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Wagon, Targa Top, Brougham- the classifications we give cars can seem endless, but there's actually good reason for why we name cars the way we do. Spoiler: a lot of it has to do with carriages. Lol. Join Nolan and take a DEEP dive into the history of car naming conventions. Do you know them all? I bet you don’t!
WheelHouse answers all the questions about the automotive world you never thought to ask. Nolan Sykes looks at the history, sociology and psychology behind the cars you love, and the features you might overlook.
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Jackson Laframboise
Jackson Laframboise Hace 17 horas
19:05. Ah. Not wonder he only eats pizza.
Spoutnik Hace un día
You should remake this video, it is like flop movie with great actor.
Avetho Plays
Avetho Plays Hace un día
But the "Man of many Gs" is Giorno Giovanna, and he has a dream
Jonathon Kelley
Jonathon Kelley Hace 2 días
Come on. You talked about SUVs but not utility vehicles? We need to know the difference between a ute and a truck!
bragr Hace 3 días
When I got my new Impreza hatchback and plugged the VIN into my insurance, they happily declared it to be station wagon. 🙃
Chaman Kudmarbettu
Chaman Kudmarbettu Hace 3 días
Calling fwds SUVs😂
Chaman Kudmarbettu
Chaman Kudmarbettu Hace 3 días
Never say Eleanor Nolan never!!!!
Chaman Kudmarbettu
Chaman Kudmarbettu Hace 3 días
3 series limousine in india lol it's just lwb
Jordan Bourla
Jordan Bourla Hace 4 días
Please do types of trucks and semis
mhatox Hace 5 días
station wagon and hatchbag me : :O the what
Nathaniel Sabet
Nathaniel Sabet Hace 6 días
thanks for giving me big words for town car
Aki Hace 7 días
Here, convertibles are also (maybe usually) called top-downs which I kinda don't get.
Razzle Frazzle
Razzle Frazzle Hace 7 días
SUVs are trucks, fight me
Ckid Photography
Ckid Photography Hace 9 días
But are we gonna talk about Mo-Petta babeh LOL
rez9000 Hace 9 días
BMW X6 Sports Activity Coupe. So S-A-C. Hmmmm..... The BMW sac? Appropriate, seeing as the car is a load of bollocks.
Naila Osman
Naila Osman Hace 10 días
C8 corvette is a convertible
Ryan Quinlan
Ryan Quinlan Hace 11 días
Challenger is my favorite car especially 70’s
Will Jones
Will Jones Hace 11 días
C'mon! You forgot the classic Spra-Coupe!
blackheavyblans Hace 12 días
Box cars: am I a joke to you? Box cars are: nissan cube, toyota bb, kia Soul, most kei cars. Also where's minivans, vans and space wagons (big hatchback or 7 seat wagon) Opel meriva and Renault espace example.
James Neave
James Neave Hace 13 días
Saloon Estate Bonnet Windscreen Sill Petrol Tank Tyre Boot Wing People Carrier Roadster 4X4 Car Hire Glove Box Hand Brake Fastback Coupé
Eb Outdooredits
Eb Outdooredits Hace 13 días
Drinking Game: Take a shot every time Nolan adjusts his glasses.
Pastas Hace un día
Sounds great I'm hydrated now
John Charbonneau
John Charbonneau Hace 13 días
eagerly anticipates a nod to XJ during SUV segment... alas RAV4 gets all the glory -___-
Bagus Fibrianto
Bagus Fibrianto Hace 14 días
In Indonesia we call it like this: - A sedan for every three-box type car - Kijang for any MPV-like car including the station wagon - Jeeps for every SUV
MiggyTube 204
MiggyTube 204 Hace 14 días
still waiting on the trucks episode
Kanwal Gill
Kanwal Gill Hace 14 días
I love your channel. But it's not beneficial or sensible to buy Keeps. Consultation simple nutritionist.
240 subs before November
240 subs before November Hace 15 días
Meanwhile in my country: Sedan = car Coupe = car Cabriolet = car Station wagon = car Hatchback= Four wheel motorcycle.
kidmosey Hace 15 días
Can't help but notice the severe lack of popemobile in this video
Roblox Boy
Roblox Boy Hace 16 días
Please tell me why they are called suicide doors
Steve Roukema
Steve Roukema Hace 16 días
That coke bottle thing makes no sense at all I’m so confused
Psychlops 924
Psychlops 924 Hace 16 días
Me: Oh cool I’ll learn about shapes Nolan: Let’s start by learning some entomology Me: Didn’t see that coming but ok
Lucian Benter
Lucian Benter Hace 16 días
Dorian Rondeau
Dorian Rondeau Hace 16 días
It's missing a lot of pictures 😢
Thomas Gawlinski
Thomas Gawlinski Hace 17 días
Male pattern baldness? Lol i was 10 and had cancer
Douglas Dusold
Douglas Dusold Hace 18 días
A 👏 HATCH 👏 IS 👏 A 👏 TRUNK👏 TRUNKS ARE NOT DOORS. I own a focus ZX5 and I hate the fact that it's considered a 5 door. Like BITCH, that's a tall trunk. That's it. 😂 thank you for coming to my TED talk
BleedingRaindrops Hace 19 días
This video gave me personal space issues
Asher Low
Asher Low Hace 19 días
I had no idea which cars you were talking about half the time and I’m not bothering to google... there’s too many! More pictures please next time!
banta singh boparai
banta singh boparai Hace 20 días
I am skiping the classes no entertainment today:(
banta singh boparai
banta singh boparai Hace 20 días
No rap today bro
Ashwal CS
Ashwal CS Hace 20 días
U missed MPV or MUVs Nolan...!
Herp McDerp
Herp McDerp Hace 20 días
A coup is what you do when you don't like your government. A coupé is a car.
Shiye Enzo de Jesus
Shiye Enzo de Jesus Hace 20 días
Can you guys do a episode on the e30 station wagon
Barry B. Benson
Barry B. Benson Hace 20 días
I was like expecting like an example car picture so understand what it meant
TheLastWord 720
TheLastWord 720 Hace 21 un día
My ranger can be a 2+2 coupe haha
Alex V
Alex V Hace 22 días
Dr. Phil is a PhD psychologist so ig it is a coupe
DjArty Mix
DjArty Mix Hace 23 días
Btw with the Italian Yes we do have the Y in our alphabet But we don't use it That's why we used I instead of Y Anyway love the videos😁
Aidan Tanny
Aidan Tanny Hace 23 días
Ok so- hear me out. Acura Integra, coupe or hatchback? It has a coupe body style, but has a rear hatch?
Nashwan The Dons Channel 2.0
Nashwan The Dons Channel 2.0 Hace 24 días
Who came to get knowledge about GTA ??
Wilson Pax
Wilson Pax Hace 24 días
Dodg-ord Convert-briolet Road-spyder? With cam-back coke bottle styling! Just because companies like cross-overs and hyphens!
Roxanne DB
Roxanne DB Hace 24 días
doctor phil has a doctorate in clinical psychology, so he is in fact a doctor
sarb Hace 26 días
Saloon body type
Zaky R
Zaky R Hace 26 días
0:33 New Zealand :)
Caesar Wahyudi
Caesar Wahyudi Hace 28 días
Nolan truely petrolhead
Suomi poika
Suomi poika Hace 28 días
Imagine putting a 80-110cc on that micro bond car...
Antonio Amigo
Antonio Amigo Hace 29 días
"coke bottle styling" isn't coke bottle styling. The coke bottle is style is emulating the feminine curves of the most sexy ting in the world, a women. It's "women body styling" that these cars are also trying to emulate. Even if the guy who designed the coke bottle and the car he did so to emulate sexy women, not his original design being the coke bottle.
Joe Schmo
Joe Schmo Hace 29 días
Zenok'oo Hace 29 días
3:48 Its couper, not coupé. Couper: to cut Coupé: was cut I had to do it
Andy Reiser
Andy Reiser Hace un mes
Dr Phil has a Phd in clinical psychology and is definitely a real doctor.
Atul Vishwakarma
Atul Vishwakarma Hace un mes
Tata Nano was also an iconic microcar
Yenchey Hace un mes
You skipped liftback
Lucian Benter
Lucian Benter Hace un mes
Please do the utility and service vehicles video and then a motorcycles video
Michael R.
Michael R. Hace un mes
The volkswagon
SAVIO AADIT A Hace un mes
i like the way u explain things but please avoid the non essential sounds or stupid joke sounds its just irritating please bro . thank you
Dhinesh Balaji
Dhinesh Balaji Hace un mes
Slept at the middle...
Neuronaut Hace un mes
Did Opel make a shooting brake version of the Opel GT? There's one rotting away near where I live and I always thought Opel made it that way from the factory but everything I see on Google looks custom. This whole time I thought Opel made the most badass shooting brake ever and it turns out some guys made a few by hand?!
V8 hybRR3id pl
V8 hybRR3id pl Hace un mes
Speedster, minivan, microvan, terrain car
Dude-ily Hace un mes
Wagons will always be my favorite body style.
Walter Ulbricht
Walter Ulbricht Hace un mes
Sedan Cars, or as we call them in Germany Stufenhecklimousine
Commando !
Commando ! Hace un mes
If a 2 door coupe is big enough (1968-1970 Dodge charger) then it could be called a sedan
Josh C
Josh C Hace un mes
Wait till I invent a car body style called "Micro-limos" (microcar limos)
Josh C
Josh C Hace un mes
Microcars in a limo body style
Shannon Macdonald
Shannon Macdonald Hace un mes
Suburban: station wagon Suburban: 4x4 Suburban: suv
Ale Borghi
Ale Borghi Hace un mes
I love the video but I have to do a correction on what you said: the Godfather of wedge cars isn’t Giorgetto Giugiaro but Marcello Gandini. Marcello designed the Lancia strato’s zero and the Alfa Romeo bretone Carabo which are first wedge shaped. They were the base for Lamborghini Countach and lancia stratos hf (also designed by him). Giugiaro copied the style with the Maserati boomerang, with the delorean and with the Alfa Romeo iguana
Elias Wilson
Elias Wilson Hace un mes
Isn’t a hatchback just a shooting brake
Somansu Hace un mes
How aboit a new type Ford introduced in India. - CUV
Leonard Schotte
Leonard Schotte Hace un mes
Btw "sedere" also means butt
L0MK3 Hace un mes
How about Baur?
The funnyDog
The funnyDog Hace un mes
The 5door hatchbacks are also called liftbacks
Muhammad Iqbal Dzakiarrahman
Muhammad Iqbal Dzakiarrahman Hace un mes
Where MPV car ?
Robin Leno259
Robin Leno259 Hace un mes
"4 door coupes? NO! Sedans" BMW gran coupe : *visible confusion*
Lucas Babcock
Lucas Babcock Hace un mes
The bullitt mustang was a 1968
Ryan Garcia
Ryan Garcia Hace un mes
Bmw fucked everything up with the gran coupe
Pete B
Pete B Hace un mes
As far as SUV vs Crossover confusion I think nothing is more confusing than the Toyota Highlander, which is a semi big boi but essentially a Camry underneath?
Pete B
Pete B Hace un mes
3000GT should have gotten a nod in the coke bottle segment
pangung06 Hace un mes
Hey, sedere in italian means also "butt" (kinda makes sense because when we don't remember the term sedan we just say "the car with the butt" obviously in italian)
Fonzie Fonzarelli
Fonzie Fonzarelli Hace un mes
10:22 That thing can’t beat Jeremy Clarkson’s Red Panda
Jonas F
Jonas F Hace un mes
differs between cabrio and convertible but says that a SUV is an offroader...
Bob The Builder
Bob The Builder Hace un mes
Ferrari posted a picture on instagram and was like our new 2 door sedan and I replied saying that sedans r 4 door they simply replied no
Katherine Griggs
Katherine Griggs Hace un mes
Suv’s used to be cars for saving people Now: Soccer mom’s be driving them
AleBama Hace un mes
Why did I get a Swedish ad
Austin Jarvis
Austin Jarvis Hace un mes
The X6 is uglier than the fat crap I took earlier.
club coupe ,1973-74 volvo 1800es was a shooting brake
vinayak sagar
vinayak sagar Hace un mes
Tesla cyberTruck .= Wedged truck? 🤨🤔
Fizzwinkless 32
Fizzwinkless 32 Hace un mes
Dude really said astin not Austin
Armoury Man
Armoury Man Hace un mes
Words mean things.
Patrick Caresosa
Patrick Caresosa Hace un mes
It's best to have more pictures than just talking/describing it.
bb 2na
bb 2na Hace un mes
My 4 year old son to Nolan: "he looks like he only has 10 bucks" 🤷‍♂️
Ganesh Sonawane
Ganesh Sonawane Hace un mes
Do you have more pictures?
Ganesh Sonawane
Ganesh Sonawane Hace un mes
More pics please.
Iwona Stefaniak
Iwona Stefaniak Hace un mes
Golf is fiat 127
Iwona Stefaniak
Iwona Stefaniak Hace un mes
Fun fact: vw arteon is nicknamed shooting brake
Iwona Stefaniak
Iwona Stefaniak Hace un mes
My cousin has cozy coupe
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