$400 Light Kit vs. $1200 Light Kit

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Can cheap swag flex on expensive swag???
We’ve compared coilovers, brakes, wheels, tires, seats, turbo kits! And now we’re adding some mods that aren’t necessarily improving the car’s PERFORMANCE. BUT when you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good you drive good. At least that is what we're hoping.
Today we are installing the MOST IMPORTANT part of any build, especially a performance build! We are talking lights, the type that make cars look hard. Hi Car is getting some crazy LED tail lights, some XK Glow RGB LED headlights, and underglow that they can control with their phone.
Low car is getting some certified eBay garbage headlights, tail lights, and some ridiculously cheap underglows. And that’s it!
We’ll see how nicely all of this stuff installs, and how it looks. THEN, we’ll hit the streets and get the publics’ opinion.
Can the cheap stuff flex as hard as the expensive parts?

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Wolftactical27 Hace 2 días
OH MY GOSH Nolan 1000% a v10 revving up to the rev limiter at like 18k 🥵🥵🥵🥵
Wolftactical27 Hace 2 días
Oh My GoSh I cAnNoT bElIeVe YoU gUyS wErE dOiNg ThIs WiThOuT mAsKs!!!!
The Everyday Driver
The Everyday Driver Hace 2 días
Those fucking door cards! Lmao
MissJohnWick Hace 2 días
Dude, This is so amazing!!!!
Lee Richards
Lee Richards Hace 2 días
Is under glow road legal in America?? Or at least in their state?
Hank Lindsey
Hank Lindsey Hace 2 días
You need air bags!
roodrat Hace 3 días
I like the cheap one more tbh
Shawn Bro Rodriguez
Shawn Bro Rodriguez Hace 3 días
Splixtt Hace 3 días
I wanna see HiLow with two shitty civics. That would be sick
ExperimentalDud Hace 4 días
I need to see 240s next..
pulsomagnetico pm
pulsomagnetico pm Hace 5 días
Noooo . Please. Go for the nitro.
pulsomagnetico pm
pulsomagnetico pm Hace 5 días
Aré you going all way to the nitró? Súper show. Congrats.
huma khan
huma khan Hace 8 días
Gig: "Are you customizing it" James/Nolan/Shirako: Teku-izing
Trace Sproles
Trace Sproles Hace 9 días
Should have put tinted lights
Alex Camacho
Alex Camacho Hace 9 días
Do exhaust comparison next !!!!!!
Lev Lysyj
Lev Lysyj Hace 9 días
Are there any more affordable headlight bulbs?
The Codester 2.0
The Codester 2.0 Hace 10 días
Ever wanted to make a car that should be in fast and the furious. Just copy high car
G2 Hace 10 días
Ngl low cars headlights look nice, but will they BE nice?
Tristan Schmitt
Tristan Schmitt Hace 11 días
Please do a frs next
Biruk Amare
Biruk Amare Hace 12 días
C a l
C a l Hace 13 días
Personally, i like the lo-car. Blue is just 👌
V Sharma
V Sharma Hace 13 días
Change nissan 350Z to supra IV pls we want to see you guys do that
Darko Brevic
Darko Brevic Hace 13 días
Honestly I don’t get why James is the big boy with the 1500 lighting kits and the other dude is using a 400 dollar one actually I like the 400 dollar one
SuperBonjoman Hace 14 días
14:00 “he’s probably out cheating on me”
jacob acosta
jacob acosta Hace 14 días
Finally to see this video without having a snap ever 2 snaps on Snapchat
demonetized ziti
demonetized ziti Hace 14 días
Z. Boys
Joey Jovan
Joey Jovan Hace 14 días
i think the most expensive of the car is the door trim
Someone Probably
Someone Probably Hace 15 días
“We’ll pull you over...and beat you up” Damn just like the real cops
Anas Akram
Anas Akram Hace 16 días
it isnt condensation it is blinker fluid
Cesar Melendez
Cesar Melendez Hace 17 días
Need for speed in real life be like...
Vlogs with Martin
Vlogs with Martin Hace 17 días
James video at the end was the video quality was the one my teachers use.
WHO ASKED Hace 17 días
You should do lambo doors
Kindly Help me to Reach 5000 Subscribers
Kindly Help me to Reach 5000 Subscribers Hace 18 días
I pray who ever reads this becomes successful in life.....
zZGrimz Hace 18 días
Both look fire but the expensive kit looks easier and a little better
Tunsar Hace 19 días
Everyone: WE'RE SERIOUS! (a second later doggo walks in) Everyone: AaAAaAaaaWwWwWwW
nick martin
nick martin Hace 19 días
Should have bought the same guys headlights as your taillights, the mods he has are insane
Fringeless Hace 20 días
James looks better after he stopped blowin so much nose candy.
Alexander Dunbar-O'Sullivan
Alexander Dunbar-O'Sullivan Hace 20 días
why does the dog look like a mop with eyes
LargoChip 39
LargoChip 39 Hace 20 días
14:04 Can someone please tell me what that banger is dude I love that song
Jesse Ables
Jesse Ables Hace 20 días
I want to see you guys do a pair of Mustang GTs. 2000-2004 or 2005-2008.
EDPZ445 Hace 20 días
10:21 what wheel is this, the bell noise i forget what it’s called someone help
L_A_Rincon Hace 20 días
What year are these?
Thunder BuddieXD
Thunder BuddieXD Hace 21 un día
Wish y’all put the link to the 1200 group I’m in love
Shifter Media
Shifter Media Hace 21 un día
High took an L this time don't even lie. Drift culture votes Low on this one.
AugmentedGravity Hace 22 días
13:55 Nolan turned into a fucking 787B hahaha
William Wong
William Wong Hace 22 días
The LED tail light for the LOW car, you should have used your factory bulb socket and should plug right in!
JibinAbraham Hace 23 días
Could you guys do a series on practical modifications for popular consumer cars? I'm thinking mods for cars like the Honda Accord/Civic, Toyota Camry/Corolla, Ford Fusion, etc. Things that you think the factory got wrong or could easily improve on, best bang for buck, you know?
DarkMilk Hace 24 días
You so realise that the cars are more expensive than some Audi's Lamborghini's amd Ferrari's right? Right-
gta player
gta player Hace 24 días
For season two of hi low do 2006 Honda civics
Noah Hace 24 días
Do a BRZ next
Matic Ličen
Matic Ličen Hace 25 días
At 13:57 Nolan sounds lile 787b
Intel core i7
Intel core i7 Hace 25 días
Where next episode of hilow
SpitFire Hace 25 días
13:40 Just guys being dudes
Jad the Magnificent
Jad the Magnificent Hace 25 días
Which one would you rather have as a project car: 350z or 370z and why?
Jad the Magnificent
Jad the Magnificent Hace 25 días
Next series: LowMidHigh Like so they see it!
FuZioN.Slime Hace 25 días
When they had the opportunity to recreate that ricer scene in cars but didnt😔
Chris_ 5150
Chris_ 5150 Hace 26 días
You guys should buy cheap and expensive short throw dip sticks 😂
Enrique Nazario
Enrique Nazario Hace 27 días
I used the same lights as low team did for under glow and the receiver overheated and blew up
Infiniti Chico
Infiniti Chico Hace 28 días
Cool but very illegal in my Country Canada!!!
Alex Larios
Alex Larios Hace 29 días
The fact that they are working on Z's makes this 10× better.
Luke Carson
Luke Carson Hace 29 días
13:56 My high-school parking lot after class.
Ace the panther
Ace the panther Hace un mes
It is called neo crome It is like burnt titanium but shiney
Harrison Stender
Harrison Stender Hace un mes
13:48 diabetic rep! Green insulin pump? In dude pocket as he walks behind.
Kris Hace un mes
I think the underglow is better with price but as for the headlights and taillights, i think it depends on what you're looking for, personally low car's lights looked good enough for what I would want them to do
Arthur Bates
Arthur Bates Hace un mes
You should do it with 02-06 Mini Cooper s es
Ultra Collector Custom Airsoft
Ultra Collector Custom Airsoft Hace un mes
Just subbed and liked! If you get a chance please take a look at my Prelude on my channel! I bought it new In 2000 and it’s been through a few changes over the years,there’s a parts list on a few of the videos,i’ve been concentrating more on my Supra GS300 project but still have the Lude put away. I don’t post car videos anymore but ive been in the show and street race scene since the late 90’s. I agree lights are definitely fun,different,and both cars looked great! I’m getting that Hi car headlight kit for sure! For fun you guys should’ve bagged the high car and Hydraulics on the Low car,that would’ve been too fun! Love the channel! Thanks for your time!
Kyle Dillon
Kyle Dillon Hace un mes
They both look sick as fuck
Video Viewer
Video Viewer Hace un mes
Honestly, I like the cheaper option better. 🤷‍♂️
Twenty5 Productions
Twenty5 Productions Hace un mes
2:43 reminded me of R35 DRLs
bumperxx1 Hace un mes
Do we have to use the Mickey Mouse music. Like seriously guys get better music stop with the Mickey Mouse teck music
Alkaline Music
Alkaline Music Hace un mes
y do i rather low car?
Wyatt Dunham
Wyatt Dunham Hace un mes
You guys need to do radar systems and jammers.
Kevin Delcy
Kevin Delcy Hace un mes
what breed was the dog
Initial D Style
Initial D Style Hace un mes
theres a 350Z near where i live that has similar headlights and taillights to Low Car, i havent seen it in action though so i cant tell you if its the same
Echo PS4
Echo PS4 Hace un mes
13:55 Nolans greatest moment in the series
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi Hace un mes
If I don’t get a “streetsharking is not a crime” shirt out of this, Ima disappear like James’ dad. 😅😅
bilinas mini
bilinas mini Hace un mes
6:23 The finish is called “neo-chrome”
Joellin Gaysman
Joellin Gaysman Hace un mes
At the end of the video kinda looked like Nolan wanted to cry
Guitar Fumar
Guitar Fumar Hace un mes
Pro tip: (hire me) Leave the nut on your steering column when you yank the wheel off to ensure no loss of teeth.
RJ4evr Hace un mes
6:43 🤣🤣🤣🤣
batch2448 Hace un mes
Bring back neons and shopping lists
bilinas mini
bilinas mini Hace un mes
Nolan tearing it up with the F1 sounds!
Момчил Тачев
Момчил Тачев Hace un mes
I needed more footage of the pimped out vehicles
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose Hace un mes
6:23 The finish is called “neo-chrome”
Dualpistoll S
Dualpistoll S Hace un mes
I have yunyan headlights for my civic
Austin Barrett
Austin Barrett Hace un mes
I bought those cheap led strips for my car when I was 16 in 2016. They still work fine , daily drove it up until a year ago through the winters and all. $20
Will Brust
Will Brust Hace un mes
*shouts* NEXT SEASON DO 2 BMW E90'S
FRL PLEYER Hace un mes
My favorite part is 13:48
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose Hace un mes
So much wrong doing in this one 🤦‍♂️
Aedan Hickey
Aedan Hickey Hace un mes
Do you have a link for the under glow lights for the cheap car?
Emma Hace un mes
When you guys finish this you should start a new Hilo with camaros because camaros are muscle cars so completely different then the Z's but at the same time similar because they can do drag racing and other fun stuff, just a recommendation for when I get a Camaro and I feel like you could do a lot of fun stuff with them.. On a side note I'm a guy on my girls ESpost account so haha this isn't a girl that's in love with car mods..I wish she did HAHAHA
Kᴇᴛᴄʜᴇʀ ::
Kᴇᴛᴄʜᴇʀ :: Hace un mes
Do decals
RealMint Hace un mes
When you realize underglows are illegal where you live
Osvaldo Salesk
Osvaldo Salesk Hace un mes
When James said underflow kit I was screaming from my insides... "Nooo god, no please no, no, NOOOOOOOOOOOOO" 🥺
Kody Hace un mes
Playing colors at a pool 3:51
Juan Riptide Camacho
Juan Riptide Camacho Hace un mes
Nolan tearing it up with the F1 sounds!
niduoe stre
niduoe stre Hace un mes
6:23 The finish is called “neo-chrome”
somewhatoriginal Hace un mes
When your cars headlight look like a skrillex umf concert
Wottu Say
Wottu Say Hace un mes
Its not even a minor a point, although often missed by first time aftermarket headlight buyers: Which one is brighter and is either one better than stock? Aftermarket headlights, especially projectors, can be utterly horrendous, dim and dangerous. And even the priciest most tricked out headlights can fail to do their one true job: provide usable light. Just because it's expensive doesnt mean its not rice.
Wottu Say
Wottu Say Hace un mes
You guys run that drill like a hamfisted monkey animal humping a football.
niduoe stre
niduoe stre Hace un mes
Quick tip for replacing a steering wheel: keep the nut on the threads loosely while you yank the old wheel out. Much less scary
Dr. Drift
Dr. Drift Hace un mes
13:55 I fucking died 🤣
Zach Buhler
Zach Buhler Hace un mes
So much wrong doing in this one 🤦‍♂️
Veselin Stoyanov
Veselin Stoyanov Hace un mes
Oh my god i found the song its by "_91nova" and is called "the edge"!!!!!!1!1!1!1
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu Hace un mes
I paid 20 bucks for it for onderglow
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