Ferrari's F1 Disaster EXPLAINED

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Ferrari's Formula 1 team is having a bad 2020. Like, really bad. Where did the legendary team go wrong? We talked to three F1 youtubers: Tommo F1, CrankyYankeeF1, and Matt Gallagher from WTF1 to find out. From drivers, Sebastian Vettel and Charles LeClerc, to Team Principal Mattia Binottom, to the car itself- what's wrong at Ferrari? And when will their fortune change?
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Thumbnail photo: Vettel @Monza 2021 - Andy Hone | MotorsportImages.gom
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Donut Media
Donut Media Hace 17 días
Please follow Tom on twitter @TomMcluskey_ and check out his channel! Follow CrankyYankee @CrankyYankeeF1 and check his latest video on Ferrari's worst seasons, and of course check out Matt on WTF1 and follow him @MattyWTF1! My thanks to all these dudes for helping me out with this video!
Mrpeskybird Boy
Mrpeskybird Boy Hace 5 días
Def the new regulations
Tully Reaskmore
Tully Reaskmore Hace 5 días
The French could ask for a freedom of information act request to the fia
James Mancuso
James Mancuso Hace 8 días
They were not cheating! Unless it was specifically deemed illegal which it later was then it is fair game. Remember the old Penske Camaro with acid dipped bodies? Winners find the little extra in the gray area which gives them the advantage.
ja60123 Hace 13 días
Cover Honda's motogp fall after Marc Marquez
Travis Reed
Travis Reed Hace 14 días
@Guówáng Ω new level of sarcasm right here
Pierre Ngombe
Pierre Ngombe Hace 4 horas
This year???? Like only... they have sucked for the last 13 years
Vanadium Hace 4 horas
mohit hota
mohit hota Hace 11 horas
Anchor Bait
Anchor Bait Hace 12 horas
Ferrari cheated, but not technically, at first.
Anchor Bait
Anchor Bait Hace 12 horas
Ferrari WASNT "cheating" GOT IT?!?!! At least not "technically" "cheating". At least not until those big meanies at the decided that "wasn't cleating" would technically from then on be "definitely cheating", that is of course technically speaking, according to the technical regulations. Ok, that's the words I feel like writing... Or technically "typing".
Bad File error 404
Bad File error 404 Hace 12 horas
The fuck does Mercedes Benz have?
huuuuuuuuman Hace 14 horas
The italians cheated, shocking!
David Bolton
David Bolton Hace 14 horas
F1 is trash best racing series is v8 supercars
jckgoldness Hace 19 horas
3:48 What song? thats some good bossa nostra
NME Hace un día
So you're saying without the FiA restrictions F1 racing could be even faster?
Luis Molina
Luis Molina Hace un día
Mercedes😐 Ferrari
KrisMcCool Hace un día
Carlos will unSainz his contract
FBI Hace un día
Its crazy how much we now as humans have to skip through commercial ads even in the videos 😂 just say you will leave a link. Making the commercial now makes me hate what ever wheel house even is
Lars Wels
Lars Wels Hace un día
7:50 Red sus
Zalan Gueth
Zalan Gueth Hace un día
Still better than Williams Racing
Sutanu Mondal
Sutanu Mondal Hace 2 días
5:46 no binotto was not barrichelo's race engineer.....Tommo f1 is an idiot he gives false information knows very little about f1....
635574 Hace 2 días
There needs to be a regulatiom free f1. This is just garbage trying to cheat the rules without being caught doesnt lead to best cars.
Suhail Alaleeli
Suhail Alaleeli Hace 2 días
Not a F1 whatsoever but I heard that a guy named Fernando Alonso drives fro Ferrari and dominated at that point of his career, did he retire ?
T1D_Bikeguy Hace 2 días
I really want to see content like this around world superbike and moto gp.
Ali Erciyas
Ali Erciyas Hace 2 días
Good video
Giannis Tsoukatos
Giannis Tsoukatos Hace 2 días
Of course they got away with cheating. It is fucking Ferrari!!! They ALWAYS GET AWAY WITH WHATEVER THEY CHEATED ON.If it was another team, FIA(FERRARI INTERNATIONAL ASSISTANCE) would have burried them to the ground.
The Lurker
The Lurker Hace 2 días
Luigi only follows the Ferraris.
SchutzzWaffel Hace 3 días
this is one of my fav donut episodes
The Lagging Rooster
The Lagging Rooster Hace 3 días
Enzo would be rolling in his grave right now
Steve Hace 3 días
If only Mercedes suffered the same fate. So boring to see the same shit over and over again.
Pedro Puchon
Pedro Puchon Hace 3 días
They’re probably focused on making a great street car.
Eddie Ramirez
Eddie Ramirez Hace 3 días
Oh God don't wear flip flops with jeans that's gross
Ickess Hace 3 días
I keep hearing James saying Ferrari like on past gas.
griplimit Hace 3 días
It’s no secret that MB are in bed with the FIA.
Frank Trujillo
Frank Trujillo Hace 3 días
s B nalla
Michael Runde
Michael Runde Hace 3 días
Why limit speed for race cars?? Aren’t they MEANT to go FAST??
ToothlessSal Hace 4 días
I kinda like seeing Ferrari fail.
Ali Hace 4 días
this is all a part of the Ferrari Master 🅱lan
N0tDerickle Hace 4 días
I feel bad for carlos sainz being in ferrari for 2021
Homogeneous Social Unit #104226883698
Homogeneous Social Unit #104226883698 Hace 4 días
The regulations should simply be that you can only use the 110kg of fuel, and there is no restriction on flow. What is the point of measuring flow? It then gives designers different ways of getting power out of the engine. If I was Ferrari, I would be pushing super hard for that.
Pedjo Gt
Pedjo Gt Hace 4 días
Binotto is the problem
sloergod Hace 4 días
You never touched on the point of burning oil during acceleration..
Im Here
Im Here Hace 4 días
so we look into ferrari, but how come no one is questioning mercedes dominance?
Jauhar Sakya
Jauhar Sakya Hace 4 días
Ferrari needs a new F1 engine regulations. They are not good at hybrid and turbo. Secondly, they need a designer with a smart ideas and , can design beautiful F1 car
Hiroki Loh ST
Hiroki Loh ST Hace 4 días
literally everyone are blaming sBinotto
Chrissen Gemmill
Chrissen Gemmill Hace 4 días
imbroglione! Enzo must be rolling over in his grave....Thanks for confirming this!
Bracey Fountain
Bracey Fountain Hace 4 días
Rip Red Bull and Honda pulling out of F1. Next year is gonna be really really interesting to watch, im excited.
Guru Vishal
Guru Vishal Hace 4 días
0:24 it's the SF 71-H no the SF 718
stee Hace 4 días
Inquery? Brilliant snoop though.
tim Hace 4 días
It's frickin hilarious is what it is🤣🤣🤣
GreenEyedOwl Hace 4 días
Where do you guys get your beats?
navnig Hace 5 días
I'm no fan of him or Ferrari.....But nobody can blame Vettel for this season's car.
Shukti Sarkar
Shukti Sarkar Hace 5 días
S🅱️innala moments
Mike khoh
Mike khoh Hace 5 días
Ferrari is out until 2022
Tyler Lemire
Tyler Lemire Hace 5 días
Who got a prius?
Nemish Patel
Nemish Patel Hace 5 días
I believe giving it all in on cheat wasn't best of the ideas, they should been with backup if cheating is caught. i.e. Like long car for Mercedes is limited then they have DAS,a better lubricating engine
DEVESH MORE Hace 5 días
Seb lost his win in 2018 but went from 20th to podium in 2019 Germany.
john rocha
john rocha Hace 5 días
Why doesn't anyone question why Mercedes about why they are hilariously faster than every other team?!!? As soon as Ferrari starts to give them a run for the money its like, Oh there something not right about this! I also think its hurting F1 that Mercedes continuously wins every race, even the commentators have said this. The few times Mercedes had issues and could not be at speed the race was actually exciting again!
Silver99 Hace 5 días
Matia looks like JJ Abrams.
xArtorias- Hace 5 días
Also charles leclerc had a problem with a random racing streamer too WHO IS KURU??
DEVESH MORE Hace 5 días
Haha 😂 omg so true
Paddy Mc
Paddy Mc Hace 5 días
It goes Top Tier: Verstappen, Hamilton 2nd Tier: Ricciardo, LeClerc 3rd Tier: Bottas, Vettel, Sainz, Norris, Perez,
geonerd Hace 5 días
As Max said, "That's what happens when you stop cheating!" ;) Ferrari Sympathy-O-Meter [\.......]
Josh Thomas
Josh Thomas Hace 5 días
Props to the video editor esp that transition at 3:49 😂👌🏽
James Vetter
James Vetter Hace 5 días
Mattia by definition. No excuses, bad choices, the buck stops there.
Multicam Merman
Multicam Merman Hace 5 días
“Gimme those legs” 🦵🦵🦵
TheDrawingBoard Hace 5 días
Simonpeter Dalangpan
Simonpeter Dalangpan Hace 5 días
Hope FIA Looks at Merc as well.
formulafan Hace 5 días
asdwegfwes.... anyways formula video + listening to the music I like (Delta Parole, Metallica and other) make me feel the speed and excitement!
Salad Fingers
Salad Fingers Hace 5 días
It's so refreshing to see regular F1 related content from an American petrol-head channel. I hope it eventually becomes popular in the US and we start getting some American drivers in the grid.
Adriel Garcia
Adriel Garcia Hace 5 días
Im sad for Vettel cause his crash in Germany 2018 was also causes by his front wing broken :(
Ronald Crump
Ronald Crump Hace 5 días
Ferrari was cheating, the FIA stopped them, then they were crap. End of
Falfox One
Falfox One Hace 5 días
1:32 the best skit ive seen in a while lol
Mayhem Hace 6 días
Germany 2018 wasn't a mistake on seb's part Onboard footage shows he lost a bit of front wing on the previous lap, at no point does the team notice this or inform him.
MrHeadshotzz Hace 6 días
MattWTF1, toomof1, where's Josh Revell?!?!?
Pars Sarpeed
Pars Sarpeed Hace 6 días
Please talk more F1
B Dutta
B Dutta Hace 6 días
6:48 thats where you are wrong kiddo
oldyaso Hace 6 días
The Problem: The SF90 and F8 are damn good.
Chazas Hace 6 días
Moral of the story: cheat till you make it, just that this time Ferrari did not made it even while doing so. Face unforeseen consequences and smell the ashes.
vlady vlady
vlady vlady Hace 5 días
Is that a half life reference 😀
ARJUN NAIR Hace 6 días
Carlos seems to be trying hard for Ferrari to cancel his contract lol!
perp1exed Hace 6 días
Vettel had his chance in 2018 and lost it. Then Ferrari got caught for cheating. Now they're backmarkers with an overpaid 4x world champion, that gets his ass handed to him every weekend by a 22 y/o noob.
Mirshin Hace 6 días
Google 'Formula 1 carbon footprint' it is a astonishing amount of preventable carbon emissions.
Seth Louden
Seth Louden Hace 6 días
Ferrari was cheating and got caught thats why they lost so much performance
Lorne Tontegode
Lorne Tontegode Hace 6 días
Way too much advertising
kevin sanchez
kevin sanchez Hace 6 días
So basically Ferrari is the new McLaren Honda. Noice.
工地Nucleushope631 - ace
工地Nucleushope631 - ace Hace 6 días
javier faden
javier faden Hace 6 días
Even cheating cant beat Mercedes Benz. What a shame.
DHW Hace 7 días
Rest assured folks, this is all part of Ferrari Master🅱️lan
Remko van den Berg
Remko van den Berg Hace 7 días
Max verstappen was sooooo right , Ferrari was cheating
edtheshed Hace 7 días
Inquery is not a word, shameful
clutchRup Hace 7 días
F Keeps. Just shave your head if you start going bald.
xxBlack_Mentholxx Hace 7 días
Remember when the point of formula 1 used to be " make the fastest car possible" , now its "how do we slow everyone down?"
Onkar Indurkar
Onkar Indurkar Hace 7 días
That Intro was absolutely unrelated... Seriously why the hell everyone is indirectly saying seb is finished?
Stephen P
Stephen P Hace 7 días
I think it is the company itself. Ferrari isn't doing well in any form of motorsport. Other manufacturers are beating them.
Steev Hace 7 días
Sorry Do-nut , No-nut November will start soon.
Mesut Taşdemir
Mesut Taşdemir Hace 7 días
As a Honda fan LOL
Carl Hsieh
Carl Hsieh Hace 7 días
Ferrari is impotent this season no actually for the last several seasons
Redvines69 Hace 7 días
There's a scene in the South Park episode where they try to get the killer whale to the moon when one of the kids says "Mexico has a space program?" and that's what I thought of when this video told me Red Bull made a car. I was like ...Red Bull...made a car?
CrippledMerc Hace 7 días
“Gray area” advantages are what all the top teams are looking for. They use them for as long as they can until the FIA rules them either legal or illegal, at which team either all teams adopt the advantage which basically evens the field back out, or the advantage is removed which sets whatever team was using it back to baseline. And there’s the catch. You shouldn’t rely on a “gray area” advantage to carry your team because if it gets taken away then you’re screwed. You have to have a really solid base platform to begin with, and only use those gray advantages as short term improvements. It was the same with the “F-Duct” situation. One team started it, Mercedes I believe, other teams copied it, FIA ruled it illegal, everyone was knocked back to baseline. This season we’ve got the Mercedes new rims to help them control tire temps, and now the FIA is going to be providing rims for everyone in the coming season, if I’m not mistaken. I’m not a huge F1 fan, I just like racing of all types so I catch bits and pieces of the F1 news and stuff. This is nothing new. It’s just that Ferrari seems to relied too heavily of their potentially illegal fuel system, it got taken away and their car wasn’t up to snuff to continue to compete at the top. That’s on them for putting all their eggs in one basket. It really sucks for Ferrari fans imo.
Kirk Rogers
Kirk Rogers Hace 7 días
Simple technical engineers starting cheating when Schumaker started, he was a great driver, they continued to cheat until Red Bull caught them. Now they are not cheating and can not get there feet back. 2022? No way.
Kismias Hace 7 días
Its literally impossible to get excited about F1 racing. Once you've seen rally racing everything else is just boring.
TJ32 Hace 7 días
I had to stop watching 25 seconds in when there was a giant arrow pointing at the car saying Ferrari 718.
Respected Slayer
Respected Slayer Hace 7 días
Greenday4537 Hace 7 días
Literally everyone knows they cheated by figuring out a way to trick the fuel sensors. And now that they don't have extra power, their old design was useless. They already started this year's design based on the power pre-USA last year and now that they don't have the speed, they don't have the extra downforce they thought they'd have and instead it's just a powerless, draggy car.
Unknown User
Unknown User Hace 7 días
They cheated and its just sad how they are trying to cover it up
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