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The Chevy LS V8 Engine--don't let it's small size fool you, this motor is one of General Motors greatest legacies, and perhaps the most swapped engine platform to date! With humble LS1 beginnings in the C5 Corvette, to its current mid engine LT2 powerhouse in the C8 Corvette, this engine platform has stood the test of time, and proven to the automotive community that yes--you CAN fit this engine in your car too.
Come on down drift freaks, boost creeps, and Corvette geeks, and join us as James Pumphrey tells the tale of the Chevy LS Engine--maybe we'll even convince you to LS swap something!
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Donut Media
Donut Media Hace 4 meses
LS engines have been swapped into LITERALLY EVERYTHING! It's hard to think of something original. What is you idea for an off the wall LS swap? I know mine isn't too crazy, LS6 in a Fox Body Notchback. -James
Doc Savage
Doc Savage Hace 9 días
Where's the LSA!
BassinBeast Hace 10 días
Id love to ls swap a wheelchair
Bradley Knox
Bradley Knox Hace 11 días
Make an up too speed on the volvo amazon
Fedor van Meeuwen
Fedor van Meeuwen Hace 11 días
Golf mk 4 kinda my dream car bc of the r32 version
Mohammad Hace 19 días
Eyo is it possible to make an episode on the Opel Omega?
Gabe Hall
Gabe Hall Hace un día
I mean can y'all figure out a way to put more ads in your videos that why I really came❤️
Italo de Paula Filho
Italo de Paula Filho Hace un día
14:02 shows an LS3, calls an LT1
ChefvEto Hace 2 días
Dylan Furtado
Dylan Furtado Hace 2 días
Love the intro
John led Sanchez
John led Sanchez Hace 3 días
Ow that's the reason why you mellow down from shouting
Pew Pew
Pew Pew Hace 3 días
Well if I win the car I might as well take it apart
ofentse ratlhaa
ofentse ratlhaa Hace 3 días
please make a video for 1UZ, has a cult following. its big here in ZAR.
Alex LaJeunesse
Alex LaJeunesse Hace 3 días
I’ve already promised myself my next car will be LS or LT powered. I am a big fan of used C5/C6 Corvettes and the 6th gen Camaro. Not sure which way I’ll go but it’s gonna have MOPOWABABEH!
Alex LaJeunesse
Alex LaJeunesse Hace 3 días
You forgot the LT4 supercharged!
Riley Kitchen
Riley Kitchen Hace 3 días
Did yall know that Walmart sell LS engines
LockJaw Remedy
LockJaw Remedy Hace 3 días
Not gonna lie I love my little old LT1, feels just right for the C4
Driftking 9898
Driftking 9898 Hace 5 días
But didnt the Tahoe's and Silverado came with a ls based motor
street guru
street guru Hace 6 días
Chevy LS? Though it was a GM engine with no input from Chevrolet at all
derak bell
derak bell Hace 8 días
Naw screw that direct injection shit Ill take the the LS3, LSA, OR LS9 ANY DAY OF THE WEEK OVER THE NEW SHIT..
mansour mansour
mansour mansour Hace 8 días
Best engine ever built!
The Pumpkin King
The Pumpkin King Hace 8 días
if you put an LS engine in a Toyota Supra you just committed a Sin and the car gods are unhappy.
Jake T
Jake T Hace 10 días
whats up with the random clip with the half mile supra
The- potato-warrior
The- potato-warrior Hace 10 días
Yeah.... Chevy is just better
Jotaro Hace 10 días
13B-REW still weighs less than any LS with all parts installed and without
Noncebeater rc's
Noncebeater rc's Hace 11 días
Here in Sweden if you swamped your motor out of your volvo 240 you will be hated
Rock Abi Chebel
Rock Abi Chebel Hace 12 días
hello how are you plz i have hummer h3 motor v5 2006 i wanna change the motor to v8 wich engine and ecm better to use 5.3 or 6.0 or 6.2
Filterdissman Hace 13 días
🐴 🐖
Sebastian Martinez
Sebastian Martinez Hace 14 días
Man was funny
Friend Built
Friend Built Hace 15 días
I want to LS swap my brz
Rebel N Dirt
Rebel N Dirt Hace 15 días
Gots me a 5.3L to go into my 98 S10. Unfortunately it’s a DoD version so I am going to have to delete the DoD system but that shouldn’t be too hard.
Justin M
Justin M Hace 16 días
Have never been a mechanic or a "Car guy", but always wanted a Camaro and finally got one. Then joined a Camaro group on Facebook. I started reading LS swap LS Swap LS Swap. I'm like wtf is a LS? Now I know! Thanks.
my Self
my Self Hace 17 días
OHH MY WORD !!!!!!!!!!!! all that power from a motor that still has push rods ??? we on this side of the pond (UK) are impressed you seemed to moved the 1950s into the modern age and made it smarter and lighter, plus you can buy one from Walmart This is not the America that we read about in the newspapers ... a whole bunch of folks getting their hands on MO POWA BABEH!!! :-)
Chris Kopp
Chris Kopp Hace 17 días
will you do more engine videos? like what about the 2jz motors, the k series motors, nissan motors like the VQ and skyline motors etc
Chris Kopp
Chris Kopp Hace 17 días
Like can you guys please do more videos on commonly swapped engines PLEASEEE
everything guns
everything guns Hace 18 días
Keep in mind the ls2 was around in 00 i had a truck with a cast iron ls2 in it 300 hp 370 foot pounds of torque and before yall talk shit the only diffrence between the ls and the lq is the meterial its made out of the cast ls and the aluminum there the same damn motor other then cast is stronger good for 1000 hp on the stock block and crank
SugaryPhoenixxx Hace 19 días
I am more of a Ford person, but I do love me an LS engine. American V8's is where my heart is.
Ketchup Hace 19 días
Can I swap a Mercedes sl class r129 with that engine
Ape Barra
Ape Barra Hace 19 días
U forgot the LSA
TRX Tech
TRX Tech Hace 19 días
This guy needs to have his ass beat.
Silentt Ivan
Silentt Ivan Hace 19 días
Jim Wilko
Jim Wilko Hace 21 un día
JAMES YOU'RE MENTAL im very proud to have found Doughnut. BRITISH fam so loving my Motors course,keeps up the spanking vids
Jarrod Obrien
Jarrod Obrien Hace 21 un día
Missed the whole Australian market with Holden mainly the beastly LS fucking A. LS engines have been a staple in Australian made vehicles forever. Also Holden made the Maloo with a Supercharged LSA engine factory making stupid amounts of horsepower and close too 700Nm of twerks. Its literally the fastest LS engine of them all and it got missed D:
Sam Tunks
Sam Tunks Hace 21 un día
I like the lS but I’d rather have a HEMI
Dank_Doc_Brown Hace 22 días
Did he miss the LSA or is that one im just imagining?
Brian Grayless
Brian Grayless Hace 23 días
9:52 is a 90’s big block
johny 46
johny 46 Hace 23 días
You should put a rotary car at the beginning ❤
IMZReady4Anything Hace 23 días
Do you think we could put the LT2 in a Fiero
smegal417 Hace 24 días
@14:00 that's an ls3 or an l99, not lt and @14:10 that model Camaro SS didn't come with an lt, it came with an ls3 or l99, depending if auto or manual.
Trent Jensen
Trent Jensen Hace 25 días
It's like the Burning Man of cars but with more nudity.😂😂😂😂😂
Quaide Piper
Quaide Piper Hace 25 días
What about the LSA 😐
QuantumPlayz Hace 25 días
“You can’t talk about the Chevy LS without talking about the Corvette” *Shows a Corvette without an LS* 🤦🏼
The Lone Ranger
The Lone Ranger Hace 26 días
Can someone drop the link for the walmart ls🤣
Luis Abella
Luis Abella Hace 26 días
lol I swapped it in a ranger lol
BROC 52 Hace 27 días
Will an ls2 fit in a 2002 wrx
特にありません ‎
特にありません ‎ Hace 28 días
too much soy
EnVoy DrOid
EnVoy DrOid Hace 28 días
Alright boys, help me out in the response section please. I have a 1982 c3 corvette, it doesn't have the anemic doodoo stock motor, no no no, it has the 1969 350 corvette motor, it's doing real good for me, but it's carbureted and doesn't offer a whole lot of modifications, so, what I ask of you, is give me a low end cheaper list of what you'd do, and a high end list for when I'm rich and old one day (only 18 rn) the things most important to me are: reliability, monter like sounds, and general badassery, have fun :)
Mo’ Money
Mo’ Money Hace 28 días
Should do Cadillac Escalade everything you need to know💯🤩
Sic Semper Tyrannis
Sic Semper Tyrannis Hace 29 días
I LS swapped my sister's vibrator
Kirk Cleary
Kirk Cleary Hace 29 días
So, what is the actual order that the LS's came out in? I got the LS 1 then the the LS 6 but what is the rest of the order?
James steyn
James steyn Hace 29 días
I’m a poor so I rock the Lq4/9 life who doesn’t love an iron block for enough boost to send a rod to nasa.
RoadCase Hace 29 días
Trying to enjoy this video is made a bit difficult by the volume being inconsistent and the really long drawn out theatrics.
Skilled Bread445
Skilled Bread445 Hace un mes
I have a 1982 Chevy square body that I have ls swapped I put a 5.3l engine out of a avalanche
gavin schulte
gavin schulte Hace un mes
Wait... bro had a heart attack?
Daniel Larios
Daniel Larios Hace un mes
Jesus Christ the video starts 3:24 and even that’s a stretch.
Chris Mason
Chris Mason Hace un mes
God can only do one of those requests. So he made you tall... but not handsome. ;-)
Gage Shaw
Gage Shaw Hace un mes
Glad there's ads in the video itself along with five other ads from ESpost thank you
Kenneth Jones
Kenneth Jones Hace un mes
I guess when you are dumb, do no research and have no idea what you are talking about; you act stupid and talk into a 5 year old’s microphone. You are an ignorant fool who wasted my time. p.s. You know nothing about the LS.
Jon Hughes
Jon Hughes Hace un mes
Where are new up to speeds?
Dukester Hace un mes
even I dont like american car/engine exept Caterpillar , detroit , cummins, I like the story behind and ect
Timmy Biro
Timmy Biro Hace un mes
Learn to speak
greg wynne
greg wynne Hace un mes
how about the l76? you didnt say that
Frank Semonious
Frank Semonious Hace un mes
515 HP 383 Mercruiser Magnum LS Crate engine. I stuffed it in my 1965 Chevy Van that weighs 2335 lbs. I owned a funny car and this thing is more scary!!!
Jim LS the world Yewww
Jim LS the world Yewww Hace un mes
Barra the world
Roy D Mercer
Roy D Mercer Hace un mes
You forgot 2 steppers lol
joshua casildo
joshua casildo Hace un mes
Did the Doctor state to change your eating habit?
Wyatt Nance
Wyatt Nance Hace un mes
youtube is getting a little too comfortable with those double ads..
Jacob Andrews
Jacob Andrews Hace 3 días
@The Pumpkin King I use the mobile app you republicuck. Lmao
the Unofficial
the Unofficial Hace 4 días
Lucky you i always have more than 5 ads for 15m+ vid
The Pumpkin King
The Pumpkin King Hace 8 días
@Jacob Andrews you pay to get rid of ads? get with the times and get Adblock plus you liberal.
Wyatt Nance
Wyatt Nance Hace 11 días
Edgar Hernandez maaannnn, i cant imagine.
Edgar Hernandez
Edgar Hernandez Hace 15 días
Quintuplet ads for me.
DasGood! Hace un mes
My brother drove an Ls powered corvette I had a brother once
Thomas Cocchiola
Thomas Cocchiola Hace un mes
My buddy put a LS into a Porsche. Same weight and cheaper to rebuild then the original engine
John Spartan
John Spartan Hace un mes
Damn shame what they did to the Monte Carlo.
Rylie Labine
Rylie Labine Hace un mes
keep it low it don't blow
ProfessorOzone Hace un mes
So, not a hater, not a fan-boy. I swear. But Mercedes just came out with the M139 engine. It is a 2 liter, 4 cylinder turbocharged engine that produces 416 HP and 369 ft-lb or torque. That's not that far off of most of the LS numbers at as little as a third of the size. I mean, why does GM (indeed America) need so much displacement?
Redtooth 75
Redtooth 75 Hace 28 días
Increasing displacement is by far the easiest way to make more power. If you have a large displacement engine you can make good power just with a mild cam and decent compression. Smaller engines need to add stuff like turbochargers and vvt to make good power. That mercades engine makes good power, but it also costs a lot more than an ls.
Natanael Monge
Natanael Monge Hace un mes
To many ads
West Man
West Man Hace un mes
Up to speed on the 1600cc vw motor
Chris Traudt
Chris Traudt Hace un mes
isn’t omaze the same scam company cleetus promoted but then took down the video?
Lola Hace un mes
Donut: check out this far superior corvette engine wooooo Me: *cries in LT1*
Dax B
Dax B Hace un mes
Cleetus turned down an ad from the blm/antifa shell company omaze. Too bad you didn't do the same.
Riley Barringer
Riley Barringer Hace un mes
Could you compress your voice a bit more? Sometimes I have to turn you up, then get blasted by some scream.
Alonso Garcia
Alonso Garcia Hace un mes
The coyote is the new ls
Marcello Mori
Marcello Mori Hace un mes
K Series next please. LS is my favorite & K Series comes next.
MarvelFree Free
MarvelFree Free Hace un mes
13b swaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap
Carter Solomon
Carter Solomon Hace un mes
Why they showing a Supra that they did an up to speed on and clearly showed it has a 2jz? No hate! Just pointing it out. Love the vids🤙🏼
T Insano
T Insano Hace un mes
I scrap ls motors whether they run or not cause that's all they're good for.
BRING more VOLTAGE Hace un mes
I'm disappointed in you. A bit more oomph. Wtf more powa baby
BRING more VOLTAGE Hace un mes
Reliability power and performanse
Esteban Aguilar
Esteban Aguilar Hace un mes
Make one about Honda engine’s🇯🇵!!!!
Tennessee Dipper00
Tennessee Dipper00 Hace un mes
Paul Reed
Paul Reed Hace un mes
I have an LS4 that is destined for a Fiero.
shyler boutin
shyler boutin Hace un mes
The more I watch this guy the more I realize he just makes videos and actually doesnt know shit
Tony Keiner
Tony Keiner Hace un mes
You forgot about the LSA that came in the second gen CTS-V and ZL1 Camaro
Ryan DeFelice
Ryan DeFelice Hace un mes
Actually have the 9-7x lemme tell you, tis a beast
GreaseMonkey67 Hace un mes
I'm amazed at the amount of blue oval fans that swear Chevy stole their idea for the LS, or used any part of the Winsdor design because of the heads. It's actually funny just to listen to the argument because I haven to like Ford V8s too, I like and build engines of all kinds so there's no bias on my part. I might be odd but I like a lot of engines from GM/Ford/Mopar, they all have their good and bad.
john smith
john smith Hace un mes
Doesn't belong in an rx7!
Parhelia Day
Parhelia Day Hace un mes
If you want even weirder LS type of engine, check out
Grady Doran
Grady Doran Hace un mes
Hahah. The video of the white corvette doing a burnout at like 47 seconds in is at my buddy’s house!
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