s14 videos thank you
Goose#650turbos Hace un mes
Me love my money pit
Goose#650turbos Hace un mes
I love money pit
Bradley Bigham
Bradley Bigham Hace un mes
Donut is the Bill Nye for cars.
Carlos Andrade
Carlos Andrade Hace un mes
I love both cars and awesome videos 🤟🏻
Colin Darchuk
Colin Darchuk Hace un mes
Did you say thank you to Chris fix for this
JP VH Hace un mes
How has nobody commented about the damn birds in the background 😂
Nik king
Nik king Hace un mes
"or even worse, pushing it into a mechanic shop and paying them" has to be one of the best car guy quotes of all time lol!
Isaiah Spell
Isaiah Spell Hace un mes
i’m going to go out on a limb here and say that is the cleanest and most beautiful s14 i’ve ever seen.
TheresOnly1Stef Hace un mes
@ 14:03 most epic and unexpected driveway pull in ever 🤣🤣
Raul Burgos
Raul Burgos Hace un mes
Need more s14 vids
Mario Paul
Mario Paul Hace un mes
Dude I'm an S13 guy but the S14 is growing on me big time. That car looks and sounds incredible.
Collective Journey
Collective Journey Hace un mes
I feel like every episode of Money Pit that comes out, another $500 mark up happens on the used Miata market.
Nanashi No Gombe名無しなしゴンベ
Nanashi No Gombe名無しなしゴンベ Hace un mes
This now has me wondering If a B12 AWD can be swapped with the RB25DET.
PopcornSticker Hace un mes
more diagnosis videos please!
Manuel Serrata
Manuel Serrata Hace un mes
These videos are just great. I would love more diagnostic stuff like this. The subtle tips along the way are pure gold.
Manos D.
Manos D. Hace un mes
I think SR20DET is much Better than the RB25!!!
chris cole
chris cole Hace un mes
Who is this guy? He's great
Mr Hace un mes
Zach Jobe
Chuck Wood
Chuck Wood Hace un mes
Make sure to hold the throttle wide open while doing a compression check
SKITT LES#4641 Hace un mes
You should've tried the fuel pump first
Brian Netz
Brian Netz Hace un mes
That was an entertaining and enlightening show. Nice work. Sweet car.
Landon Jones
Landon Jones Hace un mes
Why no strut tower brace?
Mr Hace un mes
Not needed
Abstract001 Hace un mes
I have a question. Why do people mount batteries at the back of the car like in the trunk instead of in the engine bay.
Mank Demes
Mank Demes Hace un mes
You guys forgot to include the fuel filter! Although some newer cars usually have internal filters in the pumps, a good portion have external in-line filters that can get clogged.
Angus Mckendrick
Angus Mckendrick Hace un mes
10:50 robbie ferrerira montage music
كايدو جلاد الصعاليك
كايدو جلاد الصعاليك Hace un mes
Can we appreciate this gentleman.....
Neko Kun
Neko Kun Hace un mes
thats actually a really cool car- im not really a nissan guy xD
Fiiisho Hace un mes
Says rb25, inserts a r34. Thonk
Sean Reincastle
Sean Reincastle Hace un mes
I hope we get to see you cover the S14 more once you finish with the Miata
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