9 Uncool Cars that are Actually FUN

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There’s a sad truth about cars: not all of them are considered “cool” by enthusiasts. I mean let’s face it, not every car can be a Corvette C8. But that doesn’t mean uncool cars can’t be fun to drive! This is a list of 9 cars that are certifiable rippers, even if most people wouldn’t look twice in traffic!
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Donut Media
Donut Media Hace 2 meses
What's a car that surprised you by how fun it was? PS see that new JOIN button doing there? That's new 🤔
Ed Rodriguez
Ed Rodriguez Hace 6 días
I just saw the video, and I was stoked to see the Yaris. However, you have pictures of two different versions of that car, only one of which is based on the Mazda2. Some history: The Yaris hatchback that replaced the Echo was NOT based on the Mazda2 and was available until either 2018 or 2019. The Scion iA was introduced in 2016 (this is the car I have) and was based on the Mazda2. When Scion folded, it was rebadged as the Yaris iA for 2017 and sold along side the unrelated Yaris hatchback. In 2019, the iA was dropped from the model name, and for 2020 the sedan and hatchback were both based on the Mazda2. Unfortunately, earlier this year, Toyota announced 2020 would be the last model year of the Yaris. www.caranddriver.com/news/a32958759/toyota-confirms-yaris-sedan-hatchback-are-dead-to-us/ Fun fact, you can import a real Mazda2 from Puerto Rico. jalopnik.com/here-is-how-you-an-american-can-legally-own-a-mazda-2-1827293464
JDS 127
JDS 127 Hace 18 días
299$ !? thats insane!
Brice Conley
Brice Conley Hace 27 días
2012 Nissan Versa hatchback. 1.8 I4 paired with a 6 spd manual
TheRust Bucket
TheRust Bucket Hace un mes
Family had a first gen xb when i was a kid and it was a fun
TheRust Bucket
TheRust Bucket Hace un mes
Put your top down
Meme Frog
Meme Frog Hace 5 horas
Mouad Belkho
Mouad Belkho Hace 7 horas
automobiles' Lew Hilsenteger.
Dennis Gutowski
Dennis Gutowski Hace 8 horas
Cabriolet is pronounced cab-re-o-lay. Please stop calling it cabrio-let.
Austin GX
Austin GX Hace 21 un hora
buy saturn
E Sanford16
E Sanford16 Hace un día
Only the new yaris is a mazda. Older gens are toyota and have 5 spd manual hatchbacks
Travis Delee
Travis Delee Hace un día
If I could go back and get my turd GEO METRO back I would. 3sp auto that only ran on 2 of the 3 cylinders. Awesome to just hold it to the boards every time you take off and eventually hit a respectable 43mph!
Julio Blische
Julio Blische Hace 3 días
Buy Saturn and bring back the Ion RL but with a turbo instead of a supercharger
Crisco Jesus
Crisco Jesus Hace 3 días
Definitely buy Saturn.
jonathan brine
jonathan brine Hace 3 días
yaris The car that wreck my father toyota avanza
Zack Kenin
Zack Kenin Hace 3 días
do an itasha vid
Chris Slingerland
Chris Slingerland Hace 3 días
When I first saw the Yaris hatch it reminded me of a new version of the 90’s civic hatch and I immediately wanted one.
Philani Ndlovu
Philani Ndlovu Hace 4 días
4:48 bro what is wrong with you hahaha
Mr. Hawk
Mr. Hawk Hace 5 días
non-car people make fun of the scion XB and thinks its a stupid joke will this is my answer I think its unique and cool I wish Toyota kept the Scion brand going and not discontinue it
Pax Humana
Pax Humana Hace 6 días
Car and Driver: (in response to the Nissan Murano Cross Cabriolet) "Drivers will hate this car". Real Drivers "Real drivers do not care for the moronic opinions of Car and Driver because they are a bunch of paid off shills for certain vehicle companies".
Pax Humana
Pax Humana Hace 6 días
The Buick Roadmaster Estate Wagon station wagon/estate car/shooting brake also had relatives in the regular last generation Buick Roadmaster, as well as the Buick Park Avenue of that time, the Chevrolet Caprice Estate Wagon station wagon/estate car/shooting brake, Chevrolet Caprice, Chevrolet Caprice Classic, and, yes, the Chevrolet Impala/Impala SS. You know what to do to make this car a muscle bound beast.
Pax Humana
Pax Humana Hace 6 días
The Saturn Sky also has three other relatives, which are the Pontiac Solstice, the Third Generation Opel GT, and the Daewoo G2X. Moreover, Chevrolet LS engine swaps are also becoming more commonplace in those vehicles.
Pax Humana
Pax Humana Hace 6 días
...and I will continue to rip on the Prius because it sucks, and ditto for the Tesla and any other electric vehicle.
Pax Humana
Pax Humana Hace 6 días
The Suzuki Sidekick also has two more names in the USA and Canada markets and they are the Chevrolet Tracker, Suzuki Vitara, and the Suzuki Samurai. However, in Japan, and elsewhere, they are called the Suzuki Jimny. Also, the woman that is in the pink one piece swimsuit is cute and ditto for the woman that is in the red one piece swimsuit.
Pax Humana
Pax Humana Hace 6 días
I remember the Scion xB from Midnight Club III: DUB Edition Remix, as well as possibly from Gran Turismo 4.
Pax Humana
Pax Humana Hace 6 días
Let me know when a Toyota Yaris, or one of its variants, gets a V6 or V8 engine under the hood, along with the transmission to match.
Pax Humana
Pax Humana Hace 6 días
The Toyota Yaris is also known as the Toyota (Japan) Vitz, the Toyota (Japan) Platz, the Toyota (USA/Canada/Mexico/Caribbean/Central America/Australia/New Zealand/Oceania) Echo, Toyota (Japan) Belta, Toyota (Asia) Vios, the Scion iA, the Daihatsu (EU) Charade, the Toyota (North America) Yaris iA, the Toyota (Mexico) Yaris R, Mazda (Israel) Mazda2 Demio, Ford (Japan/Asia/North America/Central America/Caribbean/South America/Australia/New Zealand/Oceania) Festiva, Kia (South Korea/EU/Europe) Pride, Ford (North America/Central America/Caribbean) Aspire, the SAIPA 111/131/132/141, the SAIPA 151, the SAIPA Nasim, the SAIPA Saba, the SAIPA Pride, and the Kia (South Korea/The Philippines/Malta/certain unknown other markets) Avella.
dxos Hace 6 días
what about the aygo
Pax Humana
Pax Humana Hace 6 días
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Nephryll _
Nephryll _ Hace 7 días
ive banged around a honda jazz 1,2 vtec (totally stock) around for 9 years now. should be in this vid imo. the loose suspension makes your passengers need a diaper change without even trying (talking bout my friends driving 250hrprs cars) when making the suspension work in the corners and it's magical doing 80mph on a dirtroad lol. i literally dukes of hazarded it, drifted it around 90° corners. the bodywork of mine looks like it got active aeroparts now but apart from tires, brakes and maintenance i had 0 costs on it. didnt replace a single thing in 130k miles. if you want a trustworthy daily zero-fighter at your disposal - look no further. (brakes are shit tho install some brembo blocks, you'll need them if you got a pair lmao)
MarkTheAmazing Hace 7 días
3rd gen ford explorer
Piotr Terpiłowski
Piotr Terpiłowski Hace 8 días
You US guys really used to get 2.0 as the basic motor in the Golf?! Just blown my European mind. We've always gotten something like 1.4 as the base engine... 2.0 liters is a big engine for a car this size around here! Unless it's a turbodiesel, which are CRAZY popular down here. Cheers from Poland ;)
Michael JH
Michael JH Hace 9 días
Chevy spark is a car that i found fun to drive and didn’t expect at all
Jaime Lebrone
Jaime Lebrone Hace 9 días
Suzuki SX4
Frying Pan
Frying Pan Hace 10 días
Scion xb was my first car
Haris Musanovic
Haris Musanovic Hace 10 días
You lost me at Prius. Kinda diggin the murano tho.
Junhao ZHANG
Junhao ZHANG Hace 11 días
Range Rover evoque has a convertible so murano is not alone
SugaryPhoenixxx Hace 11 días
I actually saw a VW Cabriolet today on my commute home from work & it made me do a rubberneck for a second. It was just really unique & it stood out amongst the ocean of crossovers & pickup trucks. I didn't even know what it was, but I saw the VW badge. Such a weird coincidence that I saw this video in the same day!
Dru Wright
Dru Wright Hace 12 días
Why are most of them convertibles
Zansirtheshaman Hace 12 días
I owned an TS Yaris 2007 a little while ago, it was fun enough. But sold it and bought an 2012 Mazda MX-5. Every now and then I miss my Yaris, it was a handy little car to have.
Abraham Bender-Doress
Abraham Bender-Doress Hace 13 días
Pls buy Saturn
themonsteraddict MMXVI
themonsteraddict MMXVI Hace 13 días
"I'll kick your ass with 190 horses and total balance" - Keiichi Tsuchiya
john lee
john lee Hace 13 días
Honda fit??
Daniel Hace 14 días
I almost fell asleep
Giedrius Paulauskas
Giedrius Paulauskas Hace 14 días
Have a 2002 Yaris T Sport. I can confirm it's fun to drive 😎
Jonathan Losito
Jonathan Losito Hace 14 días
U forgot to mention the SAAB 93x Turbo and the 92x Aero
Matthew Haney
Matthew Haney Hace 15 días
XB was my favorite car. I beat that bad boy...i beat that bad boy bad...and it ran and ran and ran...20k between oil changes? Xb is cool. Need new parts? 200k and only replaced a alternator. I even smashed it a few times and it ran
dumpsteRat Hace 15 días
I've seen the XB with a lift before, sadly a lift and nothing else
Colin Flood
Colin Flood Hace 15 días
Cronkerdonker. Thats a new one for me.
Sérgio Santos
Sérgio Santos Hace 19 días
In Europe the Toyota Yaris is not a Mazda 2 rebadeg. They are completely different cars.
Dre' Hace 21 un día
Buy it
Spencer Gittins
Spencer Gittins Hace 21 un día
I'm stuck in my room with covid and the only thing getting me through it is this guy saying "hrsprs".
Bob Clay
Bob Clay Hace 22 días
Can't even believe I've wasted 16 mins of my life watching this... But yes, the yaris is fun. Goddamn it.
Pierre-Alain Picard
Pierre-Alain Picard Hace 22 días
I'll be honest hicar version of the murano looks sick
GrifWithOneF Hace 23 días
this list makes me think of my old subaru outback, it was a 2000 wagon limited with the five speed and the ej25, not that fast but man was it fun. those old wagons handled surprisingly well, great visibility and even when i was shifting at redline it got great mileage. the most fun part was that it ate dirt roads for breakfast. if i ever make it big im gonna source the cleanest manual second gen outback i can find.
Valkyrie Saddlebreds
Valkyrie Saddlebreds Hace 24 días
Top 9 Budget Mid-life Crisis Cars.
G W Hace 24 días
Why do all these ugly cars have such great engines 😂
꧁•Jurgen Boes•꧂
꧁•Jurgen Boes•꧂ Hace 26 días
you do know that the saturn was just a opel roadster gt right,,,, noting saturn to it??
꧁•Jurgen Boes•꧂
꧁•Jurgen Boes•꧂ Hace 26 días
put in your golf a 1.5 tsi that is pretty cool
thetruesurvive Hace 26 días
Any modern mazda..
Myles Weston
Myles Weston Hace 27 días
Buy Saturn and change the name to Pluto so the pumphry502 is the pp502😂
artemio tullo
artemio tullo Hace 27 días
How about a $1000 - $2000 mod duel with Straight Pipes for a Honda Civic 2door?
Emanuel Quintero
Emanuel Quintero Hace 28 días
Dirk Angel
Dirk Angel Hace 28 días
The YARIS isn't the smallest Toyota. Check out the Aygo!
Siberia Hills
Siberia Hills Hace 28 días
Ive bought the Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet last year for only 1500€ in Germany. With Leatherseats and Climate control. And its sooo nice to drive.
Ben Stewart
Ben Stewart Hace 29 días
Yaris not Yarriz
praying_DOGgo_ Hace 29 días
5:48 aye., how about cars movie bad boys scene? DJ was Scion xB
asharak84 Hace 29 días
Yaris? Really? The steering is so very, very numb. It's the least fun small car I've ever driven. Take your pick of fiesta, corsa, ax, polo - they're all better for a twisty fun time
xblackdog Hace 29 días
I miss my AWD Pontiac Aztek. That brick was so much fun in the turns. It was pretty much always fully loaded on the suspension in any turn, and felt like you were wrangling a meteor through turns. Was stupid fun.
Retro Amateur
Retro Amateur Hace un mes
The saturn sky is a an opel GT
Retro Amateur
Retro Amateur Hace un mes
3 cylinder turbo engines? Nah. No thanks.
Brandon Stroud
Brandon Stroud Hace un mes
Speaking of 3 cylinder turbos... Chevy turbo sprint baby, year...87.
MentalMarshmellow 33
MentalMarshmellow 33 Hace un mes
Buick roadmaster wagon don,t forget the mothballs
Pyronious520 Hace un mes
I got me a little 2013 Chevy Sonic Hatcback manual. 138 cute buff horses and only weighs 2600lbs. Its wicked fun to drive. And mine don't even have the turbocharger!
maartenvmaldegem Hace un mes
Scion xB: a less indie Daihatsu Materia Saturn: is that an Opel Speedster?
Jason Klein
Jason Klein Hace un mes
My 1994 tracker, purchased new with a down payment with some of my high school graduation money, finally died in 2019, granted it was rust holding hands being in Wisconsin, with 498,423 miles on it..... and it was the best and most entertaining auto i ever owned.... still wish the cross cabriolet was around because I would have replaced it with that or if Suzuki was still in the states would have picked a Jimny, before the nissan, based on the the performance history of my Tracker .
Info_ M4TT3R
Info_ M4TT3R Hace un mes
The priest at my church owns a saturn sky redline
Michael Hines
Michael Hines Hace un mes
"Comes in an array of beiges". Best line EVER!
Tyler Johnson
Tyler Johnson Hace un mes
"VW Cabrio: let's be real, it's not the coolest crayon in the box" a next level joke, since as they age, they smell like crayons.
Thomas Masiero
Thomas Masiero Hace un mes
None of these cars exist in my country :|
Harrison C. Smith
Harrison C. Smith Hace un mes
Okay, the roadmaster is one of few the cars on here thats legitimately cool though. Normal people and especially auto enthusiasts go nuts over these things. Especially when they're tuned.
Joe Peluchette
Joe Peluchette Hace un mes
My best freind owns a manual yaris it is a fun lol car even tho its smaller than my lawnmower and he can literally park it in my f250 btw the sidekick rollover was a scam CMON MAN YOUR BETTER THAN THAT
Larry Rusike
Larry Rusike Hace un mes
"... Hurrs-Purrrss..." gets me every time!! 😂🤣😂🤣
Jon Lewis
Jon Lewis Hace un mes
Got in a side front end collision in a lebaron the entire front end ripped off ... the geo metro that plowed us had a scratch and the headlights busted out ... she was only going like 25mph lol
Kat Beschinski
Kat Beschinski Hace un mes
I love big trucks and all, but I’m a little partial to Prius’s 😳
Freemaysin Hace un mes
if you are from kentucky you know two things... 22re tacomas and geo trackers are family heirlooms they last forever
BigG Hace un mes
I own a citroen C1, (like the yaris) i have heard people with way better and faster cars say "your car is much more fun when I go 120kmh it feels like going 60kmh, your car is the other way round" When I go over 100kmh it shakes and rattles like crazy
yeungscs Hace un mes
Out of nowhere The Straight Pipes shout out! I like!
Joshua Brumley
Joshua Brumley Hace un mes
When first saw the Yaris, my first thought was "Toyota made a Fiat- clone."
Dan Smulders
Dan Smulders Hace un mes
Not gunna lie the first gen Yaris is pretty bad ass. There’s a spec Yaris snow race series in Quebec, looks like so much fun.
Henry Siler
Henry Siler Hace un mes
Ur sleeping on jettas
GENERAL DART Hace un mes
The Saturn sky is actually a mazda miata made in a different company
kyle r
kyle r Hace un mes
im sorry but a Yaris is easily one of the worst cars I’ve driven alongside a Chevy sonic
Jacob Adkins
Jacob Adkins Hace un mes
James: "Cuz I couldn't afford coffee" Also James: "we eat Ramen because we spend our money on car parts" Yet, Also James: "I'm thinking of buying Saturn"
Zoo Hace un mes
That Scion xD what kinda person you gotta be to buy that shi
Nept Tune
Nept Tune Hace un mes
Lmao flat brimmed hat on wheels. Fuggin genius pumphrey
Kamil Kamiński
Kamil Kamiński Hace un mes
Yaris isn't the smallest Toyota.. check out Aygo or IQ
Luis Padron
Luis Padron Hace un mes
mi renault twingo 16v is super fun,
Derek St. Gelais
Derek St. Gelais Hace un mes
Volvo 240 would have made this 10 cars and it's the best uncool car.
Qualcuno A Caso
Qualcuno A Caso Hace un mes
*when you are european and everything above 100hp sounds fast*
SwagGaming YT
SwagGaming YT Hace un mes
What about the V6 toyota rav4
IndirectFever Hace un mes
2:11 It’s the smallest car in the Toyota Range. Toyota Aygo: “I’m I a joke to you?”
James Jones
James Jones Hace un mes
I would buy your car pumphrey, do it, buy saturn
Chad Feaster
Chad Feaster Hace un mes
Just bought a 300 whp cobalt ss sc, def not the best car, but fun as hell. More of a jdm guy, but let's see a cobalt ss vid!
WC_2 Electric_Boogaloo
WC_2 Electric_Boogaloo Hace un mes
No, some cars are actually just bad.
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