Are Headers Worth It?

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One of the most common ways to increase performance on a naturally aspirated engine is to install an exhaust header. They aren’t too expensive, and the install should be pretty easy on the miata. But how much power do they actually make? Today we’re gonna install a set of headers find out!
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Yuvraj singh
Yuvraj singh Hace 2 horas
Wait wait Stock Miata makes only 100hp and 90+ mph shit thought that would make somewhere around 200 hp
Dean Jooste
Dean Jooste Hace 6 horas
Can you feel a 5 HP increase? Or what's a 'magic' number increase where you can actually feel a difference?
Joshua F.
Joshua F. Hace un día
Lol bruh.. the STFT snd LTFT haven't had ANY time to adjust to the header. Take it back and try it again after driving it with some spirit. I am willing to bet you will see that 10hp
Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph Hace un día
Been two days and I still can't get the heat shield off of the headers...
Ethan Alix
Ethan Alix Hace 2 días
troubleless one
troubleless one Hace 2 días
looked like you replaced headers with stainless S headers..
Icack -
Icack - Hace 3 días
Why do they always do this? They slap bolt ons without a follow up tune and expect the car to just do something amazing with it. You are basically fooling the car with stock parameters; no matter how much it “re-learns” on its own, It’s always going to assume your exhaust is stock and adjust accordingly for stock exhaust output. That’s why your gains were much less than you anticipated. After bolt ons a proper tune is a MUST to actually get the horsepower out of the labor you put in. Your testing procedures are wrong and I guarantee you that you can pull at least 2-3 more horsepower out of that upgrade with a proper tune.
NotMr. Clean
NotMr. Clean Hace 3 días
“Kinda worried we’re gonna max out the dyno on this one” ya Miata go braaaaaaaappppp!!
Brian Stuart
Brian Stuart Hace 3 días
Would that style Dyno show better numbers than something with rollers that forces you to actually spin the tires and extra mass? Or does this calculate the difference?
Nate Phillips
Nate Phillips Hace 3 días
Shouldn't you tune after install to compensate for the increased flow
Angel IGR
Angel IGR Hace 4 días
Got to love magnaflow I got that on my protege
Natural Mystic
Natural Mystic Hace 4 días
Idk if this was mentioned due to the # of comments but. . Dont you need a tune with the header for hp gain?
Edgar A.
Edgar A. Hace 5 días
The ‘99 and ‘00 Miata came with a cast iron manifold. A popular upgrade for those is the ‘01-‘05 tubular exhaust..
drecartier Hace 5 días
The factory manifold was pretty good.
Dave Dörenberg-Veltman
Dave Dörenberg-Veltman Hace 6 días
Me wanna upgrade my car, but no available of the shelf tuning parts for my car anywhere. Sadly enough the only way is to custom made for my car which is extra expensive. 🥺
Blake Hace 6 días
5:57 is that a jack stand on grass?
SAADAT KHAN Hace 6 días
Don't buy vincero buy they are trash buy yourself some Chinese watch that are way better in quality and wayyy way cheaper
Jay Mann
Jay Mann Hace 7 días
put a mustang v6 in there. lol
RHN418 Hace 7 días
10:38 he got all excited and than an AD came through😭
z d
z d Hace 7 días
I worked on cars all through my younger years, watching this show I just realised that we're 10 years away from all this knowledge about getting the best out of a combustion engine becoming obsolete. Sure for a hoby it might be interesting, but who's going to give a shit when you're up against everything electric.
CeMVlog Hace 7 días
Aaron Hastie
Aaron Hastie Hace 8 días
jrbbikerx Hace 8 días
If you installed this and the intake AFTER new cams the results would probably be significant. If the engine isn’t taking in more air via cams then it won’t do anything
Alexander Glass
Alexander Glass Hace 9 días
My cat went out on my '01 prelude so I did the whole exhaust. For my header I went with Dcsports. With a quieter exhaust definitely gave a funky tune. Loud but not too loud.
gsxtr1 Hace 10 días
I literally just watch 6 other videos where headers alone on a stock engine created a 5% increase on power and torque. I haven't watched this video in it's entirety yet but anything other than a positive gain in performance would simply be incorrect. No matter what there has to be a higher curve in either torque or horsepower if not both.
Cody Harrington
Cody Harrington Hace 10 días
Yes, end of video
D-MAC Hace 11 días
Those exhaust manifold bolts and the manifold it self where expertly cataloged For future reference very professional.
Ethan Hayden
Ethan Hayden Hace 11 días
If it looks cool, it’s worth it
Marco Salazar
Marco Salazar Hace 12 días
Yo, more info on the watches mane. Them sick.
adam10157 Hace 12 días
Let's be real, if we were here for power, you wouldn't be driving a miata
Twb 2A
Twb 2A Hace 12 días
Out here in Kentucky every 350 Chevy comes with complementary shorty headers
Elmatacoche 701
Elmatacoche 701 Hace 12 días
Depends on the car and headers
Diego C
Diego C Hace 13 días
Get a cutout. back pressure is restricting.
Noah Shrimp
Noah Shrimp Hace 13 días
What headers are these?
dhtsoaeds dhtnadi
dhtsoaeds dhtnadi Hace 13 días
not surprised you saw little gain in peak output. general rule: increase pk hp with intake mods. unlock full potential with exhaust mods. (think funnel) plan mods in a downstream flow. execute mods in an upstream flow beginning with drivetrain and suspension. don't always have to upgrade each component, but at least make sure the components can handle what's coming.
David Kusel
David Kusel Hace 13 días
*Warp not worp
Diesel Jordan
Diesel Jordan Hace 14 días
1:31 Cheap???? Haha look up vq37hr headers $1200 and a very tight fit.
William Schnoor
William Schnoor Hace 15 días
Well the problem here is you didn’t get a sticker with that header. The sticker alone is a 9hp gain
El CapoB14
El CapoB14 Hace 15 días
I love the “Mo powa Babyy”
In0chi Hace 15 días
Just monster Miata this b*tch with an LS swap.
JRVA84 Hace 15 días
With a proper tune, you can squeeze out some more power baby, maybe those 109 or 111, who knows?
NemesisTsuki Hace 15 días
1.26 Cold air intakes do not add any power, it has been proven so many times that is does nothing I don't get why people still think it does.
Edward Benavides
Edward Benavides Hace 15 días
Will u ever put the turbo
Dylan Stuhr
Dylan Stuhr Hace 15 días
This just showed me that I will not be spending $400 for headers
Joshuar Jöcks
Joshuar Jöcks Hace 16 días
You could have Made 10hp If you have a better intake
Kolton McCallister
Kolton McCallister Hace 16 días
Those headers? No. Not worth it. Ebay headers for half the price? Certainly.
Alan Clark
Alan Clark Hace 16 días
Money pit a 240
Chronic Machines
Chronic Machines Hace 16 días
Always worth it plus if your doing other engine mods they will come into play, Needs a good map induction kit lighten the fly wheel upgrade the clutch port the head and your golden forget turbos.
virgilio nieves
virgilio nieves Hace 17 días
Just P&p the heads
Ryan Pinkham
Ryan Pinkham Hace 17 días
It sure cleaned up the curve. You’ll definitely get more out of that.
Sir Bumblefahk
Sir Bumblefahk Hace 17 días
I don't understand.. asking if headers are worth it is like asking if bigger injectors are worth it. You don't need either if your engine is stock
Aaron Huang
Aaron Huang Hace 17 días
worth it even with ebay parts for me lol
Dirt Cheap Media
Dirt Cheap Media Hace 17 días
If you are turboing it wouldn’t a shorty have been better so you could reuse it
SugaryPhoenixxx Hace 17 días
I just dont understand why the first mod you did was not an LS swap.
Bene Hace 17 días
If the stock part was a heavy cast iron manifold that flows like garbage then that stainless steel header would've made a bigger difference. Your stock headers look like they would flow good just as they are
Edward Garcia
Edward Garcia Hace 18 días
What will happen if you run the car with no heads. sorry Im new to the car scene. I drive a hyundia.
Richie Blackwell
Richie Blackwell Hace 19 días
pretty new to swapping out more complex parts, but I'd imagine that when tightening headers I should follow the same sequence as the head, yeah? No, no... I haven't got the parts now but I'm just checking my info, just incase :)
Richie Blackwell
Richie Blackwell Hace 15 días
@Sir Bumblefahk coolio, thanks for that man :)
Sir Bumblefahk
Sir Bumblefahk Hace 17 días
Yea, just like tightening lug nuts and head studs you want to spread the load out so you don't warp the flange. Pretty much any part that is flat with a lot of fasteners should be tightened the same way you tighten head studs
Expo Tour Las Vegas
Expo Tour Las Vegas Hace 20 días
6:25 the car in the back says "I need an oil change"😁👍🏼
blunismo1 Hace 20 días
heat shield? nah! you don't need it..........weight reduction!!! lol
Ryan Voll
Ryan Voll Hace 21 un día
You need to tune it in the ECU to get its maximum HP added from installing it. But I’d say the difference in sound was worth it alone. I’m not sure if from the drivers seat the sound was noticeably different, but it was from the camera position at the exhaust output.
Joseph Comeaux
Joseph Comeaux Hace 21 un día
Glad the flange won't worp? Oooooops
Obe Wan
Obe Wan Hace 21 un día
Time for a V6 Swap just 230hp would be so fun on a miata.
jim chris
jim chris Hace 22 días
You should do some remap/piggyback tho, gaining hp by just changing the headers or the fs exhaust need better fuel mixture, im not gonna say sometimes because that is really necessary, you'll probably end up at least 120hp i think
Tommy Baker
Tommy Baker Hace 23 días
You already had tube style headers which is a weight saving feature over cast iron. You only had 4 cylinders. A V8 or V6 would get more weight reduction and more horsepower. Haven't bought any headers in about 20 years so not sure if the bang for the buck is worth it at today's prices. But, there's always the cool looking factor.
Kamandroth Hace 23 días
i am REALLY enjoying these videos. Just picked up a 99' Gen2 SL GT3000 and im looking into affordable upgrades to really make her mine. Already got my new cold air intake on the way and after your exhaust video and this one i know what im looking for next!
Souper Sime
Souper Sime Hace 24 días
Mo pwr baby
Joseph McDermott
Joseph McDermott Hace 24 días
A team any one
Brody Heilig
Brody Heilig Hace 25 días
Considering I’m a truck guy and I enjoy the off road, hp isn’t really important to me, so anytime I can gain turks, it’s a big deal! Lol
Zack Lopez
Zack Lopez Hace 25 días
Trash honda makes 200 from box
Pichardo Gabriel
Pichardo Gabriel Hace 25 días
Should have done an oil change and change the sparkers. You woulda got that 111
Emmanuel Solis
Emmanuel Solis Hace 25 días
What happened to the oxygen sensor?
William TA
William TA Hace 26 días
Is it fun to drive a miata
travis cox-anders
travis cox-anders Hace 26 días
Is that a r32 in the back ?
Yusuf Dawood
Yusuf Dawood Hace 26 días
Just clicked on the video tonight. I think I watched 4 already and learned a lot. Yeah being a car guy means justifying the little improvements. I'm about to buy a 04 e36 325i and not many channels cover the mods so simply. Love the content.
Peter Robinson
Peter Robinson Hace 26 días
Gotta admit, the factory Mazda header looked pretty close to the new one. Maybe if you started out with the old style cast iron log, you gain a lot more.
mistico1384 Hace 26 días
Im ab toninstall heders on my 99 prelude .. if some one knows if the temperature increses onder the hood please leteme know or if is better to disipate or keep my engine little cooler please that is wath i like to know please and thanks
Eddie ElCabezon
Eddie ElCabezon Hace 27 días
Why couldn't you guys choose a non japanese vert for this ? Atleast a e30 vert
R4ZZ3LD4ZZ3L Hace 28 días
You didn’t hit 5hp at peak horsepower but what about everywhere else in the curve theres more to speed parts than just peak hp.
thefairdevil Hace 28 días
Who's E36 is that? Any videos of it?
kingpest13 Hace 28 días
Liquid wrench works better than pb blaster.
GlockSigBerettaColt Fan boy
GlockSigBerettaColt Fan boy Hace 29 días
Did u drive it around first before dynoing it? It takes time for the computer to read added mods.
BillytheBob Porras
BillytheBob Porras Hace 29 días
any tuning?
Eternal Thread
Eternal Thread Hace 29 días
Plan on putting LTHs on my Silverado should make 40whp over stock on a 93 tune
Mathias Morell
Mathias Morell Hace 29 días
Why didn't he go with the Banana manifold!? Would given defently higher increase!..
Michael Hace un mes
What about a tune?
Allan Tam
Allan Tam Hace un mes
Sorry, I can't stop notice in the beginning the new header is dented......
Soulz Hace un mes
Is it really fine to leave the manifold heat shield off?
Nicolas B
Nicolas B Hace un mes
You added 4 hp, and you removed the rusty heat shield that was keeping the heat away from your engine. 😑
Nick Amarit
Nick Amarit Hace un mes
Getting a header THEN a turbo? Why not go with a twinscrew charger instead? So you can keep the headers.
Adam and Kira Dixon
Adam and Kira Dixon Hace un mes
Cams next
Well seasoned 86
Well seasoned 86 Hace un mes
I grew up watching Horse power TV (Power nation) of course headers are worth it
Trenton Clark
Trenton Clark Hace un mes
Before watching this video you gonna get a lot more than 15 horsepower with headers your usually lookin around 60+ well that’s at least without the Cali laws
PMY Hace un mes
are headers compatible with a supercharged engine? since its not using exhaust gas to boost
Delencio Blanco-Halstead
Delencio Blanco-Halstead Hace un mes
But where did you get $400 headers ?? I need to know
James Sisson
James Sisson Hace un mes
That isn't the factory header for that year miata. Someone swapped the original for the one you have (which is an 01+). Probably why it came out so easily too...
matthew Hambone
matthew Hambone Hace un mes
5:10 my Gardening hose made me laugh 😆 thank you for the helpful information 👏
Nick K
Nick K Hace un mes
Yeah, man.
Droppin' Dots
Droppin' Dots Hace un mes
Need to get rid of Cats. or put high flow Cats. on..
Pedro santos
Pedro santos Hace un mes
need remap for results when modifing parts, 1 you lost weight, 2 sounds better, 3 remap and got 10-15 hp extra worth money ? up to you
chevyboy37 Hace un mes
You don't want those pipes turning blue or purple or red that means the tune is way off, you want those pipes turning GOLD if your pipes are turning gold and stay gold your vehicle is tuned to a perfect precision tune, it's the same with welding you want those welds to be GOLD meaning you jave the perfect amount of heat NOT too hot not to cold
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