9 Horrible Car Engineering FAILS

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We all make mistakes, but when car companies make mistakes it can be expensive (and sometimes deadly). This is a list of 9 engineering fails caused by car companies. Some are silly, some are serious, and some are downright scary. Buckle up and grab your bug repellant: this is D-List.
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abs Hace 6 horas
He sounds drunk doing this video
Ieaki Hace 8 horas
If ppl actually win with those floor mats argument you can win pretty much any case in the US
LaJohn Hooper
LaJohn Hooper Hace 11 horas
Least we forget, The voice actor Peter Cullen aka Optimus Prime, is Canadian!
Odeo Hace 14 horas
If you go fast enough in reverse to flip your suv you can't even blame the company at that point
Odeo Hace 14 horas
I'm honestly not worried about a prius stuck accelerating because it's not going to catch up to anything
EmilyAras Hace 23 horas
y'know if you didn't wanna crash from the floor mat issue you could 1 : Remove the mat entirely from the vehicle or 2 : stick it in neutral so it won't move
Andrew Foster
Andrew Foster Hace un día
This guy sounds like he is losing the plot on a 3am coke rant...
Robert Zverina
Robert Zverina Hace un día
#8 (Toyota floormats) has been disputed and largely refuted www.manufacturing.net/automotive/blog/13110434/the-2009-toyota-accelerator-scandal-that-wasnt-what-it-seemed
the darkness
the darkness Hace un día
He looks like meg
Niklas Hansson
Niklas Hansson Hace un día
I love that ex the Volkswagen Golf mK3 lowest point is the oil pan
ionhavoc2 Hace un día
We're just going to ignore the GM ignition switches?
protekyerneck Hace un día
Dodge has some you missed The dodge ignition system had a glow ring making them the easiest vehicle to steal ever. Recently there’s a class action lawsuit for Dodge Ram owners because the valve train on the hemi was failing eating cams Also the new ecodiesel motor was fitted with cheap glow plugs that would rot and fall into the cylinder destroying the motor
Michael Lowe
Michael Lowe Hace un día
I bought an LED trailer wiring kit from home depot. They must have bought the wires from a Mercedes garage sale.
subaru Hace un día
Donut Media: "why i didn't """"put the Pinto""""" on this list" Brazilians: looooooooooool
Rate My Lemonade
Rate My Lemonade Hace 2 días
I was literally writing what about the pinto and then he said he didn’t want to talk about it anymore lmao
Roy Hsieh
Roy Hsieh Hace 2 días
if the suv is also made for the military, i think 60mph reverse or at least a quick initial reverse is applicable and much appreciated to get out of bad situations.
Roy Hsieh
Roy Hsieh Hace 2 días
contrary to the toyota prius, my old integra gas pedal wasnt stuck. but wait, it was always on the floor, but i was happy with that.
Josey Browning
Josey Browning Hace 2 días
I like that Toyota at least fixed there problem, even though it was peoples stupidity not checking their floor mats.
Violent Tugboat
Violent Tugboat Hace 3 días
Hence the Ford exploder.
r.hythmusic Hace 3 días
you gained another level of respect from me as soon as you mentioned peep
Colton Reed
Colton Reed Hace 3 días
For the Prius thing, just put er in neutral.
StewartLucrative Hace 3 días
These topics are interesting, but this guy is so annoying and not funny.
Dj baynard
Dj baynard Hace 4 días
Notice how Chevy and dodge didn’t make the list yea Ford is trash
Joe Tresp
Joe Tresp Hace 4 días
Most of his stuff is pretty good but he's pretty annoying in this video. Can we just stick to the content and stop trying to be cute/funny... Or whatever it is you're trying to accomplish with the weird effects.
bonob0123 Hace 4 días
the floormat thing was a fraud. it was people stepping on accelerators instead of brakes. Toyota got shafted and even the US congress whipped them but it was all bs. look it up.
bonob0123 Hace 4 días
"On February 8, 2011, the NHTSA, in collaboration with NASA, released its findings into the investigation on the Toyota drive-by-wire throttle system. After a 10-month search, NASA and NHTSA scientists found no electronic defect in Toyota vehicles. Driver error or pedal misapplication was found responsible for most of the incidents."
Alexzander Du Plessis
Alexzander Du Plessis Hace 5 días
Im gonna be honoust here if your cars floremat move around while you drive then you dont belong in the car...I have Volkswagen Golf MK1 also has floremats and not one of them move around ever
Cris Firestar
Cris Firestar Hace 5 días
Im getting dizzy watching this guy...
John Vlahos
John Vlahos Hace 5 días
Vascular has really entered the terminology of Donut media lol
Rob Hace 5 días
wasn't the Eagle the first 4wd American wagon?
Elliot Bibby
Elliot Bibby Hace 6 días
Is he genuinely trying to say Mercedes?
Aron Bezzina
Aron Bezzina Hace 6 días
What about the pinto?
AZ Independent
AZ Independent Hace 6 días
Yep the blue oval boys totally dropped the ball because of greed, and is dispicable that their bottom line is more important to the pigs than their customers lives were 😵. Yes the exploder was a bad failure, but so was the POS pinto as well as crown vics and are also responsible for the deaths of the victims that were hit from behind & burnt to death 😪. Some folks like to diss on Chrysler products, but at least they don't BBQ their owners alive for hell sakes
Ravenous Hace 6 días
Pervasive Fire
Pervasive Fire Hace 7 días
I miss Pontiac too 🥺
Dil xDozer
Dil xDozer Hace 7 días
I have owned an Aztek. Another engineering fail with this car was a that the intake manifold gasket was made of plastic. So the first time you overheat, the plastic melts and leaks coolant into the engine (im not sure were exactly. Just being honest.)
zack worrell
zack worrell Hace 7 días
Aztec's real name is the ASSTEK
Collin Klopfenstein
Collin Klopfenstein Hace 7 días
No Fiero? haha
Omar Smith
Omar Smith Hace 7 días
"This one is also definitely their fault" I LOVE the quick injection of blame there, not that you were saying what everyone was thinking, of course
Knight192 Hace 7 días
this guys quirky and weird i'm gonna subscribe!
Knight192 Hace 7 días
oh wait no i'm not
They call me ranch Cause i be dressing
They call me ranch Cause i be dressing Hace 8 días
My Grandpa Tacoma just suffered from frame rusting and replaced the entire frame and he still has it
You Dontneedthis
You Dontneedthis Hace 8 días
I'd love a version of this vid made for adults instead of autistic tweens.
Crewe Family
Crewe Family Hace 9 días
'mer saed sees"
Freddy Cavalli
Freddy Cavalli Hace 9 días
Why does he pronounce things weird
Adel Al
Adel Al Hace 9 días
#9. Whyyyy
johndoe11879 Hace 10 días
Got a 2010 Tacoma that has a 3 year old frame that Toyota paid for. Because of a rust issue and living in Ohio.
Riley Woodbeck
Riley Woodbeck Hace 10 días
Thrax Husky 55
Thrax Husky 55 Hace 10 días
Omg I have a Madza 6...
L G Hace 11 días
sodie boddles
Haste Hace 11 días
" I've heard of bugfixes... but this is ridiculous"
Chaos Attractor
Chaos Attractor Hace 11 días
I miss Bart...😭😭😭😭😭
Robin Shortt
Robin Shortt Hace 11 días
For your convenience here's a handy time code index for this helpful video! Car #9 1:08 Mercedes Car #8 1:55 Toyota Car #7 2:52 G65 AMG Car #6 4:42 Pontiac Aztek Car #5 6:07 Ford/Firestone Car #4 7:40 Ford Car #3 9:02 Mazda 6 Car #2 10:36 Tacoma Car #1 12:07 FD35 RX-7 Here are some more awesome classic cars classic-auto-trader.blogspot.com/
Sir Woolly Jumper
Sir Woolly Jumper Hace 12 días
When this video started I thought I'd been Gnomed. Also, don't just limit phat pants to the 90s, they were popular when shuffling was popular in 2009/2010! Haha!
Tater Puddin
Tater Puddin Hace 12 días
Toyota Tacoma. No better way to say “I have a truck, but I don’t actually need it for anything”
mo. Hace 12 días
Notice how honda wasn't on this list 😅
Paul Rdgers
Paul Rdgers Hace 13 días
What I learned from this: 1. Don't buy a 90's Mercedes. 2. Don't buy a Prius, they're too fast 3. Most importantly, Don't buy an SUV. (unless you enjoy rolling over)
Felix Yu
Felix Yu Hace 13 días
Malcolm gladwell actually did a podcast episode about the floormats, etc. and found a different conclusion. I reccomend you check it out
Maddox Alan Luketic
Maddox Alan Luketic Hace 13 días
I honestly thought the pinto was going to be number 1
Geechee Slim
Geechee Slim Hace 13 días
Now I've driven some dangerous cars and trucks, even Semi Trailers. But nothing compares to that G-Wagon Ultra stiff rigid performance. It really is a refrigerator on wheels.
Ryan Vargas
Ryan Vargas Hace 14 días
Damn bro you lost some weight! Good stuff brah!
JeremylBoonstra Hace 14 días
i have a mzda protoge5 and theres spiders crawling out of my ac vent into the cab should i get that checked? lol
Drummer85 Hace 14 días
I can’t see an Aztec without picturing Walter white
ctuan13 Hace 15 días
Lincoln Town Car can do 63+ mph in reverse. It has no limiter.
Yeet Nuggets
Yeet Nuggets Hace 15 días
MER-CÉ-DES not mercaidscees
Bruce Tassi
Bruce Tassi Hace 15 días
How the hell is the ignition switch, on the steering column, inside the cabin of, say, your Ford Taurus, considered "next to" the engine, sitting smack dab in the middle of the engine bay? Can someone explain this to me?
Jacob Wieberg
Jacob Wieberg Hace 16 días
8 legged freaks was the shit bro
DrewMac Hace 16 días
I know rap is a dangerous game but I never expected lil pump to get bodied by a youtube video. RIP lil pump.
Danny Hace 16 días
That’s not how an ignition switch works
Jonathan Sakala
Jonathan Sakala Hace 16 días
Red sac.😂
Bryan Liguori
Bryan Liguori Hace 17 días
Pretty sure the Crown Vic could also do 60 in reverse. Car and Driver did a "reverse" comparison test many years ago. Of course, that car isn't nearly as top-heavy as a G-wagen
Manny Villanueva
Manny Villanueva Hace 17 días
Yup happened to me in a 94 explorer sport i was only going 65 so i was able to move over on the highway
Steve Hace 17 días
60 in reverse? How fucking tall is that reverse gear?!
Nightmare Studio's
Nightmare Studio's Hace 17 días
Is he drunk
Immanuel hermon
Immanuel hermon Hace 17 días
Zack's (jerryrigeverything) old truck had a hole in the bed from rust... Who remembers?
xxGOKUxx Hace 18 días
Hey meg😂
Zach Martinez
Zach Martinez Hace 18 días
4:03 You're telling me they made the Big Rigs reverse glitch happen in real life...
GuestLOL424 Hace 19 días
Anyone here think donut fired their good editor? The video editing was disappointing to say the least.
Everything Youtube
Everything Youtube Hace 19 días
My dads zafira had to be recalled because of the air con system wiring so Vauxhall sent a letter saying he wasn’t allowed to park in residential areas because they kept exploding.
Igor Wilkowski
Igor Wilkowski Hace 19 días
You forgot about the exploding Ford Pinto
JingleJoe Hace 19 días
3:16 the classification lmao
Unidorsal Icosahedron
Unidorsal Icosahedron Hace 19 días
Can we get a bit of a sanity check here? No, the yellow sac spider is NOT attracted to _gasoline_ ! It, is like all other spiders, attracted to small spaces. In fact, where you would typically see them is in bushes, notably grapevines.
Emanuel Quintero
Emanuel Quintero Hace 19 días
Mercedes, reliable? Idk kinda sus
Orel Hutchins
Orel Hutchins Hace 20 días
Why didn't we talk about Subaru's head gaskets?
Viper Platinum
Viper Platinum Hace 20 días
And when some people got a new floor mat, instead of taking out the old one they put the new mat over it, and so on until it’s a hazard
SHONUFF Hace 20 días
I do not understand how people crash with stuck accelerators. The first thing I would do is put it in neutral and push the break
Peter G
Peter G Hace 20 días
F.O.R.D. - Found On Road Dead
Tómas Vilhelm
Tómas Vilhelm Hace 21 un día
Is this whole video out of focus on purpose. Dude, that's meta
Jordan P
Jordan P Hace 21 un día
Big car companies, always avoid large scale recalls as the public fallout from a recall can cripple even the largest companies, but mainly because settling lawsuits from victims is alot cheaper (unless the problem could cause ALOT of customers to be seriously injured)
Samuel Lourenço
Samuel Lourenço Hace 21 un día
Big companies don't care about people. They are forced to care about people from time to time, as an act of contrition.
ThePikachuKing Hace 22 días
There goes my dream of getting a rx7
Bryan Liguori
Bryan Liguori Hace 16 días
I wouldn't let a thing like that turn you off completely. Next to the cost of the car, paying someone to change the fuel filter every 20k miles might not be so bad at all
Chris Hunt
Chris Hunt Hace 22 días
Surprised the GM Delphi ignition switch recall wasn't in there...
meme dream
meme dream Hace 22 días
I have my own floormats too, but... the thing is... they have two pins and two holes that you put the pins through. They're attached to the bottom carpet lined flooring and whenever I clean the mats, I just unhook them, take out and clean, and hook them back into place. Toyota real dumb sometimes, which is why I stick to Mazda. Never an issue with a Mazda car. As for Ford back then, and even now, they're retarded. They are doing MUCH better now, but ehhhhh, the only cars I would ever willingly buy from them are the Mustang, any of the Shelby's, the Edge, the F-150, and the Focus ST/RS (which they dont make anymore).
How Too And Hope
How Too And Hope Hace 22 días
That’s how fast and furious race in reverse
Taylor Nieves
Taylor Nieves Hace 23 días
Girlfriend, James!??? GIRLFRIENDDDD!???!?!??
HyzenTV Hace 23 días
Drag race in reverse
Yanuchi Uchiha: Anime, Games and Ramdomness
Yanuchi Uchiha: Anime, Games and Ramdomness Hace 24 días
no, no, you see the "fast reverse" is the french edition g-wagon.
Nick's BrickFilmss
Nick's BrickFilmss Hace 24 días
My mustang has Firestones.
Niko Bella-Khouf
Niko Bella-Khouf Hace 24 días
The unintended acceleration issue at Toyota was much bigger than floor mats. They blamed it on floor mats but it was worse than that.
F And
F And Hace 24 días
9:00 for spiders
T¡nfo¡l Hat
T¡nfo¡l Hat Hace 25 días
The firestones that failed were due to very high mileage. Too good a tire
Ghoul X
Ghoul X Hace 25 días
He got lil peep on his heaven list ❤️
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