9 Cars Named After ANIMALS

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A lot of cars have animal names! Mustangs, Stingrays, Hellcats. But sometimes carmakers name their cars after really *weird* animals. Today we’re taking a look at 9 cars named after some unusual animals you might not expect. This is D-List!
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Donut Media
Donut Media Hace 26 días
What animal needs a car named after it?
Erick Gacutan Sing
Erick Gacutan Sing Hace 11 días
Civet would be better
Namasjii sansi
Namasjii sansi Hace 12 días
I like 🐝
Chase Reagan
Chase Reagan Hace 12 días
Chase Reagan
Chase Reagan Hace 12 días
Nils Christian Halvorsen
Nils Christian Halvorsen Hace 18 días
JoeIsCrazyWillman Hace 21 un hora
Just 2200 tow capacity on the Tiguan? I would've expected more like 3500. It's an still an SUV, not a Chevy Malibu. 😒
JoeIsCrazyWillman Hace 21 un hora
I haven't finished the video at the point of me commenting this, but I will be disappointed if the Lamborghini Murcielago is not on here. That is literally the Spanish word for bat (the flying kind, not the baseball kind, you idiots 😂)... That's flippin awesome
JoeIsCrazyWillman Hace 21 un hora
Awe, ya let me down, boys.
Rhys Owens
Rhys Owens Hace un día
It’s confirmed. I’m gonna have to drive a Mercury sable
H_r_i R
H_r_i R Hace 2 días
He missed tuatara ig.... Best and fastest car named after a lizard!!!!!!!! And no one commented it wow I am surprised🤯
king creeper
king creeper Hace 3 días
he forgot the VW beetle like so he can see this
Samay Verma
Samay Verma Hace 5 días
Amazing video guys but I have a request to make a video on SSC
iilham syarif
iilham syarif Hace 5 días
What about porsche macan???
Noah Brian
Noah Brian Hace 6 días
Is up to speed ever coming back?
Logan Johnson
Logan Johnson Hace 6 días
You should do a up to speed on the jeep comanche
Matthew Yepez
Matthew Yepez Hace 8 días
You forgot the Hyundai Tiburon GT 2008
T3a Ba6Gins
T3a Ba6Gins Hace 9 días
As a Trevor, you're welcome, James. You're welcome.
slavs airsoft
slavs airsoft Hace 9 días
Asher Lin
Asher Lin Hace 12 días
When is up to speed coming back
Junior Hace 14 días
Man y’all really tryna skip pass the Firebird huh😂
Wes Gale
Wes Gale Hace 14 días
They do sell the Fiat Panda in North America. its just called the Jeep Renegade :)
The editor gets so bored during corana so he’s started to experiment with editing effects
Kuza Car Meet
Kuza Car Meet Hace 16 días
8:32 n word
Random BOii
Random BOii Hace 16 días
Mitsubishi Pajero
Enrico Hace 16 días
The fact that the Barracuda was not included it hurts me a little
Mohd Najib Bachok
Mohd Najib Bachok Hace 16 días
U forgot the bettle!
Dillon Beylefeld
Dillon Beylefeld Hace 17 días
Pandas suckk!
Dillon Beylefeld
Dillon Beylefeld Hace 17 días
Humanity should die.
HatsuneMikuSonicTheHedgehogFan: TheRaiderPlayZ
HatsuneMikuSonicTheHedgehogFan: TheRaiderPlayZ Hace 17 días
You Even Forgot 2 Cars Toyota Kijang (Indonesian Word Of Deer) Toyota Tamaraw FX (Named After The Mindoro Dwarf Buffalo Or Tamaraw)
José Alfonso Cuevas Gallego
José Alfonso Cuevas Gallego Hace 17 días
I'm starting to think that James mispell car manufacturers names in purpose man! Seriously Lamborgain? 😭
Alex Blanco
Alex Blanco Hace 17 días
X=sqwizit lmaooo
Nils Christian Halvorsen
Nils Christian Halvorsen Hace 18 días
had to unsubscribe so james would pee in my desk😥😔
Erica Garlock
Erica Garlock Hace 18 días
This list is incomplete without the Reliant Kitten. Full stop.
R BAS3L Hace 18 días
James, you’ve changed since you got famous. You don’t even cry anymore
Carter Nissen
Carter Nissen Hace 18 días
This episode had me laughing so much that I accidentally got someone walking by to ask about it and subscribe.
Building on a Budget Models
Building on a Budget Models Hace 19 días
Nice Marlin jokes. The best fish jokes are one liners! 😉
MAnjeet Rohilla
MAnjeet Rohilla Hace 19 días
It'syeeOLEDskoolFurry Hace 19 días
UUhhhmm, you better cancel that OIL crisis shirt ASAP, RIGHT AWAY! It looks like the MALE genitalia doing uumm... Well you know..... That sexual word starting with ej.. So, yea... Better get rid of it like right NOW. Sorry. Just thought I would let yall know.
Dennis Hansen
Dennis Hansen Hace 19 días
That photoshop smile got me laugh 🤣
Baasim Hassan
Baasim Hassan Hace 19 días
Bro make a video on chevy suburban in up to speed
Leon Debus
Leon Debus Hace 19 días
I saw this list and was like are you just going to list Lamborghini
GTO_John Hace 19 días
Lol at beeping cockpit!
Steven Veldkamp
Steven Veldkamp Hace 20 días
No more Everything you need to know videos?????
Joe Maddox
Joe Maddox Hace 20 días
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Leiner Vitor
Leiner Vitor Hace 20 días
De Tomaso Mangusta (awesome car with a cool name)
Jean Paul Heymans
Jean Paul Heymans Hace 20 días
Who TF pronounces Lamborghini like that??? It is not Lamborgine... is that like an inside joke???
Vaibhav Nath
Vaibhav Nath Hace 20 días
13:00 - That's how you do a paid promotion of Volkswagen Tiguan 🤪😝
Gloria Villarreal
Gloria Villarreal Hace 20 días
That is the best salesman i ever known
Florian Seppi
Florian Seppi Hace 20 días
But the viper?
SuperSandwich18 Hace 20 días
Do a video where you show off all the cars you guys at donut have
Juan Arriaga
Juan Arriaga Hace 20 días
12345 bentley
12345 bentley Hace 20 días
You guys should do an up to speed episode on the fiat panda lol i live in pennsylvania and have one that got imported from Spain
Juan Blancas
Juan Blancas Hace 20 días
Can you talk about the Pontiac firebird in up to speed pls
Muhammad Rahadiyan Prathama
Muhammad Rahadiyan Prathama Hace 20 días
Porsche macan ?
Tiana Cathrine
Tiana Cathrine Hace 20 días
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Therianos Variety Channel
Therianos Variety Channel Hace 21 un día
Could James narrate a wildlife documentary now? Lmao
Ben Kaufman
Ben Kaufman Hace 21 un día
Virgin modern bull and Chad urus
Rush Aiden
Rush Aiden Hace 21 un día
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Dikko Frentzen
Dikko Frentzen Hace 21 un día
i think James should make part 2 of this
Eli Percival
Eli Percival Hace 21 un día
I am allergic to Honey bees Screw that Datsun!!!!
Alex Smith
Alex Smith Hace 21 un día
what’s about Skoda Y-E-T-I)
ComicArtifact Hace 21 un día
You forgot about the little viscous animal that eats mustangs 👁👄👁
Matthew Feece
Matthew Feece Hace 21 un día
Y'all figured out that you don't need quality content if you've got a funny host and good writers. Love James, love Donut, but this is not interesting content at all
Atli Jett Ragnar
Atli Jett Ragnar Hace 21 un día
james said the n word on key and peele
Budget Audio
Budget Audio Hace 21 un día
Kinda sad that my sedan has a higher towing capacity than an SUV lol
Electronics For Fun
Electronics For Fun Hace 21 un día
nice design but I don't think I want to advertise the oil crisis, it's not like it was a special time or something. it was a bad time.
Angel Torres
Angel Torres Hace 21 un día
James sould start a new hi low of who can build the fastest lowrider
Cory Massey
Cory Massey Hace 21 un día
PDub for the win
WesleyDough Hace 21 un día
Did you know the audi a5 was named after a5 wagyu?
Flip 0119
Flip 0119 Hace 21 un día
How about a best *first* cabrio/convertible/targa D-list? And what about just the best, coolest, sickest cabrio/convertible/targa D-list?
omar bassuni
omar bassuni Hace 21 un día
As I was randomly scrolling through Instagram I found a post from henessey they have a 700 hp supercharged truck called the Goliath I’ll add that to my list of fast trucks 😂
Issam Nasr
Issam Nasr Hace 21 un día
Hear me out on this: TVR Chlamydia
muic4880 Hace 22 días
Giant Panda is so named because they are definitely a giant, compared to Red Panda, also called small panda in Chinese, which lived in the same region.
Slick Bach
Slick Bach Hace 22 días
4:59 did anyone else hear the Minecraft eating sound effect?
Luquetupapa Hace 22 días
Dat Tiguan looks tight James
Madison Pettis
Madison Pettis Hace 22 días
only here can you know 60% of your base is stoners
KMS Bismarck Drache191200
KMS Bismarck Drache191200 Hace 22 días
Sorry to say this but, i gotta disagree with you James, the Urus is only Second Place, the Best SUV outthere, is to 100% the Audi RSQ8-R Tuned by ABT
Eatongee Hace 22 días
Was James drunk when this was filmed? I mean still?
Michael Lopez
Michael Lopez Hace 22 días
Pinto, Impala, Viper are all too well known. Camaro, and Firebird have been done to death on these kind of lists. But Buick Skylark, and Skyhawk should have been on the list. Should we put the entirety of John Deere on the list? Where was my Barracuda, Superbee, RoadRunner, Jeep Eagle...I smell 9 MOPARs named after animals.
Manuel Sucena
Manuel Sucena Hace 22 días
Uhhhhh Portugal flag during the Panda bit 🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹
Mark Angelo Calica
Mark Angelo Calica Hace 22 días
After I saw The Fiat Panda, I demand an "Up To Speed" of FIAT (or at least a model like the Living Legend FIAT 500)
AAK Hace 22 días
Ayyy Tiguan geng
Regmon Tunes
Regmon Tunes Hace 22 días
Do a video on cars named after locations
Woodey Wilson
Woodey Wilson Hace 22 días
Did this man get a mullet?? 😂😂😂
Turtle ™
Turtle ™ Hace 22 días
*Angry Ford Panther platform noises*
robby rivai
robby rivai Hace 22 días
Porsche macan, macan is actually means tiger in Javanese and Indonesian.
Alan Duda
Alan Duda Hace 22 días
the 3001 Ford Thundercougarfalconbird has eaglebeak inlays
Guus Van Rens
Guus Van Rens Hace 22 días
No VW Beetle?
RekeBear Hace 22 días
Volkswagen Beetle Ford Falcon Jaguar
Mel Ryan Peter Tanael
Mel Ryan Peter Tanael Hace 22 días
Did you just learn the word portmanteau??? 😅😅😅🤣🤣🤣
Jushh Basil
Jushh Basil Hace 22 días
As a local Floridian I can say the marlins have moved from the living room to the back porch.
ItsZeebZ Hace 22 días
Says the urus is his favorite, but compared it to a garbage can💀
Fordythegamer Hace 22 días
Once again missing the Ford Falcon
Apriyanto Wahyu Handoko
Apriyanto Wahyu Handoko Hace 22 días
Porsche Macan Macan (Bahas Indonesia) = Tiger
Evergreen King
Evergreen King Hace 22 días
mythbusters8 FH4
mythbusters8 FH4 Hace 22 días
James should be hired to market new cars🤣😂
Martin Diggle
Martin Diggle Hace 22 días
Plymouth Road Runner: Named after the cartoon character and an actual species of bird.
Pepe Hace 22 días
Yo do a video of firs time cars for under $5000 for general people (not car enthusiast)
Dragan Paunovic
Dragan Paunovic Hace 22 días
Skoda kodiaq is a bear
Everto Gutierrez
Everto Gutierrez Hace 22 días
vedant sharma
vedant sharma Hace 22 días
My parents used to own a Tiguan, sold it recently. They bought a Renault Kadjar in its place, let me tell you, NEVER have I seen my parents be more depressed than when they dailyed their new ride for about a month. Tiguan is a damn BEAST of a daily.
techfreak111 Hace 23 días
why does he hold a microphone?
Daniel Clay
Daniel Clay Hace 23 días
1360kg is less than 3000 lbs
Ryan Hanson
Ryan Hanson Hace 23 días
Please use trash cans as a weight comparison more often.
Muffin the skeliton
Muffin the skeliton Hace 23 días
Techecly all bees are honey bees
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