Ferrari SF90 Stradale - The Science Explained

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The SF90 Stradale is Ferrari’s new halo car...and it’s a hybrid. With a twin turbo V8 and THREE electric motors, Ferrari has gone back on what they once said and finally engineered a supercar with some plug in electric juice. In today’s B2B we are gonna look at what’s going on with the rearing-buff-horse’s hybrid system, as well as the F1 technology in it’s twin turbo V8. Then we’ll dive into why it took Ferrari so long to get with the times. Are all electric power plants the future of Ferrari? Is this Ferrari more Prius than Ferrari? Do you like Ferraris? Do you like Donut? Do you even read this? Let me know in the comments.
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Donut Media
Donut Media Hace 4 meses
Where does the SF90 stack up in the list of greatest Ferraris ever built? - Jeremiah
999 999
999 999 Hace 17 días
Mercedes W10
Mercedes W10 Hace 2 meses
1. F40 2. LaFerrari 3. F50 4. Enzo 5. 288 GTO 6. SF90
Bis Chongo
Bis Chongo Hace 3 meses
@Aidan C.A Porsche 918
g0ferboy Hace 4 meses
In order: 288 GTO, 575 GTC, F12 TDF, 599 XX, F40, F50, FXX K, FF, 250 GTO, Dino 246 GT, 599 GTB, Testarossa, 348 GTB, 612 Scaglietti, 550 Maranello, and then maybe the SF90. The 288 made an impression back in the day in a racing game. So, I am biased for that one. I also prefer a lot of the front engine cars. Edited for grammar.
liny2sd Hace 4 meses
worst ever
LobsterSuperMachine Hace 3 días
1:35 to be fair they’re pretty much forced to make hybrids and electrics because of new regulations and the euro initiative to cut all ICE cars by 2030. Big RIP tbh
Robert De La Vega
Robert De La Vega Hace 6 días
Im sorry did you say mudderfudders
Robert De La Vega
Robert De La Vega Hace 6 días
Eh honestly electric cars are cool, just not there yet. Hydrogen cars are the future. If you think about it once we are able to synthesize hydrogen efficiently it will be better then mining lithium and having to add recharge stations.
József Dániel Farkas
József Dániel Farkas Hace 8 días
SpecsGuy. 😂😂😂👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽
Rod Romes
Rod Romes Hace 9 días
Cyka Blyat
Cyka Blyat Hace 13 días
The laferrari and many others look so much better, the arse end looks like a yank designed it
Adam Osborne
Adam Osborne Hace 14 días
I could watch Jeremiah's eyebrows waggle while he talks all day long.
Filip Faltejsek
Filip Faltejsek Hace 15 días
They did a good job. By making this car they made Enzo Ferrari a good power source for it since he is spinning in his grave.
Enzo Ferrari
Enzo Ferrari Hace 15 días
Those motherfckers did WHAT?
Sean Daily
Sean Daily Hace 15 días
Meh... There hasn't been a good looking Ferrari since the 456. The only current Ferrari with any thing resembling beauty is the Roma.
Paul O'Neal
Paul O'Neal Hace 15 días
Was it derived from the Pontiac Banshee concept car?
Nihad Asadli
Nihad Asadli Hace 16 días
Dude, it's italian not german, stop saying Shtradale
Stefan Tsarev
Stefan Tsarev Hace 17 días
Moving with the time is a good thing. It's time for the Americans to do it as well and embrace the metric system.
bookle Hace 7 días
Jordan Lyon
Jordan Lyon Hace 11 días
Well, smart Americans have to use both.
Silver Beans
Silver Beans Hace 17 días
Ugly front end
SEI Michael
SEI Michael Hace 17 días
Donut Media is my idol... Very entertaining to me.. all of you James Nolan and you Sir.
son Hace 19 días
This is one of my favorite looking Ferraris as sad as it might seem to some.
son Hace 19 días
The SF90 Stradale looks amazing imo. I don't quite understand the criticism of its lines. But I am mostly a racing fan, not a car innards fan...
DannyGIsMe I'mDannyG
DannyGIsMe I'mDannyG Hace 19 días
Ferrari is the Apple iPhone of supercars
son Hace 19 días
Why do you say that?
Old Revolver
Old Revolver Hace 19 días
Basically Ferrari is the Apple of cars lol. They let others do the innovating and only implement new tech into their products when they feel they themselves have perfected it years later. It's not about being the first to do something. It's about finishing first place.
Shaloom Brandon
Shaloom Brandon Hace 19 días
I really hate when youtubers have to explain kilo to American viewers
Otomen12itam Otomen12itam
Otomen12itam Otomen12itam Hace 19 días
Toyota:make Prius Everyone:hahaha Also Toyota:we make V8 Prius to😎
jim jimmy
jim jimmy Hace 21 un día
200 ms for a gear change is actually quite slow compared to modern cars...even cars from 2010. what is going on here ?
Jack Maddox
Jack Maddox Hace 21 un día
Plug-in hybrid...electric front wheel drive...No more naturally aspirated engines or manual transmissions.. Man I love Lamborghini..! Hell they even built an off-road variant Huracan called the Sterrato! A freakin' dirt road pounding Evo rally car with knobby tires and 3 more inches of ground clearance! I love it!! Enzo's ghost is probably hanging around Bologna now, watching them build the Performante Spyder...
Jameel Ja
Jameel Ja Hace 21 un día
Imagine the repair bill when this goes out of warranty.
ya like jazz?
Felix Jacobsson
Felix Jacobsson Hace 22 días
V8 hybrid ferrari?? I think i much rather have a laferrari or 812 superfast.
Phoenix Hace 23 días
So the FWD electric is basically like the new Acura NSX
Jack Maddox
Jack Maddox Hace 21 un día
Exactly! Thank you, Honda had that whole system refined and performing fantastically in 2016...
M M Hace 24 días
Halo car? No, it's a regular production model that sits at the top of their lineup, in the same way the Testarossa/512TR/M did before the 550 Maranello. Halo status is reserved for the big 5 and, obviously, their next 2022/2023 hypercar.
gem santi
gem santi Hace 28 días
This is funny episode 🤣
nick gajdos
nick gajdos Hace un mes
Ferrari should be ashamed for not putting a v12 in it
AG Games Laval
AG Games Laval Hace un mes
When he said there is no v12 I was expecting him to say it has a v10.
PrzFinest21x Hace 2 meses
@8:35 uhhh, but it has 4 cams... not 2.
No Lies Allowed
No Lies Allowed Hace 2 meses
I pray Ferrari NEVER makes an ALL electric ROAD car!!!!
Rich Shane
Rich Shane Hace 2 meses
It's good looking but it looks like the lovechild of a C8 Corvette and a McLaren P1
Don H
Don H Hace 2 meses
This was good to watch as there was no screaming involved!! Good job!
Mike Heller
Mike Heller Hace 2 meses
Regen-energy is german and means something like rain-energy
Bear Bogu
Bear Bogu Hace 2 meses
Ferrari 458 hybrid and the most new ugly Ferrari of the century!
Edyn Craig
Edyn Craig Hace 2 meses
I'm surprised there's no mention of the Ferrari Roma
meep 1478
meep 1478 Hace 2 meses
Literally every hybrid: looks stunning and beautiful pRiuS : better than yall :)
Carlos Schwarzbauer
Carlos Schwarzbauer Hace 2 meses
This video felt longer than what it is.
Dingle Berry
Dingle Berry Hace 3 meses
Ferrari : Makes a FWD car Enzo : che cazzo stai pensando idioti?
DaviesGarage Hace 3 meses
Can you please do a Bumper to Bumper on the Squarebody Syndicate 02 truck?
Zexy Overlord
Zexy Overlord Hace 3 meses
Yeah they said the would never make a electric car, that statement dosent include hybrids
Get_ WRX
Get_ WRX Hace 3 meses
The C8 Corvette looks different
Jorge Cubillos
Jorge Cubillos Hace 3 meses
You can say KERS too.
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez Hace 3 meses
2035, Ferrari has officially filed for administrative bankruptcy (remember this comment) ✌🏻
amarjit singh
amarjit singh Hace un mes
Your dumb!?😂🤦
agustin seguy
agustin seguy Hace 3 meses
Sf90 accelerating Subtitles: (Music Playing)
Will DiRisio
Will DiRisio Hace 3 meses
Super cars should be exempt from emissions regulations, fuck electrification
velkoto1 Hace 3 meses
Wow, Porsche made it 7 years ago
license2kilt theplaidlad
license2kilt theplaidlad Hace 3 meses
Not a comedian
bgk8890 Hace 3 meses
The energy flow in the electric motors is reversed. the motors do not run in reverse Donut. they become generators, being careful is important.
antknee420 Hace 3 meses
Video this fuckin' guy....
Julian Felipe Granados Flórez
Julian Felipe Granados Flórez Hace 3 meses
4:46 The Aventdor changes gears in 50 miliseconds since 2011 and the Pagani Huayra did 20 miliseconds in 2012
Julian Felipe Granados Flórez
Julian Felipe Granados Flórez Hace 3 meses
No V12? That's sad
Ryan Waugh
Ryan Waugh Hace 3 meses
Not Ferrari’s halo car. It’s a normal production run. Halo cars are special edition Ferrari’s with a limited run. Also not an electric car. It’s a hybrid car. Electric cars are purely electric, and hybrid are a combination of fuel and electric. Next Ferrari didn’t think naturally aspirated engines were the most efficient way. Fuel emission laws and their commitment to following f1 moved them over to turbo.
Clifford Unger
Clifford Unger Hace 3 meses
That sf90 looks so ugly, that is unusual for a ferrari
3rdperspective Hace 4 meses
Price laferrari will sky 🚀 from here
JX REPUBLIC Hace 4 meses
So this is end of the naturally aspirated ferrari
Beastmaster 64
Beastmaster 64 Hace 4 meses
the day ferrari makes a car where >50% of the power is electric imma bury myself alive.
I Hace 4 meses
Ferrari says this car represents "the pinnacle of what Ferrari can do" and apparently that pinnacle is to make a car with the same tech as an NSX (hybrid/TT, drive by wire brakes, torque vectoring) that goes a WHOPPING 0.2 seconds quicker to 60mph for ONLY nearly 4X's the starting price ($159k vs $600k)! 🤣 Shame Ferrari is losing so badly in real life track racing to the CHAMPION NSX (IMSA WeatherTech series GTD class with the Meyer Shank NSX). It wouldn't be half as funny if they were remotely competitive.....
Davesky Hace 4 meses
I'm sorry, but I can't watch this dude. Zach and James set the bar too high
Chappy Hace 4 meses
front looks like a 95 camaro
Muhammad Abdullah
Muhammad Abdullah Hace 4 meses
this guy should do all of the B2B episodes from now on
Iván Rojas Ávalos
Iván Rojas Ávalos Hace 4 meses
"Not a v12? I shall never died!" *Looks to the Ferrari 288 and the F40*
X-90 Hace 4 meses
Thing looks like it should be the C8 vette Vette looks more like a Ferrari
13Anomalous Hace 4 meses
Hybrid technology is so underrated
James Stuart
James Stuart Hace 4 meses
The boosted boiz minivan need a B2B
V.C. Hace 4 meses
italians... who never discovered the secrets of electricity, their cars often had such issues - hybrids are their worst nightmare, do you want it to be yours? :D
Wait are you the Detroit become human guy?
IstillPlayPlayStation3 Hace 4 meses
Where vs at??
William Smith
William Smith Hace 4 meses
Obligatory “who tf is this guy” comment
Vincent Desjardins
Vincent Desjardins Hace 4 meses
Yet again DONUT, still another great video and loving where you are going (been here since before 1M subs). Only 1 thing to say: LIGHTNING LIGHTNING LIGHTNING LIGHTNING YOUR WAY TO 5 MIL subs yeah.
Elios Hace 4 meses
electric is the future, period i wish to see the day everyone drive one of those, tho i'm sure we all gonna miss that sweet sound
Red Badger
Red Badger Hace 4 meses
so you cant reverse when battery is empty.
staLker1202hu Hace 4 meses
This "F40 is the best Ferrari" thing is getting way too old guys.
joseph hardwicke
joseph hardwicke Hace 4 meses
did you know it actually has a turbocharged v8?
Grnbaracuda Hace 4 meses
It's just souped up a Porsche 918. They still coming from back
g0ferboy Hace 4 meses
I can't readily search for this answer, maybe someone can help here. If your car has a 500hp engine and a 300hp electric motor, how does that add up to 800hp? isn't that just 500 top hp and 300 hp for low end torque? Sure, the car has "800" in it, but it's not 800hp total, right?
g0ferboy Hace 4 meses
OMG, Is the RC51 a Nicky Hayden edition? That's my next bike you bastich!
liny2sd Hace 4 meses
you lost me at EV 🤢, then, as I was scrolling down to type this, I heard you utter the disgusting phrase "prius" 🤮🤮🤮🤮.
Sany Wildlife Fotke
Sany Wildlife Fotke Hace 4 meses
Now Rich People are stealing our Prius.
Bora Çetin
Bora Çetin Hace 4 meses
"No electric Ferrari" is true because Ferrari without that Ferrari sound (even if it is fully based on the specifically exhaust systems to make that sound) is not a *with a really bad italian accent* FERRARI.
Northern Drone Werx
Northern Drone Werx Hace 4 meses
I know this is just semantics, but batteries store energy via a chemical energy potential. Capacitors store energy via an electrical energy potential.
moenchii Hace 4 meses
2:03 S🅱️inotto in the background
David Price
David Price Hace 4 meses
with Legrerg
ArmchairWarrior Hace 4 meses
You look like an idiot if you have to brake right after accelerating; racing to a red light is for kids.
K G Hace 4 meses
I love you guys, but can you take it easy with Italian accent. It is frustrating honestly.
Ciprian Dinu
Ciprian Dinu Hace 4 meses
Not a fan. Ferrari is supposed to be special, not what everyone else is doing better than them.
AudibilityTechTM :
AudibilityTechTM : Hace 4 meses
Se un italiano ti dice ca par o cazz, tu par o cazz
patch860 Hace 4 meses
You owe me a dirt bike from last time and I dont have instagram account
RIFF RACING TEAM 3 Hace 4 meses
Bring back the v12 Ferrari’s
joseph hardwicke
joseph hardwicke Hace 4 meses
like the F40, the best ferrari! oh wait...
Alex V
Alex V Hace 4 meses
Dude ... You didn't have to say regen energy at all since you were keep saying regenerative energy.... *sshole!
Mumya Domuz
Mumya Domuz Hace 4 meses
McLaren reactions: 720S: Hmm yes a competition 765Lt: I think I could beat it by 0.2 seconds drag P1: why would I care about that bitch? Speedtail: same horsepower as me much slower F1: This busy BEATING BUGATTI
Alexander Dadaev
Alexander Dadaev Hace 4 meses
How to understand that this is a USA-made video? They describe you a METRIC SYSTEM.
Issam Nasr
Issam Nasr Hace 4 meses
Lmao the tech isn’t there yet?? Tesla launches a 4500lb sedan to 60 in 2.3 seconds, much less the roadster in 1.9 😂
Алексей Холодов
Алексей Холодов Hace 4 meses
That's not a potential energy. That's a chemical energy.
k_wrx_ Hace 4 meses
Ferrari always gets credit for the first “super car” even though Lamborghini had them beat over a decade earlier with the Countach. McLaren beat them to the first hypercar and still holds the record for fastest ever Naturally Aspirated land speed record for production cars. Koenigsegg took surpassed McLaren a decade later. And to this day, Ferrari is just a hype car for non car peoples. The only Ferrari made in the last 2 decades that gets me excited is still the 458 Italia and the FXX. Porsche, Lamborghini Bugatti,, Pagani, Koenigsegg, McLaren all took Ferrari’s thunder because Ferrari can afford to just ride on their legacy.
Rio Dong
Rio Dong Hace 4 meses
What if Ferrari make a hybrid lmp1?
You gotta do this kind of ‘science explained’ episode on the Koenisegg Gemera
Poo Man
Poo Man Hace 4 meses
69ths b2b Lol
nathan smith
nathan smith Hace 4 meses
thats not how regen breaking works. also whats the torque? thats the big thing with electric motors anyway
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