Are Cars Going To Keep Getting Bigger?

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Hace 24 días

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Did you know that the Mini Cooper is a full three feet longer than it was when it first came out? Cars are getting bigger every year, and it's not just compact cars, EVERY type of car is getting buff. But why? Join Nolan as we explore the cultural, technological and safety factors that are making cars bigger, and figure out: how big are are they going to get?
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anon Hace 18 minutos
Kind of weak comparing a regular cab ranger vs a crew cab.
solracer66 Hace 2 horas
The short answer is yes as people keep getting bigger and bigger as well... :(
alexis gonzales
alexis gonzales Hace 14 horas
I actually have a compact truck(Chevy s10) they are great for the city lol
Visagoth Metakam
Visagoth Metakam Hace 16 horas
Good one.. They don't live in the city, they haven't had to park larger cars.... Then again, door dings, probably sell more cars? While newer cars, the metal is thinner and there is more plastic.. Plastic everything... Bumpers are foam, with a piece of plastic, much like a Wal-Mart $10 swimming pool.
SMMlilspoon 7
SMMlilspoon 7 Hace 16 horas
Doge in 2040: we need to make a electric car to keep up with the rest of the competition. The guy who made the Demond: how bout a 1,000 hp supercharged electric v8
Cesar Sosa
Cesar Sosa Hace un día
Sooo no one is gonna talk about the new hummerEV?
First Name Second Name
First Name Second Name Hace un día
Because there owners are getting fatter 🤣🤦🏻‍♂️
Clark McLoughlin
Clark McLoughlin Hace 2 días
Looks at my 50 year old beetle: Come on grow!
Ryan Murphy
Ryan Murphy Hace 3 días
Zunes in the body panels killed me
electricamir248 Hace 4 días
I want to see a frontal offset crash test between a smart car and a princess truck.
Pavel Suk
Pavel Suk Hace 4 días
Europe (Czech Republic): Minimal width of line without any signs: 2.5m (even in curves). Some older roads do not even have width signs and the width is about 2m in each direction. It is up to you so slow down from 90/100kph to an appropriate speed (and get 2 wheels out of the road) if you are passing some big vehicle and find a spot to do it safely (not in curves, not under trees). There are some crashes due to this.
Mobile Games
Mobile Games Hace 4 días
This guy needs to make an Onlyfans ASAP!
Dan Rezaie
Dan Rezaie Hace 5 días
Stop the bloat! But test to making the cars big enough for tall people. My best cars were light hatchbacks from the 80s. I’m looking at you fx16 and Honda Covid I miss you both.
E̶a̶s̶t̶e̶r̶n̶ ̶ ̶R̶o̶a̶d̶s̶ R
E̶a̶s̶t̶e̶r̶n̶ ̶ ̶R̶o̶a̶d̶s̶ R Hace 5 días
UMustBeHigh Hace 6 días
So, cars are getting bigger only bc of bad drivers?
Bxhnes Hace 7 días
I feel like Americans just have a horrible system for getting your license. You really don't need to do that much to get one. Some other countries require schooling and lengthy examinations. Plenty of morons that drive over here. People getting impatient etc.
TheReal VTEC
TheReal VTEC Hace 7 días
2020: 210 inches 3020: 200,010 inches 4020: 2,000,010 inches
Door De Deur
Door De Deur Hace 8 días
The trend in Europe is to make cars a bit more compact and lighter than their predecessors. There's no need anymore to make cars bigger and heavier to accommodate all safety requirements.
Door De Deur
Door De Deur Hace 8 días
I have a Daihatsu Move micro MPV. It has no safety, but it's in many ways a lot better than modern cars.
mohammed AL-Nouri
mohammed AL-Nouri Hace 8 días
why did you ignore that huge 60s and 70s muscle cars became smaller
David Price
David Price Hace 8 días
Gigakubica is the future
Alexandre straatmann
Alexandre straatmann Hace 8 días
You should look for Fiat Toro. A true compact pickup in Brazil. Not the greatest car but....there is
Yusuf Dawood
Yusuf Dawood Hace 8 días
Infrastructure here in JHB is weird though. Some places are actually too small even for my car which is a e46 and next to a new g series is tiny but even next to a e36 I still find it smaller. On a smoother note I've had smooth nuts since pubity. Lok
AMG Suprazz
AMG Suprazz Hace 9 días
dude i need a taco bell sencer
Mehdi Badouj
Mehdi Badouj Hace 9 días
10:43 Nolan : the new GR yaris has the power full 3 cylinder engine Me : doesent the
HasseBrasse Hace 9 días
Humans have gotten bigger too
Pool Looser
Pool Looser Hace 9 días
Lucas Yutzy
Lucas Yutzy Hace 9 días
I am so down for the compact truck idea
Nachooos Hace 10 días
Nolan, James, I wanna know why expensive cars have a cheap-like touch screens.
Mark Maxwell
Mark Maxwell Hace 10 días
Probably as Americans get bigger... 😂😂😂
Spac18 Hace 10 días
Manscaping is unmanly
SL twentyeight
SL twentyeight Hace 10 días
waiting for hummer ev. bigger is better, now guilt free.
Prototyp3m1nd Hace 10 días
Demand is saying that people apparently want crossovers more than anything else, and realistically I think that's what people in cities tend towards. Would be interesting to see if there are findings otherwise, but that's the data I've come across when looking around. Compact trucks just aren't all that sought after AFAIK.
Elijah W
Elijah W Hace 11 días
2014: Gas prices bad (Obama) 2020:Gas prices good (Trump) Interesting 🤔
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Hace 11 días
Cars in the old days use to be huge, then they got small because of fuel, now they're getting huge again
Deeky Evans
Deeky Evans Hace 11 días
It is good to know it is not just because we are all getting bigger
Eddy K
Eddy K Hace 11 días
Hint they have to fit in the lanes lol or go higher up. Maybe that explains suvs lol. They may listen you you on building compact truck, if anyone would buy them lol. Besides you and a couple others.
machinis Hace 11 días
This should be a 101 lesson for every millennial. How more regulation isn't always the outcome you'd expect.
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Hace 11 días
Ummm. Honda ridgeline
ethan gollnik
ethan gollnik Hace 11 días
Hey, my brother is actually a transportation engineer. He has bounced all over the us
Benjamin Brassard
Benjamin Brassard Hace 11 días
Omg I love compact trucks. They are so awesome.
Milo Marchiori
Milo Marchiori Hace 11 días
The Koenigsegg Gemera also has a turbocharged inline 3 which has to be the coolest of all of them
Brando Rojas
Brando Rojas Hace 12 días
*hates sack taps 😂
Joe DiMarra
Joe DiMarra Hace 12 días
we need wider lanes for 18 wheelers bruh
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy Hace 12 días
Nolan: i'm so glad ball-tapping was not just popular at my school that shit is so weird.
Christopher Decker
Christopher Decker Hace 12 días
I work at shell gas in redbank nj and right now its 2.19 a gallon i have a 2000 cadillac s.l.s v8 cost me about $43 to fill my tank
BG SOUND Hace 12 días
11:15 Nolan, put that turbo 4 cyl in your grandpa's truck...that's a great ideal. Now, If you're the owner of a $104k Navigator (with a turbo 4 cyl) on its 3rd headgasket, burning oil at 63k miles...bad ideal.
jellofuel Hace 12 días
A lot of it is showboating as well. An example that wasn't mentioned is the emblem on basically any domestic truck & SUV. Used to be, the blue oval was a tiny emblem a few inches wide, and now you can read *FORD* on the grille from a mile away. Bolded for emphasis lol
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy Hace 12 días
Go EV No farting noise and gas in the city anymore
Steve Edward
Steve Edward Hace 12 días
People want 7 seats and the interior space of a Dodge Caravan, they style of a Range Rover, something easy to park like a Honda Fit, the power of a Hellcat, all the latest tech of an Audi A8, and the fuel efficiency of a Prius. All for $25k with full options. Meeting customer demand is a pain in the ass.
Brian Alvarez
Brian Alvarez Hace 12 días
The Koenigsegg Gemera has 2.0L 3cyl that makes 592hp and 443tq.
scott Edwards
scott Edwards Hace 12 días
Yessssss!!!!!! They need to make a remastered Chevy s-10 same size and everything
Caleb Gaard
Caleb Gaard Hace 12 días
this man just said “ball deodorant”
Christopher Davis
Christopher Davis Hace 12 días
I agree with the compact truck
M Wells
M Wells Hace 12 días
Ummm. Honda ridgeline
Robert Bailey 369
Robert Bailey 369 Hace 12 días
M.R. Saar
M.R. Saar Hace 12 días
Just wanted to point out that the Koenigsegg Gemera has a 600hp 3-cylinder engine. FreeValve tech FTW!
manuel hernandez
manuel hernandez Hace 12 días
Is this dude getting leaner
pseudoswitch Hace 13 días
Epic Mario mushroom growth sound effects
narebman Hace 13 días
I had a 1999 grand marquis for a long time. I could never figure out why the hood was a mile long. If you opened it up there was a solid 10 inches of empty space between the engine and radiator. It could have had a frunk.
Boog the Bear
Boog the Bear Hace 13 días
Anyone realized that Donut almost has 4.20 subs.
raahul c g
raahul c g Hace 13 días
daft punk!!
Reuben the animator
Reuben the animator Hace 13 días
The reason why Americans hate small cars is because they don't have a metric system.
CCCanyon Hace 13 días
Go EV No farting noise and gas in the city anymore
Meals OnWheels
Meals OnWheels Hace 13 días
I want to drive the thing that moves space shuttles
José Lucas
José Lucas Hace 13 días
Here in Brazil we have truly Compact Trucks, or what they call here, utilitary vehicles like: ford courier (R.I.P), vw Saveiro, Fiat Strada, Chevy Montana, lol... Nolan, please, you have to talk about the brazilian market, is very funny compared to the American market
AnunnakiThe1 Hace 14 días
nope, they just getting shittyer .
DEXTER REH Hace 14 días
YEESSSSS, bring back minitruuuuckss!!!
DEXTER REH Hace 14 días
Former mechanic here, can confirm. Doors are full of Zunes.
Михаил Сокол
Михаил Сокол Hace 14 días
I also think that cars are not that big, like they were during "the golden era of land yachts " I prefer those cars over even the new s class or 7 series , remind me of something similar in dimensions to 60-70s riviera and a coupé btw
Ken Lipper
Ken Lipper Hace 14 días
My 3 Series BMW is the same size as previous versions. It's called a 2-Series now!
donutdoode69 Hace 14 días
new kars sukkkk way 2 bigg!!
Paul Roux
Paul Roux Hace 15 días
Robert Nuttall
Robert Nuttall Hace 15 días
Great video Nolan!🇺🇸
Vegas RoManiac
Vegas RoManiac Hace 15 días
yes i vote for small truck !
Blake Hace 15 días
is it funny i actually watched the whole sponsor thing? lol
just bikes
just bikes Hace 15 días
Nolan its not the yaris its the gemera, that has most powerful 3 cylinnder engine 2.0 L Koenigsegg TFG twin-turbocharged Freevalve Inline-3 #morepowerbaby @donutmedia
C345 OFR
C345 OFR Hace 15 días
Cars have been getting faster/more powerful but speed limits have remained the same. Well done, car manufacturers!
Ian Clegg
Ian Clegg Hace 15 días
yeah, with skinny roads if you mess up crossing em, you got less far to run and jump.
Tolga Tekin
Tolga Tekin Hace 15 días
İ think an Caprice classic is still Bigger tan most of the cars
The Piano Gang
The Piano Gang Hace 15 días
I think they will get bigger Cuz Samsung s2 was "super big" back then but now the galaxy Note 20 ultra is like 6.9 inch screen
James Wood
James Wood Hace 15 días
My grandpa had a red 1997 Ranger.
KartoffelWilli Peter
KartoffelWilli Peter Hace 15 días
Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Tokyo have some of the lowest rates of accidents. Yes, this will definetely be mainly caused by the tighter roads compared to the US and not by, I don't know, the amount of driving practice needed to get a license or even the general attitude and behaviour of people in those countries....
C345 OFR
C345 OFR Hace 15 días
Haha, exactly - he chose to focus on the only variable that didn't matter in those examples, to fit his narrative.
Lou F
Lou F Hace 16 días
Pickup trucks are so ridulosly high, you hardly can reach over the side. 90s had the most practical size.
Vynnx A
Vynnx A Hace 16 días
To sum it up. It's OBAMA'S FAULT!
Robert Romero
Robert Romero Hace 16 días
Next episode, are roads going to keep getting smaller?
Ron Swanson
Ron Swanson Hace 16 días
My buddy tapped a lady’s bumber going walking pace and broke a sensor the fuck
QuasiMonkey Hace 16 días
Thankful for the increase in height and leg room in cars for us tall boys.
Austin Kornelsen
Austin Kornelsen Hace 17 días
What about the even older for rangers? Those were bigger than any Ford Ranger today.
Mathieu Legendre
Mathieu Legendre Hace 17 días
Nolan J Sykes is to motorized vehicles what Carl Sagan was to stars and planets. Love your work! Also props to the editing staff!
Jakub Urban
Jakub Urban Hace 17 días
Maybe one reason why amsterdam has less fatal car crashes per residents is that most people use bikes and public transport? I ve been in Amsterdam like 2 days ago and compared to my city (Warsaw) there hardly are any cars. Its all bikes and trams.
Bart Bocklandt
Bart Bocklandt Hace 17 días
koenigsegg has most powerfull 3 banger FYI 600 horses at 2.0 liter
Dan Manthe
Dan Manthe Hace 17 días
I rue the day I got rid of my Ranger
Jack Colson
Jack Colson Hace 17 días
what's interesting is f1 cars can apply to this. ever since 2017, the cars have been getting longer as a result of trying to achieve better aerodynamic efficiency and better track width and so on. the problem is that they have gained a little over 200 pounds since the change from 2016 to 2017
The Palooch
The Palooch Hace 17 días
I-5? You mean The 5.
amicloud Hace 17 días
"The I-5" when you can't decide whether you want to be Californian or not
Cameron Kovatovich
Cameron Kovatovich Hace 17 días
2021 gmc syclone
Tom Hace 17 días
Yes but its only getting bigger on the outside or its unusefull space (99% of the time)
African Explorer Magazine
African Explorer Magazine Hace 17 días
bloodycardinal Hace 17 días
You have JUST been telling people they don't need huge SUVs when they don't have kids, so tell me exactly what use would you have for a pick-up truck in a city?
Borla 44
Borla 44 Hace 15 días
In this case, everyone don't need lots of guns in their house, along with having expensive high cost phones and etc.
Long Shlong
Long Shlong Hace 17 días
call me when landbarge sedans make a comeback
Madogen Hace 17 días
Another reason, though it may well be in here as another comment, manufactures work on customer loyalty. If someone buys a Ford Fiesta, the next models get bigger and bigger to encourage customers to get a bigger car. Then they bring in a new smaller car, such as the Ford KA, etc. You see it less now, but this used to be the trend.
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