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For well over a century, cars, trucks, and SUV’s have been manufactured and built in the same fashion. Today, though, there’s a company that’s doing things a bit different. The Czinger 21C is one of the most impressive vehicles ever built. Even more impressive than the car, though, is how the car gets designed and made. We’re going to take a look at how artificial intelligence, with the help of 3D printing, may change the entire automotive industry, and how a small team in California could make it happen sooner than you think.
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Edward Bromfield
Edward Bromfield Hace 3 horas
I want to develop my own sports car company using A1 but implementing retro styling cues like kidey grills and pop up head lights lol
Seth Bushnell
Seth Bushnell Hace 3 horas
Is he saying “bleeding edge”????
Black Sheep
Black Sheep Hace 3 horas
497 million I build my dream car collection
Kuroi Uzu
Kuroi Uzu Hace 3 horas
Problem is AIs don't have eyes that car is ugly as hell
Batscat Hace 3 horas
Such tight clearance is going to make this vehicle impossible to repair.
George Holt
George Holt Hace 3 horas
$497Million, I'd have a shitload of planes, a race team, a Kart track, and a hot wife ;) I'm kidding, I ain't getting married haha
cinIALVEspO w
cinIALVEspO w Hace 3 horas
not sure if its the lighting or camera settings or what but your skin tones / complexion looks really messed up in this. apolagies if that's just how you are.
Number One
Number One Hace 3 horas
And still, I, a German can drive that car legally for aslong as I want, for free, at the max speed( aslong as the traffic allows)^^ But you guys can't:D
zwxq3 Hace 4 horas
Really interesting stuff. But it feels like a human decided what type of engine to put in the car.. Feels like a v8 combustion engine is pretty primitive stuff for AI. I think the car would have a different "powerplant" if AI would factor in every little aspect to improve the vehicle's performance. I could be wrong though...
Chris Suttle
Chris Suttle Hace 4 horas
Lay off the lip filler! Your top lip is barely moving!! #CreepyAF #Sheesh
Link Hace 4 horas
The biggest problem with this way of building cars as a mechanic of 24 years I’m sure because all the tight tolerances there are practically gonna be no space to work in You’re probably have to dismantle the majority of the car just to get to a air duct for the air conditioning or wiring Looking forward to the design of the car but not working on them that’s a strong pass
Sidney Fein
Sidney Fein Hace 4 horas
Now have it design an RV.
JCisJD Hace 5 horas
How can you make something so interesting sound so dull...?!... Best bit , the use of the word BONKERS;)
Nexter Pl
Nexter Pl Hace 5 horas
Not fastest - it was never tested IRL, and many other car manufacturers promise better performance. Not most environmentally friendly - a bicycle is. Doesn't use the least material, nor energy to manufacture - Soviet Lada's do. Not Revolutionary design - It has been used in construction since the first bridge that incorporated steel beams. This design costs a FUCKTON to make, hence no car manufacturer wanted that. Designed by AI - Yes, but just a small portion, and a human had to check, approve and modify all the changes anyways. Made entirely by machines - Yes, like every other machine these days.
Melanin alien
Melanin alien Hace 5 horas
With much money I would literally go off grid you will not find me no phone or email
Melanin alien
Melanin alien Hace 5 horas
Ooh just wait until the military complex want to build robots to kill🤔
Francesco Prodi
Francesco Prodi Hace 6 horas
As an engineering student I find this extremely beautiful and extremeley deadly for me at the same time 🤣
Grayson Rushton
Grayson Rushton Hace 6 horas
At least it's not like "LoOk aT tHIs CaR dESiGnEd bY WOmeN"
Up-a-Creek Hace 7 horas
So AI is going to put tens of thousands of people out of work making cars you can't legally drive over 70mph for rich people... IT'S A BRAVE NEW WORLD... LMAO
kalo tamanikaiyaroi
kalo tamanikaiyaroi Hace 7 horas
The best thing is low production expense means low price, unless the owner is greedy and wants more profit...
Hakeem Simmons
Hakeem Simmons Hace 8 horas
Mario Josipović
Mario Josipović Hace 8 horas
Well this is a load of bullshit... every car manufacturer has parts shipped from china. And china makes them with smelters and mixed recycled metals and that is why most of the car companies are on trial. They are only ''assembled'' at the country that sells it.
Debby Miressa
Debby Miressa Hace 8 horas
too good to be true
Achim Tillmann
Achim Tillmann Hace 8 horas
"...Slave to the algorithm..."
bdenzau Hace 8 horas
Eventually they could have hundreds of models that can be built to order
benzonex Hace 9 horas
benzonex Hace 9 horas
Your rendition of a 15 yrs old is as good as unnerving... ;-)
Rebel Nomad
Rebel Nomad Hace 9 horas
The start of Terminator Sky Net..
Simon Als Nielsen
Simon Als Nielsen Hace 10 horas
Sounds cool, I hope they can pull it off.
djIIaSh Hace 11 horas
Anyone else feel the need to punch this dude in the face?
Paul Gloor
Paul Gloor Hace 11 horas
497 mil left over, buy more assembly units and roll out an 'on demand' production facility selling exceptional automobiles at industry breaking rates. Your order will take 127 days but you'll pay half the price, maybe less, than you would for a standard car.
MAMMAsgotTOAST Hace 11 horas
They're not really a car company. They're a manufacturing company advertising their process to other car companies, with this car.
Tomas Maliauka
Tomas Maliauka Hace 11 horas
You are so happy, that you are absolete. People are the middle point in evolution from monkeys to A.I. machines. The transformation will going to be fast for you to see in your own life.
Chris Medley
Chris Medley Hace 11 horas
Why not Bluetooth the wiring
Cyrian Hace 11 horas
A fender bender will total this car, cuz it’s humanly impossible to repair. 😅
Jinglemybells23 Hace 12 horas
Bleeding edge
Aquatic Ape
Aquatic Ape Hace 12 horas
Laser sintering 3D printer = EOS system from Michigan. So fkkn cool.
Mike Schiavoni
Mike Schiavoni Hace 12 horas
So does a functioning car exist, road or track?
Aquatic Ape
Aquatic Ape Hace 12 horas
It’s called “generative design” and its the future.
MASLIN BRUNER Hace 12 horas
*DETROIT:* Become Human
aterack833 Hace 12 horas
So like the idea of using stainless steel exhaust as the frame rails? Or no?
Nsixtyfourlink Hace 13 horas
So it is going to be impossible to fix when things break.
Rogue Gunfighter
Rogue Gunfighter Hace 13 horas
I can't wait to see what this technology can achieve in other design areas. Off-road trucks, motorcycles, boats, even architecture...
AllegorX FPV
AllegorX FPV Hace 13 horas
This is a scam. AI did not design this car. And 3D printing with metals doesn’t work this well yet.
Oat lord
Oat lord Hace 13 horas
There were two paid promotions in this video.
Johnny Chun
Johnny Chun Hace 14 horas
So if the vehicle break down, how would a mechanic fix it ? or do you send it back and the machine will fix it ?
Jamal Labarge
Jamal Labarge Hace 14 horas
If they can sell it for the price of a high end luxury car? Might do well. AI does a lot of work today.
Kyle Granger
Kyle Granger Hace 15 horas
Just here to show love, keep up the good work Donut!
phillip rickard
phillip rickard Hace 15 horas
scary, very, very SCARY
Alex Cardone
Alex Cardone Hace 15 horas
What the rice fields heard “wEiGhT ReDUcTiOn BrUh”
Shawn Gollatz
Shawn Gollatz Hace 15 horas
He’s a cross between Quentin Tarantino and Norm MacDonald
Stephane Tanguay
Stephane Tanguay Hace 15 horas
For the low low price of...
jhonatan acosta
jhonatan acosta Hace 16 horas
He didn’t show the car in this video ,stupid
Capt. Sum Ting Wong
Capt. Sum Ting Wong Hace 16 horas
The rise of Skynet!! But instead of high tech machine gun welding robots on trends, its supercharged mustangs ramming into ppl
Angelo Bovara
Angelo Bovara Hace 16 horas
I wanna see the car and the process not this guy talking.
Thomas S.
Thomas S. Hace 17 horas
Amazing stuff. Well done DM.
Sajjad Azim
Sajjad Azim Hace 17 horas
Looks like AI versus humans is here faster than everybody thought. Game on, Terminators!
BA Reich
BA Reich Hace 17 horas
Did we not learn anything from Terminator? AI doesnt need 3D printer access.
Amir Z
Amir Z Hace 17 horas
I'd wish seeing more about the parts and details
NJ van Noordwyk
NJ van Noordwyk Hace 17 horas
This misrepresents these modern manufacturing systems so very badly. 3D printing is slow and expensive. Programming robots to assemble cars doesn’t happen at the push op a button, for small scale it is many times cheaper to build by hand. And they just glossed over comparing a single manufacturing cell to an entire assemble plant. Information poorly conveyed.
Forest Hills
Forest Hills Hace 17 horas
Y’all should stop letting raycon sponsor you
HD3Design Hace 18 horas
How much space for the printers, and the parts, and the shipping, etc. I'm sure it is less than current but compare on equal footing. How much expense for the printers. How many units can AU build when you consider most the time it will be waiting for parts because 3D printing is generally slow. How many printers are needed for each AU to keep up. So how long to print all the components of the car? How do we repair anything on this car? How advanced is a car that cost the consumer more and would have to replace because a single wire burned out? Bottom line... cool, but now what is the whole story once we stop being blinded by the greatness possible through our technological "advancement"? Just wondering.
Douglas Morgan
Douglas Morgan Hace 18 horas
So a computer built a beautiful car, why cant the "green" community do that ?
Skysoulpt Hace 18 horas
too much marketing.... the softwares to optimize, and calculate strucures exist by years, but result sensibility is another level, is not black on white on decision making, result interpertation and thats a major reason manufactures use a common platforms between models to do carry overs, takes time to tune by sensibility, not by a set of rules, after analytical there is also the testing that again with reults need be crossed and correctly related...
youtbe999 Hace 19 horas
Slam the door a little hard and you totaled the car.
Stig Niskanen
Stig Niskanen Hace 19 horas
Yeaaah..... but how do You repair such a car??? No screws, no bolts, no inspection hatches, no wire replacements or addition possible. It's a buy and throw away car.
99guspuppet Hace 19 horas
with irony .... i look forward to more high performance weapons
Insert_Name Hace 19 horas
I wonder if we will see their cars structurally failing on the roads. One of the reasons why 3D printing hasn't taken off for mechanical manufacturing is that the layering welding process is imperfect. Current technology results in air pockets and inconsistent thickness. Also 3D printing cannot achieve the strength that comes from working metal. In comparison, we have hundreds of years of traditional metal work experience and can currently get materials thinner and stronger than 3D printing can. That said it is only a matter of time before 3D printing overtakes traditional methods.
Mario Jukic
Mario Jukic Hace 19 horas
I.A. is going to eradicate humans in 20 years
C Riz
C Riz Hace 19 horas
"Remarkally"? Lololol
NY NY Hace 20 horas
If people don't have jobs , seeing that it's made by robots.how do u buy a car?
Mauricio Oliveira
Mauricio Oliveira Hace 20 horas
When all this technology will be applied to non super duper hyper cars and will be used to produce daily common user cars?
USAv8tor Hace 20 horas
It looks like the SR-71? Wtf? The batmobile looks closer to the SR-71.
sammuelkain Hace 20 horas
Elon Musk: I Am The Future & Earths Space! 👍😊🍺 Kevin Czinger: Hold my 🍺 & press Enter+Ctrl 4 the Future Mars exploration! 👍😎✌ 😷
ThePeople'sPanzer Hace 20 horas
In a capitalist society, moving to render more and more jobs replaced by robots and AI is a mistake. There aren't enough jobs as it is.
Who Thru Poo
Who Thru Poo Hace 21 un hora
Ai doesnt design or build anything. AI is 100% reliant on a human telling it how to design and build a car or anything else for that matter. AI is nothing more than a human programming a machine with specific parameters for it to follow. Anything AI comes up with will be 100% within those pre-defined parameters the human programmed into the computer.
George Magas
George Magas Hace 21 un hora
Wait if a person can’t make a car like the A.I did it makes the A.I smarter but didn’t humans invent the A.I to make cars like 21C so that makes the humans smarter 🤔🤔🤔
Whyman1993 Hace 21 un hora
No there isn’t all these new cars just look boring and characterless. Look at the stuff from the American stuff from 50/60 or euro stuff from 80/00 👌🏻
phillysupra Hace 21 un hora
🤔 It's almost like Andrew yang was correct about robotic manufacturing
Ian Howick
Ian Howick Hace 22 horas
thats neat. wake me when the MSRP comes in under $30k a vehicle.
mjgarrett9885ify Hace 22 horas
If a small random part breaks . Then what ? How hard and much will it take to fix ?
John Smith
John Smith Hace 22 horas
this makes absolutely no sense, combustion ? 21 century? good luck
Kaleb Palmer
Kaleb Palmer Hace 22 horas
500 million dollars that can produce a car every single hour. compared to this new assembly that cost $3 million and only can produce a car every 125 days, plus an extra hour. Not saying it's not awesome it's just not as impressive after you put the numbers together.
Kaleb Palmer
Kaleb Palmer Hace 23 horas
I have to push back on that no AIs are not smarter than humans. And yes a human could build it. But how many hours would it take is it practical no
HYeahMFr Hace 23 horas
I'm told raycon is a scam
used condom
used condom Hace 23 horas
about thyme, geez. now meh robot legs, please
🖖🏽UlTrAaa EnErGy 🖖🏽
🖖🏽UlTrAaa EnErGy 🖖🏽 Hace 23 horas
So did they also design tools to help replace the parts?
Bill Parker
Bill Parker Hace 23 horas
Mmmm laser cake.
Daniel Roache
Daniel Roache Hace 23 horas
It’s illegal to wear raycons while driving...
Jack of all Trades
Jack of all Trades Hace 23 horas
I can guarantee it isnt creating the car to be easy to fix or replace parts.that will be the most expensive thing about these cars.gonna need a $500.00 tool to change a head light.hahah. these companies arent making things easier, they are convincing people it is though.
SyFy Rytr
SyFy Rytr Hace 23 horas
Fundamental failure. These are BIC cars, disposable. "no human" can work on them.
BrimHawk Hace 23 horas
Is "bleeding edge" technology anything like "leading edge" technology?
Michael Bergantzel
Michael Bergantzel Hace un día
It is generative design. This is hardly A.I. Just the next step in iterative computational analysis, with a feedback loop and inputs given by the designer. It is stupid to say that this technology will take over engineering jobs. Engineers still have to validate the generated models to ensure the computer has created something that actually meets the design requirements. Computational analysis still has many issues which require human attention.
Mason Daalhuyzen
Mason Daalhuyzen Hace un día
is driving with ear buds legal where you are? even if it is, its super dangerous so maybe don't advertise that shit
Stephen Petersen
Stephen Petersen Hace un día
Sounds like a mechanics worst nightmare
Ryad Arlan
Ryad Arlan Hace un día
your vahicle is ready for download...3d print garage.
Michael Gati
Michael Gati Hace un día
Backwards towards the future? ICE engine in a future vehicle is an oxymoron.
0000 Hace un día
The fact he's clearly wearing fake tan on his face 😂
Rahul Pandey
Rahul Pandey Hace un día
We are never going to see it.
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Hace un día
Anti-piracy people, "You wouldn't download a car, would you?" These guys, "We 3D printed a hyper car."
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