Are Head Gaskets Worth It?

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Hace 22 días

This week on Money Pit, the tables have turned. We’re at Eddie’s house helping him put his engine back together after blowing the head gasket in his MIATA. Along the way we’ll look at what a head gasket is and how to replace one.
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DR BIGNUTS Hace 19 horas
I'm buying the goodies rn
Thomas R
Thomas R Hace 3 días
Has he ever installed Poly bushings on his swaybars?
Thomas R
Thomas R Hace 3 días
I'm scared to torque bolts on aluminum blocks. Big noob.
John Smith
John Smith Hace 3 días
So it's basically like THERMAL PASTE for CPU except it is not.
Emmanuel perez
Emmanuel perez Hace 4 días
Grown up kickoff
fittif intl
fittif intl Hace 5 días
Did you guys use assembly lube?
Joshua 'JK' Naidoo
Joshua 'JK' Naidoo Hace 5 días
Hold up... Isn't Eddie supposed to have a Skyline??!
Rizky Salam
Rizky Salam Hace 6 días
If there is no head gaskets theres no SUBARU
Stephen Chabot
Stephen Chabot Hace 6 días
So, when’s the turbo going on?
Brandon Daechsel
Brandon Daechsel Hace 7 días
Did you JUST use distilled water in the whole system?
zack worrell
zack worrell Hace 7 días
i'm no mechanic but every blown head gasket Iv'e experienced has always required milling to dial in the tolerance or fitment of the head to the block. Some engines are infamous for blowing head gaskets, this I dod know to be true.
Kelvin G.
Kelvin G. Hace 7 días
Smh...the hair dressers car
andrewdini panda
andrewdini panda Hace 7 días
LINE UP CAMS FIRST, then move the crank to TDC or risk bending valves in some engines.
Henrik Hace 7 días
10:00 are you guys serious? It's obvious a vacuum leak, sounds like a rx-7 idle
Dogan Hace 7 días
1:26 damn bruh Mclovin a petrol head
jort88 Hace 8 días
They missed the part when you add oil :O
Jonathan Deville
Jonathan Deville Hace 8 días
Valve train was dry, fuel pressure isn't the only thing that needed priming.
Jonathan Deville
Jonathan Deville Hace 5 días
@Daniel Nelson old timers used to turn the engine before starting it after something like this, letting the mechanical oil pump pump a bit manually.
Daniel Nelson
Daniel Nelson Hace 8 días
Is there a way you're supposed to do that before hand? Or you just gotta live with the heads internals potential premature wear from "going in dry," so to speak. I'd imagine going in dry is hell on the internals. No personal experience in that category though. 😏
Brock Winder
Brock Winder Hace 9 días
(1:23) I thought he said, “I think we Miata broke something” and I laughed a little too hard.😅💀 but now that I know he didn’t say that, I’m a little disappointed (just kidding)😂😂
Billy Kid
Billy Kid Hace 10 días
You guys really know what you are doing! 👌
josh nichols
josh nichols Hace 11 días
With the bp 1.8 non interference your method is fine but with interference engines it's poor practice to set the pistons to tdc THEN set cam timing. Set your crank timing to 60ish degrees btdc, then set cams, then bring your crank timing up to tdc. This insures no contacting issues when setting timing regardless of engine type.
josh nichols
josh nichols Hace 11 días
You need to use the shortest possible extension you can when torquing. With a long extension like that, your actual torque will be lower than set. If you must use a extension that long, bump it up by a few lbs to be closer to actual required tq
DrNub Hace 11 días
10:28 "top of the morning to ya laddies"
Sabastyan Campbell
Sabastyan Campbell Hace 11 días
I love that he saved me time right off the bat fuck yeah even liked the video for saving me time
Kyler Chaffin
Kyler Chaffin Hace 12 días
I want a new video super in depth called “Can you save a 2.7L Dodge Charger with Overheating issues” it’d make a great 1-2 hour long video with Millions of Viewers looking for this info😭😂🙏💪
Zach Sackers
Zach Sackers Hace 12 días
TGI Wednesday! Plus more Eddy please! Huge fan of Zach but it was nice to get know Eddy as well.
Dan Adams
Dan Adams Hace 12 días
Damn, that engine is easy to work on. Lots of room everywhere to do whatever you need.
Matthew Jenkins
Matthew Jenkins Hace 12 días
This is dangerous viewing for those trying a head gasket first time. Timing has to be considered BEFORE the head is fitted and torqued down. Once the head is on complete with camshafts, inevitably some of the valves will be open, so if you start turning the crankshaft, pistons may well meet valves. Sounds like it was timed up wrong on reassembly anyway, or valves have been bent. Understand hot climate, but we only saw water go in, without any anti-corrosion additives which are essential with an alloy head. If it was run on just water before head gasket failure, that may have caused a heavily silted radiator, leading to overheating and head gasket failure.
heyitschino Hace 12 días
Bri Hace 12 días
VW Beetle: Nope!
Phillip White
Phillip White Hace 12 días
dang. i was hopeing you'd bolt the head one with a headgasket and see what happens. or just use atv or something. this was just how to swap a Miata head gasket. Click bait wins again...
mrsideways818 mrsideways818
mrsideways818 mrsideways818 Hace 12 días
I have to do the same thing but because my spark plug striped the whole ass stripper were it goes
wootuser Hace 12 días
Are vacuum leaks overrated?
Dash Gaming
Dash Gaming Hace 12 días
This series rocks, informative and hands on
ZohanLohan Hace 12 días
That is absolutely not the right way to find TDC. Very easy to be a tooth off or one rotation off
Andrew Fischer
Andrew Fischer Hace 12 días
I am literally only here for the comments
mrphiscal Hace 13 días
So it's a requirement that when you Mazda engine dies you have a put a Ls engine in it.
SpaniardChris Hace 13 días
BE SURE That you didn't deform the head or the engine block, or else you will have replaced a gasket for nothing
Joseph Kall
Joseph Kall Hace 13 días
6:06 ah. Yes. Bring the car to the jack. Not the jack to the car!
james hendrix
james hendrix Hace 13 días
Just a side note. Always use anti seize on the exhaust nutts. Probably should have noted why the block wasn't removed and decked or maybe I missed it
Phil J. Meyer
Phil J. Meyer Hace 13 días
Last year I bought a 1996 Mercedes E420 for just over a 1,000€ with good spec, almost no rust and rather clean past. The only thing I had to do was a head gasket job. 250€ later and it's running strong and smooth after almost 10,000km by now. Yes, it is worth it and anyone can do it with enough time :-)
Enano P
Enano P Hace 13 días
“Are the engine gaskets worth it?”-- NorthStar behind a tree, looking over here while rubbing its hand and licking its lips.
H C Hace 13 días
I watched this last week and now my head gasket is leaking... how unfortunate
Freddie Hydra
Freddie Hydra Hace 13 días
I did the head gaskets on my 91 Corvette myself and all I can say is, it''s definitely worth it :)
Vlog City
Vlog City Hace 13 días
Bruh this video ended about 20 times lol
Tommy Estridge
Tommy Estridge Hace 13 días
You should have disconnected the ignition before cranking it the first time to allow the oil pressure to build up first.
Ian Clegg
Ian Clegg Hace 13 días
week late fix the waste gate
Ian Clegg
Ian Clegg Hace 13 días
three in a row bingo
Ian Clegg
Ian Clegg Hace 13 días
Elliot Ellis
Elliot Ellis Hace 13 días
The start of this episode was soon funny.
Th3DESTROYER 777 Hace 14 días
Is the engine loose
AugmentedGravity Hace 14 días
9:03 not so destilled anymore is it? hahahaha
natasha summers
natasha summers Hace 14 días
BRUH.... You had me rollin with “Its a huge process’ .... boom done in seconds hahahahahaha
Taylor Darr
Taylor Darr Hace 14 días
Fellas, is it worth it to put oil in your car?
Slys Plastering Sly101
Slys Plastering Sly101 Hace 14 días
Hidrolic. Sorry boys Historical pridictive text
Slys Plastering Sly101
Slys Plastering Sly101 Hace 14 días
Historic lifters filling with oil
A T Hace 14 días
we want more eddy!!!!!!!!!!!!
Andre Hace 14 días
Nice re-zero reference a man of culture I see
WildHorse Racing
WildHorse Racing Hace 14 días
Did you take into account the torque loss when using that extension with the torque wrench ? Could be as high as 10 gt-lbs depending on design, length, etc.
Kawaii five-o
Kawaii five-o Hace 15 días
7MGTE would like to know your location
adam s
adam s Hace 15 días
How can you replace a head gasket and put back on stock parts ? Gross...
adam s
adam s Hace 15 días
Lol , I like Eddie. We need to see more of him , he's funny
Para Noid
Para Noid Hace 15 días
what i dont get is why do kids today do not polish their head or exhaust manifold anymore if they already take it apart we did is allways if some one neede to change the gaskets in th 90s making the exaust folw better is no magic it dose not need much money just some time
Manuel Bou
Manuel Bou Hace 15 días
So sometimes that initial run after a major build like that requires you to either prime the oil system or immediately rev it to get oil pressure up. Its common for an idling engine to operate poorly at idle after a build because the oil pump is only building around 17 psi. So its not enough to fill everything up in the head that requires oil pressure to operate. If that was the case, it should've been gone by now. Good luck
AndrewKidd14145 Hace 15 días
Don’t mislead these guys, head gasket ain’t for the faint of heart, especially the timing, u get it a cunthair wrong the car runs like garbage, unless u have supporting mods for the retarded or advanced timing. Unless you actually have some experience don’t try it lol
Mr.Doofian Hace 15 días
You guys didn't forget the engine oil right!!?? 😂
Bleach Man
Bleach Man Hace 15 días
How do I change this on my rx7?
Bleach Man
Bleach Man Hace 15 días
I’m pretty sure mines bad
Not Me Not Me
Not Me Not Me Hace 15 días
4:17 I was taught to fasten bolts diagonally, opposite corners. Top left then bottom right then top right then bottom left etc etc 5:01 Most engines have camshaft and crankshaft pulley locking pins, to stop the pulley from spinning and holding them at the same angle when the timing belt is removed.
Les The Great
Les The Great Hace 15 días
Ask Subaru if a head gasket's worth it
Subways Shenanigans
Subways Shenanigans Hace 15 días
"easy" laughs in subaru difficulty
T sandhu
T sandhu Hace 15 días
Idk sometimes zack looks like *PAUL WALKER* to me
Mike Blust
Mike Blust Hace 15 días
I’m gonna make an educated guess that the valvetrain quieted down after running a while longer?
Bryson H
Bryson H Hace 15 días
I can’t wait till they turbo the Miata
Dieser Mann
Dieser Mann Hace 15 días
That has to be the easiest headgasket install ever on those Miatas. If every engine was a longitudinal engine located in an engine bay where there is actually room to get anything done then people would not be afraid of headgaskets. Even in a BMW 3series 4 banger with those monster long hoods there isn't a lot of room to work with because the engine is so far in the back. And don't even get me started on transverse mounted engines... you're fucked with one of the two manifolds and usually the rusty POS exhaust side is on the back where you can't see and can barely get a hand in. If you're not mechanicly inclined and you're comfortable with a shop doing it... get it to a shop. Get a motorcycle to get familiar with working on engines... or a Mazda MX5 actually, that looked cozy. ;) Not trying to smack talk the lads doing it, gotta do what you gotta do and looks like they aced it, I just feel like it's not very representative of your average headgasket headache.
Prometheus Legate
Prometheus Legate Hace 15 días
2001 version the 5S-FE or the 2001 camry xv20 had new metal headgaskets installed on the engines I just so happened to blow said headgasket installed old generation gasket from 99 and its worked fine ever since, THANKS TOYOTA
ansel_ 18
ansel_ 18 Hace 15 días
Make a video on those bikes in the back😂
Barefoot Hace 16 días
on my old D15 civic (EF hatch) you didn't even have to pull the exhaust/intake manifolds out of the car, just loosen and pull away from the head, then remove all the electricals... made it so much easier...
Fredrick osnebuklin
Fredrick osnebuklin Hace 16 días
High-low Miata edition
BMX CREW Hace 16 días
Yall need to fix all the dings on the miata and turbo ittt
Aidan Hamer
Aidan Hamer Hace 16 días
This mans whole career is and excuse to work on his project car
Julio Sumarriva
Julio Sumarriva Hace 16 días
the timing belt uses pulleys no gears (5:27), gears mesh with each other, you can have timing gears as well, good video
Ruben Haak
Ruben Haak Hace 16 días
i just want them newtonmeters and tightening angle
D-Jay Hace 16 días
Could you do an episode on cleaning up engine bay wiring? Bought a decommissioned police Charger R/T ‘09 and the previous owners left a rats nest of wires and zip ties. Hell, the headlight housings were tied on with a string of yarn.
Cassidy Olsen
Cassidy Olsen Hace 16 días
Cough cough ignition timing.
Dysastro Hace 16 días
subaru bois: 👀👀👀
At Any Time Net .Com
At Any Time Net .Com Hace 16 días
Eddie's Hair look Cool
n3rdyg1rl Hace 16 días
Old air cooled VW beetle engines didnt have head gaskets so imma say no, not worth it. :P
Bartonovich52 Hace 16 días
2010 Subaru Forester. Blows head gasket at 100,000 miles. “I’ll pay to have the engine removed and have it replaced because it’s a reliable vehicle and it’s worth it. Better replace the other one too just in case!” 2005 Chevy Malibu. Blows head gasket at 200,000 miles. “I’m going to scrap it because it’s an unreliable vehicle that’s not worth replacing the head gasket in situ for less half the price of the Forester”
nathan campbell
nathan campbell Hace 16 días
yeah its never "just a head gasket" usually the cause of the failure is far more expensive than just replacing a gasket. like warped or cracked heads or block. which is 9/10 the reality. $ for $ its usually cheaper to replace the entire engine with one from a salvage yard when talking about older basic cars.
wilsjane Hace 13 días
I have only had to replace a head gasket once in 55 years of owning cars. It was when VW first introduced hydraulically damped tappets. They had to increase the oil pressure and flow to the head and the narrow seal between the oil feed and the outside front of the engine was so narrow that the edge of the gasket failed, allowing oil to flow down the outside of the engine. The replacement gaskets had a soft copper ring in them to add the oil flow point. VW realized the problem quite early, so only the first few months production of the 1,300 petrol engine suffered the problem before the revised gasket was fitted during production. As you said, having to replace a head gasket is normally indicative of a fault.
Grey Fox
Grey Fox Hace 16 días
The problem with blown head gaskets is not the difficulty of the task per se. It is the difficulty of fixed ones that someone screwed up things doing it themselves that makes a blown head gasket car so easy to pass on. If the owner came to the conclusion and just said enough and sold it I might jump on it. If it went to a shop that quoted a high price to fix, or the owner replaced the last one, nope he can keep it as it is now more than just a blown head gasket.
1366 overclocker
1366 overclocker Hace 16 días
nah I just use foot gaskets, way less labour intensive and they have the same effect
coliniscolin Hace 16 días
was fixin my gasket but snapped a head bolt fukin rip
D.W. Saurus
D.W. Saurus Hace 16 días
ok now the $4000 cad repair quote for my legacy IF the gasket goes makes a lot more sense lol fml
Nick L.
Nick L. Hace 16 días
Low impedance vs. High impedance injectors.
rp42069 Hace 16 días
If it don't start up today, I'll buy another 1 tomorrow says the rich guy 😂 baller status
Fishheadmandible Hace 16 días
I did this on my 4 cylinder dodge shadow. I never took take of the car and melted the pistons and blew the head gasket. I bought a rebuild guide from Canadian Tire and thankfully my dad had all the tools (and know how) to do the work. It took me about 2-3 weeks to do the teardown and clean the parts. The best part is we used headgasket out of a tube! squirt it on and put the top on and that is it! Worked fine first start with no extra parts!
Dan Brown
Dan Brown Hace 16 días
Missed a couple stuff out, like you have to get the head skimmed and also you filmed it but didn’t explain that once you’ve done timing you should make sure it goes round two full rotations by hand before starting it
Alexis Knows
Alexis Knows Hace 15 días
Well he did say spent $900 on the rebuild , head shave was done for sure ! If they took off 0.040 thousands , he now has 10.5 to 1 .....:-) Those piston tops look real clean , so maybe some work done there too.
John Dobak
John Dobak Hace 16 días
You gotta wonder at what level of precision headgaskets aren't required. Like if they could make the head/block and hold tolerances to .00001 inches would you even need a headgasket?
[Corporal] NoobNr66
[Corporal] NoobNr66 Hace 16 días
What is a head gasket
Darius Jonsson
Darius Jonsson Hace 16 días
2 dollars says the next vid will be low compression pison install. Yall know what that means
Captains Workspace
Captains Workspace Hace 16 días
Or simply buy a car/engine that doesnt have any gaskets. Problem solved.
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