9 SURPRISINGLY Good Drift Cars

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Drifting is sick, but what if you wanna rip some skids in a car that’s NOT a 240SX or E36? This is a list of 9 very uncommon (yet super capable) drift cars that you won't have to pay the drift tax on. These cars are undercover burners-of-rubber, and this is the ding dang D-list.
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ChrisFix Hace 3 meses
Hey guys, Christopher Fixtopher here...
hunter alber
hunter alber Hace 6 días
Lololololol hahahahahaha
The JDM Hace 10 días
Hey guys,christopher fixtopher here. hhahahaahahah
The JDM Hace 10 días
Midnight Gaming
Midnight Gaming Hace 13 días
Did everyone forget he didn’t try to hide his face in older videos?
Stephanie Cooks
Stephanie Cooks Hace 16 días
I subbed to you
Mike xxx
Mike xxx Hace 8 horas
I think Donut Media should build a weird drift car that you wont expect.
jakob kleymeer
jakob kleymeer Hace 22 horas
i was so hype s-10 made the list. I have a 5 speed one and it slides around so easy hahah
chooseymomschoose Hace un día
I need a "Dump Dat Clunch" T-shirt...
first gen Cadillac CTShappen to do wonderfully
kaleb miller
kaleb miller Hace un día
your cooler than drifting
Ironmann199 Hace 2 días
from experience the 944 isnt cheap to maintain basic tuneup (plugs, plug wires ect) over well over $300 jus in parts
Better With Rum
Better With Rum Hace 2 días
Warning about the Merc C-Class W203. It has a crap ton of issues. Ask me how I know. Save your money get the 944 instead
Chaminda Thushara Ruwan Kasturi
Chaminda Thushara Ruwan Kasturi Hace un hora
944 complete pos
Eclipse Hace 2 días
I’m doing this to my forester now thank you donut media you just gave me more fun
Sir Musturdle
Sir Musturdle Hace 3 días
I drive an s10 and holy crap do these things love to drift in the rain. 4cyl 5speed is killer in the rain
Tj Souza
Tj Souza Hace 3 días
Duuuuude I used to "drift" my Hombre (isuzu badged s10) on the dirt roads all the time.
Tyler Skidmore
Tyler Skidmore Hace 3 días
What about the Mazda 929!?
Joshua Parsons
Joshua Parsons Hace 3 días
An unexpected one the 2011 chevrolet silverado stock because it's SUPER easy to get rid of the traction control because chevrolet made the traction control optional so wifs a push of a button your all set
FireWolf24 Hace 3 días
Bruh I literally have an 03 s-10, never expected one to be on a list
New change unlisted_viewer
New change unlisted_viewer Hace 3 días
Okay that intro was nuts, BUT imagine if you were a kid again and saw this video on cartoon network? That would be cool!!
Reinier van Ramshorst
Reinier van Ramshorst Hace 4 días
Is the host always drunk
Kurtis Wagner
Kurtis Wagner Hace 4 días
james is the type of guy to say that the toyota camry is the best car in the world because toyota also made the supra, which means the camry has to be fast too
The sinner Jim Whitney
The sinner Jim Whitney Hace 5 días
I’ve done some genuinely irresponsible things in S10s, I agree wholeheartedly with their usability as driftmobiles. I don’t know the first thing about actual drifting (like official events), but I’ve done and seen done a HELL of a lot of it in empty parking lots and around bends on country roads in those little funboxes.
Andrius Jakelis
Andrius Jakelis Hace 5 días
why theirs no focus on his face?
Pax Humana
Pax Humana Hace 5 días
The Chevrolet S-10 also happens to have an even cheaper relative in the GMC S-15, a.k.a., the Jimmy. Moreover, this was also the same sort of chassis that the legendary GMC Syclone and GMC Typhoon were built upon as well. I also have a few more underrated drift cars as well for people that are on here. 1. The Fifth Generation (from 1984 to 1988) Chevrolet Nova/First Generation Holden Nova (from 1988 to 1994) - now I know what you are thinking, "Is this a joke? This car is just a crappy econo box that took a big dump on a legendary American muscle car name! How dare you say that this car is a good one"! Well, at first, I thought this way about this car as well, but then I found out not only about its practically identical Australian cousin, which is the Holden Nova, which was also made around the same time, and I also found out that it is related to the Geo/Chevrolet Prism, the Suzuki Swift, the Toyota Tazz (Tazz, as in the former professional wrestler turned commentator, might want to watch out from lawsuits from Toyota), and the Toyota Corolla. Do you know what legendary cars are also built upon the same frame as the Fifth Generation Chevrolet Nova, First Generation Holden Nova, Fifth and Sixth Generations (a.k.a., E80 and E90) of the Toyota Corolla, Toyota (Japan) Tazz, Suzuki Swift, and the Geo/Chevrolet Prism? The answers are the Toyota Corolla Levin, the Toyota Sprinter, and the Toyota Sprinter AE86 Trueno, you know, tuner/drifter legends that literally are in the Initial D franchise, as well as also helped the underground racing scene of the 1980s to the modern era. Seriously, the Toyota Tazz, Toyota Corolla, Fifth Generation Chevrolet Nova, First Generation Holden Nova, and the Geo/Chevrolet Prism are rocking MASSIVE tuner/drifter/racer/rally potential here, AND for a fraction of the price as their more famous variants. (Yes, I like the old-school Chevrolet Nova as well, but the last Chevrolet Nova is a nice car with a lot of up side if it is handled right.) 2. The Eighth Generation Mercury Cougar - despite looking like a Third Generation (3G) Mitsubishi Eclipse, as well as often being mistaken for one, and having both shared, as well as independent, platforms, from Ford vehicles (namely the Ford Mustang and the Ford Thunderbird), this vehicle has a lot of up sides for being a completely underrated, as well as under the radar, drifter/tuner king, even more so than the Seventh Generation Mercury Cougar/Tenth Generation Ford Thunderbird. Also, this vehicle is called the Ford Cougar everywhere else in the world and the platform that this vehicle is on is also shared by the Ford (USA) Contour, Mercury Mystique, and the Ford (UK) Mondeo, so take that however you will. 3. The entire Ford Fox Body platform - seriously, go check out their lesser known variants! The Second and Third Generations of the Mercury Capri, the Fourth Generation (USA/Canada) of the Ford (USA/Canada) LTD, the Second Generation Ford (USA/Canada) Granada, the Mercury Zephyr, the Second Generation of the Ford Durango, the Ford (Mexico) Fairmont, the Ford (Mexico) Zephyr, the Mercury Zephyr Villager station wagon/estate car/shooting brake, the Ford Fairmont Futura, the Ford (Mexico) Fairmont Squire, the Seventh Generation Lincoln Continental, the Ford (USA/Canada) Granada L, the Ford (USA/Canada) Granada GL station wagon/estate car/shooting brake, the Fifth Generation Mercury Cougar, the Lincoln Mark VII, and the Lincoln Continental Mark VII are all worth mentioning here as well, plus they also share many parts throughout the entire Fox Body platform, including even parts from the Third and Fourth Generations of the Ford Mustang, as well as the Eighth through Tenth Generations of the Ford Thunderbird, and the Fifth through Seventh Generations of the Mercury Cougar/Mercury Cougar XR7. 4. The Vauxhall Nova/Opel Corsa Series A/B/C/D/E/F - seriously, these cars have massive up sides to tuning, drifting, and track capabilities. 5. Ford (UK) Escort - sure, it is a rally champ, but it is also a surprisingly good tuner/drifter/track car as well. 6. Ford (North America) Escort/Mercury Topaz - these cars might not be well respected, but that does not make them bad platforms to turn into drifter/tuner/track/rally beasts. 7. First Generation Opel GT/Buick GT by Opel - these cars are decent little roadsters, but they can also become muscle car beasts, as well as track/tuner/drifter/rally beasts as well. 8. First Generation Ford Capri/Mercury Capri - whatever applies to the Buick/Opel GT also applies to this vehicle. 9. Saab 9-6 - this vehicle is easily an underrated track/tuner/drifter gem with tons of up sides. 10. Volvo 240/Volvo 200 series - this series of vehicles also are underrated tuner/drifter/track gems with tons of up sides. Finally, if you want to look at examples of people tuning up these cars, just look up the names of them on ESpost, as well as elsewhere, online, and see if they do not do that sort of thing to them all the time.
Gazor Tank
Gazor Tank Hace 6 días
I actually drift in my stock 2008 Cobalt. I do not recommend it....
Sean Davidson
Sean Davidson Hace 6 días
Someone's been watching home mycology!
adrian cerillo
adrian cerillo Hace 7 días
Why do you look so blurry? Out of focus or budget camera?
tempo monk
tempo monk Hace 7 días
STiG Hace 8 días
If you have never drifted an Audi Quattro in the snow then you have not experienced full control while completely sideways.
Caleb Hermanson
Caleb Hermanson Hace 10 días
I got a 95 tbird and I think the manual only came in the supercoupe. So swaps are hard
tanner walfield
tanner walfield Hace 10 días
You know you made it when they put ads for Facebook on your shit
PJ V Hace 10 días
Two magical words El Camino
Jacky Morrison
Jacky Morrison Hace 10 días
Purified Autism
Purified Autism Hace 10 días
My dad has an s10 with a 383 stroker in it
andrewupsidedown Hace 11 días
1998 2wd single cab long bed. Ford ranger.. hands down an amazing drift truck
Rokky Renj
Rokky Renj Hace 11 días
Konstantinos Tsorbatzoglou
Konstantinos Tsorbatzoglou Hace 11 días
Ugh starlet kp60?
mr Blcak And Blue
mr Blcak And Blue Hace 12 días
E39 have an issue whit steering angel. And u cant get more angel from that dum construction of a front axel. So u have to change the front axel.....
Satan Hace 13 días
TBustah Hace 13 días
As an added bonus on that generation of the Thunderbird, the Drift King himself (Keiichi Tsuchiya) actually drove one in a NASCAR-sanctioned event in 1997. He even drifted it!
Everything Youtube
Everything Youtube Hace 15 días
I want to create a cheap slide boii
Suhaib Milaat
Suhaib Milaat Hace 15 días
No one: Me going around the house: “HRSPRS”
Glo Glizzy
Glo Glizzy Hace 15 días
I need the hat buddy
dbanbery Hace 16 días
Drift cars are like dildos - anything can be one if you try hard enough.
kaden olsen
kaden olsen Hace 16 días
Pontaic grand prix 2001, drifts pretty good stock.
GbbJunkie Hace 16 días
Longest Tesla commercial I’ve seen.. 🤔
JuippiRacing Hace 17 días
Fiat 850, its such a easy drift car as stock
Ian Braun
Ian Braun Hace 17 días
BRB, gotta go mod my Gen 2 Outback into a slidey boi
PhotographerX Hace 17 días
there is a vid of a tesla doing a full drift lap
zeda 925
zeda 925 Hace 17 días
I know a guy that goes to Sonoma every winter jam that drifts his tesla ill try to find his Instagram lol
Gregg W
Gregg W Hace 18 días
Now that I've watched 21 videos. I'll subscribe now
ssnezye scopes
ssnezye scopes Hace 18 días
Fuck it Ls swap tesla truck
Ethan Reid
Ethan Reid Hace 18 días
Outback gaaaang
Rafe Jacobs
Rafe Jacobs Hace 19 días
Might I suggest the rx8? lsd from factory, low center of gravity, 50 50 weight distribution, 6 speed short throw manual transmission, and a slightly longer wheel base than the rx7, plus dorito of course. You can pick up a good one for around 5 thou
Carson Tate
Carson Tate Hace 19 días
i have a 2000 s10, the thing is just so slow, i can even go on highways cause it just wont accelerate that fast, is there anything i can do to improve it without spending a whole lot
Leo Fogg-Liedel
Leo Fogg-Liedel Hace 20 días
What about a merkur xr4ti?
Jindra Mudra
Jindra Mudra Hace 20 días
M - Miata I - is A - always T - the A - answer
Martin Soria
Martin Soria Hace 20 días
Sheesh I’m Martin 😂. Facebook Martin’s place
Cody Hennings
Cody Hennings Hace 20 días
Single cab. 2nd gen Cummins. Short bed. 2wd. I’ve seen it done
SnekuL_Xfire11 Hace 21 un día
Pretty cool to get a Crossfire mention on Donut !!! Mine turns a lot of heads. Down the road when I do a 5.4L V8 swap, I plan on turning this thing into a drift monster !!
Marios Quinn
Marios Quinn Hace 21 un día
all cars can drift the look dosent matter
Tristan Brink
Tristan Brink Hace 21 un día
Lexus is super underrated IS300 GS300 and LS400 and more
Woody Wonder
Woody Wonder Hace 23 días
you missed the Volvo 700 and 900 😎👌
Wyatt Jones
Wyatt Jones Hace 23 días
Can you even turn the traction control off in a tesla?
Valik Toma
Valik Toma Hace 23 días
AWD drift in snow is dope as heck. 2007 SubaruuuLegacyyyy. Cant wait to test out the 1996 JDM SVX. Please make a video on the freakin SUBARU VEHICLE X \/\/\> LIGHTNING! |\/\√
Elon Bust
Elon Bust Hace 24 días
The rameriz reference
CoolFind Gaming
CoolFind Gaming Hace 27 días
Jamie lilja
Jamie lilja Hace 29 días
I have a 2012 Impreza and I can say from personal experience it go (skirrrrrrtttttt)
Luard Pretorius
Luard Pretorius Hace un mes
Haha e46 surprisingly good. You have clearly never seen south africa's streets my friend
Oliver Engström
Oliver Engström Hace un mes
Volvo 740 is the best drift car ever. Like if you also think so 👇🏻
K T D Hace un mes
600k is alot bro
CART3R W Hace un mes
bruh my grandmother drives that
C-Pink Groogan
C-Pink Groogan Hace un mes
other cars include: lexus/toyota is200/is300/altezza, ford sierra, vauxhall/opel omega
Oscar Rogers
Oscar Rogers Hace un mes
Poor Nolans
connor yamamoto
connor yamamoto Hace un mes
I'm a little sad you didn't sneak in at least saying that the e39 has 1 more version the e39m5 and came with the s62 which sounds even better then the m62 and it did come with a lsd and the steering box is better for sliding and you can pick them up for a decent price.
Drift Zone by Ifti
Drift Zone by Ifti Hace un mes
Question: How to Drift? Answer: #driftzonebyifti
Zuri Mondesir
Zuri Mondesir Hace un mes
my mom has a black c230, looks like imma have to take that off her hands Update: its an automatic not manual *sigh*
totalynotchris Hace un mes
Facebook Martin Place took me the fuck out.
Roberto M.
Roberto M. Hace un mes
8:59 I have hotwheels of both cars in same color
MrDogeYT Hace un mes
squeeze haze
squeeze haze Hace un mes
The bmw shouldnt be in the list everyone knows there good drift cars
Amare • 20 years ago
Amare • 20 years ago Hace un mes
But how about VOLVO 740 or 240
Captain Rudy 4021
Captain Rudy 4021 Hace un mes
You forgot to mention a Honda civic on ice
Cannibal Nectar
Cannibal Nectar Hace un mes
Wow I have 1996 4.6 v8 thunder bird I guess I have a drift machine. Too bad it’s heavy as a fucking tank. But if it were slammed down and stiff as fuck it would probably drift pretty good. I’ve done many donuts in it. I just need a 5 speed manual
Itsredfoo _
Itsredfoo _ Hace un mes
i feel like this dude is a grown version of jack black ....freaking hilarious!!!!! like he’s the Love child of Jack Black and Pauly shore ... who said guys can’t get pregnant
Matthew Sortland
Matthew Sortland Hace un mes
I used to drift my outback all the time and everyone was either shocked or hated me for it 😂
Domus deBellum
Domus deBellum Hace un mes
drift is cool. but its no rally racing.
Exploring Mustang
Exploring Mustang Hace un mes
Exploring Mustang
Exploring Mustang Hace un mes
12:29 Really 🤦‍♂️
Exploring Mustang
Exploring Mustang Hace un mes
11:32 A little bit weird but it’s not bad
Exploring Mustang
Exploring Mustang Hace un mes
9:57 OH GOD NO
Exploring Mustang
Exploring Mustang Hace un mes
8:23 Not a good idea
Exploring Mustang
Exploring Mustang Hace un mes
6:45 OH YEAH
Exploring Mustang
Exploring Mustang Hace un mes
4:48 Oh my god 🤦‍♂️
Exploring Mustang
Exploring Mustang Hace un mes
3:00 I can’t blame you
Exploring Mustang
Exploring Mustang Hace un mes
Spectacular Spaghetti
Spectacular Spaghetti Hace un mes
Just like we say today: OMG AN RX-7 SLIDING, we will say: OMG A TESLA SLIDING, in the future
Essen Hace un mes
Brb about to go slide my dad's s10
Hunter Neitzel
Hunter Neitzel Hace un mes
S10s are also good for making restomods, my grandpa put the body of a 51' chevy 3100 on an s10 and it worked perfectly, except the 51' had a crap ton of rust, so if you don't want to spend 20 grand on a new chassis for your 51', just get an s10(preferably 85'-93') and take the body off, fix the panels on the 51' and re install the seat, computer and steering column from the s10, and you're good to go, hell get a new seat, a custom steering wheel or even swap the iron duke or the 3.6 with a supercharged small block chevy, and plus, the s10 comes with everything you need, which the parts for the $20,000 hot rod chassis are sold separately, and there's a small company that actually puts old pickups on s10s using a custom part and the suspension out of a Corvette
HapticNoise Hace un mes
That's called VANOS BABY
Young G
Young G Hace un mes
Why does the is300 never get love?....
Mega destroyer man
Mega destroyer man Hace un mes
I made my riding lawnmower hit 30 mph and I love to drift it
Joe Hanvey
Joe Hanvey Hace un mes
Throwing a 350 lt1 bored 60 over with a 400 trans in my 92 s10. Looking forward to sliding that lol.
Mike Ramsey's other channel
Mike Ramsey's other channel Hace un mes
it's 3 AM and the truck story at 5:42 is cracking me up
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