Car Terms Every Car Nerd NEEDS to Know

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Have you ever watched a car video and been confused by complicated car terminology? Well this is the video for you. We’re covering everything from unibodies to torsion beams, brake horsepower to transaxles, rod knock to blinker fluid and everything in between!
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Eric Hawkins
Eric Hawkins Hace 3 meses
Only car term I know is bankruptcy
GhostHawk Hace 11 días
laughs in same
goldenegg Hace un mes
Federal Bureau of Investigation yey I found a weeb
raven gianca
raven gianca Hace un mes
cropro viktor
cropro viktor Hace un mes
Manuel Contreras
Manuel Contreras Hace un mes
Only car term I know is loan
Rajendra Hace 4 horas
so uhhh where do i get those blinker fluids guys
Marc-Kevin Guillemette
Marc-Kevin Guillemette Hace un día
Blinker fluid😂
scott matthews
scott matthews Hace 2 días
You just know some dumb prick took this literally and went to a garage saying " Yeah I want max swag so I'm thinking 90° camber and could you stick the shocks the little nickelodeon dog used?"
Fybron Hace 2 días
Limp mode? More like simp mode
Wynton Meyer
Wynton Meyer Hace 3 días
is this always the firing order for a v6
Yeet Skeet
Yeet Skeet Hace 3 días
Yo this was helpful for a person with macanik driven friends and knows nothing about what they’re saying lol
Beau Abbott
Beau Abbott Hace 3 días
forgot to change my blinker fluid 😔
Elijah Barra
Elijah Barra Hace 6 días
Aw man I got to hear more about this "blinker fluid" *cheesy smile*
fraguzz Hace 6 días
Learning video about cars.. 2.25 in error.. so thats a compressor housing and that does not carry exhaust. 👌🤭 Guess there is a gfx editor clowning around.
Aki Hace 7 días
Im dumb but glad I went Bladed Angel first for bLinKeR fLuId tips
babbb Hace 7 días
so when my dad releases toxic gas it’s just his blowoff valve preventing pressure from building up inside his ass... interesting
Bathroom Sign
Bathroom Sign Hace 8 días
So if your an idiot and got woooshed blinker fluid is not real
I'm 12 and I am such a car nerd idk how
Ethan Barger
Ethan Barger Hace 9 días
Bro that blinker fluid part had me laughing for a few hours straight😂
Jeffrey Knapp
Jeffrey Knapp Hace 10 días
Turbos only force in more air big guy.
Cody Waggoner
Cody Waggoner Hace 11 días
Your statement at ~ the 3:00 minute mark is incorrect. Carburetors were finally phased out around the mid-90’s. Not 80’s. I’m surprised no one’s caught that yet 😂😂
UtterAndComplete Hace 12 días
I was, kind of listening to this while working and I heard him say "blinker fluid"!?!? lol WHAT LOL! was this whole thing a joke? I hate when work distracts me from fun.
GhostyBBX Hace 12 días
Don't forget to check your muffler bearings and catalytic cables whilst you're at changing the blinker fluid. Remember! You can only check your blinker fluid with a left hand screwdriver!
Nicolas Squeo
Nicolas Squeo Hace 14 días
the thing I need to know is how in the hell can car guys tell you every single part of an engine just by hearing the car drive by, I was with my buddy when a civic drove by and he could tell me every single spec about it like how lmao
DrewMac Hace 15 días
You're a 6.9 homie.
Corbin Cox
Corbin Cox Hace 15 días
Hiroshima Hairdryer ~ turbo alt name
Bullet Auto
Bullet Auto Hace 15 días
LCA's Lower Control Arms, RC Rigid Collars, IHCE Intake Header Cat Exhaust, MS MegaSquirted(ECU tuned) This is a list for every car modder should know, Asking a modder if he MS'ed the tune after IHCE swap makes sense, asking a nerd if he MS'ed his car after a air filter change is weird lol. VE's,(Volumetric Efficiency) IAT's,(Intake Air Temps') EGT's(Exhaust Gas Temps) MAP,(Manifold Absolute Pressure) Duty Cycle, Spark+Timing, Disti anyone? Distributor Caps etc :P To understand VE's... EGT's.. Camshaft Valve Overlap -->CVO aka "Exhaust Scavenging", PAP Plenum Absolute Pressure vs MAP Manifold Absolute Pressure or Blueprinting(that has nothing to do with making a blueprint of your engine) those terms require lot's of reading, testing and understanding fundamentals how it all works together and I wouldnt expect a noermal/nerd person that just buys gas to understand it. Nice video tho this is a real neat idea.
Just A Weeb
Just A Weeb Hace 15 días
Wait... that blinker click isn't supposed to happen? And people find it annoying!?!?
Samuel Thomas
Samuel Thomas Hace 16 días
like i literally know 27 of the names of what he just said but now understands the purpose.
Recruit Gab
Recruit Gab Hace 18 días
I call turbos: turbskis
Lumi Hace 18 días
7:02 Yin yang spinny thangs
Antonio Martinez
Antonio Martinez Hace 18 días
I know nothing besides blower cause America.
Angel Robles
Angel Robles Hace 18 días
You forgot “no quema” “si quema cuh”
Chad Bledsoe
Chad Bledsoe Hace 18 días
Dirty Dink's Blinker fluid is the best. Thanks for giving these guys some cred.
Dakota Storm
Dakota Storm Hace 18 días
My truck has a spider fuel system. I hate it
Jeep guy
Jeep guy Hace 18 días
My dad put some patrol axles on his Jeep
BleedingRaindrops Hace 19 días
Nolan: mentions Blinker fluid in the startup Me: heh, classic Nolan: actually describes Blinker Fluid in detail Me: *spits out drink* wait... what? Nolan: recommends a blinker fluid to actually put in your car Me: *dying*
BEPIS Hace 19 días
I have the feeling that someone who watched this video has changed his blinker fluid as a reaction to this video 😐
Torey Thomas
Torey Thomas Hace 19 días
Bruh the blinker fluid 😌😌
Man from Nantucket
Man from Nantucket Hace 20 días
My mechanic suggested I get a new johnson rod. Can you please explain to me what that is exactly?
Thedrakanmaster 124
Thedrakanmaster 124 Hace 20 días
I wonder how many people into the mechanic to get their blinker fluid changed because of this video
Bradley Kessler
Bradley Kessler Hace 20 días
Imagine how many people fell for the whole "blinker fluid" meme
DFB58 Hace 20 días
I'd say the 1st Hemi was actually a Ford since the flathead have semi hemispherical combustion chambers
REV Hace 20 días
I dont fall for that
TidalWave Dan
TidalWave Dan Hace 21 un día
Let’s be honest, most of us came here for validation.
KJ Hace 21 un día
From 00:00 to 05:30 is for peole who wouldnt even watch this vid. I feel like if ur into cars enough to watch this channel then u would know everyhing at the beginning
Kaleb Sullivan
Kaleb Sullivan Hace 21 un día
(15: 05) omggg had me dead
The Aviation Channel
The Aviation Channel Hace 22 días
I love how this video starys by saying blower and lsd, it sounds familiar.
Nick Ayres
Nick Ayres Hace 22 días
Last American made vehicle with a carburetor was the 91 Grand Wagoneer with the AMC 401 I believe
Anders Repsher
Anders Repsher Hace 22 días
How did u not get NOS
JM McBride
JM McBride Hace 22 días
6:56 turbski
James Hace 22 días
I’m sending this to my Normie friend who wants to get into cars, hopefully it helps him :)
Hugo GODEAU Hace 23 días
Ok ik it’s for nerd but don’t call them dat, it’s rude
Ramo A
Ramo A Hace 23 días
I know your rewatching this
Adam Novacki
Adam Novacki Hace 23 días
Car nerd 🤬, hardcore car enthusiasts 👍
padmapriya mahalingam
padmapriya mahalingam Hace 24 días
For final drive, donut was to lazy to make a animation or find a picture, so they made one using lego
Eli Watson
Eli Watson Hace 25 días
Spinny thing, ying yang spinny thang, Tokyo tornado, Hiroshima hurricane, Nagasaki noisy boy, wu-tang whooshy thang, spooly boy, etc.
Jayden Mathews
Jayden Mathews Hace 26 días
Do this again but more like racing terms
Taylor Nieves
Taylor Nieves Hace 27 días
2:11 I'm pretty sure that means the worm is mature and ready to reproduce. Check out vermiculture/composting.
IECMI Hace 27 días
No but fr what’s that part of the worm
Matt Hace 28 días
Video circles the compressor when he says turbine 🙄. I love these videos but some of the mistakes make me laugh.
Christopher Shafer
Christopher Shafer Hace 29 días
That part of the worm (the clitellum) shows it is a mature worm.
readmyusernamecauseitsso superduperreallyohsolong
readmyusernamecauseitsso superduperreallyohsolong Hace 29 días
American people say "what" British people say "wot"
Sam Manning
Sam Manning Hace 29 días
That blinker fluid didn't look like a real brand at all😂😂😂😂😂😂 So what mechanics slip to fix them with sorry when shop you should go to for it??
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name Hace 29 días
blinker fluid
Naufal Zahraan
Naufal Zahraan Hace un mes
I call turbo a Ying Yang spinny thang
Caleb Hernandez
Caleb Hernandez Hace un mes
Do a podcast on it
Brianonabike Hace un mes
16:45 unless you have a 22-re
Freemaysin Hace un mes
the wishbone part really hit home
I_Love_Top_Gear 334
I_Love_Top_Gear 334 Hace un mes
Diryt Dirk's Blinker Drink 😂😂😂
Victor Gabriel
Victor Gabriel Hace un mes
As an L2 speaker, this will be very useful
SpongeBob SquarePants
SpongeBob SquarePants Hace un mes
8:00 wtf?
Ayawrxsti Hace un mes
Money shift comes with a big bang most of the time 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Ice T
Ice T Hace un mes
First video I watched of Donut Media was because of Nolan. Saw it while browsing and the way he combines engineering knowledge , jokes and car enthusiast material so well, means I enjoy his videos out of the Donut selection. Yeah, I don't give a sh1te about power and "these badges". Enough folk chat enough bull about that. But the LSD and Transmission stuff gets explain in a good simple way and encourages you to learn more. Thanks Nolan and Donut Media. 👍🚥
Joey Marcum
Joey Marcum Hace un mes
When you was explaining horsepower back torque, the best description I’ve ever heard was from diesel brothers, “Horsepower is how fast you hit the wall, torque is how far you take the wall with you when you hit it”.
SS Ghoul
SS Ghoul Hace un mes
Can we get a Dirty Dirks Blinker Drink as a t-shirt?
Anthony Morrison
Anthony Morrison Hace un mes
What about the flux capacitor
Bruh Moment
Bruh Moment Hace un mes
I watched the sponsor because I'm built different 😈
Sum dum Gui
Sum dum Gui Hace un mes
What would you call my 200hp Nissan Sentra??
Carlos Solis
Carlos Solis Hace un mes
LessThanPi Hace un mes
I don’t have to worry about smog **Laughs in Irish**
Pyrozz Hace un mes
Somebody make a quizlet of this haha
RenegadeOfFunk Hace un mes
8:08 woah woah, sen-tri-foo'gul? Brohim, say sen-trif', you wouldn't say cen-tri-foo'-gul force now would you?
Spectacular Spaghetti
Spectacular Spaghetti Hace un mes
Man i learned more in 17 minutes here on this video than i do 6 hours at school
David 9-A
David 9-A Hace un mes
Instead of saying WOT, you can just say "floor the pedal".
Matt Sivad
Matt Sivad Hace un mes
Bondo is a brand of body putty there are many brands of it.
Matt Sivad
Matt Sivad Hace un mes
My 98 Nissan Terrano has a carburator. It is like a pathfinder but was sold in Australia UK and SE Asia. I live in the Philippines
Sean Lauzon
Sean Lauzon Hace un mes
Nolan, that twin joke killed me( I have a twin btw)
Artie Anton
Artie Anton Hace un mes
Limp mode is actually when your transmission enters the 1:1 ratio, thus making it impossible to accelerate from a stop, but can be driven if it enters LM on the highway
Sean Gildea
Sean Gildea Hace un mes
Do a Hilow off-road with a couple of Tacomas or jeeps and take them to Baja
Nimbasa180 Hace un mes
I'm surprised you didn't talk about WAT
Bucket Wasteman
Bucket Wasteman Hace un mes
Thank you so much for this
Devin Hudson
Devin Hudson Hace un mes
How dare you talk about sleepers and not mention farm truck!
Ethan Clouse
Ethan Clouse Hace un mes
You guys should make a wheel house on the stock market crash where ford didn’t take the bail money
B1SQ1T Hace un mes
So what is that big part on a worm?
Yee Thirty
Yee Thirty Hace un mes
But nolan.... what if i want to shoot flames... that cat is gonna do 1 of two things... stop the flames by acting like a spark arrester or just melt...
Gamma Cookie
Gamma Cookie Hace un mes
Better go get me some blinker fluid then
Jan Seidel
Jan Seidel Hace un mes
Britten Rosen
Britten Rosen Hace un mes
Non-car people watching this: ahhhh I’ve needed some blinker fluid for years now Then they actually go out and look for it😂
Lu H. Garcia
Lu H. Garcia Hace un mes
Oh man so that’s why my car makes the noise I need blinker fluid XD
Aj_Vazquez115 Hace un mes
Chevy trucks had carbies in the 90's
elroy samurai
elroy samurai Hace un mes
I want a shitbox with 2 whirlybois and 150 shot of giggle gas
elroy samurai
elroy samurai Hace un mes
Ik what money shift is
raxptr Hace un mes
Camera used to film ad: 8k redraw Camera used for the rest of video: iPhone 6
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