Cheap vs Expensive Car Stereos - TESTED

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The stereo in the miata is an actual piece of trash. This week on Money Pit, Zach decides to test three different 7” touchscreen head units at three very different price points. Whichever fits the bill the best gets to stay!
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Derek Ford
Derek Ford Hace un hora
I wasn't surprised when you guys went with the middle of the road unit. I did the same thing when I swapped out the head unit in my Corolla. I went with a Jensen VX7020 and I'm pretty happy with it, I just wish it had Android Auto but I installed it in 2017 and that wasn't huge yet. Good video for those who are looking to buy and install a new head unit in their cars.
Jase Davenport
Jase Davenport Hace 3 horas
Dude these almost costed as much as the car
SHONUFF Hace 17 horas
FYI when you crimp a harness together don't use straight butt connectors use crimp caps so the wires are at a peak like a mountain upside down V, then zip tie the wires a few inches below the caps in a bundle that way if you pull on the wires the zip tie stops any of the wires from having any pressure at all and pulling out of the crimp caps.
SHONUFF Hace 17 horas
It depends what your use is. Is everything amped? Do you need features, are you running expensive high end amps and mids where you need quality voltage on the RCA's it depends greatly on your set up if an expensive head unit is worth it.
Bobby Evans
Bobby Evans Hace 20 horas
I got a kenwood touchscreen, it was expensive as fuck, took a while to figure out, and the Bluetooth was a pain in the ass for the longest time to connect to. But, it’s got a full equalizer and hella sound options and menus. Full control over audio subs and shit. So ehh
Jody Ramsingh
Jody Ramsingh Hace 21 un hora
12:20-12:30 best version of pop up up and down headlights
Angel Monae
Angel Monae Hace un día
i came for the radios stayed for your humor
Purple Explosion
Purple Explosion Hace un día
brown wire must be for the mule function
Sayon4ra Hace 2 días
wtf 300 bucks for pioneer? costs fokin 750£ in UK!!
Joshua Laird
Joshua Laird Hace 2 días
DId the Miata come with the stereo?
Ryan Hollins Jr
Ryan Hollins Jr Hace 2 días
I got a 01 silverado & I wanna upgrade the speakers on it , what brand speakers are the best clear audio that also give a little bass ?
deedas Hace 2 días
I got a Pioneer 4000NEX when it launched. It's served me so well, the only reason I would replace it is for another Pioneer NEX unit but with wireless carplay.
Oscar Dominguez
Oscar Dominguez Hace 2 días
You gotta look at shit like, channels and how many watt output per channel and volt preamp output. All that shit makes a difference in sound quality, especially if you’re buying aftermarket speakers, subs, and amps. Pioneer have always been my favorite because they have higher end stereo that provide better sound quality and still maintain an easy-to-use interface.
Oscar Dominguez
Oscar Dominguez Hace 2 días
Also, you might be paying 700$ for a stereo just because it’s the newest model, in a year or two that same stereo will be priced at 200-300$. When I buy a stereo I buy a high end one but I get the 1-2 year old model, it usually will be half the price.
mannyep41 Hace 3 días
Lol when you think the head unit is what will improve sound quality 😂
Gobey Hace 4 días
always have gone with pioneer. and dvd players are important to some in japan, i can't tell you how many times ive looked over in traffic and seeing people watching movies!
Zach Ury
Zach Ury Hace 6 días
man I hate the little wired microphones. so annoying to route up your A-pillar
Octavio Moreno
Octavio Moreno Hace 7 días
JMUNN Hace 7 días
You are not qualified to review any of these stereos and anybody that listens to ur opinion .....or decision is influenced by you is a didn't even complete the installations....nor did u complete tuning or setting up any of them.....u didn't touch the surface of what the kenwood is capable of doing u dont have the knowledge to. You have no clue what u are doing or how to setup the ur lame facts are as useful as if reviewed by a def man
owen sturman
owen sturman Hace 7 días
Now you have to do a speaker swap
filip000 Hace 7 días
Gotta fix that handbrake
King Kingitinstyle
King Kingitinstyle Hace 7 días
Dodge Avenger 2012 can anyone help me with the wiring please 😭 the color codes are different
HIMIKO Hace 8 días
I have the $50 one and they get updates and it’s way better now it’s plays and connects to yours phone as soo as you turn on your car
Obe Wan
Obe Wan Hace 8 días
Kenwood makes a nice single din bluetooth with HD radio tuner for around $120
Nizen Hace 9 días
tbh if u are not going to make ful stereo upgrade in specialized workshop just install top option for ur car in most cases u can buy best radio available for ur car for something around 20$ or even cheaper if u get to search on junkyard + on junkyard u can find not only radio but also everything needed to make it work like multi-function steering wheel or midi-displays u know that all pricy shit that normally comes in option for estimate of half of the car
Mercedes Benz G-Class
Mercedes Benz G-Class Hace 9 días
Nizeb hih
rabbit929 Hace 9 días
The new ram 12” display is absolutely amazing for these qualities. The screen reacts fast and smooth with the efficiency of an iPad, the mic for phone conversations is spot on. You can just casually chat and no one seems to even know your driving. 19 speaker Harmon kardone speakers sound like a concert, but for 19 speakers I expected better bass. It sounds good, but if you like a lot of bass it doesn’t compare to a 10 or 12” aftermarket sub. The last thing is if it actually holds up. Which I hope it does. If not, I can’t wait for aftermarket 12” displays.
Billy McEwen
Billy McEwen Hace 9 días
"4:51" Yeah I've been getting paid daily with *p p l o n c a s h . x y z* I'm making over $1526 a week with them! ଏସ୍ତଙ୍କସ୍ତଙ୍କହା ସମସ୍ତଙ୍କ ପାଇଁ ଉପଯୁକ୍ତ
AugmentedGravity Hace 9 días
The worst offence in this comparison is the fact that only the cheapest units comes with a fucking knob. I need a knob.
AugmentedGravity Hace 9 días
I've had the best experience with Pioneer too, and the reason i first went with Pioneer was because the car stereo guy i talked to at the shop said Pioneer units are generally better than the Kenwood's even though i first looked at a Kenwood unit that was more expensive than the Pinoeer one he reccomended to me and that i ultimately went with
Jason G
Jason G Hace 10 días
wireless is nice but you lose some quality its better to use aux
Andrew Kirchner
Andrew Kirchner Hace 10 días
Did anyone else see the typo on the SCORE of the radio reviews. They spelled it as “Nolan Scroe”. lol
31acruz Hace 10 días
you forgot to say how was the "sound quality" on the Pioneer, we guy audio equipment mainly to "hear" it. (who cares about bells and whistles if it sounds like shit) you also confused 'loudness' with sound quality, who care how loud it is if it sounds like shit.
whatthebleep Hace 10 días
I remember being in high school and being impressed that my kenwood headunit could change from blue to green to pink hahahah oh and cheap headunits used to scratch your CD. my how things have changed.
Paweł Ciasnocha
Paweł Ciasnocha Hace 12 días
2:05 Music?
Thomas Friel
Thomas Friel Hace 12 días
i always use Pioneer. Not expensive, always the best.
Baba Yaga
Baba Yaga Hace 13 días
8:25 what's the song name
Hayden Payne
Hayden Payne Hace 13 días
I have that exact pioneer radio. It’s perfect for all my needs. Only problem is sometimes shows an error code and doesn’t display the music info on screen (still plays music) pretty easy fix just turn off bluetooth on my phone and reconnect but it happens often enough to be annoying. Other than that, no reason to spend more money on a head unit.
igronus Hace 14 días
I'm a bit disappointed because it was obvious that crappy $50 device could work good enough to be used. You should try $100-150 version, that would be much more interesting.
tracey obrien
tracey obrien Hace 15 días
asmongold reacts
Niall Ackroyd
Niall Ackroyd Hace 15 días
Pioneer is the gold standard when it comes to car audio, can't go wrong with anything you buy from them
Joshua Mueller
Joshua Mueller Hace 17 días
i wanna do this to my 2004 mazda 6 but its whole center is one pice and doesnt allow for expansion tf am i meant to do?
Angello Gonzalez
Angello Gonzalez Hace 17 días
Is it too late to get some Pioneer shares?
Dan Holtzleiter Jr.
Dan Holtzleiter Jr. Hace 17 días
I have that Pioneer head unit, so you should have asked me and we could have split that $750 you blew
veevyo Hace 18 días
It's great to find this video. I was actually looking to get the Pioneer DMH-1500NEX specifically. It seems like it has exactly what I was looking for! My boyfriend has a Kenwood unit. Although it was quite a bit cheaper, it seems to have the same UI that your unit did, and he had a lot of trouble with it as well.
William Hawkins
William Hawkins Hace 18 días
i have never had any complaints with any pioneer head units i have installed, i have used 2 in our tractors and one in our patrol, consistently user friendly and good
Edvin Markos
Edvin Markos Hace 18 días
Pioneer all the way. Always.
Antonio Cervantes
Antonio Cervantes Hace 19 días
Can u make a review of atoto a6 pro car stereo?
JonarusDraconius Hace 19 días
Those birds that interrupted... Why TF did they sound like squabbling Cockatoos? I *know* what that sounds like, pretty sure there isn't an Australian who doesn't! (Honestly, probably even some of the deaf ones :P ). That aside - Pioneer has always been a good, reliable, 'no unnecessary frills', brand, all at a decent price. They've always been my go-to brand of choice.
Zuri Flores
Zuri Flores Hace 19 días
Where does this community suggest I start if I’m barely getting into cars and mods. I wanna start saving towards a good car but for now I’d be fun to learn to take care & upgrade on my own - Jeep Patriot 15’ 🤷🏽‍♂️
Kevin West
Kevin West Hace 20 días
why am i watching this. I have a perfectly good working stereo... haha
D IS DOGE Hace 20 días
i spent £160 on my android radio. best one I've ever had
Cynical Judgement
Cynical Judgement Hace 20 días
I would never use a Kenwood anyways. I think Pioneer, you get far more for your dollar in quality. I have that same head unit in my Aspen and it runs great. However, overtime it will eventually start to bog down a little, but never badly.
TK Kirkland
TK Kirkland Hace 20 días
I don’t have a car tho
Vadim Riskin
Vadim Riskin Hace 21 un día
Just a note about the touch screen, they all use resistive touch screen, and the cheaper it is, the worse it will be, that's why the cheapest unit was so atrocious and the other two were "fine", but if you want a better experience, go for the capacitive touch screen. Anyone who used the early smartphones probably remembers the crappy touch screens that you had to apply a lot of force for it to register. The Bluetooth issues might stem from the version they use, they really don't do a good job at advertising which version the unit is using, I bet the cheap-o one was using an "old" one, like 3.0 if not older, but just generally speaking it seems like they don't want to use the more up to date versions for some reason.
Andrew Campbell
Andrew Campbell Hace 21 un día
It’s mr beast for the car world
Howie Ewalt
Howie Ewalt Hace 23 días
Anybody else new to modding your car, and watch Donut Media so you don't become t h a t Riceball your friends know?
Smoke8237 Hace 24 días
If you want good sound quality use dual headsets
Chris Kish
Chris Kish Hace 24 días
As a pro 12V installer of 12 years, I've seen it all, and as far as head units go...... Alpine, Pioneer, Kenwood, Sony, Eclipse, or Nak (maybe). Everything else is pretty trash.
Rodrigo Giorgi
Rodrigo Giorgi Hace 24 días
Cotorras chirping.
tds russia
tds russia Hace 25 días
You should NEVER leave ur car halfway in the garage with a automatic garage opener cause when u or someone else accidentally hits the close, well just take a guess at the damage ...... gre@t video by the way and new subscriber 👍
Zach Aronson
Zach Aronson Hace 25 días
JVC makes amazing head units.
Ihave Crabs
Ihave Crabs Hace 26 días
Mystery box lol
Jose Brown Ceballos
Jose Brown Ceballos Hace 27 días
14:49 when he rates the call quality it says "nolan's scroe" under call quality. It does it for all 3 of them and when he is reviewing the kenwood it showed that he was still talking about the pioneer dmh 1500nex
Theodore Godare
Theodore Godare Hace 28 días
Jeep XJ owners be like 👁👄👁 none of those will even fit
Julian Lemmerich
Julian Lemmerich Hace 28 días
When I saw the price of things like the Pioneer I was shocked by the price. In the end I built my own Headunit with a Raspberry Pi.
Sasha Tomlinson
Sasha Tomlinson Hace 28 días
I thought it was mr beast presenting this video at first!!
j grilla
j grilla Hace 29 días
How do u make it stay in place?
j grilla
j grilla Hace 29 días
N what are those glsses called
SleuthChipperson Hace 29 días
so whats the music?
Julia Watsica
Julia Watsica Hace un mes
We are everybody crazy for hearing our favorite song. We always want to listen that song with best subwoofer. Learn more:
Tyler Johnson
Tyler Johnson Hace un mes
How does pioneer expect you to use that USB port once it’s installed?
Sun Bleached Youth
Sun Bleached Youth Hace un mes
Awww yeah. Waters of Nazareth by Justice is my jam.
The Clutch Master
The Clutch Master Hace un mes
Are these able to be installed in a 2019 Jeep Wrangler that DOESNT have the upgraded infotainment from the factory
Lars Freeburg
Lars Freeburg Hace un mes
there goes the stool
Oscar Sosa
Oscar Sosa Hace un mes
Emergency brakes need adjustment. That handle is almost pointing straight up.
Vincent Hace un mes
Did you use the kenwood apple carplay or android auto wireless when calling Nolan? Or did you do it wired? Cause then its normal that there is a difference. Just asking :P
ScootieXP Hace un mes
Due a flip-out car stereo review once please. :)
J-Slip !
J-Slip ! Hace un mes
Why do all the head units seem like they didn’t fit correctly
Yuri Travels
Yuri Travels Hace un mes
I bought 10” unit for my Honda Accord 7 for 160$ now I have not only best audio sound on highest level but best features including CarPlay and android auto (25$ for extra) I installed it my self in less then 2 hours and I never worked on any install also before or electrical. My suggestion is for all people is to watch videos like this and then weight their options as well as how much they willing to spend, some people will say fuckit I’ll pay 2000$ for nice 10” screen in my older car and it’s cool, but hey most who buy older cars are smarter people hehehehe he We know how to keep our much needed moneys in our pockets
juan lizarazo
juan lizarazo Hace un mes
I have the first one. Best thing you can get with that one is the Bluetooth. Got it off wish. Just save more money
Highlord Fox's Garage
Highlord Fox's Garage Hace un mes
I have a Pioneer head unit (single din) in my Grand Marquis, and it has been one of the easiest and favorite head units I've used in recent memory. The head units installed in family vehicles are mostly the
It is logical, if what they sell you with a large difference in price is because it has better quality.
Jose Carvajal
Jose Carvajal Hace un mes
8:00 broke my concentration and made me laugh!
KBS -117
KBS -117 Hace un mes
Bruh, sound quality is the same because you didn’t change the speakers🤦🏼‍♂️
DemonspawnXxXx Hace un mes
Can someone help me? Where do I run the parking break wire to? Do I run it the the negative parking break wire?
chooseymomschoose Hace un mes
Came back to this video to see if I missed why the final stereo install turned so potato. Nope, didn't miss it.
Zach Gibson
Zach Gibson Hace un mes
@zach being a fellow zach had to let u know the Kenwood is 100xs better there is a setting in the phone call menu to adjust the mic per car owning a stereo shop this is a great feature because every car is different also the reason it wasn't as loud as the pioner is also in the sound effect setting being that I could hear distortion from the pioneer the Kenwood has it limited out the box and u have 3 settings to adjust also the Kenwood is gonna have a higher preout its a more advance radio for a true audio guy......but love the vids keep them going just no disrespect on the Kenwood lol
jeffcyho Hace un mes
How did you get the Pioneer for $300..?..
Josh Reyes
Josh Reyes Hace un mes
I spent 450 for a pioneer with all the features. Including a microphone, and a remote. Best money I spend.
- DEV Hace un mes
I still got a og stereo
beinggood4U Hace un mes
First, thanks for the reviews.Good to see side by side. I kinda feel like you didn't give them all a fair once over. I appreciate apple car play radio won out given the price, to some $300 is still a lot, not everyone loves spending that much time and money in their car unless on a road trip. With that being said I did purchase a no name head unit almost like the one you purchased (the $50 one). Actually, I purchased two. Anyways, I really am happy with my purchases. The more I dug into the unit, the more I found it could do a whole lot. It really is a more than adequate. It also will accept the wireless carplay dongle to get either apple carplay or android. You can also play your Bluetooth without being in the Bluetooth screen (at least mine does). Also, it has an micro SD slot, USB and aux. When I start my car I see my "Toyota" icon and I can put a custom picture as a background. I will agree, the hands free is a 7. I've downloaded videos onto an USB drive and the video playback is really good! Better than expected. But alas, I agreed, it will never be like the more expensive units.
Joziah Reyes
Joziah Reyes Hace un mes
Pioneer is really the leading brand in radios at the moment just easy to navigate and good response I work at a installation shop and install them all day everyday basically and when subs are connected it has some of the best controls and adjustments on it
Will M.
Will M. Hace un mes
Any stereo I buy must have an iPod classic interface and it must power my iPod.
Commander Waffles
Commander Waffles Hace un mes
I have always been a Pioneer man, ha ha. Pioneer AVH NEX series are my go to's.
Hector Sherry
Hector Sherry Hace un mes
i've installed a car radio into my car and it constantly beeps, anyone have any idea?
GreenFlash06 Hace un mes
I would assume its just more $ for the DVD drive. "Middle" end model is probably better all around.
Kinyera Inno Arnolds
Kinyera Inno Arnolds Hace un mes
Where can i get that version of "james pumphrey pop up and down headlight"?
Chris Spivey
Chris Spivey Hace un mes
I’ll buy that $700 one off of you 😅
Michael Hanrahan
Michael Hanrahan Hace un mes
I'm going to buy the cheap one, just to be able to throw it in the garbage.
starfoxacefox Hace un mes
Very miss leading, they all use same built in amp type. Sony MEX-XB120BT or DSX-GS900 both have better class D amps in them.
xXBXXNXx Hace un mes
One thing you failed to mention was that price isn’t directly related to how loud your speakers get, if you do a little more research on speaker amplifiers and speaker impedance you’d notice some radios just aren’t designed to be as loud, you have to look at the wattage rating if there is one when buying a radio to find out how loud it will get, also make sure to check that the radio can put out max power at the same impedance of your cars speakers, obv you guys aren’t car audio experts and are just giving a genuine review for anyone who doesn’t know anything to begin with on car stereos so I’m not throwing hate for missing some key aspects but Incase somebody did want to know more about that, here is that extra info. I’ve been a car Audio nut/basshead forever now and I thought I just might share some info on those forgotten aspects of car audio such as the wattage of the radios built in amplifier and such. Thanks for your time anyone who cared to read
MrTreatsNV Hace un mes
never buy Kenwood always buy there parent company JVC
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