9 Best Minivans of All Time

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Minivans have a rep for being boring cars, right? WRONG! These 9 minivans are straight out of hell, proving that you can take your kids to soccer practice AND flex at your local cars & coffee. From the first minivan ever to a Formula 1 powered beast, these are the 9 best minivans of all time.
Thanks to @fakecharlesguan for letting us use pics of his Centurion!
Thanks to @brubakerbox / @dj_greyboy for letting us use pics of his Brubaker box!
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E.J. Cross
E.J. Cross Hace un día
There’s nothing wrong with mayonnaise on a hotdog 🌭 bro. Taste awesome!
AxioM1721 Hace 5 días
How could you not mention Tango & Cash!!!!
John Anthony
John Anthony Hace 8 días
RandomUploads I wouldn’t mind getting those 🤔
RandomUploads Hace 9 días
@John Anthony yeah, in the high and low car.
BIG SMOKE Hace 10 días
@PC Gaming FAKE
Kevin Ngo
Kevin Ngo Hace 20 horas
I want every single van on this list
Eat Your Oatmeal
Eat Your Oatmeal Hace 23 horas
Wow James does not translate well to figurine
Richard Hace un día
Im voting for Jamie Harrison already please no more adds jamie
Mike Halpin
Mike Halpin Hace un día
The first minivan was made in the 30s called the Stout Scarab
Livid .Monster
Livid .Monster Hace 2 días
Why in a video that takes so long to edit and create they can't google "espace" in french ? SRLY.
Alexander Smith
Alexander Smith Hace 2 días
U forgot the Ford supervan
Djamil Chan
Djamil Chan Hace 2 días
No honda FR-V💔
Eric Ruhlmann
Eric Ruhlmann Hace 2 días
With the clutch Tommy Boy reference
alexander jurado
alexander jurado Hace 3 días
strudel'ok Hace 3 días
Ахахаха, еспаче))) i will help u body, just join "E" and "space", its espace, not espache
Manfred J. Krauss
Manfred J. Krauss Hace 3 días
Maybe the running gag with mispronouncing names should be taken down a notch... It gets on my nerves at points
Manfred J. Krauss
Manfred J. Krauss Hace 3 días
Why is James not pronouncing Espace correctly?
Kieran Penrose
Kieran Penrose Hace 3 días
A Renault WHAT 😂😂😂😂
Luis Gomez
Luis Gomez Hace 3 días
this guy is Funny"! he is the Bill Murray of 2020
JesseArt Hace 4 días
I drove a boxy 90s Dodge Caravan in high school. As an artist and musician, it was like the perfect car for me at the time. Plenty of room for instruments, pottery, paintings, supplies, etc. And it was super easy to pop off the trip pieces and upgrade the audio system. Not gonna lie, I kinda want another one just to build a rolling high end audio experience since I can actually afford some things now. Plus, plenty of room for friends back when hanging out was a thing.
AyyeeItsShaz Hace 4 días
8:25 drawjopping
Emanuel Bolboaca
Emanuel Bolboaca Hace 5 días
4:52 tesla interior
Fantasy Engineered.
Fantasy Engineered. Hace 5 días
OMG! it's the soundtrack 2my soul ! omg! wait...what!! help I'm busting stitches!! the ''END'' is near !! oh harry-christnia...the end is near....what's next? well, vuck me !
Anshuman Bhattacharyya
Anshuman Bhattacharyya Hace 5 días
Chris Harris approves of this video 👍
MrJulianess Hace 6 días
Espace is gran turismo 2
GunOfFury 2004
GunOfFury 2004 Hace 6 días
I fell in love with mini vans when I picked up one for my cousin
Zarkonem Hace 6 días
That last one, the "Vuck" as you put it, is the quintessential Mullet of the truck and van world.
JGXJM Hace 7 días
Your figurines are adorable but i don't want my siblings to steal them and i doubt my parents will be fine buying figures that only i have interest for 😔
Michael W.
Michael W. Hace 7 días
eazy e's chevy astro doesn't make the list?
Mr Fishing
Mr Fishing Hace 8 días
Should have done the hi low cars for the youtoos
Pascal G
Pascal G Hace 8 días
Did he just complain about 1.15$ x Gallon (nearly 4 liters)? Thats what you pay x liter here if the price is good. Normal is around 1.30€ x liter
Thaddeus Wascheck
Thaddeus Wascheck Hace 9 días
He finally said a number!!
Ruby Gold
Ruby Gold Hace 10 días
You forgot the Chrysler Voyager! The mini van of my childhood, my grandpa bought one in the early 1990, we lived in Mallorca and made many trips with it to Spain and Portugal. And that warrior is still rollin today! Now in Germany, but he stayed in the family. It is one of the European versions what is identical to the Dodge Caravan.
Ryan Saunders
Ryan Saunders Hace 10 días
NO TARAGO!!!!!!!!!!! Shammmmeeee
Panda MilkShake
Panda MilkShake Hace 10 días
Jesus Christ, it's pronounced Espáss
Emin Muradov
Emin Muradov Hace 10 días
"Carystal Araighta Roofya" that's great.
Kegvivo Arx
Kegvivo Arx Hace 10 días
This donut video has the worst car announcer she sounds like a cow girl lmao
Dylan Smith
Dylan Smith Hace 11 días
Can we get a every thing you need to know about the firebird pleas??!!
Balaet Zax Lorax
Balaet Zax Lorax Hace 11 días
4:12 them folk haven't heard of the Stout Scarab
Tommy Sage
Tommy Sage Hace 11 días
No Honda Odyssey Bisimoto?
Erik Haynes
Erik Haynes Hace 11 días
Take a shot every time he says "Disneyland Monorail"
butt rocker
butt rocker Hace 12 días
Do something about the dodge dreamer. I've heard dodge denies making it
Key Caro
Key Caro Hace 12 días
I saw a brubaker box at a tiny show in The Woodlands Texas
K Hace 12 días
Driving your family's minivan to school is pretty much a rite of passage for every American teen, aside from getting a license at 16.
Anthony Baskette
Anthony Baskette Hace 12 días
To follow up with the espace, the family driving in the Bertone was the jetsons
Anthony Baskette
Anthony Baskette Hace 12 días
The espace minivan are the kind of minivans rolling down the highway with ether AC DC highway to hell playing or AC DC shoot to thrill playing. On the inside is the man driving with a straight out mullet growing from his head and the wife has a shirt with shoulder pads, the two kids have gelled spiky hair with sleeveless shirts on their IPads playing Minecraft
T M H Hace 12 días
1995 WAS a good year, though. I graduated 🎓 high school. But it was a good year for everyone else too. Low unemployment. Economy booming, future was bright🌝 New things got built everywhere. People criused on a weekend night. Gas was 89 to 99 cents where I lived. And the cars were cool😎, kicking bass and neon underlights. We were just getting introduced to this internet and email thing. Most didn't have a cell phone. (I did, but it was the kind without a screen.)
Mr. Rotundus
Mr. Rotundus Hace 13 días
James: “ESPATCHAY” Me, who took a French class once: *punching the air*
John F. Kennedy
John F. Kennedy Hace 13 días
5:37 Thats all them British folks pronouncing things like that! Rest of the Europe uses US English words except semi truck is just truck.
DasRenegade Hace 13 días
gotta say today most suvs are over glorified minivans, and mercedes showed that with the r class
Augustin Fabre
Augustin Fabre Hace 13 días
Renault "Esspass". It means space in french... the car is french. I will always be amazed by your made up pronounciations
Veto Ramirez III
Veto Ramirez III Hace 13 días
"That's what delivery is." Freaking funny! 🤣
Yung Mad
Yung Mad Hace 14 días
How can u even think this could be called espatsche, what is this, makes me aggresive
Zachary Condon
Zachary Condon Hace 14 días
I think james misses disney land
Isaac Bader
Isaac Bader Hace 15 días
That voice when that southern girl introduced the cars makes me laugh every time
Ted Hace 15 días
#1, 2002 Honda odyssey. No explanation needed
Chris R
Chris R Hace 15 días
Dodge caravan turbo?
Ignacio, Gabriel Nathan S.
Ignacio, Gabriel Nathan S. Hace 16 días
the back of the sho-star looks like a kia carnival..,
Professional Hater
Professional Hater Hace 16 días
I got a scion xb. Any good suggestions for proper upgrades for it?
Nick Catelli
Nick Catelli Hace 16 días
We need a "Lombargine Machine" t-shirt in the Donut store so I can buy every single one of them.
EyesOfByes Hace 17 días
*Bruh* -baker
Indrajit Riziq Prayogo
Indrajit Riziq Prayogo Hace 17 días
5:30 nobody: Richard hammond: the renault espass
DeadBoiClique Hace 17 días
YO YO Hace 17 días
We had Ford windstorm when we moved to United States. They had shitty transmission.
Harin Hace 17 días
Chevy Astro/GMC Safari
metaleggman18 Hace 18 días
Did Conan really have a Ford Taurus SHO?
Jonty McPherson
Jonty McPherson Hace 18 días
Deli gang deli gang deli gang from aus
Elliot Ellis
Elliot Ellis Hace 18 días
13:18 I believe the scooby doo van is a GMC vandura. The same van the A team had.
Josh Casey
Josh Casey Hace 18 días
There's an R63 AMG in my hometown here in NZ.
wdefghjuefh degtfthtgf
wdefghjuefh degtfthtgf Hace 18 días
The toyota previa has a mid mounted engine and had a supercharger as a option as well as many were rear wheel drive some even had a manual and all wheel drive was a option that should put it on the list it also looks like no other van
Jose Barrientos
Jose Barrientos Hace 18 días
Hey i like mayonnaise on hot dogs too 😂😂😂😂
Nart Wumar
Nart Wumar Hace 18 días
Shoseph Shostar is the best ShoSho
Jack Nichols
Jack Nichols Hace 19 días
Devis Paul
Devis Paul Hace 19 días
Me: "Didn't get James youtooz collectable" Donut Media: "We'll send you one Buddy" IN MY DREAMS
The Newbist
The Newbist Hace 19 días
I also like mayo on my hot dogs
Nick Hafner
Nick Hafner Hace 19 días
But where's mah rally wagon? My Astro AWD? G-series?
Everything Youtube
Everything Youtube Hace 19 días
The best minivan in history of minivans is my dads 2010 Vauxhall zafria that had to be recalled twice because vauxhall was scared it was gonna explode, that’s how cool it was
Itz_gray_ 2020
Itz_gray_ 2020 Hace 19 días
Sliphantom invented the *VANBORGHINI*
Josh Chaney
Josh Chaney Hace 19 días
No love for the Toyota Previa Supercharged all wheel drive?
Jean-Francois Loiselle
Jean-Francois Loiselle Hace 19 días
For the Renault Espace is not pronounce SS-PATCHÉ but it should sais as: SS-PASS For you to know in French espace mean Space ;) Love the D-List! I Lear &Laugh everytime! Keep it up! :)
bapark1993 Hace 19 días
As of right now, James is sold out, Nolan is still available. :(( Poor Nolan
Tim Wehrs
Tim Wehrs Hace 19 días
The top mini van is half full size van and half truck 🤔 mini...?
Deli Sloslo
Deli Sloslo Hace 19 días
James reminds me of how Trump talks in this couple of seconds 5:32
Floyd Mabena
Floyd Mabena Hace 20 días
I am from South Africa and heres a list of cars we had 1. Mitshubishi Delica (original first edition) 2. Volkswage Kombie/T3 3. Mercedes R Classs (Not the 63 version) I hate my country!!!
Jonathan Flores
Jonathan Flores Hace 20 días
Please make Disneyland Monorail shirts. I'll buy them
Huh yaboybtd2
Huh yaboybtd2 Hace 20 días
My teacher watches your up to speed to teach us and stuff James. Alaska gang
Reuben Mclord
Reuben Mclord Hace 20 días
Well its mini and vany 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
J M Hace 20 días
When are guys gonna review a xrs corolla
BCB UK blackcountrybiker uk
BCB UK blackcountrybiker uk Hace 20 días
Cringe when James pronounce the Renault people carrier "wrong" I've never heard it pronounced that way lol great vids as norm though
Dennis Hansen
Dennis Hansen Hace 20 días
I like the New voice, keep it Guys!
Derrick Logan
Derrick Logan Hace 20 días
I really enjoyed the minivan tour. I miss driving the 2008 Dodge Caravan I had when I was working at Chrysler before I accepted the buyout in 2009. It never mattered to me that some guys, like myself, drove vans or women, like my fiancee, drives Challengers or Chargers, so long as Chrysler sold vehicles and made $$$!!! Job Security!!! I love Vans, Minivans, Jeeps and Trucks!!! Had 1 of each and still drive my 2002 Grand Cherokee Laredo!!!
Der Pinguin
Der Pinguin Hace 21 un día
Dude, I get your willingly mispronounce some words, but „espatche“ just triggered me hard.
Urizen Hace 21 un día
5:47 - He pronounces a French word like a Spanish one and then says it sounds like an Italian one. It’s like one of those memes with wrong quotes and pictures meant to be as infuriating as possible. Personally I loved it.
TheOfficialAshler Hace 21 un día
The Nolan figurine is not sold out yet but the James figurine is. *interesting*
Ryan Walker
Ryan Walker Hace 21 un día
Well, guess I'll be having hotdog's for lunch!
ᅚᅚQix Hace 21 un día
Golf? Not a scirocco?
nitroxide91 Hace 21 un día
You got a hair cut like the other guy
Jon Hoover
Jon Hoover Hace 21 un día
*#1. Toyota Previa SC AWD its a mid engine, 5 speed manual, supercharged and intercooled 2.4L inline 4 with all wheel drive... in a mini van!
Muranaman Hace 21 un día
11:53 "Khuris-taru Raita Rufia!", with an Initial D soundtrack in the background! Hirrarious! XD
Yannick von Grabowiecki
Yannick von Grabowiecki Hace 21 un día
Boooy, it's pronounced "espass"
Ryan Lee
Ryan Lee Hace 21 un día
Where the hell is UAZ-452? It's like the most iconic minivan for post-soviet countries, Carribean included
David Stephens
David Stephens Hace 21 un día
#1: Chev Astro & GMC Safari, easy V8 swaps, ran 21 years unchanged, AWD opt, long version opt. Still in high demand. With a V8, can out-tow ANY other minivan.
Rico swavy
Rico swavy Hace 21 un día
sucks that 5 days after this video came out and the james toy is sold out. fml, I generally dont get stuff like this but I really like james Pumphrey and would love to Rock his figurine in my tattoo shop here in Seattle. he the entire reason I started following donut. oh well. just my luck I guess. wish they would make more. they dont even ship till next year.
Adam Heusman
Adam Heusman Hace 21 un día
The Lamborghini is fir when youre late for class, gotta whip out that countach engine
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