9 Super Expensive Cars You Can FINALLY Buy CHEAP

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Nothing screams luxury like an expensive car. But here’s a secret: expensive cars don’t stay expensive for long. This is a list of 9 executive land yachts that have depreciated to like $10k or less. We’re not saying they’re good… we’re just saying they’re cheap. This is D-List.
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Donut Media
Donut Media Hace un mes
Since I know you're all wondering, James did NOT get in a cagefight - his 16 pound golden doodle Birdie accidentally bit his face
Zombie Raccoons
Zombie Raccoons Hace 23 días
"Accidentally" doubtful unless you're applying bacon to your face. See, don't stick your face in your dog's face while it's sleeping.
Brown Boy666
Brown Boy666 Hace 25 días
Do a video about ae100 ae101 ae102 Corolla THE WORLD NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THEM
Mark Oki
Mark Oki Hace un mes
Dog bite on the face: the two were in a death match over the sunscreen. Nice tan Pisan. Every one of these cars will send you to the poor house from maintenance and repair costs alone. Insurance, anyone? Parts alone will break the bank. Hint - The depreciation rate is determined in part by repair and maintenance costs. The greater the depreciation, the greater the anticipated maintenance and repair costs. Fun video though as always.
Rohit B
Rohit B Hace un mes
Wbt Phaeton v10 tdi
Poo Poo
Poo Poo Hace un mes
Or so you want us to believe that lol 😂🤣
Mohamad Najmi Bin Jailani
Mohamad Najmi Bin Jailani Hace 7 horas
heyya James, this episode doesn't added in D-List playlist, mind to add it in?
ryanlage98 Hace 18 horas
Try doing a brake flush on a range rover.... what a nightmare
Prince Ayangco
Prince Ayangco Hace un día
Up to speed on Infiniti G’s
CheckmichUnleashed Hace un día
I'm from Baden-Württemberg haha, I hate it lol
cam2k Hace un día
Don’t let the Porsche Cayenne scare you, very reliable once cooling and driveshaft issues are fixed!!!
Sidney Griffiths
Sidney Griffiths Hace 2 días
On thins flat green earth? Is someone a Flat Earther? 🤔🤪🤪🤣😂🤣😂🤣
metermill Hace 2 días
These are all endless money pits.
Venture A Highway
Venture A Highway Hace 4 días
Entourage made me want that quattroporte , but I know better lol
Jason Hace 4 días
Totally left out the part where those 7,000 to 11,000 lux sports cars are old, most likely have tons of miles on them, and probably a garage project someone gave up on.
Derick Barikder
Derick Barikder Hace 4 días
Alright. James, bro, never wear anything that has greens on it 🙄 else, thy heart might fail to appear on the videos, grommet
Derick Barikder
Derick Barikder Hace 4 días
On this Flat Green Earth? 🤣
Darren Guy
Darren Guy Hace 5 días
You guys should do Top Gear in the UK......so entertaining!
Cocheen O.
Cocheen O. Hace 5 días
Lexus LS460L
soupy suds
soupy suds Hace 5 días
Democracy was first in Athens Greece You were close!
Hans Wurst
Hans Wurst Hace 6 días
And americans dont know shit. Italie invented democracy???? Wtf is wrong with your education. American History is about 300 years? Well democracy was invented about 3000 thousand years ago in grece. Italie got the roman empire, untill the church took over and builded up the Katholik church as a new empire.
Andre Austin
Andre Austin Hace 7 días
Phaeton w12 is on my list almost bought a premier edition one in 2017. Perfect street sleeper in everyway. 12k back then
Mike Spectre
Mike Spectre Hace 5 días
I heard that car was amazing, I can't believe how much it cost when it debuted though.
gianni300rpm Hace 8 días
my friend you haven''t the faintest idea from democracy to cars, if you cant buy it new don''t buy it used , buying 1 of those 9 cars will drive you to the bottom of the pit broke .
Coon Pooch
Coon Pooch Hace 8 días
He said flat earth i knew it!!!!
Khall Hace 8 días
But isn't fancy the fascist word? How can the word luxury be fancier if fancy is already fanciest?
Fernando Mejia
Fernando Mejia Hace 9 días
The term "democracy" first appeared in ancient Greek political and philosophical thought in the city-state of Athens during classical antiquity
TheRealLazerAim67 Hace 9 días
I still want a Toyota supra
BuzzLightbeer60 Hace 9 días
If you live in The United States of Murica that is
Aditya Gaikwad
Aditya Gaikwad Hace 9 días
Johnathan Doe
Johnathan Doe Hace 9 días
And then SUDDENLY these cars aren’t affordable anymore. Boy I wonder how this happened DoNuT
Alex Martin
Alex Martin Hace 10 días
I thought democracy was created in Greece
Rishit Jain
Rishit Jain Hace 11 días
Any car ever: *exists* James: one of the coolest cars ever in my opinion!
Timboslice Hace 11 días
all these cars are crap boxes....do American cars
Grady Harper
Grady Harper Hace 11 días
Public Service announcement Never buy used Land Rovers & Range Rovers
Bob Walsh
Bob Walsh Hace 13 días
I saw a Toyota Century V8 at the Mecum Chicago auction a couple years ago, and knowing just how PRESTIGIOUS the car is, I couldn't help but bow and act super respectful around it.
TheOfficialAshler Hace 13 días
James' shirt has multiple holes
Jeremy Ramirez
Jeremy Ramirez Hace 13 días
My dad has a S-class
Richard Illsley
Richard Illsley Hace 13 días
The Greeks invented Democracy.
tip muzik
tip muzik Hace 14 días
Flat green earth
tip muzik
tip muzik Hace 14 días
You've got a hole in your heart
IYBJS 530 Hace 14 días
I bet some of the patterns on his shirt were green
Flat Reality
Flat Reality Hace 14 días
@Primonome Ultimonome, What is the empirical, scientific proof that supports the 'scientific' claim that we live on a globular, spinning earth with trillions of gallons of water stuck to the outside of this 'ball' that has a self perpetuating molten iron center and a 23 degree tilt? 🤔 🤔 🤔 Peace.....
Devin Oneill
Devin Oneill Hace 14 días
A good majority of those phaetons are in a dudes yard in my town, he has FIVE lmao
Chris Paul
Chris Paul Hace 14 días
Horsepurrs!??!! Lmao love this channel.
Spamcheese Hace 15 días
Volkswagen Phaeton A.K.A Jetta XL
CordovaMage Hace 15 días
There is a reason why they are cheap.
FB69FB Hace 16 días
I am from Neckarsulm. We do not wear Leather
Anton B
Anton B Hace 16 días
"AH HELL NEIN" yep gonna start saying that now.
Terel Quinata
Terel Quinata Hace 17 días
0:01 he pulled that Bella Poarch look 🤣
Mr Nuggs
Mr Nuggs Hace 17 días
I wanna see him drive a straight piped Prius with lots of hrsprs
Yeezy 747
Yeezy 747 Hace 19 días
Wait is it called iL in the US?
DR 1 FTR Hace 19 días
Does the Lincoln LS V8 count? No super fancy, but pretty fast for what it is, and probably more reliable than every other car on this list.
RAHMAT RJ Hace 19 días
Did anyone notice that James shirt actually has some green, that make his shirt also have some of the background used in the video
Googlediscriminates Republicans
Googlediscriminates Republicans Hace 19 días
Unless you make 100k a year, you still don't want used Mercedes, BMW, AUDI, or Porsche. The thousand of dollars in maintenance will eat you alive. Sorry folks.
I’m The big ĘggŸ
I’m The big ĘggŸ Hace 20 días
I wonder how long it took to research all these car facts
Lil Burrito Dealer
Lil Burrito Dealer Hace 20 días
CTM is the last thing I expected to see on a Donut episode 😂
marc james
marc james Hace 21 un día
D3 Audi S8 is where it's at. Lamborghini derived V10 in a big ol sedan what more could you want
Gatorkissman Hace 21 un día
This is like Drunk History but about cars. HAHA IM loving it
Willian Levinski Keller
Willian Levinski Keller Hace 22 días
There's no way to do not love this guy (James) The W12 is the best part of it!
Mike Magic
Mike Magic Hace 22 días
Just try and fix these Golden Turds...reason why they depreciate so fast.
Nate K
Nate K Hace 22 días
Can we stop saying outie... it's not a belly button 😅😅 It's Awh-di fam
Kyle Adams
Kyle Adams Hace 22 días
Flat Earth!!!! I love you!
jackinthebox364 Hace 22 días
(Hopping on this train) day 1 of asking James to do an up to speed on himself.
Kyle Elzy
Kyle Elzy Hace 22 días
The Captain Planet haircut though 😂😂😂
meme dream
meme dream Hace 22 días
Jeep is Range Rover's main competitor, although.. Jeep isn't reliable either. They suck ass, in fact. Both of them. Why you might ask? Simply because of the unneeded and unnecessary shit load of stupid electronics and modern technology installed into the cars. Same goes for Audi and any other car that has an ass load of electronics installed in them. All of these cars are unreliable for that reason. Electronics and modern technology. We're finding so many ways to make our cars more luxurious without actually looking for solutions to balance out the unreliability of these cars.
Ty Hace 23 días
Saab batter be on here
Phenom Hace 23 días
How could you not mention 2pac in the 750il
Kyle San
Kyle San Hace 23 días
The comment section is legit as funny as the video 😂
armando orozco
armando orozco Hace 23 días
There's only one James Pumphrey
Bryce Moore
Bryce Moore Hace 23 días
James should do a full video wearing a green shirt and hat
John piang_4211965
John piang_4211965 Hace 24 días
Yes, sharing the truth quietly. Flat!
Josiah Madison
Josiah Madison Hace 24 días
I love the "Number one sports channel" joke
Louis C
Louis C Hace 24 días
Brosnan...golden age of Bond? 🥴🤢🤮
MElekiaZ Hace 24 días
Range rover airshocks are terrible bad ans xpensive. Thats my neightbour sols this shir. Im feel afraid for the guy buy it :(
justin purcell
justin purcell Hace 24 días
can yall add an episode on top 10 4 door sport cars in the US under $25,000
OldHunter Raziel
OldHunter Raziel Hace 25 días
How did James forget to talk about Japan's only v12 that just sounds godly!!
Dr. McCoy
Dr. McCoy Hace 25 días
Dear internet, please stop RUINING cars. Love donut, but geeez
Brown Boy666
Brown Boy666 Hace 25 días
Do a video about ae100 ae101 ae102 Corolla THE WORLD NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THEM
Les The Great
Les The Great Hace 25 días
I wouldn't say smart, LOL
Jonny Vegas
Jonny Vegas Hace 25 días
Hurst my intelligence to watch these videos.
Ethan Shervanick
Ethan Shervanick Hace 26 días
Should I engine swap that cheap W12 into my mustang?
01 sevensix
01 sevensix Hace 26 días
Why does it take youtube so long to recommend channels that I would clearly LOVE. Epic channel.
FADWC 1990
FADWC 1990 Hace 26 días
James shoots his shot at MJ lmao
Sneakhyperion92 Hace 26 días
Scotty kilmer has left the chat
Aiden's IDK
Aiden's IDK Hace 27 días
god damn james can you say any words normally.
Mohamed Zulkifly
Mohamed Zulkifly Hace 27 días
Hey dude' i'm from Malaysia, do you even try to make videos on Proton' Malaysia's Car maker... Even though we humbly starts in 1985, but sure enough its worth to indulge on Proton history, cause we did bought up Lotus like u said, and one of our company did buy over Lamborghini... Sure its worth that much.....to make a video on it dude'
Justin Hace 27 días
0-60 in 5 seconds for a 100k car. That's a joke. Massarati make piles of shit.
Taylor Nieves
Taylor Nieves Hace 27 días
Lookin good James
Shay Wundrow
Shay Wundrow Hace 27 días
Noooo I miss my 750IL 😓😢
Ilyshka Hace 27 días
In Russia, you can find a BMW 750il for $ 3200 :)
Frankyouknow Hace 27 días
We live on a flat green earth!👍
Dazlidorne Jenkins
Dazlidorne Jenkins Hace 27 días
It's not pronounced with a hard C like Chevy Chase!
Nojaa Patak
Nojaa Patak Hace 27 días
Tupac was shot in a 750il WTF JAMES
Jon Ruby
Jon Ruby Hace 27 días
I dont understand why its the best car on the list???? There were basically no details, no interior shots, nothing on the motor... all you told us was that its was created for the 100th birthday of toyoda.... and toyota gets to choose who buys it????
One eyed Gaming
One eyed Gaming Hace 27 días
Hey I just wanted to thank you guys for all of the videos you made. You guys have inspired me to learn so much more about cars and now it’s what I want to learn to do as a career. I’ve watched almost every single video because Ik I can’t find all of them but I’ve seen all of the science garages and I love everything you guys do you’ve opened up so many doors not only for me but many others too and you make it fun. Please keep going and making more content because this is my favorite channel and I’m sure many others too 🙏🏼🙏🏼
camron smith
camron smith Hace 27 días
do an episode on the mercedes a-160 a class
royboy605 Hace 27 días
Thank you for keeping the X350/X358 Jaguar XJR a secret 🥰
Greg Gougeon
Greg Gougeon Hace 27 días
Did you say the earth was flat at one point?
Remi Vang
Remi Vang Hace 27 días
9 Super Expensive Cars You Can FINALLY Buy for CHEAP...and spend a fortune repairing.
pigatt1 Hace 27 días
Aw hell nein!!
Ragnar Malcolm
Ragnar Malcolm Hace 27 días
Is it me or has he lost some weight?
Wokks Hace 27 días
2:43 every single 15 year old boy in the UK
praying_DOGgo_ Hace 27 días
dude, make up to speed about fiat grande punto, please. I really like this car, so please do it for me 🙏🙏🙏
Tom Bradford
Tom Bradford Hace 28 días
Mans made a 911 joke bruh lmao
Vw Boi
Vw Boi Hace 28 días
Imagine having a v12 smaller than a lot of v8’s and it only makes 300hp crank
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