All the Insane Drama from Quarantine eRacing

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Racing is back! But don’t let that distract you from all the craziness that went down in virtual sim racing lobbies. From the first cancelled races to grassroots organizers setting up virtual events, to the juicy drama around sponsors and dubious crashes, we saw it all online. Join Nolan for all the triumphs and downfalls that quarantine served up, it’s a wild ride.
WheelHouse answers all the questions about the automotive world you never thought to ask. Nolan Sykes looks at the history, sociology and psychology behind the cars you love, and the features you might overlook.
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Jimmy Broadbent
Jimmy Broadbent Hace 3 meses
Shed amateur*
Noah Mulvey
Noah Mulvey Hace 15 días
@Donut Media yes
Devan Gadhia
Devan Gadhia Hace 27 días
doge atron
doge atron Hace un mes
I like that you found this
BlockWorkYT Hace un mes
Anything Motorized
Anything Motorized Hace un mes
Shed Sheeran!
The holy Duck
The holy Duck Hace 2 horas
Andreas Lehne
Andreas Lehne Hace 4 horas
who else noticed the same tune at the end as @timthetatman has on his videos? :P
Sarah Wapling
Sarah Wapling Hace 7 horas
Vincent Breidinger
Vincent Breidinger Hace un día
Bruh that pimple though
CreamnCoffee2 Hace 4 días
Some people take Eracing too seriously.. money should have stayed out of it. It was a time for the best racers to take it easy. And we discovered that best racers love to crash into each other and do terrible decision in Eracing. Don't trust F1 drivers in Eracing. But they are so entertaining. When their boss says " you are p20? sent it in turn 1 and hope you survive "
John Sikes
John Sikes Hace 5 días
Seriously do you get so WORKED UP over a bunch of ones and zeros in some electronic circuits...this is farking silly.
Flynn Thomas
Flynn Thomas Hace 5 días
Hey I’m from down under and where I’m from we are having our yearly race it’s called the bathurst 1000 and I think a video on the track and the Legends of the mountain could make a good video
SkyfoxPlays Hace 5 días
I feel like people should be giving these guys a little bit of leeway with accidents like 13:20, because their using a virtual setup with ratios for things like steering that may feel different enough for them to make mistakes in heated moments.
Lauri Hulikkala
Lauri Hulikkala Hace 6 días
These sponsors should chill out seriously... I mean i understand th n word but those other people who were fired... sheesh.
Dylan Eastman
Dylan Eastman Hace 6 días
Pop the pimple
Michael Hurwitz
Michael Hurwitz Hace 6 días
The Blue-Emu thing was blown out of proportion on both sides.
Aki Hace 7 días
Landobot > DAS
Nathan's Nonsense
Nathan's Nonsense Hace 7 días
gamer moment
Qardo Hace 8 días
Yeah well. Bubba Wallace is gone. He left NASCAR all of this and such. Really. As much at first, Bubba was cool. He clearly got too big for his britches and he never performed well in any of the races he was in. Heck, the whole "Noosegate" that happened. Really kind of crashed his credibility. By the way. The Noose that so happened to have been discovered in the garage his team was using. It had been in that garage for well over a year. It had nothing to do with anything racist. And this is news that came from the FBI. Not some in-house investigation from NASCAR. The Federal Government was called in and investigated this supposed "Hate Crime".
Imagine getting fired because of a video game. That shouldn't be allowed
Michael Christian
Michael Christian Hace 10 días
The outro that donut media used was the same that timthetatman used i just realized
VincentVanGeisha Hace 10 días
some people are just salty
Pandagaming Hace 10 días
Murph14j / murph23b
Murph14j / murph23b Hace 11 días
Up to speed: dirt track racing
Ethan C
Ethan C Hace 11 días
This is a certified gamer moment...
Marre Hace 13 días
>Nascar >Motorsport Pick one
Noah Suter
Noah Suter Hace 13 días
No one: Lando: JIMMY!
Maxwell Persic
Maxwell Persic Hace 14 días
He butchered Justin Allgaier
Seth Albrightest
Seth Albrightest Hace 14 días
Bubba Smolette is a quitter
nikolai gold
nikolai gold Hace 16 días
the add dentalhydroploshion
Specter1031 Hace 19 días
Can someone explain to me why Simon Paggy didn't blame the car that hit him? There was enough room for all 3 and it's not Landon's fault that middle car steered so far right into Simon, even if there are only 2 wide during that turn or something similar that I heard the other day about not being 3 wide in actual IndyCar.
Chris Chronos Gaming
Chris Chronos Gaming Hace 14 días
Yeah, That made verrry little sense to me too
StevenFTW 5
StevenFTW 5 Hace 22 días
Bruh George has been overtakeing best of last year's rookies
InxsLEGOrailfan4449 Hace 27 días
also larson has since apagised and might be reterning to nascar next year
White Stallion 01
White Stallion 01 Hace 28 días
Where’s the sprint car videos??????
xCr8ivex Hace 28 días
It's neither the way Nolan said it nor the way they said it
lonetrader1 Hace 28 días
Naw dude, this ain't real just a cut scene from a game......
JDM4LIFE Hace un mes
everyone: his name is Jummy Broadbent me: AEEEE ITS THE SHED GUY F YEAH
frankie Hace un mes
"oh you guys cant hear me" *guess ill just say the n word lol*
omar ben abdelfatteh barkatis
omar ben abdelfatteh barkatis Hace un mes
as the event started as a peaceful and supportive action helping with quarantine, it could have gone much better if the media and the business didn't step in. as they ruined the real joy of racing with your favorite f1 racers and enjoying racing events from your monitor .
Patrick hiphop
Patrick hiphop Hace un mes
oh look the victim leech Bubba quit BabyRage
BotDamian Hace un mes
Sadly I know German and there are few things that he also lied about. Daniel Abt said that he will let a pro sim racer drive on stream and he didn't say that he actually covered the dudes face. I would understand if they did it for fun so people see it's not Daniel driving, but this is just a scam, he said something else in his video and did much worse.
Scott Hace un mes
Are we all just pretending this guy doesn't have a dead possum on his head?!
Spectacular Spaghetti
Spectacular Spaghetti Hace un mes
When Forza becomes professional:
Tam Ago
Tam Ago Hace un mes
God I love gank
Kyser Hace un mes
The assassinating racers is a real thing.
ZGaming Hace un mes
Solution: Have people punch drivers whenever they wreck.
Suryan Nair
Suryan Nair Hace un mes
What did Larson say?
Festus Hace un mes
Okay okay real talk: cussing has become over sensitive. Its pathetic. Why cant anyone say fuck? Who must they beep it out. But I've seen said make penis jokes? Come on I just want to hear this guy say fuck.
Stuart Glover
Stuart Glover Hace un mes
Dude, grieving in a video game happens all the time. Kids even grieved other players in the fortnite world cup which was for a cool 30 million dollars. Thats just how video games work.
Vader R6
Vader R6 Hace un mes
i feel like i half to pop the zit
Dylan Bushmire
Dylan Bushmire Hace un mes
This got me into iracing before I watched this I didn’t know what iracing was before this and now I’m living it up in d class arca series
Lord Arceus_666
Lord Arceus_666 Hace un mes
8:32 I side with the company he rage quit just because if a crash put him in a forza lobby he's quitting on the first corner
apollo patriot
apollo patriot Hace un mes
omg bubba rage quit
FuRyAf1fツ Hace un mes
Dont forget, Kuru beat Charles Leclerc
TheFarmingPickle Hace un mes
with nascar i was sad
Mad Joe Mak
Mad Joe Mak Hace un mes
Sounds like they failed to tell the drivers whether the racing should be taken seriously or not. They could have had some serious races and some races where they can mess around or something
Bruce T. Wayne
Bruce T. Wayne Hace un mes
The thought police, we heard you said a word. What a joke, the future will be full of loser babys
Snifey secret channel
Snifey secret channel Hace un mes
Coolmathgames everyone?
Andrew Dean
Andrew Dean Hace un mes
no way jimmy got a mention from donut ive known about that guy doing racing sim for like 3 years
Users Plays
Users Plays Hace un mes
the Nascar E racing should have not added/give any resets to the player/racers instead should have added a pitstop for the racers to fix their car but no respawn
Latney Hace un mes
If words hurt you, wait til you meet people.
Eli Percival
Eli Percival Hace un mes
iRacing is crap you can't use your xbox controller on WTF They want you to buy $300+ wheel pedals ect and using the keyboard and mouse also does not work for shit!!!!!!!!!!!
virtual vroom man
virtual vroom man Hace un mes
You can use your xbox controller or even keyboard and mouse, but its a simulator - would driving a real race car be easy on an xbox controller? No? It wont be in iracing either. None of the current simulators' physics are exactly the real deal, but theyre close enough.
Keaton Storch
Keaton Storch Hace un mes
They should bring out richered
InxsLEGOrailfan4449 Hace un mes
and blue emu has regented droping bubba becuse now culumbia sportswere and cashapp have signed on so epic fail blue emu
Subscribe or Joseph will haunt you
Subscribe or Joseph will haunt you Hace un mes
Nah man, gamers are better drivers than those real drivers.
virtual vroom man
virtual vroom man Hace un mes
Only the best of the best get into the pro scene in simracing (has nothing to do with money) and they have way more hours in the seat than any professional racing drivers in the world rn so yea :D
MCLERA Hace un mes
"this years quarantine racing season"...
Matheus Xavier
Matheus Xavier Hace un mes
This video is what happens when you don't take the Drivers Licences tests on Gran Turismo. You can learn a lot on those, don't skip them people.
m3ntl3g3n Hace un mes
Lol and people say that cancel culture isn't real. Also what the fuck is sensitivity training?
ZikaLoko F1Challenge
ZikaLoko F1Challenge Hace un mes
15:48 Music name plz?
Iqmal Wolfenden
Iqmal Wolfenden Hace un mes
I think intentional crashing shouldn't be controversy it should be expected. I think it adds entertainment and is thus good for the iracing scene.
detachablepickle 1
detachablepickle 1 Hace un mes
gets dropped for saying nigga
mysterious_polish_man Hace un mes
kyle larson was probably used to playing modern warfare 2 on xbox 360 kek
Dan Hace un mes
Bubba is the Jessie Smollet of racing.
Paul Paulie
Paul Paulie Hace un mes
How does dale jr always get screwed out of the credit? He has been backing Iracing since back in the day. He had been trying to get a televised league on tv for awhile to say the least.
synth15 Hace un mes
A mechanic from one F1 team tested positive, not just showed symptoms. Get your facts straight
FrenchyJr Hace un mes
Where criticals dad in all of this
Ethan Chan
Ethan Chan Hace un mes
Kyle Larson:Oh my mics off,lets just Not restart and say something racist NASCAR:imma end this guys whole career
Jizzy G
Jizzy G Hace un mes
I'll never understand why someone would just throw n-word randomly, without any context. Like, if you want to offend a black dude - there's at least a context (still shitty move, not acceptable BUT there's a context). Out of nowhere...why?
Existing in a space
Existing in a space Hace un mes
How the fuck do you leave out North Wilksboro getting resurrected for Iracing from this?
Logan sloan
Logan sloan Hace un mes
They all got horizon in their blood....
Dark Meme10
Dark Meme10 Hace un mes
You can’t really blame them aren’t we all toxic when we play any kind of game
Chase Mug
Chase Mug Hace un mes
Now Kyle Larson is one of the greatest dirt track drivers because of it
Letty Marshall
Letty Marshall Hace un mes
What abt Super GT?Did he participate?
Xyber Team MorbID
Xyber Team MorbID Hace un mes
Lool so semsible people. Just because une guy said some thing that every une says and get desmised. What is that this world have a big hipocrisi problem
Inebriated Engineering
Inebriated Engineering Hace un mes
"And that word shouldn't have a place in anyone's vocabulary".... Unless it's a hit song.
Inebriated Engineering
Inebriated Engineering Hace un mes
Seems kinda sadistic that they chose the guy with the most crooked teeth to advertise the toothbrush.
william nadurak
william nadurak Hace un mes
As more of a game person then a car person, I really think this stuff is a satire of public sensitivities.
SHRKATK Hace un mes
Is anyone else distracted by the lights reflecting off his glasses or is that just me?
NutSticks Hace un mes
Great material. I do hope the E-sport scene will grow exponentially over the years.
Tim Weldon
Tim Weldon Hace un mes
Fired while trash talking on a video game wow....
LouieMaker Hace un mes
If anyone watched WTF1 before this, you'd see Daniel Abt giving Matty boi a drive in Formula E. Sad to see him lose his own.
David Cardenas
David Cardenas Hace un mes
What was the racist slur
virtual vroom man
virtual vroom man Hace un mes
n word with the hard r.
plain_bagel 3712
plain_bagel 3712 Hace un mes
Sanetizes 99% The 1%:hehehe there to week
The LowLife710x
The LowLife710x Hace un mes
why is timthetatmans outtro music your outtro music... ?
Jacob Gannon
Jacob Gannon Hace un mes
Did you call she'd legend boi an amateur?!?!?!???!!!!
Bruh Moment
Bruh Moment Hace un mes
People be the big mad because my man called the homies nigga damn it really be ya own niggas
Maximilian Kummer
Maximilian Kummer Hace un mes
Pls no punterino, Jimmer.
Axner Hace un mes
Mr Turtle
Mr Turtle Hace un mes
The biggest reason i only drift in sim games is because ppl take it too seriously otherwise. And i never enter drift comps because they treat it like real life. Whilst i respect that the biggest fun of simracing is dicking around. Doing dumb shit and having a laugh. Thats what gaming in general should be. So if people have fun in beeing serious sure but not everyone takes it that seriously. Tho if you do participate in a comoetition you really should take it seriously or you might loose your job hahah
Hooper Calamari
Hooper Calamari Hace un mes
Put in injure penalties
Bit Rage
Bit Rage Hace 2 meses
I think everyone should stop being pussies and every1 should be able to say whatever tf they want
LITTLEVALLE 13 Hace 2 meses
13:34 He was just tryna drift
Alex Savastru
Alex Savastru Hace 2 meses
You see how no f1 virtual gp made the cut? You may ask yourself why that is. I'm asking myself why Nascar and Indycar did. Henceforth my choice of sticking to only f1 is proven corecct syke noobs
Damon Cooper
Damon Cooper Hace 2 meses
The competitive spirit is always there. When you don't have to worry about injury or high expense in damages, the beat (and the beast) comes out. Unfortunately, it's much easier to set the ugly side of people behind a screen or keyboard. That being said; we should remember the quitters, cheats, and racists when we get back to the real world.
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