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Throughout the Chevrolet C8 Corvette’s release all the hype has circled around one major buzzword...mid engine. That’s sorta old news but more recently, there’s also been talks and leaked footage regarding the upcoming C8 Z06 using another very “european” technology, and that's a “flat plane crank'' engine. That’s really cool, so today I wanna take a look at the C8 and first, explain why mid engine is, well, better. I’m sure you’re thinking ‘weight distribution’ -yes, but there’s more science to it. And THEN, we’ll dive into the difference between a normal “cross plane crankshaft” and a flat plane crank -and why the Corvette’s move from one to the other- is a pretty big deal. It took them over 60 years to pull the trigger on this technology - let’s find out why!
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Donut Media
Donut Media Hace 4 meses
What's the best mid-engine car of all time? - Jeremiah
mark Hace 20 días
Lotus 79 F1 car. Championship winning, paradigm shifting first ground effects car. www.formula1.com/en/latest/article.tech-tuesday-the-lotus-79-f1s-ground-effect-marvel.sAD9PXt7mC8iMSwwe6CCw.html
Musharruf Hossain
Musharruf Hossain Hace 21 un día
Koenigsegg agera rs
ZarraVan Hace 22 días
a f1 car from 2007
Moto Mania
Moto Mania Hace 2 meses
Can you guys do an episode on dirt bikes
Daniel Saucedo
Daniel Saucedo Hace 2 meses
Never driven one so I can’t tell ya
Duarte Sousa
Duarte Sousa Hace 9 horas
Flat plane!!!
ibrxhim MMA
ibrxhim MMA Hace un día
Can we get rid of this guy and bring back Bart the god
ThatGuyDillon Hace 2 días
I told my mom I learned something... you were right, she didn’t care 😔
dn ǝpᴉsuʍop
dn ǝpᴉsuʍop Hace 2 días
16:04 He sounded like one of those surfer guys in Total Drama Island
Gabriel Ayala
Gabriel Ayala Hace 2 días
What exactly happened to James
SportNut Hace 7 días
The European flat crank shaft sounds so much better. The only draw back of the c8 is the slightly too bulky backend and the engine note. I understand the back is for practicality so it's okay, but the engine note....damn
Joel pierce
Joel pierce Hace 7 días
Getting to anything on the engine, air filter etc is a panel removing PIA.
Daniel Estrada
Daniel Estrada Hace 7 días
C7 is a mid engine with a 50/50 distribution.
Joshua Delahoussaye
Joshua Delahoussaye Hace 7 días
I just realized why I like Jeremiah so much. He is the male version of ellie kemper. 😍
ryan49805 Hace 12 días
Chevy absolutely nailed this car. Just a few minor bugs to iron out. The next few gens of this will be perfect bang for buck.
Matthew Millner
Matthew Millner Hace 15 días
I'm not saying the C7 is better then the C8, but the C8 is sooo fucking ugly.
Ducatista 996S
Ducatista 996S Hace 16 días
Hi. Too many posts to read through. However you erred when you said the GT350 does not have the flat plane crank motor; the 5.2 VooDoo “is a flat plane crank” motor...
Cannibal Nectar
Cannibal Nectar Hace 17 días
I could have swore that they said firing order or the cylinders is why American and European v8’s sounds different. Edit: Oh never mind they explained it further after I posted it.
Cannibal Nectar
Cannibal Nectar Hace 17 días
Always hear about these car giveaways never hear about anyone winning it.
Spedneck Aidan
Spedneck Aidan Hace 17 días
I think we all know that the American cross plane V8s sound better
Ed D.
Ed D. Hace 19 días
Well done. You did a very good job explaining the flat/ cross plane differences. Also, nice job explaining center of gravity and polar moment of inertia. Someone was paying attention in physics class.
mark Hace 20 días
The other very important point about polar moment of inertia is that: If its high as in engines hanging out the back like Porsche for example once the rear end starts to break loose it wants to keep going and is therefore harder to bring back in control. Mid engine layout low PMI is easier to control the rear end once it breaks loose. Some people erroneously think that an engine hanging out the back will give you an advantage in traction due to the higher weight bias to the rear. Ex{ Porsche 62% rear WD). This is not true because as seen in the C8, Lotus and other mid engine cars the higher rear weight bias can be engineered in to have the advantage of the higher rear bias alao. Ex Lotus Exige 62% rear weight bias. So mid engine can have the advantage of lower PMI and higher rear weight bias. Cool There's a reason why most all Porsche race cars have been mid engine. Even the current 911 race car is mid engine now.
Bruce H.
Bruce H. Hace 21 un día
Why you call it Donut, call it Ham.
Vaporvision Hace 21 un día
Flat plane better
DiscoKitten5 Hace 21 un día
crossplane better
Brad Choi
Brad Choi Hace 21 un día
If anyone was interested, here's an easy way to illustrate the concept of low polar moment of inertia: take a hammer. grab the very end of its' handle and swing it back and forth. Now, grab the hammer by the head, and swing the handle back and forth. Easier, huh?
V8 supreme channel
V8 supreme channel Hace 22 días
Corvettes have had their transmission in the rear since the C5 1997.
Jonathan Lunger2
Jonathan Lunger2 Hace 22 días
But shelby gt350...... ford did this years ago
skyeyemx Hace 26 días
Why aren't more "normal" cars like sedans mid-engined?
gregg spencer
gregg spencer Hace 27 días
dude you missed the most important part of the advantage of the mid engine car. if your going to do videos you should actually do it right now half assed.
Tou Lee
Tou Lee Hace 27 días
So cross-plane crank more balanced, but designed to rev below 10,000 rpm. While flat-plane crank less balanced, but designed to rev to oblivion🤔 Got it
Quinton Lawman
Quinton Lawman Hace 28 días
The mid-engine explination in this video was great (it's also why I picked a Fiero as my project car). :-)
Pat Bruno
Pat Bruno Hace 28 días
CMAC Hace un mes
Flat planes have always sounded better, i.e. more exotic.
Keyboard Warrior
Keyboard Warrior Hace un mes
I've been into a motor on each end lately ;)
Leon Black
Leon Black Hace un mes
It only took them what 60 years to stop making muscle cars and finally move to super territory? Still American cars lack on the interior, i dunno why American car designers hate high quality materials but they honestly do... It's one of the most major turnoffs hence why Europeans don't really buy expensive cars from America... Yea the outside looks superb but you do not drive the car from the outside... Inside is equally important especially in sports and super cars...
Jay Rock
Jay Rock Hace un mes
Did anyone ever win the corvette.
Charles Foster
Charles Foster Hace un mes
Yeah, but doesn’t the size of the engine have a lot to do with sound...American V8’s always have more liters but I get the crank does change the sound
Michael Melling
Michael Melling Hace un mes
This is an amazingly good video, thanks much!
Jerri Coverstone
Jerri Coverstone Hace un mes
C8 Vette is really what a Fiero would be if aloud to be developed instead of pushed out to protect chevy
Shawn Seay
Shawn Seay Hace un mes
Not sure... But FIERO though.
Tyler Carmona
Tyler Carmona Hace un mes
Zora had made prototypes for chevy before he got denied and that's why the C8 was nicknamed "The Zora"
Xecky Hace un mes
I’m an expiring automotive technician named Dylan🤣🤣🤣
Timothy Cravens
Timothy Cravens Hace un mes
Great video, clearly explained. One issue though - the rotating graphic at around 11:25 is not the correct flat plane configuration being used in the Ferraris, nor the C8R. It is the one used in the GT350, as it goes up-dn-up-dn. Look up the configuration of a 4 cylinder crank and you will see that it goes up-dn-dn-up. This is what Ferrari V8’s use. This also explains why the GT350 sounds more like an American V8 and less like a Ferrari.
Lucas Hinch
Lucas Hinch Hace un mes
Honda/Acura NSX-T , Toyota MR2 are some other affordable mid-ship powered . Great video . Thanks
1CrazySnake Hace un mes
C8 is nice car. I just gt a 2020 GT500 I love. Love your work. I just started a channel give me a follow =-)
Joni English
Joni English Hace un mes
how about LEXUS LFA ???????
Jonathan Hace un mes
Why does the audio for all your videos sound so so sooooo bad? What is it 32khz? 44? 8bit? Sounds like a cell phone from the 70s.
Zenoura Hace un mes
A SKILLED ONE Hace un mes
Flat Plane Crankshaft....Hmmmm, that's why it sounded like a P60B40
Daniel Bosoc
Daniel Bosoc Hace un mes
GM took only 60 years to build a rear engine car because they are cheep, copy proven cars is a lot less risk and $$$ then R&D. They are a lot more stuff out there to copy, get busy GM. Integrated hybrid power its out there for 20 years. Ferrari were coming after you.
SilverBullet93GT Hace un mes
James Brett
James Brett Hace un mes
The old corvette c7 has more even weight distribution than the c8. The c7 has its motor and transmission at opposite sides. The motor at the front and transmission at the rear. The old c7 was very close to 50/50 weight distribution the new c8 has more weight to the rear.
My brother was on the design team for this. I’ve known about this project since 2013 or so.
Josué Ríos
Josué Ríos Hace un mes
Hey donut, make a video about short vs long wheelbase and what's better for racing?
J. Delaney
J. Delaney Hace un mes
Where's the "ingen"?
Edward Bratton
Edward Bratton Hace un mes
Hey, the previous vettes transmission was attached to the rear axle not the engine.
James Xavier
James Xavier Hace un mes
Thrilled that I have a fabulous job with ridiculous pay! Corvette,here I come!!!!!
Jeff Singer
Jeff Singer Hace un mes
just an fyi - you don't have to act stupid to sound smart
Jeff Singer
Jeff Singer Hace un mes
Enter for C8 - support a great cause Omaze great cause: Make a boat load of money
Sav Hace un mes
WHYYYY are all the clips of cars so RIDICULOUSLY loud and the talking WHISPERS.. Trying to watch this on a T.V. at night is a nightmare
My Nano Wood Shop
My Nano Wood Shop Hace 2 meses
Great crankshaft lesson, thanks!
Rene Gomez
Rene Gomez Hace 2 meses
Is there a video we can see where you talked to the c8 engineers and how difficult it was to engineer
Mac Mccartney
Mac Mccartney Hace 2 meses
You forgot the high-end sports car called the MR2 Spyder LOL😂😂😂😂 and all its 140 hrrsprrs
Utah county Picazo's page
Utah county Picazo's page Hace 2 meses
C8 runs same time as gt500 with 250hp less if the hp was equal it would make the gt500 irrelevant and for the price can’t be beat
Alex M
Alex M Hace 2 meses
Shout out to Ed from high school who said I'd never need my science class knowledge. Suck it you prius driving bastard....this science is really interesting!
Itr 1244
Itr 1244 Hace 2 meses
ah ha~~ that's why my integra type r at 9000 rpm kinda sounds like ferarri at 9000 rpm. because their v8 is like having 2 4-bangers going at it :D
Siddhant RS
Siddhant RS Hace 2 meses
javier chavers
javier chavers Hace 2 meses
10,000,000 to design and develop a car. That's insane. Seems like way too much money.
Daniel Lawson
Daniel Lawson Hace 2 meses
The C8 Corvette is the ONLY new vehicle that I would buy if I could afford one. I don't like ANY new vehicles. I drive a 96 Buick Roadmaster sedan and it's too new for me. The newest vehicle I've ever owned was a 2000 model. I hated it. I like fuel injection and modern suspension technology, but that's about it. I don't like all these sensors for everything. I CAN'T STAND drive by wire vehicles. I'll stick with my throttle cable where I'm actually connected to my engine and the throttle moves with my foot. Drive by wire is too twitchy and unpredictable. I'm rambling now. But basically, yeah I approve of the new Vette.
Worshipcaster Hace 2 meses
Very excited about what's to come with the C8R and future C8 models but how cool is the fact that there is a mid engine can with a big old pushrod crossplane crank V8 matted to a DCT? It's like the best of both worlds and pretty much the only good thing we got out of 2020
Kalen Armstrong
Kalen Armstrong Hace 2 meses
where the fuck the manual at actually kind of pissed
Hellgateisclosed dontgothere
Hellgateisclosed dontgothere Hace 2 meses
No one haven't put this thing to dyno see how much HP's it really is.
ccol009 Hace 2 meses
About the C8 Corvette! I dipped my hand in the cookie 🍪 jar and found a cookie 🍪 now I wanna share these TREATS with you (about the C8 Corvette FUTURE MODELS with the Z06, ZR1, and ZORA Package!) m.espost.info/download/v-deo/noucjpSofNjPaoo
ccol009 Hace 2 meses
I’m so tired of ALL these supercars (Because you know... C8 Corvette’s a supercar now 😝😎) talk about: “-Oh, 🥴you can throw your Golf Clubs in there! 🥴” It’s like they all do it. Is that “The Rich Mans Sport!” -Golfing. A: “...Don’t build up too much sweat because I gotta meeting in 1 & a half hours.” Maybe I wanna throw a Football 🏈 in the back. Or maybe I wanna, put a Basketball 🏀 in the back! And another thing I ALWAYS KEEP IN MY TRUNK (along with that Football and Basketball) is... a good Fishing Pole (that fits in the trunk or sometimes up front). Get some small, medium, or large lures (what ever matches the size of the Fishing Pole) AND GO FISHING! Because you NEVER know when or where if your driving and you stumble across a New Lake, a New River, a New creek, pond, a New Body of water! ESPECIALLY if you’re LOVE Fishing! (as I do as well) and you come across a New Fishing spot and....... “-DAMMIT! I left my Fishing pole at Home.” (Bad Nightmares for a Fisherman). But maybe I want to do those things instead of Golfing (And I AM TOO). But yeah though, I don’t give a Fuck! NO matter what the car, supercar, or hypercar is... if I am / decide to daily drive it because I LIKE IT! And in some cases CAN AFFORD IT! I AM MAKING SURE that I am having a Fishing pole fit in there. Person: “-Oh wow! And you can fit a Spider-Man, Barbie, Avengers, and HULK fishing pole in there too huh! You take your kids out fishing alot in this thing?” Me: “No, those are mine.”
Danny Mitchell
Danny Mitchell Hace 2 meses
Well done sir
Chaosflo 44
Chaosflo 44 Hace 2 meses
In my mind the c8 Corvette is no corvette it just doesent look like the ones before it c7 looks way better
Us Hace 2 meses
I got deezzzzzyyyyy
DaviesGarage Hace 2 meses
Can you please do a Bumper to Bumper on the Squarebody Syndicate 02 truck?
Nursultan Mukhamedzhan
Nursultan Mukhamedzhan Hace 2 meses
OMG You changed my life! I ALWAYS wanted to learn the way V8 works
John Senese
John Senese Hace 3 meses
Nothing beats the sound of an American v8.
Larzz Wright
Larzz Wright Hace 3 meses
Tom Delonge is back
BLÖRG BLÅRG pOo pOo Hace 3 meses
I miss james
Lesli Wells
Lesli Wells Hace 3 meses
Lesli Wells
Lesli Wells Hace 3 meses
Lesli Wells
Lesli Wells Hace 3 meses
adam prestidge
adam prestidge Hace 3 meses
These videos are AMAZING at teaching noobs like me how a car works. Keep up the great work!
Aaron Wright
Aaron Wright Hace 3 meses
Whoa whoa technically they moved the transmission ahead in this case boys
ccol009 Hace 3 meses
-COOL! I get a chance to win a C8 Corvette! And $20,000 for gas money.
ccol009 Hace 3 meses
About time Chevy....... about time.
rikross7000 Hace 3 meses
Anyone notice the crank diagrams are wrong? At least from my understanding, a the middle pair of journals always live on the same plane in a cross plane v8 crank. In a flat plane, the middle pair of journals are on the same side of the main journals, like an inline 4 crank. These configurations reduce torsional vibrations in each design
Will Stikken
Will Stikken Hace 3 meses
God, i really hate this guy. Even when he isn't spouting made up nonsense like it's fact he gives the impression of the type that knows everything except that his IQ is below room temp. You get eh impression that he finishes a video like this and has to ask someone what C8 stands for. After making a video about one...
Chase P
Chase P Hace 3 meses
You're close on the sound difference between flat plane and cross place cranks but the exhaust system is largely responsible for the resulting sound of it all. If space constraints weren't an issue you could make 180 degree headers (look out up on YT) and with those headers a cross plane crank engine sounds identical to a flat plane, if space is even less of an issue, an 8-into-1 header/collector would sound like a flat plane. YT search "8 into 1 header LS engine"
Duc Xandy
Duc Xandy Hace 3 meses
Sadly, the C8 engines are using Pushrods instead of DOHC😭😭
Javierm0n0 Hace 3 meses
i honestly prefer the crossplane.
Case op
Case op Hace 3 meses
James is to young for a heart attack. He must eat ALOT of McDonald's
macaron3141592653 Hace 3 meses
13.3"? That's smaller than the brakes on a mk7 gti with the performance pack...
Juan V
Juan V Hace 3 meses
Legit just watched this on Snapchat and like there legitimately a part where the captions says "Fu*k, " and I was like wut
Zakary Keener
Zakary Keener Hace 3 meses
I got a picture with that car at Daytona while I was there for the race, it won Daytona it was great
Jesse Owens
Jesse Owens Hace 3 meses
A proper response from a carmaker to the public. Powerful, looks awesome, MID engine, relatively affordable for a car of its class. Mad props Chevrolet 👌
ClonedGentleman Hace 3 meses
I get that it's the smarter choice to make the corvette a mid-engine car, but the C7 look and silhouette will always look iconic thanks to that front engine! Now it just looks like every other mid-engine car.
Alex Ford
Alex Ford Hace 3 meses
Thank you for a very excellent explanation of the LPMoI. Having read the motorcycle articles from the early 1970's, I think this vlog let me understand this concept of the low polar moment of inertia better than I've ever understood it before. Mid-engine explanation is excellent in concept and instruction and explanation. Pushrods v. OHC. Flat-plane crank v. cross-plane crank has a lot to do with the difference between euro engines and american engines. Crank journals and the crank pins. Crank shape: well explained. OHV; OHC. Alternate firing of flat-plane = better exhaust scavenging for various reasons. All excellent explanation. Efficiency includes weight and it includes number of parts in the ICE. A third type of cam-lift is gear lifted. Most often used in motorcycles, most often Italian motorcycles which have Desmodromic type valve lifter systems leading to the name Ducati Desmo SS which used some straight cut gears to rotate and time the valves. Just interesting.
TheJagjr4450 Hace 3 meses
If I am not mistaken they are running a balance shaft as well.
Ineedmoney Hace 3 meses
I always like the deep sound of American muscle over the more higher pitch sound of euro cars. Both are a blast to drive though.
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